Computer Data Recovery Services & Backups

I just wanted to share with you a catastrophe that I avoided this month regarding my family photos.

These photos are stored on my main computer and this month, the Hard Disk inside it broke and I could no longer get my computer to start. My computer stores many important files, but the most important files to me were the photos.

Fortunately, I know that Hard Disk Drives inside computers will fail, so I had put in place a regular, automatic backup plan which backed up the important files before the failure and I was able to rebuild my computer and and restore all of my important files. I didn't lose a single photo.

computer data recovery services As you potential client of Geekmobile, I wanted to share this with you, as I feel it is my duty to make you aware that as we become more reliant on our computers to perform our digital needs, we need to have a backup plan in place, or we run the risk of losing all of our important files.

Here are some questions that I hope you can say Yes, I do.

Do you have important files on your computer that you couldn't bare to lose? If you do, are they backed up?

Do you know how to schedule a backup plan that will protect your files in the event of a similar failure to what I experienced?

At Geekmobile, our technicians are experts in this type of thing and can suggest and set-up a backup plan which most suits you. There are many different types of backup plans, which are suitable for different people.

If you think that we could be of help in this area, give us a call and schedule in a Data Safeguard Service for your system. 

Recent backup and data recovery related services

Setup PC, copied data from external drive. Installed adobe reader, avast, chrome. Adjusted profile folder locations. Installed officeFrankston
Connected the correct Outlook Data File to Outlook I have offered to help Grant if he needs it after the Optus Technician has been on Wednesday afternoon as part of today's service Grant may need assistance attaching this same data file to the new computer.Prenzlau
Setup Computer Setup office Setup emails Recovered emails from old emMail program Setup antivirus Setup printer Setup scanner Activated windows by calling Microsoft Setup ridesync Setup chrome Setup adobe reader Putney
Backed up data Installed windows 10 Moved back dataFerntree Gully
Backup and restore charges Backed up the possible data from solid state drive using software Champion Lakes
Complete diagnosis of the computer Found boot hard drive corrupted Backed up data using software Fresh start of windows 10 Update of the operating system Install the basic softwares Champion Lakes
- Backed up the data and performed a format and reload on Windows 10 as the refresh option failed. - Restored data. - PC is clear from viruses and spyware. - Customer to install MS OfficeCameron Park
client pc was having issues in booting and pop up backed up data fresh start of windows 10 updated the pc installed basic software recovered possible data after scanning with anti virus reverted back the data configured printer Hamersley
Client computer was taking long time to boot and some programs where not working properly Checked event viewer for errors harddisk had multiple error and failing installed SSD Scanned the computer for virus Backed up data Fresh start of windows 10 Reverted back the data Installed basic or programs Updated the pc Hillarys
Client computer was taking long time to boot and some programs where not working properly Checked event viewer for errors Scanned the computer for virus Backed up data Fresh start of windows 10 Reverted back the data Installed basic or programs Updated the pc Scarborough
- Removed drive to recover data but the drive has completely crashed. - Replaced the drive 1TB hssd - Loaded Windows 10 with software provided by the client. - Tested, client to restore backup info or specialised programsThornton
Reconfigure Acronis backup, and verify. Check Sonos settings.West End
checked the computer, Main board failure. recovered files, suggest not worth repairing.Surrey Hills
Checked the computer, hard drive works (as tested on another computer), downloaded backup software instead of using the windows backup. Shown how to backup and move files (copy) to another location.Woorim
Removed broken piece of SD card from SD slot. Fixed bootloader. System now boots. Informed client to purchase backup hdd for time machine.Malvern
set web browser default as outlook wasn't opening hyperlinks configured backup for systemRobina
Task: Install new 240gb SSD. Initiated and installed windows 10 Pro OS, downloaded and installed the following applications, have ran hdd test onto second data hard drive (failed), Have already discussed possible issue with it, Tested and verified computer operational with him, Working fine.Rivervale
PC has not worked correctly after updating nvidia software. Tried starting in safe mode, same problem. Tried system restore, no restore points available. Tried windows refresh with keep user files. Refresh failed. Asked if any data on C drive, no data, tried windows refresh with not keeping files, refresh failed. Reinstalled windows10 from usb. Installed nvidia software. Windows is working as expected. Client is OK to install windows updates. Ballarat East
Remove malware from the computer and restore settings Jilliby
Installed Office Setup Printer/Scanner Setup pdf reader Transferred dataPrahran
Computer was booting to black screen Refresh systems Updated the pc to the latest os Installed basic programs Recovered and reverted the data Karrinyup
Clients computer was not booting up Tried safe mode failed Tired system system restore failed Upgraded the SSD Fresh start of windows configured office Murdoch
Diagnosed computer that was not booting due to harddisk error tired system restore failed tried booting in safe mode failed Upgraded to SSD fresh start of windows 10 installed basic programs configured outlook and printer Champion Lakes
moved data to new system and configured emails skype and facebook login infoOxenford
Backup all data to USBMarsfield
Recovery of data from the old harddisk to the client supplied harddisk Morley
Issue: iMac black screen on bootwith white writing 真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真 PROM erased System loaded in recovery consol. Disk erased. Fresh macOS installation started Client going to complete the installation by himself Bundamba
Boot PC into safe mode and remove additional antivirus software, reboot and booted into Windows OK. Reboot, gets stuck loading Watch Dog reactor and components just before profile loads. Check System Restore - no restore points available. Run Reset PC keeping files. Client will get vendor to reinstall pos software. Ashmore
Hard disk dead. Backup data.Halls Head
moved data files over to new system and configured emailsReedy Creek
Diagnosed faulty mainboard however able to get started and backed up data. Tested psu ram and hard drive also. Suggest replacing motherboard or new pcSouthport
Mac OS fresh installed and updated MacOS Sierra iMac configured with local user. Password is "1" Time machine should be connected to system later and data can be transferred by MigrationAssistant utility (Connect your time machine to system goto to "Utilities" option on "Go" menu in finder Select MigrationAssistant Follow on screen instructions)Kangaroo Point
Customer visited, device inspected. Windows not able to run explorer properly, device taken for additional inspection. Device successfully restored to full functionality.Mount Louisa
Recover data from pcGreen Point
Set up Outlook email on Mail on MacBook Air Set up printer for wireless network Show how to backup phone Sync contacts between phone and Mac Set up filing system for invoicesArundel
Removed spyware viruses and cleaned up pc with general service Internet now working.tested and wifi working also. Installed anti virus software and cleaner. Reinstalled firefox and cleaned up old data.Elanora
Fresh start of windows 10 configured the computer for data restore Tested the pc Woodlands
Performed a recovery, recovery failed, hard drive test passed failed on adaptor reset Smc pram to no avail diagnosed the fault to hard drive firmware cable ordered new part and will advise on return. Left hard drive in simple com USB hard drive ext device as a temporary solution until new cable arrives.Glenroy
Re install Adobe Photodeluxe to restore file associations to pdf / doc and jpg. Documents are now opening with the correct programs and are viewable.Hastings Point
Data recovery from dead hddNorwell
SSD Boot partition corrupted. All the data files are saved in D secondary drive. Customer agreed to format the HDD and reinstall the WIN10 Home Edition OS reinstalled and checked all the device drives are installed. Kellyville
Taking AIO PC offsite to backup and reload Windows.Coombabah
Tried starting in safe mode, same error. Ran a system restore. Restore completed OK. Computer now starts OK.Buninyong
Fixed harddrive full issue (removed unwanted windows backup files)Ivanhoe
Recovered and reinstalled windows. Windows crashed. South Brisbane Bc
Restoring backupPoint Cook
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Recovered Gmail password Closing Firle
Fresh install windows from recovery and set upBurleigh Waters
installed fresh start windows 7 Recovered and restored data installed basic software request client to install AV Butler
EMachines Windows 7 Run Antivirus Scan Turn off unwanted programs Backup Data Worth 105GB IT leave it with the customer due to estimated time 5 Hours Hurlstone Park
Installed nas onsite. Copied data from server to nas. Enabled dhcp and DNA on nas. Created synology account and setup quick connect. Setup backup to external drive. Setup connection to drop box. Setup new Telstra router, issues as it wouldn't hold user settings. Frankston
Invoice for the examination of external hard disk & assessment for data recovery. The external hard disk provided for inspection is: 1 x WD 750gb USB3 Serial number: WXC1E32JZDV9 Fault described: Driver powers up, then beeps 3 times amd shuts down after short period of time. Light on hard disk flashes also.. Clyde North
Ran data recovery for deleted and lost files, as expected found several hundred thousand. - Copied the useful files (documents, pictures etc) to another hard drive. - Examined recovered files, found very few to be readable, in fact only a very small number (maybe 20) are useful.Hawthorn
HP Pavilion DV6 Restore OS to Factory HDD Sort test Passed No Backup need it Reinstall all the Driver Marrickville
Diagnosed hard disk issue Replaced the hard disk. Installed EL caption transferred data to pc transferred data to external hard disk Bayswater
Transfer data from old pc to new pc Fresh start of new pc Set up of google and printer Installed USB wifi adapter and configured Beldon
Installed Hard Drives ( 28 WD Red 4TB) into NAS Provisioned Drives - Raid 1 Mirror Installed Disk Station Management Software. Updated DSM Software. Installed Hyper Backup, DNS, Antivirus and Cloud Sync packages.Frankston
Data transferred from two old systems to new one and verified. Back up configured. Outlook configured and tested. Old messages transferred and verified. Printer / Scanner installed and tested. Corinda
Setup mobile internet device Setup backupsNelsons Plains
Ran recovery software to search Recycle Bin for deleted files. Clear up storage. Move folders to D:\ repair email file, remap email file. Edit backup file.Willow Vale
Windows 7 pc performed recovery of data and reinstall of os installed basic softwares and restarted data Dianella
Backed up data Format hard drive Clean installed Windows 10 Restored data Croydon South
Confirmed that data is not required Started the Window 10 System reset process with NO retention of files or applications. 10% discount to be applied by accounts department. Payment of $99.00 will be attributed to this invoice Mount Martha
Backed up photos documents Clean installed high sierra Ran updates Restored files Boronia
Hdd got currupted and could reset . Tried to recover files copy into USB but unable to . Reinstall window 10 , office and run recovery software to recover files which will take couple of hours to recover .Glenroy
Backed up data Clean installed high Sierra Moved back data Setup email on site Boronia
Backed up photos documents Clean installed high sierra Ran updates Restored files Boronia
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Enabled Wireless Connected successfully Installed, configured and ran Ghost Image backup ClosingKurralta Park
Reset hotmail password using recovery email address. Updated hotmail password on iPhone and PC. Download and install iTunes on PC.Safety Beach
Install font. Setup Google drive backup. Setup Foxtel internet access. Advise NBN speed too low.Pinjarra
iMac 2008 no display on boot. Hard disk installed on external caddy and data will be transferred later by client.Mount Cotton
Files were corrupt. Found latest copies and moved to documents folder. Moved photos to documents folder. Set up external hard drive as automatic backup. Fixed icloud and set up to automatically backup documents and desktop folders. Fixed Outlook error message popping up.Bentleigh
Machine was not booting up Backed up possible data Refreshed the os using media Installed basic programs Transferred files back to pc from recovery Bassendean
Alien Ware PC Windows 7 Pro fresh installed and activated. Windows Upgraded to 10 and latest updates installed. MS Office 2007 Business installed and activated. Outlook account configured and tested. Data retrieved and verified. Ferny Grove
Helped do a malware check and removal process. Removed 97 traces of malware. Cleared Google Chrome settings / history. Anti Virus and Malwarebytes all up to date. Disabled graphics driver and mouse now working properly again - no freezing anymore. Hard drive temp. control issue - need to replace hard drive at some stage. Make sure backups are up to date please. Noosaville
- Drive was not detecting in external housing. - Placed drive in the freezer fir sometime - Was able to mount drive and recover some data. Repeated the process untill most of the data was recovered.Thornton
Supplied Samsung EVO 850 - 500gb SSD HDD Installed Data Migration software, image drive. Swapped Hard drives over, adjusted BIOS to suit for new hard drive. Installed Samsung Magician Software. PC booting perfectly.Somerville
Diagonised the pc where programs are not responding due to Os corruption and update error Reinstall os after backing up possible data Installed of basic programs and configured outlook and printerMaida Vale
Daigonsied pc that was not booting properly Tried system restore (failed) Tried previous version (failed) Performed system refresh without losing files Updated the pc Crawley
System backup and reinstall windows and update system.Hallam
Add pst file as data file to Outlook, emails contain compasspi email, enable pop on gmail server, setup mail account for pop and add to existing pst file - emails come in corrupt. Create new email account to new pst file - emails come in corrupt. Enable imap on gmail server, setup mail account for imap. Messages come down correctly.Runaway Bay
Reinstalled Windows 7 Installed applications Utorrent Divrx player VCL Firefox Backed up and restored filesWerrington
Tried configuring emails (failed) tested the Harddisk cleared Email library and created a new directory and tried configuring (failed) Backed up data created a new profile migrated the data configured email; Maylands
Possible Data transfer 250 GB Gwelup
Computer was not booting booting due to failure in Power adapter Replaced the power adapter Booted properly System was running slowly due to issue OS corrupted Tried preparing OS (failed) Backed up data and did a fresh start of OS installed basic software Have contacted microsoft trying to see login information of MS office as client has no information Gwelup
Setup new PC, copy data across, install software, setup email shortcuts, setup backup.Molendinar
Perform data recovery and copy data to external hard drive.Mudgeeraba
Windows 7 Home premium installed and activated. MS Office 2010 Pro installed and activated. MYOB Account rights Standard installed and activated. Data retrieved and verified. Two email accounts configured and tested. Network printer installed and configured. Forestdale
Diagnosed the pc that was having corrupted as well as refreshed OS Upgraded to SSD Fresh start of windows 10 updated the pc installed basic softwares transferred possible data from old hard disk to new hard disk **** Old hard disk is inside the computer Jandakot
Registry corrupt. Restored backup. Can now login but slow and unresponsive.Halls Head
surface pro no power mb dead. recovered data.Balwyn
Performed check disk not each drive - chkdsk c: /f /r Windows 10 continued to blue screen during kaspersky diagnostics tool when load increased suspect SSD is failing SSD may recover on Windows 10 reinstall or Reset Windows finally booted ok Uninstalled Avast Free antivirus Hoppers Crossing
Open Action Center and turn off messages for Backup and AV. Open Defender and run scan. Create a backup batch file to backup 2 folders to usb drive, instruct on how to run. Show client how to maximise Chrome Browser Window, ensure document in question could be printed. Remove Calendar from preview pane in Windows Live Mail. Enter some Contacts to Address Book from Sent folder.Southport
Backup Chrome, uninstall Chrome and reinstall. Copy Bookmarks back. Login to Gmail, Online Banking, and Share Investment sites. Run System File Checker.Mermaid Beach
Diagnosed the pc that was not booting Tried system restore (failed) Tried scan is fix (failed) Tested the harddisk Installed new harddisk and fresh start of windows 10 Updated the pc and installed basic software Wandi
Issue: SMART report shows warning message on PC. ========================================// New HDD installed. Windows 8.1 installed and activated. Windows upgraded to 10. Windows latest updates installed. Data retrieved and verified. Client is going to install rest of applications. Ferny Grove