Computer Data Recovery Services & Backups

I just wanted to share with you a catastrophe that I avoided this month regarding my family photos.

These photos are stored on my main computer and this month, the Hard Disk inside it broke and I could no longer get my computer to start. My computer stores many important files, but the most important files to me were the photos.

Fortunately, I know that Hard Disk Drives inside computers will fail, so I had put in place a regular, automatic backup plan which backed up the important files before the failure and I was able to rebuild my computer and and restore all of my important files. I didn't lose a single photo.

computer data recovery services As you potential client of Geekmobile, I wanted to share this with you, as I feel it is my duty to make you aware that as we become more reliant on our computers to perform our digital needs, we need to have a backup plan in place, or we run the risk of losing all of our important files.

Here are some questions that I hope you can say Yes, I do.

Do you have important files on your computer that you couldn't bare to lose? If you do, are they backed up?

Do you know how to schedule a backup plan that will protect your files in the event of a similar failure to what I experienced?

At Geekmobile, our technicians are experts in this type of thing and can suggest and set-up a backup plan which most suits you. There are many different types of backup plans, which are suitable for different people.

If you think that we could be of help in this area, give us a call and schedule in a Data Safeguard Service for your system. 

Recent backup and data recovery related services

Found HDD to be faulty, unable to recover any data. Installed new 1TB HDD, and reloaded windows 7 with clients code. Installed updates and drivers. Machine working well. Warilla
Transferred data to new computer. New computer, i5 8gb ram, 1tb hdd. 12 months warranty on parts only.Morang South
Pickup drive, delivery to Data Recovery Lab and return to client as requested.Brighton East
Water damage reached hard drive. Taken offsite to check for damage to motherboard and to backup data onto provided portable hard drive. Disconnected CMOS battery.Glen Iris
Data recovery process Recovered about 110GB of data Restored into new macOS Palm Beach
System Restore, PC Clean and tune, email setup, check and restore programs, etc... test all operations PASSFitzroy North
Backup phone to PC Speedup the computerWerrington
Set Google Chrome to be the default web browser Setup File History as backup program as the backups have not been completing correctlyMount Evelyn
Fix SSL issue on MacBook Diagnostic on iMac Check HDD OK Check RAM OK Needs to be factory reset to restore performance Also there is an option to upgrade to an SSDSurfers Paradise
- Hacking attempt seems to have damaged Windows. - Windows 10 did only boot in safe mode. - Re-installed Windows and restored data Merrylands
Troubleshooting boot up issues. Windows XP, computer about 8 years old. Checked video card andconnectors inside, no difference. Removed one of the two HDDs and vice versa. Old drive was booting up but does not hold data needed. Taken computer off-site for attempt to clone / repair drive.Browns Plains
cleaned computer files and data, saved files and data to kingston 32gig USB, cleared computer reintstalled files and data, setup office to computer ran a disenfect pc program, reinstalled windows 7 to the computer, installed trenmicro antivirus to the computer, ran a complete scan of the computer for malware and viruses and hack programsMenangle
cleaned computer files and data, saved files and data to kingston 32gig USB, cleared computer reintstalled files and data, setup office to computer ran a disenfect pc program updated the computer installed kaspersky antivirus to the computer, ran a clomplete scan of the computer for malware and viruses and hack programs Bradbury
FreshStart - windows 10 installed along with updates and basic software (Chrome, PDF,Open Office) Data from backup restored.Banora Point
Onsite troubleshooting - An attempt at replacing driver as device would not start on reinstall or reboot. Malware scan did not resolve issue. conclusion was a corrup generic windows driver corruption in the audio codecs for windows and invalid registry entries. Data backup performed.Banora Point
Virus removed 4 issues troubleshoot various issuess set up email in thunderbird on multiple computers ran updates reinstalled office Set up backups Windows store corrupt made sure trend was working Peregian Beach
Restored data and fixed issue with drive mappings. Added PST files back to New Outlook profile.Lonsdale
Removed conflicting Free virus scanner Created a system restored Scanned for Virus and Malware Checked for errors in Event ViewerAlfred Cove
Troubleshooting bootup issues. A number of file are corrupted (large file segments). Customer wants to keep data - full data backup necessary. Running full data backup to external drive (470GB), taken nearly 4 days indicating HDD issues and the possibility of wearing clusters. Running check disk and system file checker, no errors found.Runcorn
MacBook reset to factory settings (Mac OS 10.7) Mac OS upgraded to 10.8 Mac OS upgraded to Mac Sierra Google chrome installed and configured. Adobe reader installed. Mac mail configured and tested. Client is going to retrieve backup from time machine later.Bardon
Connected the hard disk in both computers and tested them. They were working and Nick will get the data from them. Neutral Bay
hdd faulty recover files from hdd nit repair the conputer.Balwyn North
Found machine to be heavily infested with virus's and spyware. Took machine offsite, and cleaned the drive. Attempted several methods to recover the clients corrupted word files, however none of these have worked. Job Complete.Cordeaux Heights
Data BackupTweed Heads South
HDD faulty replace HDD recover data and reinstall windowsElanora
Diagonised the pc that was not turining on Issue is with logic board Removed hardisk for data recovery and put it in a enclourseWestminster
Panda stopping internet access. Replaced with Defender. Removed wpad2 proxy settings. Set up scheduled backup. Removed spyware apps. Set off windows update check.Coodanup
Setup two iPhones restore data Colyton
Hdd dead dara recovery not possible replace drive fresh start Carrara
Diagnosis is drive is recognised but not readable. In my opinion, the drive will be unable to be recovered from my software and will require recovery services. However, I will attempt to recover on my workbench first.Wantirna South
Task: Work email setup onto Lenovo AIO computer. Logged onto old work computer to recover email details with password, Setup same email onto Lenovo computer, Sent and Received test email (Success), Copied all pst files from the old computer and added to the new computer, confirmed outlook and internet operational with her, working fine. Email: [email protected]@com.auScarborough
Setting up NBN equipment. Setting up backup, software faulty. Possible another solution necessary for backing up. Updating windows 10 to the latest service packs, still running at the time I left. Sorting out speed issues, related to the VPN, uninstalled it, slowed down internet dramatically. Also I torrent contributes to slow down, both ways, up and down.Springwood
Diagonised thecomputer that was booting in safe mode Tried to perform restore (failed) Tried to disable add ons and services (failed) Installed new ssd and tried fresh start ( failed ) Replaced the ram (failed) Removed hardisk and put it in external enclourse Issue is with logic board need further diagonising Stirling
Refreshed the system Backup and restore of data and programs Removed and reinstall client requested programs Scanned for virus . Clarkson
Attempted disk check to rectify a booting issue. Needed to clean format computer as no recovery options would work. Touchscreen still has issues so it has been disabled due to erratic behaviour. Banora Point
Recovered information from Damaged hard drive and mounted hard drive as slave in PC. Ensured computer would boot from correct Drive and updated BIOS.Seaforth
- copied pst from backup drive - attached to Outlook - copied all folders from old pst to new set account pst Crows Nest
Outlook Data File wont open due to damage in the folder structure Repaired Data File Installed new E-Mail client (emClient) - Configured for current email account - Setup a new gmail account - Configured & tested emClient for gmail use - Imported emails and folders from old email data file to emClient - Copied the imported data to the new gMail account in emClient, now this is synchronising to the gMail cloud serviceMurray Bridge South
iMac 21.5-inch Mid 2010 Late 2010 Os 10.10.3 Removed virus and adware Checked for scam acces ok Recovered bigpond password and setup iPad and Macmail Ashmore
Performed final Time Machine backup. Unboxed and set up new Mac. Updated OSX and iTunes to latest version. Initiated transfer of data from old Mac to new Mac. 2 hours + remaining. Vermont South
Isp connection is not working. Contacted Telstra and they informed me of an issue with their ADSL service for the account. Am awaiting confirmation of the service being restoredPort Macquarie
full dissassemble unit and retrived data from not booting computer. checked main board, chipset failed not worth repairing. client instructs to recovered data only, do not spent time in repairing computer. unit not re-assembled. return in parts.Ringwood
Restored previous back upRosemeadow
Changed boot order back to correct order, Tried automatic repairs on HDD which failed. Tried resetting windows and keeping files but still failed. Suggested a new HDD, cx said he's in the process of building a new PC so will try and plug the HDD into the new one to try and retrieve dataKewdale
Set time and date on the samsung tablet Cleared chrome data and cashe Tested browser Was a SSL issueCleveland
Fix windows booting problem Setup windows backup Downlaod and installed eset antivirusNorth Parramatta
Fresh Start With Data Transfer Newport
Removed UEFI data causing installation issues. Installed Windows 10 via USB stick. Got stuck on drivers. Disconnected internet and rebooted.Port Kennedy
- Files missing from Oz, Sfc unable to complete to corrupt - Reinstalled OS and basic applications (trend micro, office) - Copied user data files across Bayswater North
Backed up possible data Fresh start of windows 7 Update the system Installed basic softwareMount Lawley
Created win login account Setup 2 emails account Installed printer Uninstall unnecessary softwares Setup windows backup North Parramatta
Transferred data from old hdd to new PC, installed office, chrome, reckon, eset antivirus anfvepson printer. Tested printing, tested office products all working. Checked eset licence. Installed veeam backup. Mount Eliza
booted into safemode and tablet system a restore/update and wifi functioned normallyOxenford
Unable to boot past black screen using various fixes. Performed system restore. System extremely slow, taken offsite. Scanned for and removed malware. Performed system maintenance. Removed unwanted software. Re-installed chrome.Clayton
Performed system restore and update the Pc if issue continues needs fresh startSuccess
1) Motherboard (mobo) had died 2) tested existing Power Supply Unit (PSU) and was working ok. 3) Used my new PSU and nothing so definitely mobo 4) Removed 3.5" HDD from old PC 5) Transfered 18GB data from old HDD to external HDD (Hard Disk Drive). All copied okTarragindi
HDD was unmountable due to CRC errors. Ran a number of 3rd party apps to try and recover data from drive but was unsuccessful in getting any files to show up. Ran Crystal disk info and identified that over 3/4 of the first third of the disk was showing errors and stopped the error checking after 20 mins of scanning. . Gleneagle
IT Back data worth 15Gb to USB drive From Acer Setup Hp out of box exp Download Google Chrome Driver for Printer Brother DCP J515W Setup Gmail account Croydon
check the computer, hdd failed. perform data recovery and fresh start on another computerDoncaster East
Reset power. Power down turn off. Backup local files and sync to dropbox.Casuarina
computer not booting system error, fresh start computer with data.Camberwell
Found that there is an email in the outbox that is causing the problem, the email was addressed to well over 10 people & was 1.4mb in size - with this size of file being sent to so many people the ISP could be blocking the email service because of the combined size of the emails - eg 10 (emails being sent to 10 people x 1.4mb = 14mb of data being sent out. Some ISP's have a size limit to emails being sent out. I have asked Ray to not send any email's out for 24 hrs. Barwon Heads
moves data to new system and configured emailsChevron Island
20171004 - Hard drive in critical state and about to fail - Completed backup of user data - Organised to have hard drive replaced and Windows 7 reinstalled. 20171006 - Replaced HDD and reinstalled Windows 7 - Reinstalled Kaspersky and OfficeMooroolbark
Recovered data to USB Iluka
Tuning and backup data on two Mac ComputersWoodville North
1) Windows 10 on old Dell low profile PC was Windows 7. 2) Tried 2 x restore points but to no avail. Would nbot restore. 3) Tried going back to a previous build with no success. That would not work either. 4) Safe Mode was working but that was all. Could not create another user nor use most items in the Settings Menu. Bulimba
test computer with test parts not powering up main board failed. recovered data from computer Hawthorn East
Removed seagate from enclosure, replaced enclosure with new, recovered drive credentials and check the drives sectors, found no apparent errors nor faults. Scanned Sandisk drive for recovery, damaged usb and damaged power supply possible data breach and bad drive, non recoverable.Docklands
Diagonised hard-disk failure installed new disk Fresh start go windows 10 Restore data from clients back up Installed and configured basic and client supplied software Palmyra
Electronic Greeting Card was through The Password lock is a SYSKEY Lock - I tried the standard passwords - No Change - Attempted Password removal using KonBoot & Hirens BootCd - No Change Booted to Lynux boot disk & copied data folders & files to the external hard disk After the files were copied across I staryed the windows reset process, leaving files intact. Payment is going to be made via BPayParkdale
Windows account settings fixed. Unnecessary application removed. Google backup and sync installed and configured.Mansfield
Setup mac, transferred data from PC, installed Office, setup printer, setup email accounts.Blackburn
Windows update failure - tried restore point 20/9/17Caloundra West
checked computer hardware hdd running time 900days consider backup files reset user password and make admin available. Glen Iris
Setting up local network and data sharing. Chambers Flat
Di agonised the Pc with BSOD Tried to perform system restore (unsuccessful). Tried to change the register files using command prompt (unsuccessful) recovered possible data scanned the data for virus and malware Refreshed the Os Restored data Installed Basic and client supplied softwares configured outlook *If any data (only) is missing requesting client to contact office on or before 3-oct-2017 for possible recovery Duncraig
Di agonised the Pc with BSOD Tried to perform system restore (unsuccessful). Tried to change the register files using command prompt (unsuccessful) recovered possible data scanned the data for virus and malware Refreshed the Os Restored data Installed Basic and client supplied softwares configured outlook *If any data (only) is missing requesting client to contact office on or before 3-oct-2017 for possible recovery Mount Nasura
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Unable to resolve on site. Took computer off site. Boited from Linux Distro. Backed up user profile. Formatted hard drive. Installed Windows 10, required system drivers and other software. Rebooted successfully. Restored user profile. Installed Windows updates. Rebooted successfully. Confirmed all working as expected. Returned computer to client. ClosingAdelaide
- Windows updates are using most data - Set network connection to metered connection - Installed Java update - Restored favouite Epping
Diagnoased Hard Disk clicking noise data recover failed. Need to send data recovery centre.Blacktown
did startup repair - system restore Baulkham Hills
Analysed PC and identified hard Drive failure. Replaced hard Drive and reinstalled operating system. Customer had backup of existing system. Customer also requested a RAM upgrade and opted for 2 x 8GB modules to be installed. Riverview
Took backup of data. Informed client computer needs replacing.Erskine
* Added additional 4GB RAM to refurbished PC * Setup refurbished HP PC * Installed & Setup Windows 7 Pro * Installed latest Windows Updates * Installed Office 2010 Professional Plus from client media supplied * Installed Kaspersky AV from client media supplied * Took old hard drive out of old PC thart's not working * Connected to new PC * Copied data across * Copied data from old hard drive to external hard USB drive * Confirmed setup of PC is correct * PC ready to go onsiteMarangaroo
System backup and reset and updated.Berwick
Severe dust and fluid ingress. Hard disk removed and placed into external caddy for data retrieval. Beeliar
Hard disk crashed due to power failure. No data recovery is required as it was the mirror disk and backup still ok. Summer Hill
backup data and install windows restore dataJamisontown
Ran password recovery disks but would not reset password. Backed up data Rebuilt windows and restored dataEltham
WIndows drive locked with bitlocker key. Customer does not remember the password for the registered email account. Tried to reset but as the mobile number was also out of date requested for recovery of the account. So have to wait until 17th October to get the account recovered by Microsoft.Tapping
IPad Pro 12-inch Locked by passcode Reset to factory settings and updated Unable to unlock iPad Requested account recovery iCloud Tweed Heads West
windows partition lost recover data and reinstall windowsCarrara
Windows 7 PC, ran system restore back to April, as would only boot into safe mode. Updated Kaspersky database. Updated chrome, ran windows updatesdeleted old user profile. Windows xp PC, turned off items from startupLangwarrin
Recover file from usb driveLong Jetty
Reset user password for Bigpond mail. Update settings on phone, tested email. Taking PC offsite to backup data, client will purchase a modern PC and I will setup and copy data over.Bundall
data recovery plus fresh startCanungra
Check old computer Backed up hard drive Tried to reinstall windows but hard drive had bad blocks Supplied a second hand i7 computer Built and installed windows Restored as much data as possible from Old hard drive Installed office Installed printer Mill Park
Boot sectors compromised, hdd unreadable. Replaced HDD, reinstalled windows 10. Recovered files form the old HDD.North Bondi