Computer Help and Training

Computer Help and Training

Geekmobile’s staff are fully trained experts and can assist in provided onsite training to help you better understand and operate your computer and software.

Our most common training onsite services are:

Email Account Setup and Management

Geekmobile techs can help you to set up and manage multiple email accounts including outlook, gmail, yahoo and many more. They can also link business email address to Outlook and show you how to manage these settings yourself.

WIFI Networks and Device Connection

WIFI can be a tricky business if you’re not sure how to manage the settings, Geekmobile Tech’s will help you to connect all your devices and manage the settings, they will also show you how to do it yourself in future.  This includes printers and any other devices which can be connected

Installing Software

Geekmobile Techs can assist in setting up a variety of programs ranging from Microsoft Office suite, including Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, our Tech’s can assist with setting up Adobe software and many more other options.

File Transfer and Backups

We can assist with transferring files from one device to another such as a phone or laptop to your PC, we can also help with backing files up and also accessing these files in future.

Mobile Tech Support and Training Throughout Australia

Our same day service and expert advice are what make Geekmobile one of Australia’s largest and most trusted computer repair companies with Tech’s located in all major cities, and in all states throughout Australia.

Our no fix, no fee policy ensures you are in good hands our expert Geekmobile Technicians are on hand when you need them.

With one of the most comprehensive network of technicians throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, ACT and Tasmania we can come to you and fix it for you.

Call our team on 1300 34 96 96 and get same day service and no fix no pay guarantee.

Recent one on one training performed by our staff

Cleaned up some old files and moved them to backup. Reset hotmail password. Demonstrated functionality.Box Hill
Backed up QB data files. Wrote instructions on how to backup. Downloaded version 2019 and performed installed. Demonstrated functionality while upgrading data files to be compatible with 2019St Kilda
motherboard problem. bring computer to workshop to fix it but could not. customer does not want data but i explained her i attended job. she refused to pay full so given bit credit as cannot able to fix.Campsie
Computer wasnt booting up and stuck at BIOS page. Reset the CMOS and then it reboots itself as normal. Showed to Lynn how important photos from Camera. Left windows update installing the version 1903 Collaroy Plateau West
Backup drive is full, showed how to Clean it up as it had primary files on it. Showed basic ways to speed up computer. Wakerley
Set up Apd5 printer driver for Epson M267D Pos printer. Tested working ok. Showed user how to configure it in case installs new PC. Thomastown
configured emails via imap showed client how to use google driveMount Nathan
Client has bought a wifi system. Assessed requirements and found that where wifi coverage is required is approx. 25 metres from router and in a metal clad building. Wifi devices that client has purchased is a star type system and is not a wifi extender system so is not suitable to extend wifi to granny flat. Client will return wifi system. Explained to client what wifi system to ask for. Golden Point
reset color settings and color filter was the main issue showed client how he enabled and how to disable againClear Island Waters
Showed Pam how to print from gmail properly rather than printing the whole webpage. Ran Malwarebytes and found 18 Pups. Removed them. Albion
Cleared virus from old pc Showed client how to use 2019 ms office Gosnells
Issue with keyboard not working Reinstall windows 10 and updated the pc ( issue not fixed) Using dell website checked to ensure all drivers are up to date. Explain to client that issue is hardware related and need to open the pc to further checking Since client has warranty on hardware client declined further working Mount Pleasant
Reset Chromecast, installed Google home and Netflix on to mobile phone. Created accounts for Google home and setup Chromecast. Demonstrated functionality.Malvern East
Changed the batteries in keyboard. Demonstrated how to send scan via email.Toorak
Cannot see emails in sent items that are from this computer that are being sent out. Ran Malwarebytes found 450+ PUPS. Quarantined. Spoke with Netregistry and they showed that the emails are from this laptop but I check sender IP address and they look like they are from overseas spammers. Changed all passwords for Cpanel, Netregistry and email again after clearing out malware as they could have hacked password. Annerley
In the Nighthawk M1 there are 6 messages that keep show on the screen of the device. - Put a bookmark on the Chrome bookmark bar & saved the password to login to the device. - Cleared the messages from the Nighthawk M1 & showed Henry how to do it if he wishes to. Installed Acrobat Reader & set as the default PDF viewer Installed Java UpdateGlenmore Park
Installed perinter. A short tutorial on how to scan. A short tutorial on how to send scanned to email. The customer checked all and satisfied. Thanks Abbotsford
Setup new Fetch TV and training on how to use Fetch TV.Dianella
Error: Gisela not able to login to Windows 7 computer Have removed user login password to the computer Have showed her how to shutdown the computer Have tested and verified computer operational with her, Working fine at this stageMount Pleasant
Error: General cleanup on the computer Have logged onto the computer as user Have done basic tuneup onto the computer Have showed Brad how to cleanup cookies on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Have rebooted the computer and verified internet operational, Working fine at this stage Have also explained him the functions of Belkin wireless router and iiNet modemAtwell
showed client how to rotate screen and connect tablet to wifi Tugun
Connected Ethernet over powerline adapters due to wifi being unstable. Connected printer to USB. Demonstrated functionality. Recommended customer to get wireless access point to plug into the powerline adapters.Vermont
- Inspected iMac that was hacked using remote access - Scanned the system using Malwarbytes and removed over 80 malware including MacKeeper - Removed TeamViewer and explained to the customer not to let anyone access computer - Changed log in password Essendon
Setup new Epson printer and scanner. Showed how to scan. Tested and working fine.Innaloo
turned off filter keys and keyboard worked as normal showed client how to import and attach images form camera to gumtreeRobina
Error: Possible virus Have logged onto the laptop as user Have removed LogmeIn remote agent from the laptop Have helped her to reset Trend Myaccount password Have removed old version of Trend agent and installed the new version of agent Have showed her how to block number on iphone Have tested and verified laptop operatioanl with her, Working fine at this stageEast Cannington
Connected printer to wireless network. Added printer to surface and mac. Tested printing and scanning ok. Showed Letty how to use.Glenvale
Windows 8.1 laptop boots to blank screen. Found OS was corrupted. None of the usual Reset, Repair worked. So backed up user data by booting to Kaspersky Rescue Disk. Then re-installed Windows 8.1 x64 from USB stick. Installed Telstra 3G, downloaded: HP Support Assistant, Malwarebytes and FileFort Backup. Showed user how to use the HP Support Assistant. User to re-install Office. Essendon
Setup emails with IMAP on PC and iPad. Uninstalled McAfee Demonstrated backups to USB And printing selected text on page.Glen Waverley
Customer visited, device inspected; device currently displaying viral adware, which was removed immediately. additional security was installed to prevent this occurring again. Customer explained they had recently contacted other IT professionals in order to improve the security on the machine. Previously installed software was examined and device was scanned for malware/virus/PUPs. Once the scan showed nothing of adverse effect, the customer was contacted regarding options.Hermit Park
Reconnected computer, printer and monitor after customer had moved home. No internet available to unable to test connectivity. Instructed the customer to call their service provider and organise a new connection. Explained that customer could call back when further assistance is required.Cheltenham
Installed Wifi dongle and connected. Demonstrated functionality to customer.Mentone
Setup Epson printer. Tested print and scan. Setup printing from Galaxy S7 phone, tested working. Setup bookmarks to Gmail and job seeking website and showed client how to access and create her own bookmarks. Client confirmed she is satisfied we have resolved the issues she required us to fix and has no further questions. Alberton
Telephone cable had been disconnected due to renovation works. After reconnecting cable internet started to work fine. Demonstrated functionality.Hampton
Error: Susan not able to find MYOB file and low free space Have helped to find missing myob files Have showed her how to backup to an external HDD Have found out that second 1tb Mechanical HDD failing DST test Have discussed couple of options with her Have advised her to buy an external HDD and start copying files from her Data HDD to an external HDD High Wycombe
Task: Transfer data from old laptops Have showed Paul how to transfer data from old laptops to his external HDD Have removed 3 HDDs from old laptop and showed him what to buy to transfer data from old IDE and SATA HDDs East Fremantle
Error: Cannot open up virtual desktop from Defense portal Have logged onto the computer as user Have downloaded and installed Citrix Receiver Have showed him how to log out from virtual desktop Have tested and verified computer operational with him, Working fineLeeming
Windows has corrupted files, many basic functions not working. System log showed issues with critical system files. System needs a "Fresh Start" Reloaded windows 10...Windows issues resolved and system working again. Set up System restore point in the event it ever needs to go back to this time.Tumbi Umbi
Disconnected USB device computer booted General clean up Showed how to scanLilydale
logged back into emails and emails worked as normal showed client what she needed to by to be able to backup her phone, her pc and advised she get a usb keyboard for laptop as one key doesnt work properly Robina
Error: Cannot open MYOB file from an external Thumb Drive Have logged onto the computer and showed Gay how to export file from the current MYOB file Have tested and verified MYOB database with her (Success) Have ran HDD health scan and found issue onto C & D drive Have discussed computer upgrade option with her She will confirm with John and let us know what to do nextLathlain
Client wifi was picking up the wrong wifi signal Removed it and reconfigured the wifi issue Showed client how to do print from iPad Provided instruction to client solution for similar problem in future Noranda
Sorted out email issues with password but found a rule that was moving emails to a folder that is not displaying emails. Showed Mary how to search for them then move them to a new folder. Customer remembered password for TPG. Advised backup folders to be backed up. Checked 2 external hard drives and showed customer where to get external cases from. Toowong
Devices sharing IP addressing. Duplicate IP address conflict with router. Changed switch to use Confirmed and demonstrated functionality Connected printerSt Kilda
Issue with photos Backed up picture in memory card Showed client how to do a back up Backed up folder in picture in present date East Fremantle
Setup printer on wifi Installed printer software Installed printer Showed Bill how to print, scan and email a scanned document.Empire Bay
Unpacked and setup new Epsom ET-2650, filled and charged ink. Configured Network settings.. setup Ipad and iphone for Air Print. Showed customer how to copy documents and change from colour to B/W printing. Victoria Point
Fixed zoom on Google Chrome for harness racing website. Was set to 33% zoom so was very difficult to read. Changed to 100% and showed Pam how to change zoom in chrome if needed. Installed Malwarebytes and found 76 PUP's cleaned. Ran virus scan via Zone Alarm. Found 2 infections. Removed bad apps that caused pop up ads. Albion
closed popup showed client how to get out of them full screen scam ads and installed ublock to void them i futureTugun
Dismantled computer and reassembled as CPU was not mounted correctly into the socket. Powered on and demonstrated functionality.South Yarra
Fixed internet issues, connected printer with pc made suggestions regarding Wireless Adapter and showed the client how to re organise her email, troubleshooted the email client errors. Found the error to be attributed to poor signal strength. South Perth
Connect to wifi with wifi password suspect client was using windows login to connect to wifi not wifi password Showed client how to connect to wifi and after rebooting to test automatic connection windows started doing updatesTallai
mobile data on pone had been turned off turn it back on and Internet works as normal showed client how to turn mobile data on and off on phone and performed basic cleanup on laptopLabrador
Desktop icons were selected as hidden. Changed to show desktop icons and they showed. Added few favorites. Tested and working fine.Wanneroo
Checked with customer computer is correctly setup Explain customer how to copy data from USB to computer Tested internet all working Explain customer how to shutdown computer Advice customer we do not get manual for Windows 10, he need to look it up on the internet Customer is happy now.Glenhaven
Error: Not able receives emails Have found out client was logged onto the computer as a different user profile Have showed them how to login as the current user profile Have helped to reset telstra email account Have sent and received test email Have checked second computer for an internet (Working fine) Have tested and verified computer operational with the client, working fine at this stageHigh Wycombe
connected system to wifi and showed client how to use media centre connected to TVHope Island
Error: No signal on Samsung monitor Have removed all cables from the Tower and re-connected one at a time Have restored Video signal Have showed and explained how her backup works using Acronis True Image application Have rebooted the computer 5 times (No error) Have tested and verified computer operational with her, Working fineSouth Fremantle
Error: Dell laptop not booting Have tried to boot in safe mode (Failed) Have removed HDD and check HDD status (HDD not detected) Have discussed HDD upgrade vs new laptop cost Have showed him how to make windows 10 usb bootable image Inglewood
Diagnosed the desktop tower, issue with the power connector to the CPU. Changed the power supply to a new one and windows boots up. Showed how to use the external hdd. Burpengary
Showed user how to purge Deleted messages. Did system Maint on Computer.Yarrambat
Helped fix 1 X printer issue - black ink was blocked. Showed client how to print in Google Chrome. All workingDoonan
Extracted drive from old computer and installed into HDD enclosure. Showed client how to access all old files. Client advised he will copy the files out in his own time and he is satisfied with the solution provided and that we have resolved his issue. Client has no further questions. Inala
Tried to recover the password for ringside online registration, but Tonys friend had set this up and he will get the details with him. Explained to him how Facebook post works. Also, how attach files when sending emails.Spit Junction
Task: Setup FujiXerox Docuprint P115w printer Have logged onto Carols laptop Have removed old FujiXerox printers first Have added same printer with USB and wireless connection Have print test page (Success) Have showed her how to access Gmail email account from her laptop Have setup Gmail email URL shortcut onto her Desktop Internet is very slow in the houseScarborough
iMac had water damage Serial number W80296MDDB5 Introduction Date: July 27, 2010 iMac Mid 2010 27" Model Backlight failure. Left area of screen has a damaged backlight. Signs of moisture on motherboard. Repair is uneconomical due to being considered a vintage product by Apple with no genuine spare parts being available. Explained to client options and he will assess from there. Tanah Merah
Ed purchased a new Mac & has contacted Webroot who sold him the retail product. I explained to Ed that what he had purchased relies on him answering the questions that Webroot will ask but the one Ihe purchased off me send me messages if it needs help & I deal with it for him. I removed the product supplied by Webroot and installed the product Ed had purchased from us last year & ensured it is working properlyKuranda
Error: Jan cannot send/Receives email on her IMAC Have spoken with Inept support team to recover her email account password Have re-setup email account onto her IMAC Have sent and Received test email (Success) Have showed her how to print from IPAD using HP smart print Have found out that HP smart application is not stable Have advised her to get printer with AirPrint to print from IPAD Have tested and verified computer and email operational with her, Working fineDianella
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Noted that the USB drive is formatted FAT 32 Formatted NTFS Successfully copied file Explained FAT 32 formatted drives will not recognize filed 4BG or larger Advised formatting all USB drives NTFS ClosingDaw Park
4G signals very weak. Took device to location where signs where higher and internet improved. Also demonstrated how to move dictations from device to computer.Brighton
Error: Lucy cannot print from HP LJ Pro CM1415 Have discussed issue with her Have setup printer with USB cable Have setup BW print mode for her Have print couple of Test page (Success) Have tested and verified printer operational with her, Working fine at this stage Have also showed her how to check printer connectivity from System settings on her IMACBayswater
Checked wiring from telstra box to the internal points - tested to be good working condition. Modem connected directly to the box outside and internet worked - but would constantly drop out. Same when connected to inside the house. The modem logs showed connections attempts that were unsuccessful. Have pictures of the log and the modem connection to the external box - not sure how to supply them here. Altona North
Transfer files from not working PC desktop to another PC desktop. Configuring printer and installing necessary software for it. Teaching end-users how to access their files on desktop screen and switching the printers that they are going to use. Installing all cables to PC's to another location. Noble Park
main board/processor defective Transferring datas (IDE to USB - converter) from PC desktop (not working) to another PC desktop. Configuring and installing necessary software for the printer. Teaching the end-users how to switch the default printer to use. Copying files to the network drive and advising the end-users to back-up files. Installing all the cables prior to moving the unit to another location. Noble Park
Transfer files from broken PC desktop to another PC desktop. Configuring printer and installing needed software for it. Teaching users how to access their files on desktop screen and switching the printers that they are going to use.Noble Park
finished the list of jobs written down and also found issues with speed and chrome crashing. Fixed Chrome crashing issue and started scan with Malwarebytes. Showed client what needs to be done once the scan is finished. Joondalup
touch screen faulty disable touch screen and open clients legacy file as it has been logged out showed client how to disable touchscreen in case it turns back onReedy Creek
Set up network sharing for Drive Z. Checked access working ok. Installed and configured Genie Backup Manager Pro 9 for weekly Fri backup. Showed user how to configure Dr back up for new Seagate drive (yet to be delivered). Download and install printer/scanner driver for Fuji Xerox Cm225Fw printer. Checked printing ok. Initial issue with Pc's front Usb ports not working now appears to be working ok.Sunbury
Demonstrated how to open word document. And showed how to label emails.Blackburn
Arrived on site Inspected computer General tutorial covering antimalware, Office, and general usageGlenunga
Diagnosed motherboard issue, customer happy to recover data from hdd, hdd in the laptop is M2 SSD raid, and i cannot recover the data, explained Peter on email. Visited customer on 16th to return the laptop, customer wanted to speak top accounts on payment.South Perth
wifi turned off on router showed client how to turn it back onWorongary
connected wifi to TV installed netflix on tv, connected to wifi installed wifi printer, scanner connected external HDD, showed how to backup Forrestdale
Computer not booting. Bios was booting off secondary drive. Set primary drive to first boot device , started normally. Computer was slow, tested drive, showed signs of imminent failure. Client will replace drive himself and is satisfied with resolution provided. Sunnybank Hills
Setup 2 monitors on MS surface pro. 2 Display port to HDMI cables used supplied by customer. Showed customer how to change screen layout around we he moves PC to office. Also installed Chrome. Tried setting up ext backup hdd but drive is faulty. Gordon Park
Check/test graphics card Clean up license computer Check event logs Clean up laptop Troubleshooting blue screen on Heil'e Metabox laptop. The logs showed the issues seems to be related to over use of the Graphics card. I have updated the driver to the latest version. Troubleshooting blue screen on a Backo's Metabox laptop. The issue seems to be a courrupt driver on windows. Reinstalled the driver and restarted laptop. Cremorne
Update failed. Checked HDD it's healthy. Started manual update. Showed client a few tips and tricks to using computer and explained how backups work. Client satisfied issue is resolved and had no further questions. Kingston
Call before and explain problem. Found motherboard is faulty. Checked RAM ok. Offer data transfer but doesnt want as they have backup. They wants to claim NO FIX NO PAY. Called geek mobile and customer talk with them. They suggest me to send invoice and customer to email admin.Revesby
Demonstrated - GMail and labelling and answered some spam related issues.Sandringham
Checked the bigpond mail settings in Mail App and Outlook App Contacts were sitting in People App and not Outlook app. Export the contacts from and imported the same into MS Outlook Demonstrated how to edit, create new contact in Outlook and recommended another visit. Stafford Heights
1) Outlook signatures, sorted out and now signatures are being used for new emails and forwarding. 2) Outlook has more than one Inbox so showed John which Inbox is current. When other computer person setup this computer something strange happened to Outlook. Outlook works fine so best to leave as it is. 3) Installed Norton from Norton's site as requested. Norton finishes on 12/4/2019. 4) Removed DriverUpdater which is a virus. 5) 2 x Restore PointsEast Brisbane
Installed A400 SSD fresh start of windows 10 transferred possible data performed Hardware test returned hardest in bag showed the front office staff Bassendean
Error: Not able to open up Microsoft Office 2010 application Have re-installed Microsoft Home&Business 2010 application Have tested and verified word, excel and outlook applications with him Working fine at this stage Have also explained Pros and Cons of new vs old Microsoft applications Have ran hardware test on his HP laptop (HDD test failed) Have discussed repair cost with him Client will decide and let us knowMaida Vale
client had the full page scam advert showed client how to close advert if it loads and performed a basic cleanup on systemBiggera Waters
Task: Setup IP Camera Have logged onto his computer Have tired to login to Camera through IP (No plug-ins available for MAC) Have setup Camera's IP using my windows laptop Have found out Techview app is not available for IOS11OS Have also showed them what devices to purchase to get internet for Foxtel IQ2 Have also discussed other options for security cameraCottesloe
Arrived on-site Assesed the laptop, and took it off site Tested the HDD, RAM, Monitor and Cables Found the issue was the GPU which was connected to the Motherboard. Called client and explain the the result of my assessment. And gave them the option to buy and replace motyerboard. Client elected to replace the laptop. Returned the laptop to client.Docklands
Word document was set as read only. Once option had been removed document was editble. Demonstrated how to find bus time table and how to download and view. Box Hill North
Copied the pictures from computer to external including library Showed Client how to delete the pictures folder Added signatures in Mac mailPearsall
Scan and convert printed pages to reconstruct document. General advice and tutoring with Word, Google Earth and Youtube.Taringa
Unpacked and conbected printer via wifi. Installed product software. Demonstrated scanning and printing functionality .Hampton