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Create new signature and training on Calendar and creating new folders.Balga
1) Installed 480GB SSD that Luke purchased with Windows 10 Home as requested 2) Installed TP-link ADSL modem/router as requested and explained 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi. 3) Downloaded Chrome 4) Went to Nvidia website but download is 450MB so will take a whileBulimba
Event log showed many system crashes. Discovered Glenn was putting computer to sleep then removing the power. Ran sfc and Office repair. Added hibernate option. Changed power button so as not to perform sleep anymore and to perform hibernation instead. Set up HP update. Ran disk cleanup. Set up backups and recovery media.Halls Head
Recovered Telstra email password Logged in to Outlook Showed how to purge emails Reset Desktop to Windows Aero modeOrmeau
Task: Send personal documents to Trading company. Scan all needed documents to her laptop, sent an email to recipient and to herself, Email received and showed her that it has gone too, Printer and laptop working fine.Fremantle
Client wanted to copy the emails and contacts from Outlook 2007. Done that and showed where the copy of the files are located. Imported the contacts and mails on to outlook 2016 Demonstrated the differences in emails. Requested to contact Microsoft to fix Outlook email authentication issue. Joyner
Error: IInet email issue. Logged onto the computer and tried to send and receive email (Failed), Found out an internet speed was very slow, Connected HP AIO computer to her Iphone and updated all backlog emails, Tried to send and Receive email (Success), Downloaded and installed Mozilla Thunderbird and setup her email, Showed her how does it work, Tested and verified email and computer operational with her, Working fine.Success
Provided one on one training about privacy settings on Instagram and Facebook. Deleted Instagram account that is not required Updated Instagram with new account details Logged into Facebook with old account details Marked deletion for Facebook and requested to deleted photos, privacy setting Tried deleting the outlook, Marked for deletion Deactivated Facebook accountStrathpine
Task: General computer discussion. Discussed with them regarding Anti-virus and backup setup, setup files backup onto Linda's laptop to her external HDD, Showed Alf how to clean cookies and history from the browser, Sent and Received test email (Success), Advised him to remove All apple drivers and software from his computer and re-install latest applications to get his new iphone working, have verified its operational onto my laptop, working fine.Melville
Rebuilt BCD and set partition active. Demonstrated functionality Installed Malwarebytes Installed AwdcleanerMalvern East
Checked system for errors. All OK. Tutorial and explanation if how computer works in general use. Changed power options settings as desired by the client. Explained how System restore works. Explained how Google Chrome works and how restore tab work. West Ryde
Emails were not sending due to attachment size limit on Outlook email address. File limit is 20MB. Showed how to save RAW files as JPG files to save space. Sent test email OK Checked hard drive storage space, around 2GB free. 90% of the files are in Pictures. Beenleigh
Task: General laptop setup. Client forgot to buy an External HDD, showed her how to setup File History backup into Windows 8, Setup Gmail account onto her outlook, Enabled Auto Email forwarding onto Telstra Email account, sent test email to Telstra email to see if it is going to Gmail accounts (Success), Tested and verified laptop operational with her, Working fine.Maddington
Ran full system reset and showed him how to use backup drive. Manly West
Issue: Microsoft Office 365 is already installed but it's not activated. Office component keep showing "Activate your product..." message on startup. I checked two provided Microsoft accounts: [email protected] [email protected] None of showed any payment / order history. Provided package should be verified by supplier or Microsoft. Waterford West
Turned off the One Drive settings so that it does not backup data to ondrive Downloaded the music files from cloud and saved locally. C:\Users\leish\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music is the location where the files gets saved Recommended about the TV Tuner cards and options available. Explained about the reference guides to backup and working with the iCloud and OneDrive Taigum
Task: Renew Kasperksy AV. Logged onto the computer as her and helped her to renew Kaspersky Internet Security product for another 2 years, Updated database and other applications, showed her how to add new contacts and delete in Windows live mail, Tested and verified computer operational with her, Working fine.Innaloo
Error: Windows 7 computer does not boot into normal os mode. Tried to boot computer into normal os mode (failed), Tried to boot computer into safe mode (Success), Found out 2 old HDDs were slowing operational down, It was windows 7 security updates halt the operational, Discussed possible issue with her, Setup basic user profile, rebooted the computer couple of times, Tested and verified computer operational with her, Showed her how to setup backup onto the computer, computer working fine.Nedlands
- replicated issue - checked activity monitor and it showed CPU & RAM usage normal - HDD first aid result ok - have started High Sierra upgrade to see if it improves performance Northbridge
showed client basics on system setup new email address as client does not have password or access to recovery options transferred photo's from phoneBiggera Waters
windows 10 had a boot virus showed no windows present on the computer reinstalled windows 7 then upgraded computer to windows 10 reinstalled office 2010 as well as all adobe suiteLeumeah
ran scans on system after suspect email scans came up clean set chrome as default browser showed client how to use and removed junkware from systemTallebudgera Valley
Checked the hard disk with Apple 1st Aid & drive passed tests. Found several programs open on the apple dock. Closed the open programs and the Mac is now running much better. The Mac Specifications: 2x2gb RAM (4gb in total) / Mid 2011 / High Sierra system is running low on available resources so the machine is running poorly. I helped Clive purchase RAM from RAMCity & showed him a video on youtube on how to use. Banora Point
Error: Black blank screen. Tried to boot the computer into safe mode (failed), Removed Graphics card and one of the memory card and tried to boot again (Success), Put the graphics card back in the system with one Memory Card, Tried to turn it on again (Success), Showed him what type of memory card needed for the computer, logged onto the laptop and re-setup westnet account, Sent and Received test email (Success), Tested and verified computer and laptop operational with them, Working fine.Bentley
Task: Setup Epson XP-240 Printer. Setup Epson printer to the wireless Dognle, Setup printer onto the Lenovo tablet, Print and Scan test page (Success), Showed her how to print from Apple iphone, Tested and verified printer, Tablet and Phone with her, Working fine.Cockburn Central
Enable storage folder from toolbar on Windows Live Mail. Showed how to delete Skype chats Showed how to create and move foldersHelensvale
Set up ccleaner and cleaned Checled speed interent very good Updated programs Set user pw unknown to tech as client did this part Checked word working Discussed having norton and malwarebytes norton not required Changed tablet mode to desktop mode and demonstrated how to Mudgeeraba
Mac reset password for Outlook email Mac has Graphics glitching issues. Customer says it真真真真s dtill under warranty so they will take it to the Apple store for repair. Showed how to connect to different wifi networks. Nerang
Disassembled laptop and added hot glue to top side of button. Demonstrated functionality to customer Black Rock
reinstalled touchscreen drivers and issue stopped showed client how to disable touchpad if it occurs again and advised client to buy a wireless mouseUpper Coomera
Error: Could not install windows 10 from ISO USB stick. Tried to install Windows 10 from the given USB stick (failed), Installed Windows 10 from my USB stick, setup his basic user profile, showed him how to make USB stick from Microsoft website, tested and verified computer operational with him, working fine.Hamilton Hill
Removed bloatware programs from desktop and laptop pc's. Checked outlook was default mail app. Ran repair of office on both machines. Corrected Mail mapi connector. T3sted sending mail from word on both pc's both working fine. Showed alternative ways to send attachments.Safety Beach
Changed default pdf client to adobe and explained the process of sending as email attachment or saving as document in scan folder. Springwood
Recreated mail profile confirmed all operations and demonstrated functionality.Springvale
Task: Setup HP MFP M1777fw printer wireless. Downloaded and installed latest printer drivers, print and scan test page (Success), Advised by him to remove one of the gmail account from the outlook, sent and received test email (Success), Showed him how to scan and print wireless, setup printer onto his IPhone, tested and verified printer, laptop and internet operational with him, working fine.Bibra Lake
Error: HP Desktop computer running slow. Logged onto the computer as Kim, Showed him the current hardware available and used in the computer, Setup his basic user profile, Advised him to buy more RAM for the computer, rebooted the computer to check it performance, sent and received test email (Success), Tested and verified computer operational with Kim, He is happy with the speed and its performance, he will buy more RAM for the computer.Atwell
Error: Windows 10 running low on free space. Logged onto the computer as her, found out HDD size of the computer on which windows has been install is of 28GB, discussed issue with her and explained her the situation with the computer, Setup her basic user profile, ran disk cleanup and cleanup some more free space, Have given her option to increase HDD, she will decide what to do and let us know, Tested and verified computer operational with her, Working fine.Bentley
I investigated issue on two laptops. I could fix one of them, but another one had windows issue. I explained it to customer, that it needs to be rebuild.Lindfield
1) HDMI video cable was pulled out slightly so put back in and now all ok. Showed Lynette how to fix herself. 2) Tested printer ok HP Officejet 7510. Checked on double printing. No can do on this printer. 3) Set a Windows 10 backup going as there was no backup already happening. 4) tested Internet okTarragindi
Minimum fee charged for the examination & assessment of Apple iMac: Have examined the iMac - Data is recoverable from the hard disk. Graphics card is faulty & needs to be replaced. - Apple had a product recall on this graphics card quite some time ago (now not available) Main logic board also needs to be reworked. I have spoken with Hayley & explained this. She was going to discuss this with her partnerSeaford
Found that laptop was connected OK to TV and would play sound OK. TV was displaying background picture. Found that laptop display was set to extend. Explained to Rod what extended display meant and showed how to use, found that items displayed on tv were not correct, worded out that TV is in a zoom mode, changed back to normal mode, now all items look OK.Redan
Onsite - sound disabled, demonstrated turning off and on. Google chrome not saving passwords, deleted old password, removed from list and set to prompt however not saving. Recommended stay logged in for most days. North Perth
showed client how to disable touchscreen as windows had turned it back onBiggera Waters
Showed start button. Checked a few settings and checked usb devices.Marsden
Button partly reattached but not able to fix completely due to plastic pins broken off. Button is still usable. Showed how to hook up laptop to TV as a duplicate display for better visibility. Hope Island
Error: General computer setup. Setup best possible screen resolution that computer and monitor can support, enabled 3 pane preview so that he can see which email have not been read, Showed him to how to setup Thumbnails onto Google Chrome, Tested and verified computer and internet operational with him, Working fine.Carlisle
Task: Laptop computer setup. Logged onto the laptop as Matt, Setup his offline account as requested, Downloaded and installed Mozilla Thunderbird application, Sent and Received test email (Success), Showed him how to access from the laptop, Print test page (Success), Showed him how make internet website shortcut, Tested and verified laptop and internet operational with him, Working fine.Wattleup
Fixed wireless printer connection to modem using WPS and showed client how to do it himself if necessary - Checked printer connection on laptop & iMac - Installed Classic Shell start menu - AdwCeaner scan found a small number of threats, cleaned. - Installed TrendMicro Internet Security with 12 month subscriptionSeaview Downs
performed basic cleanup on system windows 10 seems fairly degraded and will need a clean install down the line setup thunderbird and showed client how to run check disc on HDD to improve performanceHelensvale
-Ran Scans on registery to correct permission issues -Ran Windows recovery to restore some windows files -Explained to the customer how to export email from old laptop to new one. -Assisted client to create a Microsoft account for Office 365Hamilton
Onsite - scanning ok but document needed to be saved, demonstrated with a name and location. Demonstrated sending as an email via right click on the document, or via Outlook and adding an attachment.Hilton
Error: Acer Gaming laptop not booting into normal os mode. Inspected the laptop with him, and found out front and back cover of the laptop was broken, Showed him each broken part and panel on the laptop, Tried to boot into safe mode (Failed), Found out HDDs were not detected into BIOS, Removed HDD to test Data integrity and performance, found out HDDs were not working either, Advised him to put HDDs into freezer for 24 hours and try again.St James
Backup drive as NAS Raid 1 worth 1TB = ip Unable to access the NAS Tried to read the NAS using external HDD = both drive is empty (Showed) IT advised to take it away for recovery NAS drive only back computer Newtown
Email: - Outlook express is set to OFFLINE mode. - Put Outlook express back to the normal ONLINE mode & emails started coming in again. Lots of spam emails: - Installed SPAM Fighter & gave demonstration on how to use Recommendations for new machine Specs: - Intel i5 CPU - 8gb RAM (16gb Preferred) - 256gb SSD for main Drive Edithvale
The password of wifi was not there. Entered the password for Telstra and it working fine. Advised customer to not to use windows live mail. Windows mail is ok. A short tutorial to save individual email in PDF of can use Microsoft Outlook. The customer is happy. ThanksMenai
Provide general Skype training Tested the microphone and video mode Ensure that the sound is clear and video is optimized Checked and provided information about how to add a person using the skype name and not by actual name Verified the Microsoft account and skype account are the same.Aspley
Onsite - copying DVD errors. Using Wondershare converter, issues copying movie disks. Advised that protection methods prevent copying most modern movies. Made copy of existing DVD personal video, tested ok. Ejected downloaded software on 2nd Mac. Demonstrated closing all files in DVD player. Canning Vale
Error: Storage issue onto the Macbook air. Logged onto Rebecca's laptop, closed all open applications, Removed Telstra manager as per her instruction, Downloaded and installed InventoryX to find out folders and files occupied space onto the HDD, Copied photos library to her external HDD, Showed her how to access them from the windows laptop, Connected her Iphone to windows laptop and copied all needed photos and advised her to delete them off the phone, Macbook and Iphone working fine.Bassendean
Checked cable connection at the patch panel and explained the way it was setup. Fixed sound system issue. Tested and working fine.Morley
Check scanner is working Taught how to upload files to Dropbox Coomera
Error: Black blank screen onto HP envy laptop. Advised by Way to try and fix an issue of Hinge onto the laptop, removed back case to show him what was damaged from inside the case, found out screw holder from case were damaged, Advised me not to put the case back in and leave all screws as it is outside, Showed him how to backup data from his two HDDs, Have left copying files from old HDD to his personal HDD.Leeming
Helped with space issues. Retrieved data from old Windows laptop. Showed client how to transfer info. to external hard drives. All workingPeregian Beach
Installed Easeus To Do Backup on to clients PC and then recovered users documents, photos and Outlook data off of my thumbdrive. Showed client how to use the Easeus backup to back up to external drive and also to D:/ partition. Imported users Outlook data into the new installation of Outlook and confirmed with client that the folders and data was back as she expected. Client lives over an hour away from my location and so I had to make a special trip out to her home to do this activity.Mundoolun
1) Dell low profile running Windows 7 2) Unplugged PC and Paul plugged it back in and now works ok. 2) Ran msconfig and explained to Paul how to speed it up. 3) Probably needs a new Hard Disk Drive at some time. 4) Good computer i7, 64bit, 8GB and 1TB HDDMurarrie
cleaned up system installed chrome and ad blocker and showed client a few things with phoneOxenford
Error: Computer running slow. Logged onto Leanne's laptop, setup her basic user profile, found out laptop has only 4GB RAM, showed Leanne how does it affect laptop operational when she has more than couple of applications open and running in the background, Have to get back to her with upgrading RAM price, Have disabled windows updates at this stage, Tested and verified laptop operational with her, Working fine.Wangara
Helped setup Microsoft account in Outlook on Android phone. Also showed client how to add calendar event using gmail calendar instead. Started Office installation on 1 X MACBOOKNoosaville
Task: Setup 3D printer. Helped Brian to get correct firmware for the printer, Helped to setup 3D printer, showed him how to change baud rate onto COMS port, Tested and verified printer and software operational with him, Working fine.Padbury
Configured the incoming imap port to auto. Email started receiving. Showed and recommended the same settings for the reset of the branch offices.Acton
Error: Laptop running slow. Tried to boot the laptop into normal os mode (failed), tried to boot the laptop into safe mode, Removed Norton AV, Tried to boot into normal os mode, Discussed Possible issue with the laptop, Disabled Windows update service, Showed her how to turn it on to isntall updates in a batch, Advised her to install Norton once laptop is performing well, Rebooted the laptop to verify the process again, Laptop working fine.Seville Grove
Demonstrated use of 'Onscreen Keyboard' to work around current login issue. Laptop appears to be in relatively good condition other than some keys not functioning. Generally used for video playback. Offered 3 options: 1. Take away laptop and fit a replacement keyboard for $120 plus 1 hr labour + Callout fee. 2. Install an external keyboard and mouse for $40 plus Callout fee. 3. Order new keyboard and return to fit. 2x Callout fees, plus $120 hardware. Customer went with option 2.Knockrow
Installed Chinese drivers and setup cam to work with motion detection. I then read all the manuals and showed Jim how to use the device and record and save recording and view recordings. Lavington
Error: No email in the outlook. Connected the computer to my iphone, tried to send and receive emails (Success), Talked with Commander to see if they can give Dynamic IP (No option available), Have given all WAN ip details to Maris and talk to Zingry support team again to white list the IP, Copied needed myob files from an external hdd to her computer, tried to open up file (Success), Showed her how to connect the computer to her Phone on Hotspot, Computer and internet working fine.Bentley
Computer components - power supply ok - Ram ok - CPU ok Motherboard no ok Advised issue Explained costs also advised new computer and transfer of data Vermont
Error: Macbook pro not turning on. Tried to boot the computer into safe mode (Failed), Getting different lines and colours onto the screen, Found out CPU and GPU card on the board reaching its threshold, Removed HDD to check data and performance, HDD working fine, showed Christina and confirmed data with her, Put her HDD into an 2.5 inch enclosure, Computer needs motherboard replacement, She will decide and buy a new windows or Apple based laptop.Bassendean
system not loading in correctly load in safe mode which scans drive and restart to load into windows normally showed client how to scan and attach to emailPalm Beach
Error: Slow internet. Logged onto the computer and Telstra router, Ran speed test (No issue found), Disabled Wi-Fi and ran speed test (No error), Showed Brett how Telstra TV affect internet, Started playing video on netflix and ran speed test (Speed reduced by half), Advised him to increase his internet speed or keep an eye on the connection while using internet, computer and internet working fine at this stage.Two Rocks
Error: Forgot Swan Video recorder password. Reset admin user password, setup new password as per her instruction, Showed her how to play playback videos, setup Video recorder application onto her laptop, Video and laptop working fine.Helena Valley
1) 2 x iPad and 1 x iMac 2) Problems with authentication on iPads and iMac so sorted that out eventually. Took a while with passcode and phone calls etc but got there inboxed the end. 3) Tested "The Australian" app on iPad and all ok 4) Talked about NBN which is coming to Carindale and explained what will be needed.Carindale
1)Setup HP Officejet Pro 6970 All-In-One 2) MacOS Sierra 3) Downloaded and installed HP software and setup 4) Setup new iPad iOS 11.1 for The Australian's app 5) Tested new iPad on printing to new HP printer. Worked fine. 6) Tested iMac and showed Joy how top print and scan. Both functions worked fine. 7) Old iPad needs a major iOS update so started that. 8) Also started minor update on new iPadCarindale
set correct default programs and showed client how to change desktop iconsNerang
Set up port forwarding for Windows RDP Showed how to set up again if router gets reset again. Logan Village
Checked the printer and the WiFi connection Printed the network configuration from the printer, Downloaded and installed the Canon Printer software Restarted and did a test print again It worked fine. Opened a sample document to print Worked perfectly fine. Showed them how to find the printer if it is offline Also handed in the printer network settings for handy information. IP Address is Bray Park
refreshed the Print spooler showed the client the procedure to reset the spooler Mullaloo
Parameter reset on the laptop Passowrd removal on the dekstop Removed all unwanted programs Installed sophos home Showed how to pront as a pdf Showed how to attachments to emailAlbion
Setup gmail Linked to outlook reset zoom scaling Showed how to resetAlbion
Acer All-In-One pc E1 AMD running slowly with Windows 8.1 which is characteristic of this E1 chip. Showed Suzanna how to copy to a USB from a CD Showed Suzanna how to use her Samsung phone as a hotspot Removed password from user account on AcerSeven Hills
Installed google calendar and showed client how to use it Increased the size of the print Removed the cd that was stuck in the machine Have created a document known as password for password Created a folder for client to drag and drop the desktop files Pearsall
Setup the laptop and copied few folders. Showed how to use other costs such as music, pictures, videos etc.Bulimba
Found broadband connection is a nbn fttp. Optus modem does not indicate a Ethernet connection on wan port. Plugged pc directly into nbn, can connect to internet OK. Tried resetting optus modem, still will not connect. Suspect optus modem is faulty. Asked client if they would like me to call optus to explain modem is faulty and to see if they will replace it. They said they will contact optus and see if they will send a replacement. Closing job.Brown Hill
Run malwarebytes Run cleanup Installed classic shell on laptop Set up second screen Explained the citrix situation Norman Park
Error: Acer laptop not booting into normal os mode. Tried to boot laptop into safe mode (failed), discussed issue with her, Re-initiated and installed Windows 10, setup her basic profile, downloaded and installed the following applications, tested and verified laptop operational with her, working fine. Showed her how internet explorer will delete all history on closing Application: JAVA, Adobe Acrobat Reader, 7ZIP, VLC media playerMarmion
Task: Re-install Windows 10 Have taken computer offsite, copied all needed files to his second D drive, Initiated and installed Windows 10, Setup his basic user profile, downloaded and installed the following applications with windows updates, tested and verified computer with him onsite, showed him where i have copied all his files, Print test page (Success), Computer working fine. Application: JAVA, Adobe Acrobat Reader, 7ZIP, VLC Media Player, Itunes, Google ChromeWembley
Configured Netgear ADSL modem as a switch only. Connected Nighthawk 4G modem, Swann Security Camera System, Printer and Desktop (Windows 7) to switch. Configured Swann and Netgear with static IP address. Provided all IP address an credentials to customer. Demonstrated functionality of all devices.Malvern East
Error: Possible virus onto Lenovo laptop Logged onto the laptop as Rob, Downloaded and installed the following applications, Ran full computer scan, Removed more than 140 Threats, Showed him how to install Kaspersky AV products, Advised him to wait until Norton AV about to expires, Removed unwanted applications, Tested and verified computer operational with him, Showed him how to delete browsing history from Google Chrome, Laptop working fine. Application: Super Anti-Spyware, MalwareBytesMindarie
1) iMac not booting with damaged Hard Disk Drive and also extremely hot which has probably accounted for the failure. Also 2011 model so old. No data required 2) Second iMac also not booting with video card failed. 3) This second iMac had a Time Machine backup so located the photos and showed Ivan Caitlin where to find docs and pics.Wishart
Reconfigured new Asus router. And setup new Google Wifi. Demonstrated functionality.Ashwood
Worked through issue with client and it looks like they had inadvertently resized a Thunderbird email client window so that it obscured mail folders. Other work: Customer watches foreign news via video streaming and suffers from buffering. Demonstrated the use of varying the video quality control from the High Definition default to reduce buffering. Added Telstra Media and Foreign News Service pages to book mark list for easy access.Lennox Head
Check scanning function on printer, works OK. Taught how to use and how to save scans. Ormeau