Computer Data Recovery Services & Backups

I just wanted to share with you a catastrophe that I avoided this month regarding my family photos.

These photos are stored on my main computer and this month, the Hard Disk inside it broke and I could no longer get my computer to start. My computer stores many important files, but the most important files to me were the photos.

Fortunately, I know that Hard Disk Drives inside computers will fail, so I had put in place a regular, automatic backup plan which backed up the important files before the failure and I was able to rebuild my computer and and restore all of my important files. I didn't lose a single photo.

computer data recovery services As you potential client of Geekmobile, I wanted to share this with you, as I feel it is my duty to make you aware that as we become more reliant on our computers to perform our digital needs, we need to have a backup plan in place, or we run the risk of losing all of our important files.

Here are some questions that I hope you can say Yes, I do.

Do you have important files on your computer that you couldn't bare to lose? If you do, are they backed up?

Do you know how to schedule a backup plan that will protect your files in the event of a similar failure to what I experienced?

At Geekmobile, our technicians are experts in this type of thing and can suggest and set-up a backup plan which most suits you. There are many different types of backup plans, which are suitable for different people.

If you think that we could be of help in this area, give us a call and schedule in a Data Safeguard Service for your system. 

Recent backup and data recovery related services

Install treesizeview, move backup to external drive and run. Remove old backup files, run Disk Cleanup, connect printer to wifi, config reservation in router, print test page, test printing from phone. Setup email.Burleigh Heads
Onsite - windows corrupted, pc 14 years old. Removed drive, used my caddy to transfer pictures. 3GB. Other data available if required. Alfred Cove
Attempt data recovery for deleted and replaced files. Left recovery program running. Oxenford
- Data has been restored. - Have run some programs. Bridgewater
Customer visited, device inspected; explorer unable to start, major windows malfunction, and unable to repair self. Restore Point was accessed and device was successfully restored to a previous date, but the symptom remained. Once options were discussed with the customer, it was decided to reset the device back to factory. The device was reset within WPE and left for customer to customize. Annandale
Onsite: Fresh start, OS corrupted. Installed new hard drive, Windows 10 Pro using client key. Old drive in caddy, started data transfer. Trend Micro AV installed existing license. Office - downloaded existing license. Outlook setup 2x emails. Printer - tested ok. Resolved various account passwords as required. Mount Lawley
Suspect windows had an update not working properly and after loading into safemode windows loaded normally but slow the next time with windows update dialogue on screen after backing up data and switching profiles system was loading as normal Ran hdd test to ensure hdd was not the cause of issueGuanaba
Help install program to access old iphone backupReservoir
Installed Win 7 Pro x64 from DVD Used PS/2 mouse to drive installation Installed network drive from utility DVD via Device Manager and asking to search DVD for driver. Connected to network, now can download & install TeamViewer and continue work remotely. Progressively installed drivers for all devices either via searching the DVD or via Windows Update. Now all devices have drivers. Created a system restore point Windows Update required about 200 updates / 2GB in total, let it run until Mile End
Got New router working in backup mode Telstra sending out tech to check cable points Warranwood
Ran adware/malware scan, removed detected items. Uninstalled unwanted programs. Stopped unwanted items from starting at startup. Checked antivirus, Avast looks OK. Restarted computer. Computer slow to start up. Started Outlook OK. Slowness appears to be Avast, discussed removing it, agreed to removed Avast, removed Avast, restarted computer and check windows defender has updated OK. Outlook, checked send and received OK. Backup, no backup. Went through backup process. Redan
Troubleshoot issue, graphics port on motherboard has failed, switch video output to onboard video. Boot PC to Windows. Setup wireless access point, test internet connectivity, connect iPad and printer to wireless network. Install Epson print App on iPad, client can't remember Apple ID password, attempt to reset password, internet data has run out, client will recharge and install App, then add printer.Springbrook
System restore enabled found avast update cache issues, reset java installed and tested, checked disk 99% accurate sfc scannow found issues, repaired without error. Installed new audio driver to correct sound Clifton Hill
Examined system Found that the back HDD had been formatted by the hacker Using data recovery software confirmed that the backup drive still contained the data missing it just needs to be recovered. Client will do this himself as he is capableGreystanes
Helped get the MAC back to normal again. The MAC had an issue with a OS update. Reverted back. Supplied and made a time machine backup to external hard driveMudjimba
1) Setup new Netgear Optus cable broadband modem. 2) Setup new Optus/Sagemcom router 3) Needed to call Optus due to new modem not provisioned yet. 4) Optus call disconnected after 15 mins. Rang again and talked to Mondo @ Optus who provisioned the new Netgear modem. 5) Tested internet ok. 6) Setup Microsoft backup to external Hard Disk Drive to happen Sunday 7pm each week. Started backup and was still running when I left. Wishart
Found OS corrupted Tried system restore and repair (failed) Fresh start of windows with possible data recovery Installed and configured basic software Update the os Atwell
Defect Hard drive Re-installed Windows 10 1803 Copied data back to new SSD Turramurra
Backup data Clean hard drive Install windows Activate windows Install latest drivers Update windows to latest Restore data All tested workingPenrith
Examined both machines Started migration of data from.old er machine to newer machine - eta to completion 2hrs - 3hrs Unfortunately the newer machine is close to end of life as the operating system can not be upgraded. I have suggested that a new machine be purchased sooner than later. Mount Eliza
Copied data off, reinstalled windows 10. Ran updates. Installed office 2016, trend, chrome and Epson printer. Tested printing and scanningBittern
HDD severely damaged recover data and install secondhand HDD no charge on HDD but also no warrantyLabrador
Set up of outlook in new pc Transferred data from old to new pc (documents ;download and emails) Started the data transfer from old pc to the harddisk (movies music and pictures) Configured iPad and iPhone City Beach
Computer got a hard disk problem and it needs to be replaced. Replaced the hard disk and restore the backup. Mosman
Cleint pc was not booting ;found harddisk got corrupted and possible damage replaced with SSD fresh start of windows 10 installed basic programs Transferred possible data to the new hard disk provided the old hard disk to the client High Wycombe
Cleint pc was not booting properly ;found hard disk corruption and possible damage replaced with SSD fresh start of windows 10 installed basic programs configured printer and Ms office;Transferred possible data to the new hard disk provided the old hard disk to the client Kinross
Recover Documents folder from hard drive. Advise on purchase of USB hard drive caddy. Ormeau Hills
Setup access to external data locations for recovery. General system check.Bardon
Reset the Windows and done basic app installation. Configured Outlook and transferred relevant backup data to the system.Berwick
Upgraded the harddisk to SSD fresh start of windows transfer possible data provided the old HDD basic set up and configurations of 10Success
Windows repaired/restored Network configured including network storage solutionBrisbane
Found client provided pc acess to a scam call refreshed the pc without losing data insatled basic softwares scaned the pc using anti virus as well as malwarebytes . Requested client to change the password Beeliar
Found client provided acess to a scam call refreshed the pc without losing data insatled basic softwares scaned the pc using anti virus as well as malwarebytes . Requested/ Assisted client in changing the email password Como
Cleint pc was not booting ;found harddisk got corrupted and possible damage replaced with SSD fresh start of widnows 10 insatlled basic programs configured pritner and Ms office; outlook Transfered possible data to the new harddisk provided the old harddisk to the client Doubleview
Cleint pc was not booting found client drop the pc . found harddisk got corrupted and possible damage replaced with SSD fresh start of widnows 10 insatlled basic programs configured pritner and Ms office; outlook requested client to contact the hosting to sort out email configurations Transfered possible data to the new harddisk provided the old harddisk to the client O'Connor
Data move if the old pst files Organised a hosting Scarborough
Checked the publisher file on my computer but my system could not open the file & reported that the file was damaged. Found a copy of the needed file in the clients Acronis Backup files. Created 2 copies of this file - one to work on & one to check if printing to PDF causes the problem After changing the file a little Clint has been able to print the file to a PDF for a external printing service Edwardstown
Diagnosed a external harddisk. opened the external enclosure . used software and recovery tools . hardddisk needs advance recovery solutions. courier back to client Dongara
Backup Data in USB drive Ryde
Motherboard has damaged. No good to fix. Data transferred to other computer.Salisbury Heights
Client account got hacked. client using apple iPad and iPhone Tried reseting email password (hotmail) ; found that recovery email is linked to another account that is used by clients daughter . tried contacting her daughter. informed the procedure how to reset it. Reset clients Apple ID and password Yangebup
Upgraded to SSD Fresh start of windows 10 Installed basic programs Configured pc Transfer data from to SSDFloreat
Windows 10 upgrade rolled back to 1703 due to lack of disk space. This process deleted files which cannot be recovered. Uninstall 4 programs to regain 3Gb of disk space.Woolloongabba
Setup router and confirm operation. Remove hard drive from external case and diagnose unrecoverable. Provided customer with Kroll Ontrack details.Chelmer
- Windows 10 has been installed. - All data has been baked up. - Office 365 has been installed and updated. - Some basic Programs have been installed like: Chrome, VLC Media Player, Foxit Reader, Winrar. - Has ran HDD diagnostic programsMagill
Enabled WiFi on modem/router. Connected printer to WiFi. Connected iPad to WiFi. Printed test page from iPad. Connected iPhone to WiFi. Backup of old iPad done. Restored iCloud backup to new iPad. Everything working well.Brighton
Recover data. Set up TV Wi-Fi. Erskine
Used a restore point to make windows working again. Reinstalled Chrome Installed Malwarebytes Queenscliff
Setup new computer and restore data.St Lucia
Diagnosed pc, emails needed to be restored by removing and adding in the email again. Removed not opening Firefox and made Google Chrome default. Disabled startup programs and did a disk cleanupBanksia Beach
- Backed up the data - Ran a refresh on Win 10 - Scanned for viruses - Tested keyboard and is workingCaves Beach
Test hard disk health - 100%. Run dism tool, install Malwarebytes and scan. Check installed programs, update antivirus. Disable Startup items, check Task Manager, OneDrive is uploading 166GB of data. Issue is with OneDrive, stop syncing, exit OneDrive. Run Windows Update. Sanctuary Cove
Was set to Poe on secondary router, reset device and used as normal wifi, 3G safeguard was set to backup. Tested router all fine.Highpoint City
Investigate and generated backupKnoxfield
Dell XPS 630i comes up with BSOD. Unable to restore Win partition. Docked the hard drive and completed Data backup Performed a clean up and tried to run Win7 OS. Hard Drive seems to be stuck half way through. Supplied and installed 3.5" HDD Casing. Copied the data and setup the computer Printer. WiFi, Desktop account Wooloowin
System restore, system repair etc would not work. Performed quick hardware scan: Hardware PASSED. Attempted to fix Master bootloader: FAILED. Taken off-site to fix. Backed up data, reinstalled OS. Restored data. Took on-site. Stephen had acquired office 365. Installed Office 365 Setup emails. Installed printer.Blackburn North
Copied all the data from old iMac, setup brand new iMac and configured it. copied data from old to new iMac. setup Apple id with new pw.West Lakes Shore
Configured new Mac book pro Configured printers Recovered data using software from the corrupted pc Transferring data to client supplied external harddisk Armadale
Test and diagnostics: Disk is too slow and replacement required. Data backed up on Google Drive and shared to download.Thornlands
No error found on memory check. Suspicious items detected and removed from system. Important data backed up on OneDrive. Eight Mile Plains
Disable few startup items Uninstalled few items Optimised the boot up. Split the partition on the hard drive and did a backupGordon Park
system failure, restore system health, and repair system error replace faulty hdd with new drive and trasnfer files.Surrey Hills
Boot to Safe Mode - running slow - test hard disk health -99%. Windows is corrupt, taking PC offsite to backup and reload Windows.Upper Coomera
iMac starts up and apparently doesnt have any h/w issue, tho OS seems corrupted. Customer chose to buy a new computer, and will ask later to transfer the data from old iMac.West Lakes Shore
Issue with wifi due to conflict in anti virus Removed macfee Checked the pc found issue with harddisk recomended client for new pc Backed up data Shenton Park
Reinstalled MacOS High Sierra Attempted date restore (free of charge) As old Samsung HDD is broken, access to restore the data is not possible.Lane Cove
Configured the new computer to connect to the WD MyCloud device Setup Syncing between the PC & the WD MyCloud Drive. Ensured that I could see the MyCould device has commenced writing the data from the pc to the mycloud Henley Beach South
Repair Operating system and restore apps and settingd for optimum performance Roseville
Corrupted Windows 10 Data back up by using enclosure Reinstalled Operating System Reinstalled Applications Restored data Como
Setup new PC, install software, config email - test sending/receiving, install printer - test printing/scanning. Taking hard disk away to attempt data recovery.Helensvale
Data move and configuration of the new Pc Duncraig
Scanned computer for virus & removed several threats Checked the HDD & found that the "C" drive is reporting lots of bad sectors - this drive needs to be replaced. I backed up as much data as possible to the external hard disk. C Drive of computer needs to be replaced & all the programs and setttings transfered / reinstalled onti the new drive. Payment by bank transfer / boay as c/cards have been cancelled by bankCaboolture
Added drive letter to external drive - This made the drive visible to windows Copied the user data from the external drive to the data drive on the computer. Setup Alwasync to sync document from data drive to external drive. Gundaroo
Data retrieved from severely damaged USB Retrieved data was restored in a new USB File check performed for any corrupted and infected files Armadale
Recover old Operating system. Warnbro
Check health of iMac hard drive. Remove expired Trend Micro. Install malwarebytes for Mac. Set up wireless printer and test. Advise on upgrading or replacing Mac in future. Check Time Machine backup function. Surfers Paradise
User Profile recovered and optimize PC Woolloomooloo
Setup CFM V11 with the data file from V9 Assisted with some other questionsMorayfield
Client harddisk was having issue and not reading used software to recover possible data to new harddisk Attempted to perform online recovery in Apple pc booted to blank screen informed client possible issue with hardware but need to further run test Marangaroo
1) MacBook Pro A1278 dead motherboard I think. 2) Tried another PSU. Still dead 3) Tried resetting SMC and PRAM. Still dead. 4) Took out battery and reconnect. Still dead. 5) Took out HDD and put in a caddy for data retrieval.Sunnybank
All in one button mechanism broken use superglue to fix temporarily so client can get data off and get a new systemMain Beach
ONSITE - PC crashing on boot after windows factory install was terminated by power loss. Fresh install with USB Windows 10 shows no data on partition. Client has photos and backup for critical data, may run data recovery on drive at a later date. Fresh install Windows 10 - failed while setting up devices, machine has been running hot. Replace pc, keep drive for recovery if required.Como
Data transfer from old pc to new Heathridge
Set up new computer. Copied data from old computer to HDD. Copied data from HDD to new computer. Connected printer to Wifi. Set up printer on computer and iPad. Guided purchase of Office 2019 Home/Student. Started install of Office 2019. Installed Adobe Acrobat.St Kilda
Issue: iMac is too slow and client needed data transfer. iMac started in safe mode. External disk formatte. Data transfer started. (Transfer may takes several hours as its nearly 2TB data)Boronia Heights
Data backedup and reinstalled Cottesloe
Replaced with SSD installed fresh copy of windows 10 transfered possible data configured the pc Mullaloo
Setup new computer with Norton, Office, Chrome. Setup email. Copy data from old computer.Raceview
Data transfer Point Cook
Diagnose screen requiring replacement. Copy data to external drive.St Lucia
Ran a scan for viruses and malware. Cleaned up temp data and installed some software while showing how to use it.Kallangur
Transfer email accounts and data. Set up Office 365.Pinjarra
Troubleshoot not booting PC. Reseat memory sticks, test boot - OK. Advise on file backup. Carrara
Upgraded to SSD Fresh start of windows transfered possible data from old to new Installed basic software Scanned with malwarebytes Woodvale
Onsite - attempt recover messages from iphone. Install itunes. Reset apple id failed, created new email and apple id. Messages recovery requires paid version $110. EaseUS. Can display messages on pc screen, screenshot. Or forward messages on phone, or cut and paste via email.East Victoria Park
Confirmed icloud backup on USB drive. Confirmed files can safely be deleted from downloads folder. Removed old iPhone backups and cleaned up windows temp folders. 49GB now free, 23% of drive space reclaimed. Falcon
Customer visited, device inspected; system devices reconfigured slightly to assist in Microsoft's management of printers. A recent update was also uninstalled and re-downloaded, as it has been recently malfunctioning after each update. Once the system was correctly configured and tested, a restore point was made, and some freeware was installed as per customer's request.Mount Louisa
Diagonise the client pc and found issue with hardware Client pc is also run with 2 GB ram that needs updating Data to a thumb drive Canceled the automatic updates Duncraig
Onsite - ADW Cleaner found 19 serious threats and trojans. Malwarebytes scan - 0 found. CCleaner - 6GB and 1900 items removed. Rogue Killer - found 14+ items. MSConfig disable startup items not required. "forfiles" running, disabled. Backup drive onsite - installed and setup Windows Backup to run daily, 8am. Shortcut on desktop. Run Java update. Nortons AV- trial only. Installed Avast free.O'Connor
Pc1 removed the conflict antivirus program and reset the wifi to make it work Performed a check Asus pc was having lot of virus Performed fresh start copy all data and put in a folder in desktop Banksia Grove