Windows-10-logo_1_thumb.jpgA few months ago now, Windows 10 launched its latest update which includes a range of new features, here at Geekmobile we take a look at some of the major features and how this will impact your user experience.

There are a wide range of minor tweaks included in this update however at Geekmobile we are going to cover the main 5 changes and updates, that have been included in the Windows 10 Creators update.


The Windows 10 creators update incorporates a new set up features screen which has a wide variety of new privacy options as shown below:

Windows 10 - Privacy Settings Screen - Creators Update.jpg

The new settings are designed to address more and more concerns of corporations tapping into your personal information such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google as examples.

The new settings offer more user defined choices in terms of the data shared with Microsoft and are primarily focused on giving control back to the user. These privacy settings are now built directly into the installation set up, so you can make you own selection in the first instance.

The new dashboard essentially provides you control over the information being provided back to Microsoft a quick and easy option to minimize the information Microsoft can collect is by switching the diagnostics to basic. Cortana has the ability to tune into and listen to what your saying even if you haven’t promoted her too…. Just saying, you may want to check out the details privacy options built into the voice recognition settings.

We should note that turning off voice recognition eliminates a really cool feature Cortana does have – the digital assistant.. this actually allows you to gear up the new set up via voice command though, Cortana will narrate the set up options back to you and you can make your choices via voice commands.  


Cortana has definitely been a focus of improvement for the software engineers at Microsoft, the digital assistant includes a variety of improvements in the Windows 10 Creators Update.


Cortana now has a feature whereby when you summon her by voice command and she will appear, even if the PC has been in idol mode – the new full screen display allows Cortana to bring up and highlight additional information. You can set up new recurring calendar reminders and Cortana will dictate to you the reminders as they cccur… “Cortana set me a new Reminder, I have to call Geekmobile to set up my new printer."

Cortanat Full Screen Display .jpg 


Cortana also has a really nifty new feature called “pick up where I left off” this feature allows you to carry on the same work you were doing earlier on another device. So if you're in the office working away and head home, but forget your work computer you can potentially still access the data at home with this feature. You can enable the feature by going to Cortana > Notebook > Pick up where I left off, and make sure to turn on the Help me pick up where I left off toggle switch.



Microsoft’s Engineers have been hard at work looking to improve the their web browser offering, Google Chrome is becoming more and more exclusively used and Microsoft want to make up for lost ground. They have rolled in a stack of new browser features to provide you with the ability and functionality that matches up with and exceeds Google Chrome.


In the new Windows 10 Creators update, Microsoft have added in a new E-Books feature which is very cool if you are looking to select something to read, that is not on a blog.. These range from Faction, to Non Fiction to Sci-Fi, cookbooks, history books there is a wide range of books that caters to everyone's interests.

MIcrosoft Edge Books .jpg


In case you were not aware of this Microsoft Edge is the only web browser which support Netflix streaming in 1080p all others are maxed at 720p. Why is this important.. well it’s a massive leap in the resolution quality of your image, bare in mind you will; use additional bandwidth from your internet output to stream in 1080p but its worth it!


The browser also supports 4K resolution, if you were not aware of this already do yourself a favor and connect your PC up to your 4K TV and stream some Netflix, Stan or whatever your streaming service maybe and prepare to see the absolute best in screen resolution quality. Not sure how to do this – give us a call here at Geekmobile and one of our techs can set you up in no time. Your Internet speeds can influence image quality as the browser is using a lot of internet data to present the screen.


If you are like me and have at any given time 100 different internet tabs open because you want to go back and read something there later on this new feature is great. Microsoft have added in Windows 10 Creators update a new type of Tab feature, which allows you to store asset of tabs for later perusal. All you need to do is simply set aside your tabs and go from there.

You can simply close them and reopen the group later on. This is particularly good if you have a set of tabs open for a specific task, such as “how do I know if my TV is displaying in 4K’ you can remove that set of tabs and come back to it late, and open a new set of Tabs for “need some help with my new printer set up”.


The Windows 10 Creators update has an al new and shiny gaming hub, this is reskin of the old game bar and game DVR from the Xbox app, but is still very useful, and has some fancy new features, if you don’t play video games on your PC this is fruitless but if you have a 10 year old addicted to Minecraft they will love this.


Broadcasting is becoming ever more popular in the gaming world and with broadcasting the rise of the Video Game superstar.. still is really only restricted to South Korea. But in saying that broadcasting allows for the everyday casual gamer the ability to share their feats and conquests from the games they were or are playing.

It’s a very socially focused tool and is designed to share you ability to ace it at video games, it is essentially Microsoft’s answer to Twitch, however they have a fair bit of ground to match up with Twitch in terms of features.


This is a brand new Microsoft paint app, and its in 3D! This, in terms of major advancements in the basic programs attached to the Windows 10 suite is by far one of the greatest in decades. You can now simply create 3D scenes and images in a very easy manner, they are more so aimed at the cartoon styling, with a focus on being as easy to use to as possible.

The new 3D paint app in the Windows 10 Creators update is linked to a new Microsoft site 3D Remix which is an online community for people to share and gain inspiration from other designs and images other users have created.

Lastly check out this video as a bit of a tutorial overview:




In short the windows 10 creators updates has some very cool new feature which are user friendly and improves you privacy there are a large number of other updates included as well.

if you want a full overview of these we recommend checking out:



If you are having any issues with setting up Windows 10, PC hardware, software or general PC issues get in touch with Geekmobile, one of techs will be out in no time at all to help you out.