Time to upgrade to an SSD?

Heard the term SSD and not too sure what it is, SSD’s are a new type of hard solid-state-drive.jpgdrive. The technology is not brand new however it is only recently becoming more and more widely available and affordable, SSD stands for Solid State Hard Drive, it replaces the standard HDD hard drive.

Standard Hard Drives

The primary difference is HDD is the standard form of data storage it has been in use since the 70s/80, granted it has evolved over time, but in terms of PC technology it has fallen to the way side. A regular HDD contains a lot of moving parts to retain all your important PC data. This can be unreliable particularly in laptops which are being moved around frequently. If you drop it or damage there is a good chance you may very lose all the data on the HDD, especially the older the system you are using.

Solid State Hard Drives (SSD)

Solid state hard drives have no moving parts, it’s a leap forward in the technology however it has been something that has been around since the early 2000’s however it was only available for very high end systems or expensive to purchase, however in recent times it’s become more affordable and widely available. What are the benefits of an SSD over a HDD?


 It’s true that a SSD will cost you more than a regular HDD, but you can pick up a reasonable size (250GB) SSD for around $250.00, a HDD will be a bit less and have more storage but an SDD has many more perks as listed below.


SSD are much faster than their older counterparts, an SSD can power up within a min and sometimes in seconds depending on the system. HDD take time to get the moving components running to fire up. An SSD will also load up and change between files much faster than a HDD and if you are working on deadline, or just using the PC for private use, it makes all the difference in downtime waiting for the PC to load and make regular processes.


SSD’s have no moving parts at all, this makes them much more durable being that the driver doesn’t rely on moving parts to access data, unlike the HDD which does. This makes an SSD far more reliable and durable. An SSD is highly recommend for laptops.


SSD’s are compatible in nearly every laptop and desktop computer, Solid State Hard Drives are much smaller than the standard HDD making them lighter, as laptops reduce their size SSD’s will become more and more common place.


SSD’s are much quitter to run, when you here that scratching and beeping noise when turning on your PC that is your HDD working to speed up to optimal level for you to use your computer, SSD not having any moving parts make next to no noise at all when operating.


SSD’s use little to no power to operate compared to a HDD which needs to power and run moving parts to access your data, essentially the SSD will use less power over short and long periods of time.


SSD’s in terms of cost compared to a HDD are more expensive however the benefits of performance, reliability, durability, speed and power usage, justify the higher price tag. If your PC is running slow or you need some support with any Tech related issues, contact Geekmobile one of our helpful tech’s can come to you and if we can’t fix it, it’s free!