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Geekmobile is a Friendly, experienced Computer Repair company operating throughout the Ballarat region. Our Technicians are of the highest standard and we fully cover the Ballarat area and the surrounding suburbs including Ballarat, Alfredton, Ballarat Central, Delacombe, Ballarat East, Wendouree, Creswick, Lake Gardens, Horsham, Miners Rest, Lake Wendouree, Daylesford, Buninyong, Canadian, Mount Helen, Soldiers Hill, Ballarat North, Mount Clear, Brown Hill, Addington, Ballan, Redan, Bakery Hill, Basalt, Ararat, Golden Point, Invermay Park, Warrenheip, Berringa, Westmere, Magpie, Bradvale, Cardigan, Dales Creek, Smythesdale, Nerrina, Smythes Creek, Haddon, Allendale, Beaufort, Hepburn Springs, Stawell, Ross Creek, Scarsdale, Invermay, Barrys Reef, Bullarto, Dereel, Hepburn and Lal Lal just to name a few!

Computer Repairs, Services and Help in the Ballarat area

Best of all, we will come to your home or business, saving you the time and energy in packing up your PC or Mac to bring it in for service. Of course, we're equally adept at laptop repairs including broken screen replacements.

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On-Site Computer Repairs Ballarat On-Site Blog

Setup laptop with basic browser and bookmarks. Helped showed process to import pictures from phone and camera 3136
Unplugging all usb devices and power reset pc, pc started OK. Checked anti virus, OK. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Removed unwanted programs. Stopped unwanted items from starting at startup. 3355
General system examination and clean up 3350
Reset Windows password. Installed Office and setup account details. 3350
Transferred required data from old computer to new. Setup wifi printer and tested OK. 3350
Outlook was not syncing with icloud factor authentication. In the apple account I have created a app specific password for outlook Put password into outlook & authentication is now ok & outlook is downloading emails from the icloud email address.3350
Reset administrator password. PC freezes after approx. minutes of use, have screen displaying and mouse movement, but nothing else. Restarted pc in safe mode. Ran adware/malware scan, found items. PC freezes in safe mode also, so do not believe it to be a software related problem. Checked PC for heat issues, all components feel cool, CPU cooler had dust in it, cleaned it as best I could. Made no difference. Checked event log, no clues. 3350
Performed the following on both PCs Uninstalled unwanted programs. Stopped unwanted processes from starting at startup. Ran adware/malware scans, removed all detected items. Checked anti virus software is working OK, performed quick scan on each PC, no items detected. Installed software on PCs as per bank instructions. Called back to get bank account reinstated. Successfully logged on to bank from each PC.3350
Unboxed and installed modem. Modem will not connect, no dxl sync. Checked phone socked on wall, no dial tone. Relocated modem to known working phone socket. Now get dsl sync OK. Configured wireless devices to use new wireless network and tested all can access internet OK. Called Matthew internode to confirm all is OK. Closing job.3355
Upgraded windows to windows. Installed anti virus. Installed office. Access to email.3355
Ran adware/malware scans, removed all detected items. Uninstalled unwanted programs. Stopped unwanted programs from starting at startup. Restarted PC. Now connects to wifi and internet OK.3352
Found that Outlook has email accounts. Found the one of these email accounts was failing to connect. Logged onto webmail to check username and password. Added a new email account using username and password, outlook connected OK and downloaded email. Removed email account that was not connecting. Tested email account could send and receive emails OK. Ran adware/malware scan, removed detected items. Checked anti virus is OK.3350

Computer Problems Ballarat Blog Posts

mac - design software for pc needs to run in parallels or similar3350
windows laptop setup3360
desktop windows ....wont load 3355
windows , connected to pos, wont boot... this is a business and client would like asap if it can be done prior to friday3355
new laptop windows ..transfer from old windows or xp to new s and other things 3356
windows - thinks has been hacked - can still get onto websites3352
windows desktop, wont boot3351
laptop windows over heated 3356
can't connect to wifi3356
inch hp pavilion laptop screen replacement required3350
windows password reset, install office 3356
windows , transfer data from old to new computer, setup wifi printer3350
laptop windows cant access google and emails 3350
windows, has outlook on the cloud, cant access3350
windows password reset, freezes after minutes as well3350
windows laptop & desktop - virus scan and then virus software install3350
windows, modem should be preconfigured, simple cabling issue probably, isp is asking if it is in sync, call matthew with result regardless (very important) daughter is kerry (please keep in the loop)3350
windows desktop, windows installed & recovery of emails3351
windows laptop, will not connect to wifi3352
emails arent working 3350