Spectre and Meltdown Bugs -

It hasn’t been a fun time to be Intel. Last week the company revealed two chip vulnerabilities that have come to be known as Spectre and Meltdown and have been rocking the entire chip industry ever since (not just Intel). In late January Intel issued some patches to rectify the problem. Last week, word leaked that some companies were having a reboot issue after installing them. A bad week just got worse.
The company admitted as much in a blog post penned by Navin Shenoy, executive vice president and general manager of the Data Center Group at Intel.
“We have received reports from a few customers of higher system reboots after applying firmware updates. Specifically, these systems are running Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs for both client and data center,” Shenoy wrote.
He added, “If this requires a revised firmware update from Intel, we will distribute that update through the normal channels.”

Meltdown affects just Intel chips, while Spectre affects just about all modern chips, including AMD, ARM, IBM Power chips and Nvidia. Raspberry Pi appears to be the only computer spared from this.
So far there hasn’t been a documented case of anyone taking advantage of this exploit, which, Google pointed out in a blog post yesterday, has existed in chips for 20 years, but security experts have suggested it would be hard to attribute an issue to this particular exploit, even if they had known about it.

At Geekmobile we recommend taking a few steps to protect yourself.

Update your operating system
Check for firmware updates
Update your browser
Update other software
Keep your antivirus active

These steps should keep you PC safe from Meltdown and Spectre - however, if you're in need of some on site Tech Support contact us and we can have a tech out to see you the very same day. Contact Geekmobile.