Computer Help and Training

Computer Help and Training

Geekmobile’s staff are fully trained experts and can assist in provided onsite training to help you better understand and operate your computer and software.

Our most common training onsite services are:

Email Account Setup and Management

Geekmobile techs can help you to set up and manage multiple email accounts including outlook, gmail, yahoo and many more. They can also link business email address to Outlook and show you how to manage these settings yourself.

WIFI Networks and Device Connection

WIFI can be a tricky business if you’re not sure how to manage the settings, Geekmobile Tech’s will help you to connect all your devices and manage the settings, they will also show you how to do it yourself in future.  This includes printers and any other devices which can be connected

Installing Software

Geekmobile Techs can assist in setting up a variety of programs ranging from Microsoft Office suite, including Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, our Tech’s can assist with setting up Adobe software and many more other options.

File Transfer and Backups

We can assist with transferring files from one device to another such as a phone or laptop to your PC, we can also help with backing files up and also accessing these files in future.

Mobile Tech Support and Training Throughout Australia

Our same day service and expert advice are what make Geekmobile one of Australia’s largest and most trusted computer repair companies with Tech’s located in all major cities, and in all states throughout Australia.

Our no fix, no fee policy ensures you are in good hands our expert Geekmobile Technicians are on hand when you need them.

With one of the most comprehensive network of technicians throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, ACT and Tasmania we can come to you and fix it for you.

Call our team on 1300 34 96 96 and get same day service and no fix no pay guarantee.

Recent one on one training performed by our staff

Cleaned out pc and reseated cables Reconnected printer to router Demonstrated printingCheltenham
Demonstrated how to configure scanning options. Confirmed document is being scanned. Balaclava
The computer was stuck at startup. Restarted the computer and its startred fine. The computer processor and motherboard is heating up. Transferred data into other computer. Installed Microsoft Office 365 and activated it. Installed OneDrive and a short tutorial on OneDrive. The customer is happy. Thanks Yowie Bay
Printer not working due to changed IP address range as router was set to factory settings. Changed back to its previous range and showed client how to do in the future. Fixed issues with pdf. Tested and working fine.Glendalough
Turn off Less secure apps access for gmail. update password in Outlook. Explain 2 factor authentication. Disable notification.Oxenford
client stuck in startup loop showed client how to load normally and setup adblocker in chromeBiggera Waters
Boot device error when external devices plugged in when loading computer, advised to disconnect before using. Event logs show shutdown errors, malware scan showed multiple infections, cleaned system of these infections and performed system registry and temporary file clean. Restarted, loading time is still long would recommend taking back to place of purchase. Desktop experience has improved but suspect underlying hardware. issue. Newtown
tested by sending email to Petes email address & witnessed problem occur Found AVG VPN installed and turned on. Performed speed test: - DNW: 47.88 - UPL : 10.86 - PING: 24 Disabled VPN Performed speed test: - DNW: 57.20 - UPL : 11.46 - PING: 23 Sent test email to Petes email address and it went out straight away. Showed Pete how to disable & enable VPN & advised that he needs to have the VPN off to send emails succesfully.Narre Warren South
Showed Stephen how to import the recordings into the DSS player software so he can do what is required. The security built into OSX High Sierra is causing the problem & I have seen this cause problems with other applications. Stephen ran through the importation process himselfMackay Dc
Connected computer to the internet Configured and demonstrated printer & scannerAuburn
Driver errors are all dodgy popups. Showed how to convert music files. Uninstalled unwanted applications.Morley
Install K-Lite media player to open MP4 files. Printer does not have Fax to set up FAX. Showed how to scan to computer and email.Osborne Park
Task: General computer information Went through with Michael and explained him the difference between Microsoft office products Not sure why he has got office 365 Business product Have also explained him how sync works with POP, IMAP and Exchange mailboxes Have advised him to installed Microsoft office H&B 2013 onto his new HP Laptop Have also showed him what folders he could copy from old laptop North Fremantle
Arrived on site Inspected hardware Recreated error Unable to connect to the wireless extender Noted the computer has a 169.xx.xx.xx IP address Connected computer to tech's phone. Successfully connected to the Internet via USB Connection sharing Confirmed 192.xx.xx.xx IP address Advised installing either a USB or PCIe wireless card Demonstrated PCIe card installation options Found relevant hardware at Advised on purchase options Closing Ingle Farm
moved data from external to laptop showed client how to play dvd's and configured bluetooth soundbarSouthport
Set up printer reservation. Do Office upgrade to 365. Explain one drive sync issue and limited upstream bandwidth. Suggested internet speed upgrade. Update printer driver and advise other drivers need updating. Perform windows repair. Falcon
Removed vpn express and removed vpn express connection Showed what laptops are avalible to purchase Toowong
ONSITE : Mac power button broken, removed screen and some components but estimated 2-3 hours total with no guarantee of success. PC - installed windows 10 with DVD, left existing data on drive. Left installing due to time constraints.Booragoon
found monitor have problem. checked graphics card all good. checked monitor connected with laptop still same result so confirmed monitor has problem. explained to customer that they need to buy new monitor.Punchbowl
I opened and cleaned dirty fan on customer's laptop. There were two fans and one of them was not very good. I explained to customer about it and asked him to replace it later.Marsfield
File still existed but had zero data. I explained to the customer that because the file name still existed, there would be nothing to recover.West End
Install new printer, test printing/scanning. Turn on wifi again on router. Demonstrate how to use Netflix.Clear Island Waters
helped client with Myob issue, office issue and showed client how to import images into word documentsParadise Point
Configured outlook for bigpond account, configured xero with new email account, showed customer google photos and configure onedrivePeregian Beach
1) MS Surface Pro Win 10 Pro. i7-8650-u SSD Samsung 512BG with 343GB free. 2) Ran Task manager and stopped many starting programs. Using 33% RAM before change/. Showed Rowan how to turn on or off as needed. 3) The slow speed is coming from the Internet which is ADSL and very slow 0.61Mbps down. 4) Rowan to investigate a new Internet connectionMorningside
NBN was connected to the premise. Setup new modem. Tested computer and printer to make sure it's working correctly. Fax line not working, explained to client they would require a VoIP compatible fax machine however client is happy to not use the fax as most things are done over email. Setup wifi extender in office, confirmed it's also working correctly and office printer is working correctly too. Greenbank
Restarted computer and showed how to use Skype.Birkdale
Checked tasks Cleaned computer Showed client how to backup files Brighton
Computer running slow when editing movies. Movies were being edited in avchd format which computer was struggling to handle. Showed how to get camera to record in MP4 format which the computer handles great. Client had no further questions. Jimboomba
Check hard disk health - 100%. Install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Remove software, Run System File Checker, run file recovery software - check for missing pics. Machine looks like it was PC Reset removing everything. Check file naming convention and explain sort by. Check issue with Contana, troubleshoot microphone. Perform PC Reset keeping files.Labrador
chrome corrupted remove and reinstall chrome showed client what they need to run netflix on the tvHighland Park
GeekMobile Minimum charge. AVG is installed but not registered to an account - Registered AVG products to AVG Account for Roz & everything then activated. I alse explained and showed how the VPN service functions.Randwick
got access to bigpond email on desktop and laptop removed expored antivirus and showed client how to use youtube on smart tv Runaway Bay
Faulty network infrastructure. Report with details will be sent to [email protected]Hoppers Crossing
Installed LibreOffice because MS Office has become corrupt Showed Michael the basics of how to use the save & save as features.Kingscliff
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error All attempts to recover files failed Installed and configured ghost image backup Demonstrated backup All working as expected Closing Teringie
Customer already has a smart DVD player that offers what chromecast has to offer. No need to use chromecast at home tv. Showed storage location for kindle books on desktop. Desktop very slow, infected. Customer is planning a factory reset.Marsden
MS Office fresh installed on Windows 7 system and activated. More diagnostics showed that Windows having more issues: AVG Internet Security installed without removing AVG Antivirus and not un installation goes thorough properly. No Outlook can not be configured on Windows even after refreshing MS Office. Finally I offered a fresh start of Windows and client mentioned to do it later because needed the data on the laptop urgently. Rocklea
clients word toolbars turned off enabled toolbars again and showed client how to center align textCurrumbin
run clean up removed recovered files connected smart tv and Showed how to screen Sherwood
1. At first we have clean all the virus and junk files from PC which consist of 2 gb. 2. Remove the key tracer which trace credit card details. 3. Installed VLC media player which helps him to open all the media files. 4. Teach him how to transfer videos from pc to Iphone using Itunes. 5. downloaded free software called easyUS mobimover to transfer photos from pc to Iphone to manage all the photos. 6. Teach him how to transfer files from PC to USB flash Drive. Campsie
Connect with lcd monitor works fine . Screen is broken advised to buy screen showed model and can install for her notebook Craigieburn
Setup new computer install Adobe reader and chrome. Added email address to windows mail but with wrong password. Could not get hold of the hosting people to reset the password. Showed customer where to enter the password. Install printer. As the front desk program had a .BAK file and couldn't even export and advised how to get it converted to be readable by new Cliniko program.Mount Lawley
Perform system restore. Fix iTunes. Rebuild icon cache. Update Trend. Explain iTunes iPhone backup/restore process. Pinjarra
Son all in one pc - Norton was incorrectly seeing Bing as a virus...changed home page to Google, fixed the program. Ran updates, run virus scans no issues found.... Son laptop -hp, same issue as all in one, fixed similar way Robyn laptop, photos deleted from C drive to free up space, move files to d drive. Showed client how to access I cloud from Google chrome Re- set up windows back up Ran all updatesPeregian Springs
Remove software, run System File Checker, check hard disk health - 100%. Try to reproduce issue with Facebook popups - could not reproduce, try in other browsers. Create Bookmarks. Disable Startup items. Tether laptop to iPhone and explain Hotspot. Check Windows Update.Miami
Diagnised pc, many programs running and causing strain on the laptop, suggested to do a reset (as this will remove all applications and bring back your computer when you first bought it but with your personal files). Greatly improves speed and removes old applications from the pc.Ocean View
Arrived on site Inspected hardware Recreated fault Configured account details as required Logged in to AFL account Successfully accessed match replay Logged into Facebook accounts Demonstrated copying photos from DCIM folder on camera to computer Added email account to iPad All working as expected ClosingHyde Park
Change wifi settings to be unmetered as MS office was asking to confirm that the connection was to be used. Also updated MS Office 365 as new updates available. Check email from Telstra for Sylvia that she thought was a scam. Email was from Telstra but told to check next Telstra bill to see if anything changes. Gave lesson on using the calendar in Outlook Bethania
installled new printer and showed client how to use with print to PDF to save documents on computer as well as print themMudgeeraba
I performed system cleanup and removed unwanted applications from customer's computer. Also, I tested the keyboard and found it has issue. I explained it to customer and asked her to buy a new keyboard.Pennant Hills
Installed digital photo professional software and showed client how to transfer files Bicton
Tested the hardware Showed client that the harddisk was formatted Used external media to reinstall os Installed basic programs Innaloo
Installed Windscribe VPN into Google Chrome. Showed Kerrie how to turn the VPN on and off. Enabled the VPN & ensured it was showing a NON Australian location. Disabled VPN and ensured it was showing a Australian location.Valla Beach
Installed refurbished Lenovo computer Setup connection to internet. Tried setting up inkjet printer but printer is dead. Will quote on new printer for Fred. Set up email accoiunt [email protected] for customer. Showed how to use system including copy disc'sRochedale
Installed Office 2016. Installed Anti Virus Trend software. Un install unwanted software. Checked windows10 version, 1703. Explained that windows will download updates and install them until it install 1803 and this will take some time. Added favorite to email. Intenet speeds slow, checked speed, 1-4mb download. They are on nbn wirless. Explained to client how to test internet speed if they want to complain to service provider. Miners Rest
Error: Desktop not booting into normal os mode. Tried to boot the computer into safe mode (Failed), Removed HDD to check data integrity, Have discussed price for the new computer vs repair with Greg, Have put the HDD into an enclosure, Have showed them how to recover the data.Mosman Park
Cleaned up pc Checked save option working and is also demonstrated how to save as. Installed adobe reader Tugun
Swapped power and reset buttons as the issue may be related to a faulty power switch. Unable to replicate issue, but demonstrated to customer how to swap switches.Box Hill North
Areived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Unable to effectively dosable all Outlook addons Client is running Office 2007 Advised upgrading to Office 2016 Demonstrated Outlook 2016 set up ClosingSeacombe Gardens
Copied photos from iPhone to iMac. Deleted photos from iPhone. Removed iCloud photo sharing from iMac and iPhone. Showed client how to delete photos from iCloud. Checked iPad settings and disabled photo sharing with iCloud.Toorak
Added HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 MFP to Lenovo ThinkCentre M Series. Tested scan and print functions on both user profiles tested OK. Setup Windows Live Mail 2011 with correct view settings and showed storage folder use for removing mail off live optusnet mailbox. Oatley
Used system restore to undo problems and had to leave running due to the time it took to run and complete. Explained to customer may have to come back amd try another date to restore to if needed or test forhard drive issues.Mermaid Beach
removed Norton run updates showed where and banking statements areMorningside
Setup MS account for customer and purchased Office 365 personal \, Downloaded and installed Office 365. Configured email on Outlook. Moved contacts over to Outlook. Set up signature. AV ok. Toshiba laptop running very well. No untoward apps found. Showed Sylvia varoius tips and techniques. Bethania
Error: Anti-Virus Expired. Logged onto the laptop as Ruth, Showed her that she would not be able to renew Anti-Virus because it was bought under different reseller account that she does not have access to, Removed ESET AV and rebooted the computer, have also discussed about spam filtering setup from Amnet, Have also given her overview about POP and other type of email protocol, Downloaded and installed Kaspersky AV, Tested and verified laptop and AV operational with her, Working fine.Mount Lawley
connected wireless Printer connected to the hp laptop Showed how to Reformat the mac and how to connect the Printer to the wifiMunruben
Found the problem to be that the MS Ransomware protects tool is blocking the write request to the destination location. Created a Temp Work Folder in the "C" drive root directory and explained to John how the Ransomware protection works. I have advised to save documents into this new Temp Work Folder & then move the completed document to the correct location when finished. Assisted with getting a 2nd external monitor workingBlakiston
itunes backups filling HDD deleted backups showed client where they are and showed them how to move them once phone backs up againHollywell
clients son was looking up CSS mods and game modes that was linking him to file locker websites which was causing avast to block and reported as unsafe discussed with client and she decided to allow him access to sites removed avast enabled windows defender and showed client how to monitor sons activity on computerBiggera Waters
Called velocity and found issue is with the line Installed a wifi USB device Explained the situation to the client Butler
Reset skype pw customer wrote it down in book Removed avast as stopped internet working Removed potential unwanted programs and spyware Installed malwarebytes premium 2 yr subscription Installed 1803 cumulitive update kb 40100403 Explained needs Webcamera and headset for skype as desktop has no speakers or webcam Restarted pc several times Installed win defender updates Elanora
Error: Internet connection issue. Logged onto his laptop and found out that internet was working fine but not resolving DNS Setup correct settings onto his windows 2003 server and Netgear Router, Have also showed him what needs to turned off onto the Netgear, Showed him how to control access control onto the Netgear, Print test page (Success), Tested and verified computer, server and NAS operational with him, Working fine.East Fremantle
De activated the trend during extraction Showed clients how to move the file to right locations Madeley
Demonstrated how to add bookmarks Cleaned up desktop Removed unwanted startup apps Demonstrated how to edit an excel documentMulgrave
installed a new modem installed a new wifi card configured modem configured printer explains client that they need new PcHenderson
Client pc was not turning on; suspected board or power supply ; tested with a alternative power supply (failed) picked pc for offsite repairs. cleaned the pc removed all connections and dried the static; reconnected the connection and turned the pc after reseting the memory (successful) performed multiple restarts as well left the pc to run for longer hours(successful) dropped the pc back and explained to the client Winthrop
enabled less secure apps on gmail and showed client how to do it if it happens in futureMudgeeraba
installed classic shell run clean up run deflagger showed how the touch pad worksManly
Configured two android box and showed the client how to operate it Quinns Rocks
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Regards eneabled modem wireless Connected printer to wirele network Successfully tested printing and scanning Configured and demonstrated ghost image backups All working as expected ClosingGlenside
Issue is with harddisk Scanned os to fix it Showed client how to boot it Bibra Lake
Diagnosed computer, resolved disk error problems. Cleaned up computer programs, got office 2016 working and removed 2007. Setup OneDrive and showed how to use it. Disabled a lot of startup programs. Tested windows 10 reboot and works fine.Deception Bay
Onsite - checked gumtree options, removed draft ad, tested Boost payment ok. itunes - demonstrated and reset Apple password. Skype - signed in and demonstrated ok. iview - ABC - said to always use Adobe Flash, tested ok. Initially clicked on "More information" Como
Windows 7 showed configuration errors on the drive but no physical damage was detected. Windows re-loaded on with data intact. Clients monitor was also found to be faulty and was replaced by client.Burleigh Heads
I investigated the boot issue. I opened the PC and replaced PSU, but the PC still had issue. Finally I checked BIOS settings and disabled one of options in mainboard. PC could run after that. Anyway, there is a minor issue in mainboard hardware and I explained it to customer.Hornsby Heights
Diagnosed pc, fixed login pin, and diagnosed account, removed Brian's account and put another. Showed how to use Google Chrome and setup bookmarks. Fixed emails from displaying focused and other to just inbox.Burpengary
Fix the gaming pc and showed how to install window Greenvale
Task: Setup Office H&B 2016 suite. Downloaded and installed Office 2016 with AVG internet security, installed 2TB internal HDD, tested and verified computer operational with him, Showed him what needs to be copy from old SSD to new internal 3.5inch HDD,, computer running fine.Rivervale
Added new profile on Outlook and showed how to transfer email from personal folder to IMAP folder. Also setup the same email in Windows Mail app as requested.Wangara
client had junk email informing her of issues advised client email was junk showed her how to avoid them in the future removed trial of malware bytes as it would would require payment in 2 weeks turned on MSE as it was turned offCoombabah
Helped client sort out multiple mouse and dongles Showed client how to force shutdown second laptopHelensvale
connected to 4g without issue suspect 4g device had connection issue over the weekend showed client how to connect to phones hotspot if issue happens againHope Island
Customer is using 3rd party shareware program to share contacts, development has been discontinued for about 6 years. MS Outlook 2007 has some damage and needs to be repaired, no license key or software available, unable to run repair. Explained to Customer what needs to be done to run a repair. If that doesnt work I recommend to re-install the contact share program, explained steps in detail. No license key - Customer will look for one.Darra
Set up wofo and wifi printer scanning tested and demonstrated how to. Cleaned pc junk and scanRobina
Set up printer and explain customer how to use.Tempe
Removed avg anti virus Computer is going for an update Showed the client to convert to PDF and send the file Set up shortcuts Butler
Task: Setup Fetch TV. Explained her how to make use of existing network ports, setup netgear extender and Fetch TV, tested and verified wireless and Fetch TV with her, working fine.Palmyra