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Geekmobile is a Friendly, experienced Computer Repair company operating at Coomera. Our Technicians are of the highest standard and we fully cover Coomera and the surrounding suburbs including Pimpama, Willow Vale and Upper Coomera just to name a few!

Computer Repairs, Services and Help in the Coomera area

With thousands of hours of computer repair field work, our technicians effectively identify and troubleshoot annoying PC problems to your satisfaction. After a comprehensive diagnosis of your problems, the expert technicians locate the real cause and fix it effectively to restore the efficiency of your computer or laptop.

From simple start-up errors, slowdowns & device or software conflicts to blue screen messages, system lock-ups etc, Geekmobile support experts help you by resolving all sorts of computer problems. Our techs troubleshoot your computer issues so that your personal and professional fronts don't experience any obstacles whatsoever.

Industry standard tools are used to speed up your pc and fix other computer errors. Our techs can use software to fix registry errors and other slow start up related problems.

Whether you accidentally spilled some fluid on your keyboard or dropped your laptop, at geekmobile, we have seen it all and replace keyboards and broken laptop screens on a regular basis. We are happy to assist with computer repair quotes that may be required for an insurance claim or otherwise.

Of course, we don't just repair computers, more often than not we are called upon to configure, install and secure networks, printers, setup and maintain computers and peripheral devices. Whether it's Windows or Mac, or a laptop repair we'll have you up and running in no time. We also offer automatic online backup strategies and so much more.

Best of all, we will come to your home or business, saving you the time and energy in packing up your pc or laptop to bring it in for a computer repair service.

Coomera is serviced by the techs based in these suburbs and surrounding areas: Charles (Upper Coomera), Daniel (Coomera) and Darren (Coomera).

Why not call us now Toll Free on 1800 34 96 96 to speak to one of our friendly staff, or if you prefer we will call you, just enter your phone number in the  "Call Me" box in the top right of this page and we will be in touch within a few minutes.

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Computer Repairs Coomera On-Site Blog

Install printer driver and connect to two laptops. Test wireless printing and scanning - OK.
installed printer
Install new hard drive, install Windows from Recovery usb drive. Troubleshoot issue with second PC - reseat graphics card and boot to Windows.Coomera
Run PC diagnostics, hard disk check failed. Organise warranty replacement. Dismantle PC and remove hard disk, check health - %. Backup data to external usb disk.Coomera
take system away for hardware testing perform fresh start on client provided HDD and system started crashing and got progressively worse until it would not longer post faulty motherboardCoomera
Reset network on two computers. Contact email provider to unblock IP. Set up email account on iPhone. Coomera
removed multiple antiviruses and system loaded as normal managed to rip Hotmail password out of saved passwords in internet explorer to regain Hotmail accountCoomera
Set firewall security level to private network to fix RDP issues. Set up security cameras to be accessible from local network. Coomera
modem reset reconnected printer to wifi so client could print basic system cleanupCoomera
Test charger voltage - OK. V charger is not rated high enough wattage to power Dell laptop. Recommended to use genuine Dell laptop charger with an inverted. May be able to use a higher rated V charger if it is certified compatible with Dell and is at least W output. Coomera
laptop dead move HDD into external enclosureCoomera
Set up port forwarding and static internal IP for server computer. Modify RDP shortcuts on laptop. Uninstall Chrome and install Firefox. Customer is running a -bit operating system on server, recommended to consider doing a platform upgrade in near future. Coomera
Reset windoes password and diagnose faulty hdd client does not want to fix system today Quoted to replace drive in futureCoomera
Restart modem, connect to wifi network, test internet connectivity. Create instructions on how to restart PC and modem.Coomera
VPN connection causing issues with tesltra mail server outgoing authentication connect to an Australian server with vpn and emails send as normal so client will change VPN when trying to send emailsCoomera
Printer faulty, does not print in black ink. Advised to replace. Coomera
Disable airplane mode on PC. Turn on wifi on modem, PC connects to wifi, test internet connectivity. Remove software, reset Skype password, login to Skype. Change Firefox homepage to Google.Coomera
Taking PC offsite to check hard disk health, backup and reinstall Windows. Hard disk health - %Coomera
move HDD into external enclosureCoomera
Troubleshoot blue screen error Reinstall Windows Install drivers Install softwareCoomera

Computer Problems Coomera Blog Posts

windows , connect printer
asus ngw that doesn???t pick up when monitors are attached by the hdmi cable.
laptop windows ...when the screen is moved is goes blank or colour is distorted
laptop windows ....slowed down ...taking - mins to load a page ...last night wouldnt turn on at all
laptop windows ....slowed down ...taking - mins to load a page ...last night wouldnt turn on at all
having trouble trying to install a wireless printer .....desktop windowsCoomera
windows - will not start up - blue screen Coomera
mac storm during the week computer shut down without being turned off first now has lost all files Coomera
windows laptop, will not bootCoomera
winodws laptopure, boot fail
windows - something on the computer is not connecting to the internet - getting ! marks
windows , slowCoomera
screen replacement required for acer laptop model no zwahCoomera
has the hard disk for you to install & another windows pc won't boot up
fresh start, on new drive
windows desktop keeps rebooting when trying to play a game Coomera
winodws desktop, slowCoomera
windows, coming~up~with~a~blue~screen~coming~up~with~error~bad~system~config~infoCoomera
transfer data from old new computer Coomera
windows laptop , bios is corruptedCoomera