Should I upgrade my RAM?

For the most part RAM is one of the most effective and cheaper ways to increase your PC performance, however you should make a few considerations before making a decision to simply purchase increased RAM capacity. ddr4_ram_image.jpg

What does RAM actually do? 

RAM or Random Access Memory is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly or as needed by the PC. It is physical hardware which sits inside your computer and temporarly stores data, this is essenitally the working memory of the computer while it is running and performing processes. 

Additional RAM allows the computer to work with more information at the same time, which in turn can have dramatic improvements on performance. 

 What RAM is compatible with my PC? 

It is certainly not a one size fits all when it comes to this, RAM compatibility is very important, so before going out and simply purchasing some new RAM check to see what you currenhtly have. 

You can check your PC hardware settings by using the following steps: 

For Windows 10: 

  1. Locate the search bar at the very bottom left of your page, it should say "Type Your Search Here" 
  2. Type in this box "system information" 
  3. You will see a small icon appear above the search box it looks like computer screen and is called "system information" 
  4. Click on this icon. 
  5. A screen will be displayed with your system information, the field named "Installed Physcial Memory (RAM)" you will find this about two thirds of the way down the list. 

For MAC:

  1. Make sure you are on your desktop page and not in a open program and click on the Apple icon at the top left corner of the screen. 
  2. Then click on the option which reads "About this MAC" 
  3. It will then display the system details, the section named memory will display your RAM - 8GB or 4GB etc. 

If your having any trouble give us a call at Geekmobile we are happy to assit or arrange a tech to come out and advise you on what you need in terms of a upgrade. Geekmobile Contact Us Link 

Once you have established what RAM you currently have you cwill need to source a potential upgrade, again you still need to be certian of the compatibility. Umart have a great range for PC - Umart Online RAM Store.

A very important note to add to this is you need to select RAM, we would advise that you should not purchase the RAM until you are absolutely certain of its compatibility. 

If you are unsure Upgradable is a great way to check based on brand of PC and model, they also have an extensive range of MAC upgrades- Upgradable Online RAM for MAC. 

Installing your RAM upgrade.

Once you have purchased and received your RAM, we suggest calling one of our Tech's to come out and install the new RAM, they will safely remove any outer casings and remove the old RAM and replace the new RAM for you. 

Contact Geekmobile anytime for all PC Software, Hardware or Networking issues Geekmobile Contact Us Link