Should I buy a better modem?

Yes, you should especially if you are using a ISP provided modem, like from Iinet, TPG, Optus, Telstra and anresource-15108e21-3420-4e62-9c73-43c923af642c.pngy other internet providers in Australia. In most cases depending on the plan you have they will provide you with the bare bones, bottom of the range router, this isn’t always the case however it a lot of instances it is.

It’s important to have a reliable fast internet connection, with more and more devices being connected within the home a router can dramatically influence how your internet speeds are delivered within the home.


Some of the influencing factors for internet speeds are:

WIFI Range

Some routers will have a limited range and for example the router is upstairs in your home some wireless devices connected to the WIFI downstairs may experience slower speeds, an upgraded modem will improve the WIFI signal. A range extender is another option as well, however they do require a tricky set up. 


Routers have a bandwidth rating which can influence Internet speeds as well. The Bandwidth is limited by the maximum speeds your ISP allows however if your router is a low quality you may be not accessing the full potential of your Internet plan.

Device Access

It’s important to note that some savvy neighbors can potentially tap into your wireless Internet connection this will limit your overall internet connection speed as the more devices connected at one time will limit the speeds to all devices connected. Good security is important and check which devices are connected to your network frequently via the router admin portal. If you are unsure how to access, contact a Geekmobile Tech to come and set it up for you and show you how to monitor this.

Router Position

This is a simple and easy fix, however its often overlooked, if your router is in a position where the signal is not able to effectively emit the signal you will incur speed issues, having the modem in the center of the house in a an open area is a good rule in terms of positioning. You can run and internet speed test to see how you’re connect speed is performing, Run Internet Speed Test It will vary from device to device – if you find that your wireless devices are running much slower than expected than it’s a good indication that your router needs to be upgraded or that your router may need to be moved.

While a new modem won't necessarily speed up your physical connection speeds, it can help with other issues. Stability is a big one. If you find your internet is frequently dropping out - and you're fairly sure it's not a Wi-Fi issue - it could be your modem, or it could be a line issue.

To try and determine whether it's your modem or your line, you can try doing a line isolation test. Run a Isolation Test If you still have stability issues after removing all other devices from your network, you can be fairly certain the issue your modem or your line. At this point, you'll need to call your provider for further testing. Or you can try and borrow a compatible modem from a friend to see if this fixes your problem. header-r7500-hero-photo-large.png

Geekmobile have access to a wide variety of routers and modems, we can arrange to order you one and set it up depending on your budget but a good quality router can range from $150 to $350. For a business with many devices connected there are more exclusive and expensive options however it advised that you invest the money as internet connectivity and speed can influence productivity. Or check out the range at Umart. Umart Router Range 

Lastly its important to note that the older the router, the less likely it is performing optimally, they have a shelf life and should be upgraded or replaced every 2 to 3 years to ensure the parts are still performing at a reasonable pace. Give our Technicians a call for onsite or in home service and advice. Gekkmobile Contact Us