Get the most out of your NBN Wifi

NBN is currently being rolled out across Australia.nbnlogo.jpg

And if it is not already available in your area its only a few months and you will be able to make the switch. However reliability of the NBN has been some what flawed, Geekmobile want to give you some tips to better improve your Wifi speeds via the NBN. You can check to see if you are able to access the NBN by viewing this link and typing in your address. Check if I can Connect the NBN

In terms of the getting the most for your NBN Wifi signals there are some really important factors to consider, these may seem mundane however can have a big impact on your Mbps and reliability with your connection.

Router Position

Making sure the router is in a central position of your home, is important as the further you are from the router the more your signal strength will diminish.

Is the Router in an Elevated Position

Placing the Router in a high position 2M or higher is a great way to improve the signal strength, It may only be marginal however if you want to get the most of your connection this will help.

WiFi Dampeners

You may have a number of devices around the home which transmit or receive radio signals these will make it harder for your wifi signals to transmit. There are also a number of other common items around the house that can impact the WiFi signals these include:

  • Bodies of water, such as a fish tank or water tank.
  • Electronic devices that use radio wave signals to function, like phone base stations, wireless video game controllers, radios, DVD players.
  • Appliances like microwaves, TVs, ovens, fridges, washing machines and dish washers. thick walls, such as brick, stone, ceramic, concrete, metal and mirrors.
  • Also floors, if you live in a multi-storey building.

Too Many Devices Connected

It all adds up, you consider your phone, your partners phone, the kids Ipads, Laptops, personal computers, Smart TV and you have over 7 devices connected to your Wifi at any given time. The more deices weaken the overall shared Wifi Speed available. Try to connect some of your common devices such as TV and PC to a wired connection.

Do you have the right Equipment

Wifi technology has greatly improved over the past 2 years, and with this in mind some older router may not have the capability to transmit a signal that your internet connection may be rated too. If you have a Router more than 2 years old we would suggest upgrading check out our article on this in more detail.

Do I need to Upgade my Modem/Router?

If you need any tech assistance to help better gear up your WiFi Contact the Techs at Geekmobile