Computer Data Recovery Services & Backups

I just wanted to share with you a catastrophe that I avoided this month regarding my family photos.

These photos are stored on my main computer and this month, the Hard Disk inside it broke and I could no longer get my computer to start. My computer stores many important files, but the most important files to me were the photos.

Fortunately, I know that Hard Disk Drives inside computers will fail, so I had put in place a regular, automatic backup plan which backed up the important files before the failure and I was able to rebuild my computer and and restore all of my important files. I didn't lose a single photo.

computer data recovery services As you potential client of Geekmobile, I wanted to share this with you, as I feel it is my duty to make you aware that as we become more reliant on our computers to perform our digital needs, we need to have a backup plan in place, or we run the risk of losing all of our important files.

Here are some questions that I hope you can say Yes, I do.

Do you have important files on your computer that you couldn't bare to lose? If you do, are they backed up?

Do you know how to schedule a backup plan that will protect your files in the event of a similar failure to what I experienced?

At Geekmobile, our technicians are experts in this type of thing and can suggest and set-up a backup plan which most suits you. There are many different types of backup plans, which are suitable for different people.

If you think that we could be of help in this area, give us a call and schedule in a Data Safeguard Service for your system. 

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