Computer Help and Training

Computer Help and Training

Geekmobile’s staff are fully trained experts and can assist in provided onsite training to help you better understand and operate your computer and software.

Our most common training onsite services are:

Email Account Setup and Management

Geekmobile techs can help you to set up and manage multiple email accounts including outlook, gmail, yahoo and many more. They can also link business email address to Outlook and show you how to manage these settings yourself.

WIFI Networks and Device Connection

WIFI can be a tricky business if you’re not sure how to manage the settings, Geekmobile Tech’s will help you to connect all your devices and manage the settings, they will also show you how to do it yourself in future.  This includes printers and any other devices which can be connected

Installing Software

Geekmobile Techs can assist in setting up a variety of programs ranging from Microsoft Office suite, including Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, our Tech’s can assist with setting up Adobe software and many more other options.

File Transfer and Backups

We can assist with transferring files from one device to another such as a phone or laptop to your PC, we can also help with backing files up and also accessing these files in future.

Mobile Tech Support and Training Throughout Australia

Our same day service and expert advice are what make Geekmobile one of Australia’s largest and most trusted computer repair companies with Tech’s located in all major cities, and in all states throughout Australia.

Our no fix, no fee policy ensures you are in good hands our expert Geekmobile Technicians are on hand when you need them.

With one of the most comprehensive network of technicians throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, ACT and Tasmania we can come to you and fix it for you.

Call our team on 1300 34 96 96 and get same day service and no fix no pay guarantee.

Recent one on one training performed by our staff

client had popup advert locking up browser showed client how to close browser if this happens again and setup latest version of chrome with ublock to help avoid in future ran scan on system which came up cleanRobina
Connected usb to printer Cleaned up and sorted out email shortcut and printing options. Demonstrated how to print.Burleigh Waters
Setup new modem, contact Telstra to activate, connected iPhone, iPads and Smart TV to wifi network. Setup Netflix account, login to Netflix on TV and demonstrate.Clear Island Waters
Laptop would shutdown after only a few seconds from being powered on. This happened both in Windows & in BIOS - Investigation showed that if the battery was removed the laptop would run fine on charger alone. Looks like the battery was faulty and the laptop couldn't make sense of the charging. - Ordered new battery, will return to fit & test when delivered. Meanwhile client will operate on charger only - and be careful not to pull charger out.Hyde Park
Looks like motherboard issue. Perform software service and explain customer how to turn on the computer at this stage. Need to replace MB in future. Hurstville
Showed client how to use Teamviewer connecting to Server. Noosa Heads
Installed printer wirelessly Tested, works well Showed client how to fix the problem if it reoccurs Removed 4 viruses Updated windowsPeregian Beach
Removed the pst file that is causing the issue Showed client to clear history as well as scan Booragoon
Showed client how ti set resolution for 3 screen in games as system is running nvidia surround which system detects as single screen but needs to run at 5760 x 1080 to display acrpss all 3 screen Advised client some games may not support that resolutionNerang
explain customer why the issue is. as their modem is very old and also there is fault from internet provider. the provided technician will go there on Wednesday to fix line issue.Cronulla
Disassemble the computer to get the DVD out of it. Assembled it back again. Tested and was working fine. Showed Carly how to transfer files to the external hard drive. Null
Issue: 7 years old PC shows BSOD on startup. ====================================// System loaded offline and disk repaired. System started in safe mode. Test and troubleshooting showed that Video card causing the issue. Motherboard and Video Card cleaned and reinstalled. System loaded in normal mode and backup started. Part replacement is required if problem keeps happening. Aspley
Setup two factor authentication on facebook and new password. Showed how to check logged in devices in facebook security settings. Setup new password for gmail account [email protected] removed old recovery email from bigpond. Setup new password for Apple MacBook Air (S/N C1MRKTJUH3QD) system administrator account Setup lock pin on Samsung Galaxy S5 phone Installed Avira Free Antivirus on Apple MacBook Air Caringbah
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Applied correct account details Logged in to account successfully Installed Office Installed and demonstrated ghost image backup All working as expected ClosingNorth Haven
Task: Recover data from the HP laptop. Asked about an Insurance report (Advised me not to worry about it), Removed HDD and put it into HDD enclosure, Have given full access to access data from another laptop, Showed her how to access the data, Tested and verified HDD operational with her, Working fine.Ashby
New Wireless ADSL modem / router installed and configured. Default IP class of router ( changed to Network Printer tested successfully. Password of WAN service wasn't available with client and they preferred to enter it to router later by themselves. I trained client how to enter WAN service password to router. Tanah Merah
Reset adapter netsh int ip reset reset.log for customer reference Demonstrated functionality after reboot. Vermont
1) Downloaded software for Brother MFC-9330CDW , installed and tested printing and scanning ok. Showed Leo how to use scanner from computer 2) Downloaded and installed Norton Security Premium. All went ok.Mount Gravatt East
Changed password, instruct client how change password. Setup new backup with log file. Explained how to run backup and attach log file for compliance. Install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections. Run AV scan.Paradise Point
found customer using older version if IE downloaded chrome , explained why the problem is causing with older browser installed cc cleaner , cleaned twice , restarted twice uninstalled couple of unwanted , unused, programs with consultation with customer Showed how to use it to maintain the system Ethelton
found customer using old internet explorer sugested to use , edge or chrome they are able to login to their site Cleaned , by disabling unwanted startups used cc cleaner to clean and showed customer how to use it .. restarted twice and made chrome default browser as per customer request Seaton
I spoke with Angie & she showed me what she needed to do. We tried several options but the problem is that: 1) The advertisers are only accepting payment through crypto currencies. Angie currently doesn't have a verified a crypto wallet 2) Because her ID photo is different to her current appearance. If Angie can update her Photo ID she will be able to get verified she will be able to provide funds to her advertising account.Ashmore
I performed system cleanup and cleaned computer. It was infected by 28 malwares. Computer is clean now. I explained to customer to remove some old programs from his computer to make it better.Asquith
Issue: Disk is slow and computer crashing sometimes. ====================================// S.M.A.R.T report showed warning on HDD. HDD replaced. Windows 10 Home fresh installed and activated. MS Office 365 installed. Outlook account configured and tested. Three printers installed and tested. Data transferred and verified. Finding: System has crashed before. Ethernet onboard not working and Ethernet card is already installed on system.Slacks Creek
Reconnected internet Removed viruses Cleaned pc amd registry All working ok Can hotspot instead if needed showed customer how toElanora
Error: Asus laptop running slow. Tried to log onto the laptop, found out running super slow, It seems HDD has reduced its performance, Discussed possible caused and repair cost with David and Tom, Have put their laptop HDD into an enclosure, Showed David how to copy needed data from the old HDD to new laptop, HDD at this stage working OKRivervale
I went to customer's home and opened the laptop to upgrade the RAM module. After opening of laptop I realized new RAM module is not compatible with customer's laptop. I explained to customer and asked her to change the RAM and call GeekMobile once she gets correct RAM, then I go to install the RAM.St Ives
Error: Email issue and Lenovo desktop Logged onto the desktop and removed unwanted applications, downloaded and installed canon mp230 drivers, print and scan test page (Success), Showed David how to use canon scan application to scan from the printer and attached to email, Called Tesltra to get his telstra email account password, setup email onto desktop and ipad, sent and Received test email (Success), Ipad and desktop working fine.Greenmount
Issue is with flash player not updated. showed the client methods of updating flash player. system is running hot. need to clean the fan; computer needs fresh start as various error message pop us in event viewer . Watermans Bay
removed AVG filter and Refresh the network settings in command prompt Deleted and move files showed client to clean the disk space as well as refresh the os West Leederville
System badly infected, a number of system files are missing and functionality is greatly reduced. Started scan for infections, still running at the time I left. Customer does not want to pay more than the minimum fee. Explained how to clean up Malwarebytes scan. Repaired google chrome.Sunnybank Hills
Performed bootrec /fixmbr, /fixboot, /rebuildbcd, check disk and system file check repaired system files Removed redundant registry items Removed and replaced CMOS battery under graphics card and reconfigured BIOS Removed 1.5GB temporary files Demonstrated create system image Installed Glary utilities, Malwarebytes and Bitdefender free versions Removed 12 malware items Restarted system 3 times boot to Windows ok Demonstrated media creation tool to create Windows 10 install/repair USB Maidstone
Setup trend to work with modem, showed how to select the right device with Mac ID, to find Mac ID in settings.North Lakes
MFC was only connected via wireless WPS to network, PC had lost printer but other devices (tablet) were still seeing printer - As printer was adjacent to PC and to avoid disrupting other devices, connected printer to PC by USB cable. Now PC sees printer and scanner. - Showed client how to use the scanner software on the PC and configured a 'Scans' folder to receive scans - Configured Adobe Reader as the dfault app for .PDF files Beaumont
Reinstalled Window 10 Home. Created the old data shortcut from old windows to the new windows desktop. Client to copy all data. Configured 3 x email accounts in outlook. Helped the client to configure Google Photos on the phone and showed how to access it through computer browser. Downloaded and Installed MS Office 2016.Lyons
basic system cleanup and showed client how to import photo's off iphoneBroadbeach Waters
Task: Setup new Brother MFC-J6930DW printer. Downloaded and installed Brother printer drivers onto the two laptop, Print and Scan test page (Success), Showed them how to print from iPhone apple, Samsung Phone and Lenovo android tablet, Tested and verified printer operational with them, Working fine.Heathridge
installed new Wifi Adapter disabled the old wifi card showed where to find Outlook email master fileMount Cotton
Error: Computer freezing issue. Logged onto the computer and found out that it was hit by ransomware lately, Discussed issue with her, explained her that we have re-install OS onto the computer, advised by her to come back tomorrow to re-install Windows 10. Spearwood
Error: Possible virus. Logged onto the laptop, downloaded and installed super anti-spyware, scan laptop couple of times and removed more than 600 Threats, Rebooted the laptop and showed him how to delete browsing cache, showed him how to uninstall unwanted applications from the laptop too, Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine,Booragoon
Removed 26GB temporary files, redundant registry items, 472 malware items Installed Malwarebytes, CCleaner, RogueKiller, Glary utilities free versions Demonstrated use of software Uninstalled Classic Shell Performed Kaspersky System Check Demonstrated image creation when changing HDD Demonstrated Windows 10 mail program Taylors Lakes
reconfigured Skype to use webcam as microphone showed client how to do the same if Skype updates in the future showed client how to run backup again Paradise Point
showed client basic windows 10 functionality Varsity Lakes
Installed printer demonstrated functionality. Prahran
Dell laptop it's under warranty and it's too busy. I checked the system and found these issues: System started in Windows repair Control Panel and disk was slow during the repair. System had delay after BIOS before showing Windows logo. S.M.A.R.T. report showed two warning messages in heath status of HDD HDD replacement and Windows Fresh install is recommended. (Quote: $309) Windsor
setup new laptop to internet teach customer how to use computer (simple tasks). setup easy access for internet sites. Templestowe Lower
Unpacked and installed new printer on network. Demonstrated functionality.Brighton East
Error: Toshiba laptop running slow. Logged onto the laptop as user and found out that laptop did not have enough hardware resources available to run windows 7 + other applications, setup basic user profile, showed her how to install windows updates manually, Discussed specs for new laptop, Laptop is running ok at this stage, it have been 4 years since laptop was updated.Mullaloo
Set up dual mointors Vleaned pc temo files and windows registry etc Scanned and removed spyware Uninstall not working snti virus software and installed malwarebytes premium Installed windows updates and set to auto and explained more are required to get from 8 to 8.1Southport
Updated BIOS/touchpad and keyboard driver tested ok Installed Lenovo Bridge, Lenovo Diagnostics, Lenovo update catalogue software and demonstrated use Moonee Ponds
Updated BIOS/touchpad and keyboard driver tested ok Installed Lenovo Bridge, Lenovo Diagnostics, Lenovo update catalogue software and demonstrated use Moonee Ponds
Error: Wireless keyboard and 2SM radio streaming issue. Found out batteries in the wireless keyboard were put in the wrong direction, re-inserted batteries and connected to dongle, tested and verified keyboard and mouse operational with her, Found out that 2SM radio station has changed the way it used to broadcast live, setup correct live station bookmarks onto her laptop and showed her how to listen to live radio, laptop and internet working fine.Beckenham
Task: Help with hotspot from Samsung phone. Found out that samsung phone was not charging when went onsite, Advised her to take it with optus or samsung to get it checked, Showed her how to use hotspot from phone using my phone, logged onto her email account and setup shortcut onto her desktop, Laptop working fine.East Victoria Park
Reset ADSL router. Reconfigured user credentials. Setup two Apple TV devices and demonstrated fuctionalityElsternwick
Reseated card, reset bios and CMOS. Demonstrated functionality. Customer to download and install NVIDIA GTX themselves.Bentleigh
Change mode. Explain customercomputer need to replace as he uses very old XP computer.Woolooware
Task: General internet setup. Discussed with the client regarding 4G wireless modem/router, Showed her how to backup her iphoner to the computer, Re-installed Brohter MFC-9335CDW printer drivers, print and scan test page (Success), Tested and verified computer and internet operational with her, Working fine.Mount Pleasant
Reinstalled the softare for the epson device and showed Michelle how to scan from the device.Byford
Checked pc, showed how to use gmail and cleaned out inside of pcNingi
Error: Epson XP-100 Printer issue. Found out ink cartridges were empty, replaced it with the new one, Print and Scan test page (Success), Showed her how to delete photos from the computer and upload to Facebook account, tested and verified computer operational with her, working fine.Craigie
Removed email account from iPad as mail was crashing on opening Added back email account set to delete messages from server not to keep Showed customer how to delete emails in the web mail InterfaceHeathmont
Task: Wireless and security camera setup. Setup security camera and showed her how to connect to wireless network, tested and verified laptop and wireless connections with her, working fine.Willagee
Explained Windows menu is as design. Pinned Windows Live Mail icon to Start Menu. Re-add email account. Opened webmail - created favourites and bookmarks. Showed client how to print email. Test hard disk health - 92%Highland Park
Issue: 3 Computers running Microsoft Office 365 and subscription is ended. Office re installation is required on one them. (Package has removed) ====================================// I asked for Microsoft Account and client wasn't sure about it's details. Client needed to confirm the details of MS Account with their IT and install software later. I trained the client how to configure an IMAP account on Outlook. Loganholme
Showed instruction how to attach scanned items Advised to consult with telstra with the internet plansMount Gravatt
Reckon is reporting that the email configuration is incorect - Confirmed that the passwords being used are correct - Confirmed that the server settings are correct - Checked if there is an update to program that would rectify the problem but there is not one at present Ensured that the correct email program is set as default in windows. As a work around showed Dale how to turn the invoice in recok to a PDF file and then send the pdf file to client via regular email.Cawarral
Delivered Laptop as discussed with customers Connected laptop to wireless network Tested all aspects of laptop with Erin Explained how to use backup softwareWoongarrah
Client enquired to find if Gcard can be upgraded to her laptop Aspire VN7-539G Enquired with Aspire cannot upgrade the card Oculus Rift can work by reducing the Graphic settings and Upgrading the Drivers manually Showed client how to deactivate the auto upgrades Recommending a custom Build Pc; Waited for client to email the games to further diagnose the issue - Email Not received Trigg
Installed chrome cast fresh start of PC (setup) configured the remotes showed the client how to use Innaloo
Error: Computer does not boot into normal os mode. Tried to repair all windows stuck issue at logon, no restore point and previous windows options available, Removed HDD and put into case to confirm that data is safe, showed her how to access keep it easy application through external HDD, have taken computer offsite to upgrade HDD and install Windows 7.Thornlie
Removed over 200 virus and 3 programs, set up gmail with imap and a new profile, set up file history, gave client computer lessonsTwin Waters
Computer wasnt starting up. Checked memory, power supply and logic board. Logic board has some issues and it can be working for a while or not. It needs to be replaced. Allan will ask his daughter who owns the computer to call me to explain what was the issue. Narraweena
Cleaned up web browsers. Hard drive is full, mostly pictures folder. Showed how to transfer to a USB Storage device. Customer wants to look into replacement computer, made some suggestions and some information on specs and brands. Outlook licence is no longer valid, showed where to buy new licence. Bundall
Recommended reinstalling Mac OS. Showed how to do it and got it going for the customer using internet recovery. Customer is comfortable with finishing the process. Mermaid Waters
Error: Possible virus. Logged onto the computer as User, downloaded and installed Adware and Super Anti-spyware Applications, Ran computer scan couple of times using both applications, Removed more than 1200 Infected items, Showed him how to remove cookies from Google Chrome, tested and verified computer operational with him, Working fine.Riverton
Error: Asus laptop not turning on. Tried to boot into normal os mode (failed), Found out that laptop was trying to enter the password automatically, removed laptop keyboard and touch pad and disabled them, tried to turn it on again, same error, found out that motherboard was damaged with Beer spilled onto the laptop, Removed HDD and put into enclosure, Showed him how to copy data from the HDD to an external HDD, Data is accessible and working fine.Inglewood
Removed over 50 viruses, 5 fake programs, installed trend Micro, showed client how to use programs, recommend client upgrade office 2007 to 2016 as soon as posiblePelican Waters
showed client how to use and recharge 4g drive and how to update GPSOxenford
Removed 55 viruses, 5 fake programs, client has 2 antiviruses, left avast free on, recommend when client gets new laptop to install trend micro, pc is 6-7 years old runs ok due to its age, not cost affective to repair the speed issue, when replacing it would be a better option Signed client into itunes successfully Showed cluent how to use google photos Bli Bli
- setup admin account - naomi - client knows password - change lachlan's account to standard - applied parental control - installed trend micro & activated using [email protected] - setup Microsoft account with above email - started downloading office 2016 Home & Studnet - have explained user how to install office on the computer - set computer not to go sleep for 20 mins o make sure office gets donloaded Castle Hill
Setup printer Backup drive failed will report back to customer tomorrow Setup IMAP on outlook Setup IMAP on iPhone Demonstrated functionality. Hampton East
Completed configuration changes and training for John's computer.Manly Vale
Remove duplicate antivirus software Ran Chkdsk on hard drive fixed booting issue Cleaned up start up items Changed default browser to Chrome Checked hard drive health OK Showed how to delete emailsSurfers Paradise
Reseated Touchpad and keyboard cables Checked keyboard daughter board ok Performed and installed Windows updates and MIcrosoft apps updates Updated BIOS from V 1.06 to V 1.20 Updated Acer firmware for SW5-012 tablet Demonstrated creation of secure password and how to change the User account name Keyboard attached to tablet tested working okPascoe Vale South
Cleaned up machine Installed avast Demonstrated functionalityBeaumaris
Enabled wifi adapter in Device Manager Flush DNS settings Reset network settings Reset modem Performed system file check and check disk ok Updated BIOS Updated wifi card driver Repaired Windows system image Appears that modem is outputting intermittent internet through wifi and needs to be replaced Telstra status page showed phone line outages in this areaSydenham
Task: New iphone setup. Helped Josh to understand the new iphone setup, found out old iphone was upto date, Done another itunes backup to the computer, found out new iphone was upto date, Advised him to update ios on it first and then restore data from backup using itunes, have left ios downloading onto new iphone going on with him and will take it from there, showed him how to update name onto facebook.Craigie
Error: Printer issue. Showed him how to print from Telstra webmail using Microsoft Edge, Print test page (Success), Showed him how to setup email onto his Iphone, deleted unwanted applications from the computer, tested and verified printer and laptop operational with him, working fine.Bickley
Transferred boot drive from old PC to new PC Created shortcut to old user folder on Desktop Installed antivirus and anti malware software. Installed PDF reader Showed how to setup mail, but customer needs to get password from Telstra Customer is aware they may not be able to retrieve all old emails. Boyland
Error: Possible trojans. Logged onto the computer as user, Removed log files and TeamViewer put by the Hacker, Downloaded and installed Super Anti-Spyware, Scan full computer couple of times, removed more than 2000 Threats, Rebooted the computer couple of times, showed them how to add email address into safe sender list using telstra webmail, showed them how to delete history and cookies from Google Chrome, Firefox and IE, Tested and verified computer operational with them, Working fine.East Victoria Park
Run various virus scans and removed all infections found. Malwarebytes still running at the time I left. Customer does not want to spend more than the minimum fee. Explained the process of resetting to factory default.Springfield Lakes
Hp laptop having driver issue due to corrupted OS installed by auctioneers Reinstall Os and updated the system explained and started back up/ restore data functions from dell to Hp Pc. Dell Pc needs to check for hard-disk; recommend client for fresh start Palmyra
Arrived on site Inspected computer Tested emails successfully Demonstrated ghost image backups ClosingMile End
Error: Samantha not able to login to windows xp computer. Reset user login password, setup wi-fi dongle and showed her how to access data from her old laptop HDD connected to her computer through enclosure, tested and verified computer operational with her, working fine.Shelley
Error: Gmail email issue. Logged onto Graham's laptop, tried to setup his Gmail email (Failed), Showed him what settings needs to changed onto Gmail website, Repair Microsoft office pro 2010 suit, rebooted the laptop and setup his gmail email account (Success), Sent and Received test email (Success), Tested and verified laptop and email operational with him, Working fine.Lynwood
Task: Setup new HP AIO computer. Discussed new computer setup with Judy, have explained her what she could have onto the new computer, have explained her how Microsoft office suite works, setup new computer, copied needed files from the old laptop, Setup Mozilla Thunderbird, sent and Received test email (Success), Showed her how to access Mozilla Thunderbird from the new computer, rebooted the computer couple of times, tested and verified computer operational with her, working fine.Cannington
Arrived on site Inspected equipment Recreated error Uninstalled old antivirus Installed and ran AdwCleaner Malwarebytes Revo Uninstaller Macrium Reflect Removed multiple infections and unwanted programs Configured and demonstrated ghost image backup All working as expected Closing Highbury
Removed avast Installed and runned malware bytes Download and installed sophos home Showed suggestions to a new system Ormeau Hills
Showed how to add photos to ad listings and onto the forums Resetted ebay and boatdesign passwordRedland Bay
reconfigured some email accounts and showed client how to transfer form local data files to serverTallai