Computer Data Recovery Services & Backups

I just wanted to share with you a catastrophe that I avoided this month regarding my family photos.

These photos are stored on my main computer and this month, the Hard Disk inside it broke and I could no longer get my computer to start. My computer stores many important files, but the most important files to me were the photos.

Fortunately, I know that Hard Disk Drives inside computers will fail, so I had put in place a regular, automatic backup plan which backed up the important files before the failure and I was able to rebuild my computer and and restore all of my important files. I didn't lose a single photo.

computer data recovery services As you potential client of Geekmobile, I wanted to share this with you, as I feel it is my duty to make you aware that as we become more reliant on our computers to perform our digital needs, we need to have a backup plan in place, or we run the risk of losing all of our important files.

Here are some questions that I hope you can say Yes, I do.

Do you have important files on your computer that you couldn't bare to lose? If you do, are they backed up?

Do you know how to schedule a backup plan that will protect your files in the event of a similar failure to what I experienced?

At Geekmobile, our technicians are experts in this type of thing and can suggest and set-up a backup plan which most suits you. There are many different types of backup plans, which are suitable for different people.

If you think that we could be of help in this area, give us a call and schedule in a Data Safeguard Service for your system. 

Recent backup and data recovery related services

Disable wireless network card in Device Manager, enable wireless network card, test internet connectivity, check recently install software, check antivirus software, check Windows Update, run System File Checker. Connect phone to wifi network and run backup, run software update.Southport
Clear caches and confirm correct operation. Setup Windows backup to external drive.Moorooka
GeekMobile Minimum Fee Reinstated a backup of the MYOB data file & ensured this contained the was missing after starting a new financial year.Frenchville
Password recovery Couridjah
Setup new PC, copy data across, install software, configure, install printer - test printing/scanning, setup email.Paradise Point
Customer visited, devices inspected; previous machine was reinstalled on premises and a backup of the files specified by the customer was created. Once this was complete, the password was changed as per customer request, and the new machine was reinstalled for the data transfer. Once this was completed the customer was shown the location of the recovered files and how to access them.Rasmussen
GeekMobile Minimum Fee Copied the data from the SD card to the computer Formatted the SD card to NTFS as per OneDrive request. Copied the original data back to the SD card Changed the onedrive location to the SD drive & commenced sync again.Port Douglas
Motherboard gone from system Removed hard drive completed data recoveryJerrara
After examining the machine found that the cause of the CashFlow Manager problem is that Windows no longer has access to the data file that is in the Mac partition. Reinstalled the Parallels Toolbox & after a restart of the Windows partition Windows again had access to the data in the Mac partition again & CashFLow Manager was able to access the data file again.East Maitland
Recovered all mails and passwords, synchronised all accounts between PC and Mobile Morley
Retrieved data from SSD Reinstalled OS migrated data back on Mount Warrigal
reconfigure backup on desktop after moving filehistory to third drive fresh start on second system as it is severely out of dateRunaway Bay
Delete redundant backups of iPhone. Restore iPhone from existing backup. Runaway Bay
Upgraded the computer to SSD Installed windows 10 Installed and configured pc according to client requirements Recovered ms email files City Beach
Reset Modem, changed fixed cable from inbuilt NIC to USB Network connection. Internet connectivity restored.Manly West
Checked and rest the power settings and system restore resolved the issue Kuranda
Transferred required data (customer will redownload iTunes data as would have been too much to transfer). Installed Office and BullGuard. Rochedale South
Found that Leeann has 2 facebook accounts by searching her name in facebook. We could easily access the newer Facebook account. We tried to recover the original Facebook account but were not able to provide the password or email address that the account was originally created under. We tried to access a Bigpond account that was thought to be linked with the original Facebook account but could not get access to the account.Corowa
Backed up customers data as he did not have a backup. Found MS Office license key that was in use. Managed to find a ISO image of the MS office on internet and downlaoded it. Did Freshstart. Installed usual apps. Inc acrobat, AVG, MS Office.Unable to setup outlook at the password given for email account was wrong. Keperra
email had been setup Data, Keychain and documents had been transferredBallajura
Checked disk health. Shadow copies overwritten already as data lost over a month ago. Run photorec and leave with customer to attempt data recovery.Madora Bay
Setup new PC for first time. Installed Office, Adobe Reader, AVG, Malwarebytes. Initiated data backup. Client is copying user data via an external HDD.Lake Cathie
Data transferTullamarine
Custom build of new pc transfer possible data set up with basic software configured outlook and printer used clients old office keys to activate office Duncraig
All attempts to recover Windows failed Confirmed no data to recover Factory Reset computer Marion
Data recovery Karangi
Found PC in recovery mode. Did repair and graphics came up ok but failed after 20 minutes. Tried alternate card but this also failed. Checked with Dell and there is limited support for newer cards. Fault may also be on motherboard. Suggested cheaper to buy new computer than waste further time and customer agreed.South Yunderup
Helped user for the data back upManunda
Copy data to new computer, reset Microsoft Account password, install software and configure.Varsity Lakes
Disabled WIFI to stop other devices connecting. Computer also plugged into device for charging - device connecting twice might be causing excess data usage.Kearneys Spring
Both hard disks are damaged and not mounting the partitions to retrieve the data.Allambie Heights
Tried recovering missing document. \no luck. MS office is corrupted and cannot be repaired. Tried uninstalling. Errors when uninstalling. \tried uninstalling other apps, same issues. Backed up data to ext drive. Tried starting to reset PC back to factory windows re-install. but also fails to do so. \only way to do this is via dvd and this would take too long. \customer may decide to replace unit. Highgate Hill
Checked the system and started the system recovery issue resolved,User confirmed.Kewarra Beach
Diagnose Macbook Pro onsite - disassembled and found signs of corrosion on logic board and other internals. Charging port is also severely corroded. Suspected motherboard fault due to possible liquid damage. Remove SSD and reassemble Macbook Pro. Install SSD into enclosure device and check data - OK. Eagle Heights
Windows has recently upgraded to version 1903. When I connected with TeamViewer system was logged into the profile Ross & there is a folder on the desktop called Tech only & one called Transferred data, there does not seem to be any other data in the user profile & the desktop is missing a lot of icons. I have found a 2nd profile & once logging into that profile found all the icons & other data. Emails are working in this profile alsoDarlinghurst
Troubleshooting computer bootup issues. Damaged profile, HDD has corrupted files and needs replacement. Customer wants to have some files on the desktop recovered. Will get new computer.Woodridge
Backup data Reinstall windows Restore dataLalor Park
Replaced the harddisk Fresh start of Mac as well as windows in boot camp Copied all possible data in its locations Installed basic softwares Roleystone
Computer slow. Onedrive tries to sync data and takes away all performance. Run virus scans, no infections found.Capalaba
Removed old HDD and recovered outlook and reckon files.upgraded reckon and converted files. Setup emailHawthorn East
System drive, "C" is full so changed default locations of user profile data to: "D:\" Also had to tell dropbox where the dropbox folder had been moved to Also performed a general optimisation of startup apps and servicesBalwyn North
Data not recoverable. Provided customer with Ontrack Data Recovery details.St Lucia
Found windows 7 PC partially booting. Gets to screen that is blank with flashing cursor after Windows initial boot start. PC has no covers on it so may have been damaged by insects etc. Recovered boot sector and windows now booting. Checked event logs and found that PC was powered off incorrectly yesterday at around 3.20pm. Ran Malwarebytes scan - Nothing found. Installed AVG free AV - scanned all good. Returned PC back together. Aspley
Troubleshooting computer bootup issues. HDD is damaged and data can not be retrieved without repairing the drive which requires data recovery. Data recovery - repairing damaged clusters and sectors and copying down data to external HDD.Runcorn
Data recovery and set up charges Dianella
1) Old Dell Windows 7 upgraded to Windows 10 and it is now failing and needs to be replaced. 2) I managed to get the Broadcom ethernet card working but the PC needed a reboot to achieve this. 3) The ethernet card is an intermittent problem and the only real cost effective way is to backup all data and buy a new computer. 4) Windows 10 is known to destroy computers and I think this computer's time is upBelmont
Found out files not been saved and hence can not be recovered Transferred files and filed accordingly Set up Mac Inform client about backing up pc Connected Mac to printer Como
Troubleshooting computer. HDD is dying and needs replacement. Customer will make a decision after backing up data. Computer still booting in safe mode. Check disk created found entry.Sunnybank Hills
Copied data from old PC to new PC. Setup MS office 2010 on new PC. Changed default docs and pics folders to d: as it is 1TB Installed Trend Micro using customers account. Installed Chrome browser. Installed acrobat. Set up email (bigpond account) using windows mail. Camp Hill
Logic board failure Recovered possible data Ordered batter for old pc Kalamunda
Os was corrupted Recovered possible data Upgraded to windows 10 from 8 Refreshed os Installed basic programs Transferred possible data Updated the pc Restart and tested Booragoon
Setup new computer and screen at desk. Removed HDD from old computer and copied data over. Toowong
Help backup & install office on macbookGlenroy
Copied all data from dell all in one PC to HDD, customer wanted to print all reports from MYOB and ring us back to get me to do a fresh start. Champion Lakes
Attempted to recover password for Local account, taken machine offsite to attempt password recover software on boot.Wellington Point
Uninstalled MacKeeper. Uninstalled various other known problem programs. Reset PRAM Cleaned / Reset Contacts and Messages data. Fixed 100% CPU usage from SoAgent Fixed Mac Mail and login issue. Removed unwanted homepage and extensions from Safari browser.Kallista
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Researched Found Registry solution Installed Office 2016 Installed and ran ghost image backup Uninstalled unwanted software All working as expected Closing Broadview
Replaced the hard disk and retrieve some data from a damage hard disk. I couldn't manage to retrieve all the data as Ivana required at the beginning. I've tried to clone the hard disk twice, scanned and tried to fix the bad sectors and both were unsuccessful. The hard disk keeps disconnecting and stuck for a long time when the files are on the bad sectors. She will retrieve the information out of date from the Dropbox.North Narrabeen
Printer fixed, system checked and cleaned up Data back done Ningi
Set up new Surface Pro 5. Transferred data. Guided purchase of Office 2019 Home/Student. Installed Office 2019 Installed Cashflow manager. Installed Chrome / Adobe etc. Set up printer. Synced Chrome settings.Ferntree Gully
Installed new 3TB drive. Copied backups files back on to drive as well as setup continuos file history and system backupSt Kilda East
Full restore required. Hard drive structure failed. New os installed Banora Point
Pc was not booting properly and there was no data inside it . checked for hardware issue fresh start of windows updated the pc installed basic software Bateman
Connect scanner to Macbook. Network Macbook to PC and copy data. Setup new iPhone. Reset Apple ID.St Lucia
Done Virus Guard Setup. Email configuration, User account setup. Data Migration Printer setup. Fixed the telephone connectivity issue.Clyde North
Copied possible data to external hard disk fresh start of windows updated the PC installed basic programs Transferred data after scanning with malware and anti-virus program Installed and configured basic programs Bibra Lake
Reinstall browser Sync account Restore bookmarks Create different shortcutsErmington
External HDD has been formatted and customer wants to recover data. Run recover software to see what data can be recovered. A number of files are damaged and not recoverable. To recover files requires a data recovery service though customer is not prepared to pay for the service.Wakerley
Removed Avast anti-virus Copied Dropbox data over to iCloud. Disabled Dropbox from starting with computer. Purged PRAM Cleaned up a few dock icons and other minor programs from startup. Berwick
Restore data from backup. Initiate windows 10 upgrade.Waikiki
Clients custom build pc having issue with SSD failure Checked all harddisk of the client Transferred one pc data to another Set up back up Informed client how to back up pc Nedlands
Windows fresh install and user data recovery.Croydon South
Backed up possible data to external harddisk Fresh start of windows And updated the pc transferred possible data Clarkson
Returned Nuc to customer. Helped restore old backups. Recovered Thunderbird emails folders. Restored documents from backup. Customer will need to re-install some of his apps. He will also need to get new key from EaseUS for ToDo backup as one we recovered does not work. Redcliffe
Customer visited, device inspected; device taken for additional inspection, power dump was used to boot back to original settings. Once device was able to POST and boot successfully, PE was used to queue up some commands (sfc/DISM/etc.). Several corruptions were found but were able to be successfully repaired/recovered. A faulty driver was also still showing signs of corruption, so it was reinstalled before returning device to customer.Pallarenda
Copied possible data to external hard disk fresh start of windows updated the PC installed basic programs Transferred data after scanning with malware and anti-virus programs Belmont
Replaced to SSD fresh start of windows transfer possible data provided old HD to client general set upByford
Perform Freshstart - backup files, reload Windows, setup and configure.Gilston
Diagnose video hardware failed. Revert to onboard video. Recover data.Doolandella
Run System Restore, run System File Check, run Malwarebytes scan, check antivirus software, update billing details, renew subscription, update. Connect printer to wifi network, create reservation in router, test printing from iPhone, test printing from PC.Surfers Paradise
Outlook is asking for a password to access a data file & this is not something Jim has been requested for in the past so he doesn't know what this is. Arranged a new password for the Bigpond email address with Telstra Online Chat Support & reset the password to something Jim provided. Installed eMClient, configured with the email address & password & started the download of emails. Fixed the Outlook Data files with SCANPST and then imported the old Outlook Data files into eMClient.Eschol Park
Removed 117 threats, malware and PUPs. Backed up emails that are present. Email provider needs to be contacted to restore issues and lost emails. Thornton
Installed antivirus, Mozilla Firefox, adobe collection, deployed windows pst search found no signs of any outlook pst files or contacts can not determine the cause but would be related to the pc recovery setup as windows 10 settings were modified to 7. Tech to follow upGladstone Park
Windows 10 drive d corruption, requires a full scan as user data file is on drive d Windows will not load. Found the Seagate 2TB defective, read error, can not be salvaged in its current form. Replaced with new and repaired windows to load with new drives and sac scan found errors on SSD which have been repaired. Carlton
Back up data. Reinstall os Restore data Setup profiles Homebush Bay
Start Time: 20:00 End Time: 21:22 System is running extremely slowly eventually was able to find out that the internal storage: ST3000DM001 / Z7P01LCN Is failing Total errors for lifetime of drive: 49115 Errors are uncorrectable. This machine needs to have the HDD replaced ASAP & NOT used until the hard disk is replaced. If the computer is going to be replaced then the failing drive from the old machine may be able to have the data retrieved from it.Coogee
Fixed Apple devices and iPhones and Fetch box restored MacBook Air data Things are all good now Wifi issues fixed Floreat
Troubleshoot issue, check hard disk health - 100%, change sata port, boot PC to Windows. Check PC details, client will get another exact PC and get me to image the drive to the new PC for a backup.Burleigh Heads
Issue with harddisk Replaced with ssd Fresh start of windows 10 Updated the pc Transferred possible data back Provided the old harddisk back to client Scarborough
Install usb wifi adapter, connect to new wifi network, connect printer to wifi, create reservation in router, update printer settings, test printing/scanning. Connect phones to router and test. Connect smart TV to wifi and test Netflix.Create new backup. Update email signature.Paradise Point
1) Old computer tower with non booting Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 2) Tried Auto Repair but it hung. 3) Tried booting from Spotmau CD and it failed. 4) Removed HDD and recovered 138GB data which I copied onto Kirsty's external drive. Holland Park
Backed up data clean installed windows 10Boronia
cleared out 20Gb of windows update data and dropbx was able to sync againWorongary
Setup new facebook and gmail account as there is no password remembered for any email/Facebook account for recovery.Shailer Park
Freshstart Replaced harddrive and restore windows. Changed email to use gmail.Pascoe Vale
Recover ntuser.DAT. fix virtual store.Warnbro
Install new hard drive Install windows and run updates Activate windows Restore dataKellyville
Windows profile corrupted. Recreated - user profile. Copied data to new profile. Outlook email recreation. Full virus scan on PC.Pagewood
fresh start after failed update make backup onto external HDDOxenford
Took back up Restored system files Cleaned hard drive and registry Mooroolbark