Computer Data Recovery Services & Backups

I just wanted to share with you a catastrophe that I avoided this month regarding my family photos.

These photos are stored on my main computer and this month, the Hard Disk inside it broke and I could no longer get my computer to start. My computer stores many important files, but the most important files to me were the photos.

Fortunately, I know that Hard Disk Drives inside computers will fail, so I had put in place a regular, automatic backup plan which backed up the important files before the failure and I was able to rebuild my computer and and restore all of my important files. I didn't lose a single photo.

computer data recovery services As you potential client of Geekmobile, I wanted to share this with you, as I feel it is my duty to make you aware that as we become more reliant on our computers to perform our digital needs, we need to have a backup plan in place, or we run the risk of losing all of our important files.

Here are some questions that I hope you can say Yes, I do.

Do you have important files on your computer that you couldn't bare to lose? If you do, are they backed up?

Do you know how to schedule a backup plan that will protect your files in the event of a similar failure to what I experienced?

At Geekmobile, our technicians are experts in this type of thing and can suggest and set-up a backup plan which most suits you. There are many different types of backup plans, which are suitable for different people.

If you think that we could be of help in this area, give us a call and schedule in a Data Safeguard Service for your system. 

Recent backup and data recovery related services

Issue with the cable Informed the client about the issue and told that we can not source replacement part Client needs new machine Backed up data Doubleview
Old harddisk got corrupted used software to recover data installed a SSD fresh start of windows transfer of possible data insatlled and configured basic software set up back up *old harddisk inside the pc Balga
Scanned computer for malware and adware. Updated AVG. No malcisou apps found. Hotmail is being accessed via a broader so no risk of email hacking exists on the PC. Probability of email password being obtained and then changed onced logged in. Attempted a password reset without any success. Customer to call MS to resolve. Initiated the password recovery process. Need to wait 24hrs for response from MS.Murrumbeena
Installed a new SSD and Reinstalled Windows 10 Home. Created a shortcut for old data on desktop from the previous HDD.Ainslie
Logic board has suffered critical fault, uneconomical to repair. removed HDD from machine and copied data to existing iMac customer is going to now use.Red Hill
Pull apart computer and copy data off hard drive and placed back inAspley
iCloud settings fixed. Hotmail configured on MacBook. Data migrated from Samsung phone to iPhone and verified.Boondall
Diagnose computer and hard drive unserviceable. Unable to recover data from hard drive. Provided customer with details for Kroll Ontrack.Bellbowrie
Mac data recovery put to external HDD. Grays Point
Backup Point Cook
Faulty motherboard Backup Point Cook
Backed up old old drive Installed new SSD Drive Installed fresh windows 10 Restored data Installed ProgramsFerntree Gully
iMac not booting Performed a hardware test (successful) no errors found Performed a online recovery Updated the Os Performed another hardware test (successful ) Used pc for a day and performed multiple restarts (successful) Request client to shutdown computer properly. If problem persist have to furither diagnose harddisk Beechboro
Examined system - Moved a lot of folder & file from the desktop to the My Document folder to improve the backup functionality. - Created shortcut to on the desktop for the files & folders moved to the My Documents folder. - Created a direct link to the active MYOB data file & confirmed that it is opening when you click on it. - Setup a backup routine to run on Monday mornings. Confirmed printing is functioning Confirmed that the backup completed before disconnecting remote supportAndrews Farm
Suspect issue with hardddik Performed hardware test Tried backing up data (failed) Tried repairing hard-disk (failed) Temperoly booted the pc using a flash drive and informed the client about replacement of harddisk Canning Vale
Back up data clean installed lastest version of Windows 10 Kilsyth
Problem is that one-drive is trying to process over 40gb of data and as the email address is an IMAP account outlook can not complete searches efficiently. When on-drive was turned off Outlook was able to complete the search request. Chris needs to move a lot of the data he doesn't need in one-drive off the computer onto an external hard disk.Richmond
windows restored to a healthy working point.Adelaide
Freshstart installed windows 10, transfer dataGreensborough
Internet password needed updating. Test internet connectivity, reset email password, update mail client, test sending/receiving email. Check hard disk health - 75%. Taking PC offsite to backup, replace hard disk and reinstall Windows. Will install 4GB RAM as well. Ashmore
Onsite - saved data to USB. Kardinya
App opened, activate virus buster avast, ran scan, no virus found, ran registry scan, fixed open shortcuts, deleted app as requested by client. Cleaned up drive. Updated win 7 64bit system. Set updates to automatically download and update. Instructed client to ensure backup is complete at least weekly. And to restart system to ensure updates take effect correctly.Noosaville
9/9 Picked up both mac books. Connected both to same Wi-Fi, started data migration, process took 5 hours to complete. Copied desktop and documents to shared folder and copied to current live profile on new mac book. 10/9 Installed avast free, added office 2016 licence to Microsoft account, installed office 16 home student. Ran office updatesHastings
Upgraded the Hard-disk to SSD fresh start of windows 7 installed basic software transfer possible data update the pc Mindarie
- Data Retrival - Windows 10 Reinstalled North Melbourne
Set up of a new pc Data transfer from old pc to new Recovered possible data from the corrupted harddisk Joondanna
Error: Computer running slow Logged onto the computer as user Downloaded and installed HDD scan Found out HDD has started reducing its performance Ran Apple Hardware diagnostics too Found out HDD has been faulty Discussed HDD & RAM upgrade cost with IAN and process to replace new HDD and restore the data using Time machine Client will think about it and let us knowPalmyra
Charging for 1 hour labor to check drive and recover the data to an external hard diskAdare
Returned PC to client with 2 x new 3TB HDD. Inserted disks into system and formatted/configured as E: and F: drives. Relocated folders from user profile from C: to E: to free up 30 GB on C:. Copied old backup files from external HDD to E: drive Created script to copy everything on E: to F: Used Macrium Reflect to create a disk image of C: to E:\DiskImagesMount Barker
I got backup from Windows XP OS and installed new Windows 10 OS on PC. Then I installed Office Suit, drivers, printer and email client.Beecroft
Recovered data Scanned the data for virus and malware Fresh start of windows 7 Transferred data Set up basic software Kardinya
Fault detected on HDD. HDD replaced and Windows 10 fresh installed. Windows activated and configured. Email configured. HP printer installed and tested. Data transferred and verified. Eagleby
New Computer installed and configured. Data transferred from old HDD and verified. Network printer installed and tested. MS Office 2016 Business version activated from Microsoft website and tested successfully. Manly
Freshstart performed onsite, customer data intact and all healthy. Driver are corrected. Tweed Heads South
Tried booting with safe mode system freezes Issue with harddisk Replaced with 2 TB Fresh start of Mac Transferred possible data configured the computer Kallaroo
Configured outlook emails Tried and retrieved possible data for the client Set up a back up Bicton
Hard drive failed. Ran data recovery software to attempt the recovery of files. No success. Client is buying a new computerPort Macquarie
Checked the CPU Tower. It receives power, but the fan sound ends up in Woosh. For some reason the Power supply unit failed to power up the PC. Opened the tower and checked for lights, but no LED lights. Except the fans on PSU, Graphics and Processor runs with a trigger. Good Guys team have tried to restore the machine and said that the machine is working. The team has not tested the CPU. Logged a call with Lenovo and provided the info to log a warranty replacement.Hawthorne
Hard disk faulty Customer is happy to recover data. Cambridge Park
HDD faulty replace with SSD and perform a fresh start HDD died midway thru data recoveryElanora
Pc was not booting Removed harddisk for data Recovered using software Repaired the harddisk Fresh start of windows Updated the the pc Reverted the data Leda
The external hard drive has a problem. Its starting sppining and the stopped after a while. It needs to be checked from a recovery company.Mona Vale
Backed up data from Hp to external harddisk Joondanna
Internet service restored.Glenelg
Try to fix wifi issue , backup files and reset win 10 took a while and fix the issue Macleod
Supply and install replacement drive, 120GB SSD Install Windows 7 Install drivers and software Install MS Office Recover data from old drive Set up email account with Thunderbird Install printer driverHelensvale
Examined the system & Dell diagnostics reports the hard disk is reporting faults. Was able to save some data to an external hard disk. Started a CHKDSK on the hard mark the failing sectors as bad this MAY all the machine to work a bit better for a short period of time. I discussed the options of repair and upgrade. I also looked up some replacement computers for Sam.Langwarrin South
Tested magnetic field response from power, detected at USB diode and power input, board response was not detected, static power issue, overcharge to Pcb mb and found multiple fractures to mb, hinge assembly and fraided cabling to lcd. Lenovo pc is not repairable and hard drive was removed so data could be salvaged and transferred. Existing secondary device password was not know and performance issues detected a reset was completed to transfer the data. Sunshine North
Thunderbird was missing (not uninstalled but all program files missing) data files still present reinstalled Thunderbird and emails worked as normal helped client logging into website to purchase sheet music and got printer workingAshmore
Cleaned up. Boots ok now. Backed up data. Baldivis
Windows not booting due to corrupted OS files after update. Restore to previous date failed so started the reset by keeping files. Customer will continue the process.Mount Lawley
Updated the pc to SSD Transferred possible data from old harddisk Installed MS office using client keys Updated the pc to the latest software City Beach
Onsite - corrupted profile, created new user. Copied data to new profile. Scanned ADW -18, Ccleaner removed items, Malware bytes left running full scan. Murdoch
Issue: Windows partition was crashed Data backed up Windows fresh core installed. Client preferred to update and configure windows by himself Balmoral
Computer was freezing. checked the update and found errors backed up data refreshed the system installed basic softwares configured printer tested the machine Stirling
Reinstall and update Mac OS to High Sierra Backup and restore user files and data using Time MachineAshmore
Customer visited, device inspected. Device successfully booted before arrival, but was going straight to recovery/freezing on backlight. A power dump was shown and ensued, which allowed the recovery environment to be accessed again. Once the hardware was confirmed by the MOBO, a Restore Point was used to refresh Windows and restore original functionality. Burdell
Restored the myob file from the recyle bin Run clean up Run defraggler Fixup email server settings Attached scanned documents to a emailRedland Bay
Identified Windows 7 had molested infections. Setup Windows 10 and migrated Windows 7 user data. St Peters
Install iTunes, test playing music, login to store and authorize computer. Connect phone and backup. Remove McAfee Livesafe. Install Ccleaner, install Malwarebytes, install Hard DIsk Sentinel, check Windows Update.Burleigh Heads
Client had installed a driver advisor yesterday, today keyboard doesn't work and correct graphics resolution is not available. - Keyboard is PS/2, works ok in BIOS but not in Windows. USB keyboard works ok. De-installed the driver advisor, now PS/2 keyboard appears in Device Manager and works ok. - Downloaded ATI RADEON 3000 drivers and installed in Windows 8 Compatibility mode as Administrator, rebooted, now graphics resolution has 1920x1080 available. - Created a system restore point.Netley
Restored computer, pc started up, removed Norton, disabled startup programs, started a backup on hard drive. Removed unwanted programs, started updates.Bongaree
Clients pc was not booting Cleaned the pc Reset the bios Upgraded the graphics card firmware Booted the pc and found harddisk got corrupted due to multiple boot attempts Performed system repair and restore Checked status of the harddisd and the harddisk needs replacement Removed a faulty wifi card Caversham
Client accidentally deleted the files. Found the files in recycle bin Started Recovering files and inform the clients how to recover and back up to harddisk before performing a time machine back up Attadale
Issue with OS and harddisk Replaced it with. SSD Tested the computer Transferred possible data Request client to set up office Request Client to call once reached back from mining Orange Grove
Data moved to external hard drive, reset completed, data moved back.Aberglasslyn
Set up backup. General cleanup. Phone helpBethania
Copied OneDrive files to External HDD for backup. Created a Google Drive for future photographs.Port Macquarie
Install new SSD hard drive, copy data from old hard. Install new 8Gb Ram.Cannon Hill
Windows 10 fresh installed and activated. Windows updates installed and configured. Data retrieved and verified. Epson Printer installed. Bridgeman Downs
Test and diagnostics: Fault detected on Windows. Data backed up. Fault detected on HDD. HDD replaced.Bridgeman Downs
Replace new HDD and reinstall windows and update. Reinstate backup and setting up device. Berwick
Copied photos to backup, Park Orchards
Troubleshoot issue, Outlook 2013 is using data downloading mail using IMAP. Troubleshoot, repair office, create new mail profile. Install Outlook 2010, setup mail accounts, copy contacts across, setup signature. Both mailboxes need to initially download then monitor. Will configure as POP3 if it continues to use up data. Check printer.Surfers Paradise
Diagnosed the pc not booting Found issue with motherboard. Custom build of new pc installed windows 10 restored data installed basic software Clarkson
OS partition empty. Applied Win 8 from recovery partition. Found Office and Win 10 entitlements so upgraded to 10 and reactivated Office. Set up Outlook and installed Chrome. Baldivis
No media error Fresh start of windows 10 No data to recover Request client to update the pc Ridgewood
Data Backed up Windows 7 Home fresh installed and activated. Windows updated to 10. MS Office 2016 Home and Business installed and activated. MS Outlook tested to configure and IP conflict detected on website and home internet. Website and Email server could not be reached while system was connected to router. Different devices worked fine on alternate network. Issue should be reported to host service provider. Data retrieved and verified. Printer installed and tested. Thornlands
Configured the phone in the modem Saved data Orelia
moved old data over to new desktop and added new myob data to backupArundel
Account Recovered Werribee
Replaced the SSD data cable. Franklin
Needs Windows 10 fresh restart and backup Hoppers Crossing
Turned the switch of the wifi on Transferred data as per client request Coolbellup
Recovered from Time Machine, restarted and installed Sierra update. Features and apps tested and working fine.Bulimba
Removed software, installed Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Check hard disk health - 100%. Run System File Checker. Change video resolution. Run Disk Cleanup, check Windows Update. Remove old Apple backups. Disable startup items. Open game and test.Burleigh Heads
installed new hard drive install windows 10 run all updates restore dataGreystanes
Diagnosed a faulty harddisk Recovered possible data Installed SSD Installed and updated windows 10 Instal basic programs Required client to activate the programs Restored possible data Set up a back up client supplied Wanneroo
Windows Boot record corrupted. took hard drive out, backed up data on external drive. installed new fresh windows.Dernancourt
Pc was not booting properly Performed a hardware test successful Backed up data and reset the pc Transferred data Installed basic software Updated the pc Maylands
Copied data off hard drive, ran chkdsk against hard drive. Reinstall windows 10. Ran updates. Installed office 2016, adobe reader, chrome and Norton antivirus. Copied data back to PC. Installed configured sync toyMornington
Recovered Microsoft account's password and logged the Office suite in using the email and password. Emails can now send and receive OK.Lake Innes
Res established connection, setup network reset modem ,system restore new pc as virus detected, repaired windows 7 pc x2 in total modem was reset but reset failed to initialise on secondary attempt and primary. Avg installed on windows 7Gladstone Park
Diagnose hard drive failing. Copy data to external hard drive. Customer will purchase new computer.St Lucia
Assisted client remotely with the following: - 1. Created backup script which copies new and changed files from the folders in his user profile (Documents, Downloads, Desktop, Music, Photos, Videos) and his Windows Live Mail folder to Backup folder on external hard drive - 2. Installed Macrium Reflect and created Disk Image of the primary hard drive on the external hard drive, can be used to restore the system at this date to another system or hard driveBeaumont
User profile is corrupt, create new user profile, copy data across, setup Skype, login to Webmail, test printing, create shortcuts, setup Bookmarks. Check Windows Update. Check hard disk health - 100%. Run dism tool.Robina
Replace hard drive with SSD drive. Data recovery and migration. Mermaid Waters
Set up and data transfer of from old to new Willagee
Diagnosed freeze of programs on pc, closed them down, disabled startup programs and checked defrag as well as disk cleanup to clean the disk up a bit. Checked updates and have been installing updates for most the time. Once updates are finished, windows will restart and should be all okay to move the files over to usb as a backup. Burpengary
Fresh start of pc Transferred data from old to new Configured pc and outlook as per clients request Client data management program was not working and data was not found in the location . Requested client to call that company for further support Scarborough