Computer Help and Training

Computer Help and Training

Geekmobile’s staff are fully trained experts and can assist in provided onsite training to help you better understand and operate your computer and software.

Our most common training onsite services are:

Email Account Setup and Management

Geekmobile techs can help you to set up and manage multiple email accounts including outlook, gmail, yahoo and many more. They can also link business email address to Outlook and show you how to manage these settings yourself.

WIFI Networks and Device Connection

WIFI can be a tricky business if you’re not sure how to manage the settings, Geekmobile Tech’s will help you to connect all your devices and manage the settings, they will also show you how to do it yourself in future.  This includes printers and any other devices which can be connected

Installing Software

Geekmobile Techs can assist in setting up a variety of programs ranging from Microsoft Office suite, including Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, our Tech’s can assist with setting up Adobe software and many more other options.

File Transfer and Backups

We can assist with transferring files from one device to another such as a phone or laptop to your PC, we can also help with backing files up and also accessing these files in future.

Mobile Tech Support and Training Throughout Australia

Our same day service and expert advice are what make Geekmobile one of Australia’s largest and most trusted computer repair companies with Tech’s located in all major cities, and in all states throughout Australia.

Our no fix, no fee policy ensures you are in good hands our expert Geekmobile Technicians are on hand when you need them.

With one of the most comprehensive network of technicians throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, ACT and Tasmania we can come to you and fix it for you.

Call our team on 1300 34 96 96 and get same day service and no fix no pay guarantee.

Recent one on one training performed by our staff

Changed from Outlook express to webmail. Demonstrated functionality. Also checked DVD playing. Old windows Vista machinesOakleigh East
Showed the printer functions. Setup the iCloud storage Frenchs Forest
Reset password. Showed customer how to plug in a USB drive and display photos.Cheltenham
PC tutorial and inspected dataup systemSouth Fremantle
Reconnected computer in another room. Demonstrated sound, printer, wifi and setup a new userHampton
Reset the settings on ipad and seems to be behaving now. If it plays up showed how to reset the ipad completely. Added shortcut for Gmail. Showed how to block email. Kingsley
Client wasnt using power button Showed client where power cotton wasRobina
Error: Samsung table not syncing with Google Account Have connected Samsung Tablet to my mobile hotspot Have downloaded google policy application to tablet and setup correct settings Have helped her to setup Facebook application onto tablet Have explained her how google drive works Have tested and verified computer and tablet operational with her, Working fineBeaconsfield
showed client how to import photo's on windows 10 and helped with fasic windows 10 functionalityIsle Of Capri
Installed WhatsApp on phone & PC. Showed Clint how to use same. Performed a number of other configurations.Hilton
client had full page scam advert on browser showed client how to close advert in future and instaled ublock in chrome to avoid issue in future advised client needs to reinstall windows as it is running very slow and took 10 minutes to power up before we could load web browserReedy Creek
Power supply was dead. Replaced and demonstrated functionality has been restored.Balaclava
PIN number was reset. Logged in and confirmed pin was working. Removed Microsoft account from windows and set default browser to Chrome. Also, demonstrated how to create shortcut from browser.Rowville
Client tried turning computer on to demonstrate that nothing happened, computer turned on. Turned off and on several times, worked each time. Reseated all power cables, turned computer off and on several times, started each time OK. Decided to leave existing power supply in. Computer slow running windows. Un installed unwanted programs. Scanned for adware/malware, removed all detected items. Restarted computer. Computer is now faster. Mount Helen
Connected laptop to wifi showed client where to find wireless keyBurleigh Dc
Printer was not printing. Installed correctly drivers. Aftermarket ink was being rejected by printer as counterfeit cartridges. Advised client to buy genuine HP 61 black ink and showed how to install. Client satisfied with resolutions provided and has no further questions. Daisy Hill
Updated iTunes copied music to new phone General tutorial on file management Bayswater
Setup the new email on Windows Live mail. Showed up how to transfer the emails from one account to the new one. Frenchs Forest
Old computer stopped turning in. Transferred all user files form old computer to new computer. Did not transfer photos to new computer as per clients request. Showed client how to turn on the computer with the broken power button, all files on the old computer are still in the same spot, and it will work as it was before. Client is satisfied with the resolution provided and has no further questions. Daisy Hill
Task: General Tuneup with new Windows 10 laptop Have downloaded and installed new version of Olympus viewer and imported all photos Have downloaded and installed Windows Live mail onto Windows 10 laptop Have setup his email client was happy to setup calendar on the new laptop from the scratch Have showed him how to export word, excel file into pdf Have tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine.Doubleview
Setup two canon printers Setup label printer Explained fax situation. Client satisfied issue is resolved and has no further question. Loganholme
cleaned up system and showed client how to manage window rezisingBiggera Waters
- Checked iPhone and made it working with the computer. - Checked Anti-Virus which was about to expire. - Showed a few other applications and websites for video and audio streaming.Colyton
Client had some corners regarding junk emails. Explained to client email best practices and how to avoid being the target of email scams. Cleaned up computer, ran malware adware and spyware scan. Cleaned all scanned results. Computer all working perfectly. Client satisfied with resolution provided and has no further questions. Tanah Merah
Updated graphics card driver unable to fixed flashing Graphics card most likely dying Not cost effective to replace Showed how to back up filesFerntree Gully
install wifi printer. Explain windows 8 reset issue and what is required to get the system operational again. Reinstall Office.Secret Harbour
Changed passwords by clients hosting (Paul) and Configured emails in three different computers Set up back up showed client to do back up Changed fb password Bibra Lake
showed client how to block junk email addresses in outlook as well as unsubscribe created a new Gmail address configured it in outlook so client can move over to gmail eventuallyNerang
Uninstalled bogus Antivirus product, "OneSafe PC Cleaner" using cleaning tools. Installed latest version of MalwareBytes and also MS Malicious Software Removal Tool. Cleaned Laptop with CCleaner. Explained to client of the bogus AV product and suggested not to install such programs.Port Macquarie
Found 2 emails in the Outbox & they were both very large. Moved these messages to the Drafts folder & then deleted them as requested by Athol. Tested the internet speed & this showed the internet is slower that 3mbps download & the upload speed test failed 2 out of 3 times. Outlook is now able to completed the send & received request correctlyNoranda
Computer was failing to boot. Tested hard drive, diagnostics failed. Replaced with 120GB solid state drive. Installed new copy of Windows 10. Explained to client all previous data is lost and it will be setup as a brand new computer. Client advised they are okay with this. Client advised they are satisfied with the solution provided and have no further questions. Tanah Merah
- Checked the Asus F series laptop with battery issues. - Opened the laptop and installed the battery. - Checked the unsused programs and removed them. - Showed the client how to use google photos to upload photos from different devices.Jamisontown
Re-setup bigpond email on iPad and iPhone. Explained how it works from now on syncing every single device. Printed an email from bigpond webmail Frenchs Forest
Sorted location of Music and Frostwire and added those libraries to Media Player . Showed client how to copy files from libraries to USB drive.Brukunga
client phone scam number but did not allow them access to system moved client over to chrome from edge installed Ublock to avoid these adverts in the future showed client how to kill web browser to close out of adverts if they get back ublock Mudgeeraba
Checked pc, unable to downgrade to windows 7. Unable to recover emails due to no password given. Showed how to access emails on hotmail using Google Chrome and also showed Wordpad can be used to make documents.Caboolture
Computer was taking excessively long to boot. Booted into a Linux live software and tested hard drive, hard drive failed diagnostics, excessive reallocated sector count, and failed quick and extended test with read failure errors. 1TB hard drive inside has failed. Client checked invoice which showed the computer is covered by an extended warranty. Advised client this is a confirmed hardware failure which will be covered under the extended warranty. Shailer Park
Checked pc, installed iCloud drive to import photos and videos. Moved word and publisher and portal to desktop. Showed how to use publisher to create a collage. Caboolture South
-Started back up of files from 2 different computers and showed the client how to restore the files into the new laptop -Installed microsoft office onto the new laptop and added email account. Craigie
Setup PC for video link. Courts have not provided details to connect to video link. Demonstrate use to client. Create new user.Mudgeeraba
Basically the customer had visited a website site that opened up another page to the site that showed the Microsoft logo and said that your computer had a problem. This page locked the browser so the customer could not do anything other than shut down. It looks not to be a virus or malware but a phishing site. I have run a full virus scan twice and found nothing. I also installed the Malware-bytes software and also found no malware after multiple scans. Yarrabilba
Onsite - install printer and scanner and demonstrate. Check Outlook sync, slow internet, connected to clients hotspot, updating ok. Moved excel doc to Onedrive, made shortcut, autosave is working ok. Bibra Lake
Switch was loose. Tookachine apart and refitted switch. Confirmed and demonstrated functionality.Box Hill South
brower was locked due to scam advert showed client how to close down browser advised client to use chrome and installed Ublock to help avoid these adverts in future Currumbin
Plugged in Samsung phone and found drivers missing. Drivers updated. Think customer may have been plugging usb cable into wrong port as phone and camera all working okay now. Showed customer how to move photos from phone to photos folder. Found duplicates of some photos on PC. Customer will delete if needed. Bethania
Screen was not splitting. the window (explorer) was dragged/moved to side of the scree. Showed how to bring it back if it happens again. Date was correct, it was jumping one day because it was clicking twice (user mistake).Landsdale
Examine system: - Optus dongle is not being recognized - Put Optus dongle into different USB port & now it is being detected Ensured being able browse internet & confirmed email is working also. Showed Norm how to check which Optus service to use (select from bottom left drop down box) Showed Norm how to connect if it doesn't work straight awayFrankston
keyboard unplugged plug keyboard in and worked as normal showed clint on screen keyboard in case something similar happens in future and showed client how to check and change kb and mouse connections to troubleshoot in the future connected new 4g deviceAshmore
the icons from the desktop are missing - explained to John how to bring the icons back: 1) Put mouse in middle of the screen 2) Click on the right hand mouse button 3) Select: View 4) Select: Show desktop items performed a general cleanup on the system also.Muchea
internal storage partition issue - diagnostics showed that the information needed to be backed up and partition formatted. Suggested a new SSD drive. Installed new SSD drive and loaded latest MAC OS. Did a data recovery to retrieve data from old hard drive. Took longer than expected but only charged for a freshstart. Nambour
Client wanted to edit some scanned documents. Showed client how to scan the document then use OneNote and then insert the text into a Word documemt, edit the text as desired and print it out. Client wrote down instructions as we went through it. Client then repeated all steps without assistance. Client satisfied issue is resolved and has no further questions. Parkinson
Task: General computer help Have increased resolution with fonts onto IMAC Have tried finding email password for Leanne's westnet email account (Could not find) Have tried calling westnet also (Were on hold for long time) Have helped to recover Ean's email password Have also explained her what to ask Westnet to reset her email password Computer and email on her old Macbook Air working fine at this stageNorth Fremantle
Onsite : scan with ADW 2 items removed, Ccleaner ok, Malware Bytes 64 items. Teamviewer uninstalled and all settings removed. RogueKiller ran. Malware Bytes left running Full scan. Updates checked ok. MSconfig - disabled startup items. Printing on photo paper demonstrated. Trend Micro - Full scan started. Melville
Changing email client from thunderbird to MS Outlook. Unable to get thunderbird to work after an update to windows 8. Also showed how to connect via a browser.Daisy Hill
- Installed and Demonstrated usage of a HP OfficeJet 5220 Nerang
Deleted files are unretrievable due to Windows being reinstalled. Showed how to use Gmail emojis on the Gmail webmail. Showed how to access files on SD card from camera. Check security. Ashmore
Reconfigured replacement router Demonstrated functionalityGlen Waverley
connected printer to network and showed client how to change the networkBenowa
- Setup new telstra internet modem - Found out splitter connection was making the internet drop. Removed it and everything working smoothly. - Changed the SSID of the Wifi - Setup Printer to print through printer via usb connection. - Showed how to make internet hotspot via iphoneEmu Plains
-Created a few folders: Documents/Photos/July August Photos Documents/Photos/On Desktop Documents/Photos/Latest October Photos -Transfered all photos from Samsung Cellphone (Used only as a camera) to "Latest October Photos" -Transfered all photos from Desktop to "Photos/On Desktop" -Emptied the cellphone from all the photos. -Demonstrated how to transfer photos from the cellphone to the computer. -Demonstrated how to reach the new photos from eBayMermaid Waters
Terry explained the problem with the bluetooth adapter & the keyboard / mouse combination being used. The problem that is occurring seems like a hardware issue & I have suggested that the keyboard, mouse & bluetooth adapter be connected to another and see if the problem keeps happening. 28/10/2018 Continuation of earlier job: Installed the keyboard and mouse through blutooth connection using the Intel Bluetooth Device in computer.Biggera Waters
Cleaned up the system, window optimized. showed how to make backup and answered all customer's queries.Eastwood
setup chromecast and showed client how to use google docs to create invoicesTallai
Issue with the line Performed basic test of swaping cables Link light was not glowIng Suspected modem as its a very old one and replaced with a new modem Contacted Telstra and created a complain Installed a USB wifi and showed client how to hotspot to pc Malaga
Install iTunes, copy photos off camera. Phone needs to update to latest iOS to install Mystar App. House is in a blackspot and internet is very slow. Advise to update iPhone at family members house via their internet, then can install App. Advise to run Windows Updates. Explain basic computer use.Carrara
Reinstalled the eReader software on computer - Connected to Kobo Account with username & password - Books recently purchased had not been downloaded to the computer - Downloaded the new books & confirmed they showed in the library on the PC - Copied the books to the reader & then disconnected the reader from the pc Brian confirmed that both the books are on the eReaderElanora
Diagnosed the Pc and found where most of the data are getting stored Advise the client to migrate the data Advise the client to set up a back up showed client how to export from photos removed notron checked the mili 32 external storage Claremont
Explained how dragon naturally speaking works, for the computer and dictation. Alexandra Headland
Cleared the kaspersky errors Updated it and started a full scan Chenaged back the pc to desktop mode Changed the taskbar settings to client specification Configured printer and explained to the client how to do a scan function Client pc is old recommended a new system Booragoon
Attended site was explained the issues with the computer. Looked like motherboard issue - had a quick look. While talking computer rebooted by itself so suggested it was time for a new machine.Mount Lofty
Installed scanner Added credit on iTunes. Explained about the files and folders. Checked iCloud. Checked iPhone settings Mosman
Showed client how to connect to printer to print directly from IPhone and tested a print document. Tested a print document from HP computer. Setup JBL Flip 4 and tested on iPhone. Client happy issue resolved. Client has no further questions. Logan Village
Fixed printer jam. Showed how to download PDF documents and print. (using "Download" icon in "Firefox") Added scan icon to taskbar.Elwood
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Noted the computer ran slowly, with constant hard drive activity Noted all Microsoft apps failed after launch Suggested rebuilding Checked System Logs System Logs showed a bad block on Disc 0 Advised on replacement and rebuild options Advised client would get same use from Samsung Galaxy Tab device Advised on purchase options Closing Seaton
telstra outage explained email issue over weekend and performed a basic check up on system configured synctoy backupOrmeau Hills
Fixed mouse issue along with teaching her how to use some tasks on windows 8.Keperra
Second old HDD seems to have failed. Disconnected and machine is working without fail. Updated antivirus installed YouTube downloader and demonstrated functionsHighett
Read added printer and demonstrated functionality. Customer ran through adding printer themselves in case of issue. Did a quick system check. All is well.Hawthorn
On the new hp laptop: Download correct version of reset password on the microsoft account so we can activate office 365 Downloaded the office 365 that was purchased and added explain to the microsoft account. Attached the laser printer to the wifi and set up for printing and tested successfully. Put the newer leaf screen on to the other computer and tested that the boring had now gone Activated office 365 and configured outlook for optusnet email addressSpringvale South
Cleaned out pc and reseated cables Reconnected printer to router Demonstrated printingCheltenham
Demonstrated how to configure scanning options. Confirmed document is being scanned. Balaclava
The computer was stuck at startup. Restarted the computer and its startred fine. The computer processor and motherboard is heating up. Transferred data into other computer. Installed Microsoft Office 365 and activated it. Installed OneDrive and a short tutorial on OneDrive. The customer is happy. Thanks Yowie Bay
Printer not working due to changed IP address range as router was set to factory settings. Changed back to its previous range and showed client how to do in the future. Fixed issues with pdf. Tested and working fine.Glendalough
Turn off Less secure apps access for gmail. update password in Outlook. Explain 2 factor authentication. Disable notification.Oxenford
client stuck in startup loop showed client how to load normally and setup adblocker in chromeBiggera Waters
Boot device error when external devices plugged in when loading computer, advised to disconnect before using. Event logs show shutdown errors, malware scan showed multiple infections, cleaned system of these infections and performed system registry and temporary file clean. Restarted, loading time is still long would recommend taking back to place of purchase. Desktop experience has improved but suspect underlying hardware. issue. Newtown
tested by sending email to Petes email address & witnessed problem occur Found AVG VPN installed and turned on. Performed speed test: - DNW: 47.88 - UPL : 10.86 - PING: 24 Disabled VPN Performed speed test: - DNW: 57.20 - UPL : 11.46 - PING: 23 Sent test email to Petes email address and it went out straight away. Showed Pete how to disable & enable VPN & advised that he needs to have the VPN off to send emails succesfully.Narre Warren South
Showed Stephen how to import the recordings into the DSS player software so he can do what is required. The security built into OSX High Sierra is causing the problem & I have seen this cause problems with other applications. Stephen ran through the importation process himselfMackay Dc
Connected computer to the internet Configured and demonstrated printer & scannerAuburn
Driver errors are all dodgy popups. Showed how to convert music files. Uninstalled unwanted applications.Morley
Install K-Lite media player to open MP4 files. Printer does not have Fax to set up FAX. Showed how to scan to computer and email.Osborne Park
Task: General computer information Went through with Michael and explained him the difference between Microsoft office products Not sure why he has got office 365 Business product Have also explained him how sync works with POP, IMAP and Exchange mailboxes Have advised him to installed Microsoft office H&B 2013 onto his new HP Laptop Have also showed him what folders he could copy from old laptop North Fremantle
Arrived on site Inspected hardware Recreated error Unable to connect to the wireless extender Noted the computer has a 169.xx.xx.xx IP address Connected computer to tech's phone. Successfully connected to the Internet via USB Connection sharing Confirmed 192.xx.xx.xx IP address Advised installing either a USB or PCIe wireless card Demonstrated PCIe card installation options Found relevant hardware at Advised on purchase options Closing Ingle Farm
moved data from external to laptop showed client how to play dvd's and configured bluetooth soundbarSouthport
Set up printer reservation. Do Office upgrade to 365. Explain one drive sync issue and limited upstream bandwidth. Suggested internet speed upgrade. Update printer driver and advise other drivers need updating. Perform windows repair. Falcon
Removed vpn express and removed vpn express connection Showed what laptops are avalible to purchase Toowong
ONSITE : Mac power button broken, removed screen and some components but estimated 2-3 hours total with no guarantee of success. PC - installed windows 10 with DVD, left existing data on drive. Left installing due to time constraints.Booragoon
found monitor have problem. checked graphics card all good. checked monitor connected with laptop still same result so confirmed monitor has problem. explained to customer that they need to buy new monitor.Punchbowl
I opened and cleaned dirty fan on customer's laptop. There were two fans and one of them was not very good. I explained to customer about it and asked him to replace it later.Marsfield
File still existed but had zero data. I explained to the customer that because the file name still existed, there would be nothing to recover.West End