Computer Help and Training

Recent one on one training performed by our staff

Analysed Printer for noise issue and advised customer of lubricating solution. Also asked about scan darkness issues and showed customer ways to adjust scanning.Also reinstalled printer software to rectify scan to PC failure.Gordon
Installed Webcam. Tested for Skype and facebook. Also showed how to use webcam through facebook and skypeRivett
- ran system restore - uninstalled go assist - connected mobile hotspot to computer - installed malware bytes and started scan on the computer - have explained Angelo once scan finished quarantine potential threat files & programs Mosman
disabled 4 touch shortcut on touchpad and action center stopped popping up showed client how to use VLC player and how to send video to tv via HDMI cableSurfers Paradise
Checked server settings, all ok. Webmail stops working when IMAP stops working which points to a server issue. Taught how to connect to webmail by going to to test if the server. Broadbeach Waters
Purchase iCloud storage Backup files through iCloud Drive Explained how it works. Mosman
Setup VPN for up routing. Provided basic training.Breakfast Point
Attempted to connect mbox, but android kept crashing. Recommended to use laptop instead to watch on-demand. Demonstrated functionality.Chelsea
removed truekey and norton form system reset chrome passwords and showed client how to set passwords for all accounts in chrome rather than another program booked second job for the 22ndMudgeeraba
Setup WiFi printer for print and scan. Training provided.North Sydney
Importing CDs onto iTunes. Syncing with iPod. Explained and she took notes how to do it step by step. Dee Why
Troubleshoot issue, touchpad was disabled, enabled touchpad and tested. Showed client the keyboard key to enable/disable touchpad.Labrador
Set up Office 365. Set up email. Install Acrobat. Explain usage.Baldivis
Reconfigured outgoing mail server settings as per domain host recommendations Sent several test emails though Outlook & so did Deanne. Emails showed up in out and the Outbox is now empty & the sent mail box has the emails that have been sent.Seaford
Diagnosed internet drop down problem. Check internet speed download 14 mbps, upload 0.78 mbps. Explained how to transfer files from iPhone to PC.North Parramatta
Error: Lenovo AIO computer issue Tried to log onto the computer as Deepa (failed), Helped her to reset Microsoft account password (failed), Tried to switch to local account (failed), Enabled local administrator account and set basic user profile, tried to setup her work email onto IMAC (failed), She did not have much time so have explained all process to her daughter and left the computer running, copied all her data from old profile to local administrator, Computer running fine.Joondalup
Setup outlook with IMAP. And configured iPhone to use IMAP. Demonstrated functionality.Edithvale
The printer was working normal. Explained to her how to print opening the attachment. Frenchs Forest
Dismantled laptop and reseated all cabled. Demonstrated functionality Bayswater
Reset Microsoft password via myaccount on web. Demonstrated login functionality.Dingley Village
- took out HDD from closure and connected to computer still nothing showed up on the computer - have let client know that there is damage on the HDD - needs to send to specialized data retrieve company - client would like to think before sending and will contact if requires to send Chifley
connected desktop to wifi and showed client how to configure emails on phone once they find the passwordBenowa Waters
Fixed certificate error on outlook Added the outlook toolbar Demonstrated how to load a cdDandenong North
telstra reconfigured clients outlook and i suspect they set it up on a newer version of outlook emails are configured and working just showed client how to change layout to match what she is used toCarrara
Email address involved in spambot leak, leak and anti public combo list leak, cause of increased spam. Added Gmail to outlook and showed how to move emails into accountSpearwood
Edge browser causing conflict with outlook email. Setup outlook 2016 on three different computers. Quick tutorial on email signatures and document attachment. North Rocks
Error: Lenovo laptop not turning on. Tried to turn on the laptop (Failed), Found out that physical damaged near power port connector, Showed Tim how to connect power adapter so that it will charge the battery, Turned on the laptop (Success), Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine.Scarborough
Un-install Avg Tested clients internet using cable in personal pc (no internet) installed Wifi adapter on clients Pc used hotspot as internet ( Internet working) Called Telstra and work thought their reset procedure Showed client how to hot spot from phone to PcHamersley
New printer setup. Connected via WiFi to print from iPad. Setup set-top box for TV. Checked dvd player cable connection. Training.Breakfast Point
Issue: System is a brand new Dell laptop running too slow on NBN connection. =================================// I tested the laptop and no suspicious item detected. System tested on two hot spots and it worked fast enough. (more than 10 Mbps in average) Speed test showed different results on NBN during the test but it was around 4 Mbps in average. Service problem should be reported to ISP. Moggill
connected clients 4g device and showed client how to recharge it reset gmail addressUpper Coomera
Resolved unwanted Browser popup/advertising. Established Sound via external speakers. Gave customer a copy of ICDL Computer Essentials Module Syllabus and began working though their intent and needs for computer use. Worked through basic computer terms and functions. By end of lesson customer was able to power on/off, access desktop, open browser, perform a google search and use a link to access Gmail. Ballina
Error: Sketch up with laptop not working as expected. Logged onto the Dell laptop as Norval, Setup his Basic user profile, Downloaded and installed Video drivers from Dell Website, Rebooted the laptop, Showed Norval how to open sketch files through application and directly, Tested and verified laptop and sketch up application with him, Working fine.East Fremantle
Installed printer driver and showed hoe to operate it Success
Problem was with the reader Used alternative card reader and worked perfectly Explained google drive Kingsley
Task: Install El-Capitan OS Erased current HDD onto MacBrook pro, Initiated and installed El-Capitan OS, Downloaded and installed Acrobat Reader, Showed Jarred how to move data of the MacBook pro HDD, Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine.High Wycombe
Setup email Teach how to use new iMac Import photos from iPhoto to Photos app Other miscellaneous itemsBiddaddaba
Send to email recipient is not working. Changed default programs to open .mapimail with Outlook 2016, received an error and couldn't apply. Troubleshoot issue, Malwarebytes detected many infections during a scan 2 weeks ago. I suspect Windows is corrupt and needs to be reset, explained the Reset PC recovery option to client, client prefers to use the workaround by copying the file to an email, or dragging and dropping the file to an email.Robina
Error: Computer running slow. Tried to turn on the computer (Failed), Tried to boot into safe mode (Failed), Tried to repair the computer (Failed), Discussed possible issue with Lina, Removed HDD to check its performance, Showed her how to copy her data from Windows and MAC based computer, Have given her HDD to copy all data, Ran Test on HDD (No error found).East Victoria Park
Error: Possible virus on the Laptop. Logged onto the Howard's Laptop, Setup his basic user profile, Downloaded and installed the following applications with Super Anti-Spyware, Removed unwanted applications that were downloaded by the scammer, Ran computer scan couple of times, Removed more than 150 Threats, Showed Howard how to clear browsing data, Tested and verified laptop operational, Laptop working fine.Cottesloe
Error: Possible Malware in the HP computer. Logged onto HP computer, Setup Basic user profile, Downloaded and installed Super Anti-Spyware, Ran computer scan couple of times, Ran computer scan with Windows Defender too, No Trojans, Malware found, Discussed possible issue with them, Showed them current setup with Internet Explorer, Tested and verified computer and IE, Working fine.Wilson
Enable trackpad by pressing F5 key Removed out of date antivirus software Installed antivirus and anti malware software and taught how to use. Converted songs in iTunes to MP3. Upper Coomera
Set correct printer device. Taught how to set printer in MS Word. Installed Malwarebytes and removed some PUPs. Taught how to use. Coomera
1) Old HP Windows 7 AMD Athlon II All-In-One which is slowing down and needs to be replaced 2) Started copying Pictures from PC to external Hard Disk Drive. Ross to copy the other Libraries. I showed him how to do that. 3) Had trouble copying Pictures but now running ok. 4) Ran msconfig and removed all entries and now using 29% instead 40%West End
Returned Alienware Laptop to Client and demonstrated recovered functionality.Rosebud West
Printer installation. Training on using copy, scan and print. Setup laptop and phone to print.Balmain
Successfully connected to wifi network after resetting network settings to default values. Removed malware and cleaned up start up items. Installed antivirus and anti malware software and taught how to use.Labrador
Troubleshoot router connection to solar panel control box. Found universal wifi adapter was faulty. Showed how to connect to the control panel's web server to configure. Tamborine
Tested RAM OK Tested HDD OK Tested CPU stability OK Cleaned up Windows startup items Installed malware bytes and taught to use it every 2 weeks. Ran malware scan that found 307 PUPs.Upper Coomera
Cleaned up temp files and showed how to use Netflix. Altona Meadows
cleaned up numerous junkware programs on system and set ublock up on web browser clients internet maxes out at about 2.7Mbps which is slow regardless of whats running on sytsem showed client 4g routers that he could use to get a better speed as optus 4g gets 36Mbps in the areaHighland Park
disabled outlook indexing and emails search normally showed client how to rebuild the index but going to leave it disabled so it doesn't happen again showed client how to consolidate outlook contacts into one address bookMolendinar
Disassembled laptop, cleaned fan and demonstrated functionalityElwood
Tested network and red does not allow anz Used hotspot works Tried connecting using a laptop Installed sophos home Installed mozella fire fox Set network to public May need to contact red Retrieved wifi passwoord Showed instruction on how to get google passwordsRocklea
Explained the difference between Google Chrome and Google search. Exported mail, setup new mail account, imported mail, removed old mail account.Surfers Paradise
- started windows backup on F: - showed how Goole Drive works - and have copied myob company file to the google DriveRandwick
Minimum Labor Lee: - Witness fault - Fault caused by having 2 versions of Outlook installed - Tested Outlook 2010 & fault was present - Tested Outlook 365 & it is working correctly. Activated Office 365 and explained that Outlook 365 needs to be used from now on. Invoice will be paid via BPayMandurah
moved client over to chrome as he was using internet explorer which was causing issues with web mail removed avast and cleaned up system showed client how to change login password for pc Oxenford
Installed new printer and showed client how to scanNerang
Current situation: No boot partition but disk utility showed some used space on internal disk. MacBook Air disk images to external drive. Disk image should be restored on another iMac or MacBook. Fresh installation started on MacBook Air with flash USB installation. Remote control for Apple TV installed on iPad Springwood
Task: HP Laptop running slow. Logged onto the laptop as Phillip and removed unwanted applications, Downloaded and installed Super Anti-spyware, Ran full computer (Removed more than 100 Threats), Showed him how to delete History from the Google Chrome browser, Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine.Forrestfield
Ran chkdsk repair Ran sfc /scannow Used Windows 10 PE USB bootable to retrieve the data Performed HP backup manager and ran System Factory restore Ran WIndows update after configuration Restore backup Showed the user where the backup data is located all doneClaremont Meadows
connected clients 4g connection and showed him how to do it in case windows update loses wifi info againAshmore
There was problem in mouse settings, did all the setting what client was looking for but even then it was not showing the desire one. Provided the client training of mouse properties, user creation and setting and some other tips and tricks.Cabramatta
clients needs to download documents from website print them fill them out and scan them to then upload back onto website showed client how to do this and how to save images from facebookOxenford
power was switched off on wall, switched on again. All working. Showed client how to use hotspot on phone to connect to internet. Noosaville
scanned multiple documents as a single PDF to email showed client how to scan multiple pages via macSanctuary Cove
Cleaned pc and scanned removed 1 spyware. Changed desktop shortcut icon to email and explained this. Set up wifi passwordRobina
search indexing corrupt turn off indexing for outlook and rebuild cache showed client how to turn indexing back on once its finished but outlook searches without indexing and advised to leave it offMudgeeraba
Task: Setup Email onto staff mobile phones. Setup email accounts onto the following staff mobile phones, Sent and Received Test email (Success), Jason was not available, Showed Peter how to setup email onto his Iphone so that he can setup email for Jason, Tested and verified email operational with Peter, Working fine. Staff Name: Dave, Rick, Zenon, Barney, JoeBeaconsfield
Error: Windows booting error. Tried to boot into safe mode (Failed), Tried to repair OS boot error (Failed), Removed HDD to check HDD performance, Found out HDD is working fine and gave couple of options to Rob to get his ACER laptop working fine with Windows 10, Rob will buy 2.5 inch HDD enclosure and may be new laptop, He will transfer data on his own, Showed him how to copy data from his old HDD to any computer.Bicton
- Demonstrated to send emails with attachment - Setup and tested wireless printerCherrybrook
Ran cleanup service ran through ipad runnng showed word to write up and print in futureEmerald
Installed Anti malware byte, CCleaner, super anti spyware and AVG on laptop and update the latest definitions and removed the threats. Repaired windows 7 on desktop and tried to install antymalware but it did not work. Installed anti virus and provided the training, how that works. Client was saying if that does not work, he can reset the windows or reinstall it himself as he has done it himself before.Chester Hill
Checked internet speed. Advised client on new router. Laptop was uploading 80GB data to Onedrive. Explained to move data back locally. Install Malwarebytes on all machines and scan. Setup AIO, sign into Office with MS Account and activate, setup mailbox, login to McAfee account and download subscription. Run Windows Update.Coombabah
1) Setup Epson XP-320 for 4 computers 2) iMac 2009 running Yosemite 3) MacBook Yosemite 2014 4) Acer Windows 10 5) i3 HP Windows 10 6) Tested printing and scanning on all 4 and showed Susie, Emma, Lucy and GG how to scanMorningside
HP printer and cartridges installed Printer/scanner connected to hotspot New iPad connected to hotspot and configured. Gmail password reset and configured on iPhone and new iPad. Printer tested on iPad . Training performed on toggling between 4g and hotspot (iPad uses iPhone data plan while it's connected to hotspot)Riverhills
ran scans on system system was clear client had web browser lockup advert with scam phone number on screen showed client how to get away from advert if it happens again and put ublock on system to reduces the chances of it appearing on chrome againHope Island
Taught client how to properly open, view and print files, disabled trackpad to prevent accidental scrolling and clicks, ran CCleaner.Southport
PST Files copied to computers and added to Outlook account. File History configured on new computer. Training on Outlook accounts performed. Network settings of iPad reconfigured and tested successfully. Bethania
AdwCleaner scan found 50+ threats, cleaned & rebooted. Used AVG Remover to remove various AVG free. Internet wouldn't connect, broadband hotspot needed recharge. Installed TrendMicro antivirus + complimentary 12 month subscription. Outlook was receiving many junk/spam e-mails, turned up junk email, showed client how to set up rules & filters. Set up backup script to copy new/changed files to external USB hard drive.Strathalbyn
Reseated graphics card and demonstrated functionalityDandenong
Issue: Client needs to connect laptop and iPad directly to run some applications. ===================================// Adhoc connection configured on laptop but iPad couldn't resolve IP address properly. iPad and laptop connected to hot spot. Local network configured and applications tested successfully. Training on reconfiguration performed. Data transferred from old HDD. Luscombe
copy pics and data from 3 devices training on how to copy and ansewring allot of questions.Hopeland
Error: BizzWizz data missing Logged onto the computer and tired to open BizzWizz application (Found out it did not have latest data), Loaded previous data from the shadow copies and loaded all data as required, Tested and verified application and data with Trevor, Working fine. Showed him how to copy data manually from his computer to an external Thumb Drive.Balcatta
Sorted outlook data files & removed 2 data files no longer needed Installed Spamfighter Free edition & showed Barrie how to use it Examined rest of system and it is working very well.Goulburn
Error: HP Laptop running slow. Logged onto the laptop as user, Troubleshoot an issue, Disabled Windows 10 updates at this stage, Showed Heath how to enable window update service to get more updates, Setup basic user profile, Rebooted the laptop couple of times, Removed unwanted applications, Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine.North Beach
phone updated and no longer talks with picasa properly showed client how to use windows import to get photo's from the phone onto the pc which is then viewable in picasaAshmore
Computer quite old. Removed avg free, corrupted and slowing down computer significantly. Customer doesn't want to spend much on the computer, bought it for $100.00. Started some virus scans and explained to customer how to complete it. System infected and still very slow. Yeerongpilly
Took the backup in external hard drive as well as set the schedule and provided training of taking the backup. Informed client that Game Farcry Primal was not running because window was 32 bit but machine was fine. It needs to be 64 bit and if RAM can be added to. Changed some google chrome settings. Might need another visit.Ermington
Error: Computer not turning on. Tried to boot computer into safe mode (Failed), Removed Video card and tried again (Failed), Removed HDD to test (Working fine), Discussed issue with Linda and showed her how to copy data from his old HDD, Setup her basic profile with Email onto her windows 8 Laptop, re-installed Norton AV too, Tested and verified laptop operational with her, Working fine.Iluka
Mini pcie SSD, not standard part, advised take a while to get replacement, prefer to get a new PC. Showed how to back up to googleHuntingdale
Connected TV to wifi, tested network connectivity. PC needs a wifi adapter, client will purchase one from Office Works. Explained setup.Pimpama
showed client basics on facebook and how to get photo's off phoneArundel
Removed 4.94gb temporary files Removed 2473 redundant registry removed Updated Malwarebytes Installed Bitdefender antivirus free version Installed Glary utilities free version Installed CCleaner free edition Removed 17 malware items Updated Adobe flash Updated Adobe air Setup Firefox email client Demonstrated softwareSunshine North
Removed redundant registry items Removed 4.1GB temporary files Uninstalled McAfee LiveSafe Installed CCleaner free edition Installed Glary utilities free version Installed RogueKiller free version Installed Bitdefender antivirus free version Demonstrated software Demonstrated cmd prompt (admin) Client to run cmd - netsh winsock reset Demonstrated network reset - network & InternetAlbion
Change default email account for MYOB to send emails. Train how to do backup manually in to external hard drive.Landsdale
Reset memory amd tested memory seams ok and now boots with video. Scanned removed 116 spyware malware and cleaned pc junk files reistry and browsers. Demonstrated how to back upTweed Heads
Issue wasn't persisting, all seemed ok, showed how to stop programs on start upMaylands
repaired large PST file showed client how to repair file in future and advised client to start moving data out of local file to avoid it corrupting in the futureMermaid Beach