Regain control of your family internet time!

At Geekmobile we're always on the lookout for tech solutions that make life simpler. If your family is struggling with an out of balance amount of "screen time", read on!

Control My Wifi is a new offering from an Australian based company that provides a tamper proof solution to regaining control of your family internet time.

This unique system allows you to pause the internet & apply time schedules on any internet connected device around your family’s routine (homework, dinner, bedtime). This includes phones (including Apple and Android), tablets, game consols (including XBox, Playstation), as well as any laptop or desktop computers.

If the device is connected to your home network, then Control My WiFi can control its internet connection. 

There's an App for that. 

Use your smart phone, tablet or computer to create your own timer schedules and assign them to your Kids devices. There's iOS app available now and an Android app is in the works.

Control My WiFi will turn their devices on or off automatically according to your preferences.

The cost is a very reasonable $4.95 a month, with a 2 month discount if you choose a yearly contract. The first month is FREE with no payment required.

There's only 1 catch, and it's a relatively minor one at that. The technical ingenuity of the system used by Control My Wifi means that you need to have a compatible modem.  

Now, the modems that are currently support include the 3 types are by far the most common, so there's a very good chance your household will be using one of these Control My Wifi Supported Modems

If you don't currently own one of these models it may well be worth considering replacing your current modem.

Of course our Geekmobile Techs are able to supply and install a compatible modem for you.