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Outlook not connecting with gmail after change of Gmail password. New password has been entered into the Outlook account setting. 1 - Confirmed that new password is working in Gmail website. 2 - Gmail: Found that insecure app connection is turned off - enable this. 3 - Tested Outlook and now emails are coming in. Closed Outlook & reopened - reconfirmed that emails are working still. 4 - Confirmed that Office 365 is up to date.Highvale
New PC installed and configured. Data transferred from backup and verified. Old PC HDD partition is crashed. Data recovery service is required. MS Office 365 installed and activated. MS Outlook configured and tested. McAfee removed. Trend Micro Maximum security installed. Victoria Point
Computer infected. Run virus checks and removed any infections found. Run check disk and system file checker to repair any file and HDD errors. Uninstalled Norton and run Norton removal tool to remove any remnants left. Installed Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and run initial scan.Springwood
Windows 7 fresh installed and activated Data retrieved and verified Eason printer/scanner installed and tested. Incredimail installed and configured AVG security installed and activated Windows 7 backup configured Stafford Heights
System needed to have drivers updated - Changed screen resolution to be Norton is installed - Ensured that the program is the latest version - Ensured that the definition updates are current Also installed Webroot Security - Installed Webroot for Chrome also - Ensured system is reporting back to central console System is running well after drivers were updatedBairnsdale
Fake security warning removed. Browser settings fixed. System startup checked. Malwarebytes full scan performed and one suspicious item removed. System tested successfully.Bellbowrie
HDD had come loose secure HDD in place and system booted normallyVarsity Lakes
Microsoft account reset Microsoft office home and student activated and tested McAfee security removed Windows PIN number configured Victoria Point
Gmail account recovered. Gmail app for desktop installed and configured. Google Chrome configured. McAfee account password reset. McAfee Internet security installed and activated. HP printer/Scanner tested successfully.Kenmore Hills
Found there are 2 files on the system that are causing the system to run badly. Confirmed that files are virus's Disabled the virus & removed the services and files. Offered to provide monitored virus protection that protects against this type infection as well as others but was declined by client.Mundingburra
Check passwords. Update security info.Mandurah
Tried to fix Windows Boot up issue in safe mode, but it was not successful. Finally restored system fromShadowProtect backup files.West Pennant Hills
Setting up email on Samsung tablet and attaching the keyboard. Uninstalling left overs of AVG and uninstalling Trend Micro. Installing Kaspersky Internet Security trial.Rochedale South
Task: Setup security camera. Helped Doron to setup security camera with new Netgear AC1900 router, Tested and verified security camera operational with him on his phone, working fine.Jandakot
Windows upgraded to 10 and configured. All Norton applications removed Trend micro maximum security installed. Software should be activated by vendor Victoria Point
Data transferred from old PC and verified. Windows 10 configured on new PC. MS Office 2016 Home and Business service installed and activated. Email accounts configured on Outlook and tested. Email archive and contacts imported. Fujix Xerox printer/scanner connected to WLAN and installed on PC. SMB protocol configured and scanner tested. Google Chrome installed. Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Trend Micro Maximum Security installed and activated. Mcdowall
Performed a fresh start, re-install Windows 10 after formatting hard drive. Machine cleanly installed with no viruses. Updated windows security and installed Malwarebytes and Super Anti Spyware. Hastings Point
ONSITE - attempt repair windows 7, malware found and serviced but still faulting. Installed Windows 10 and downloaded Office ok, installed Chrome, tested downloads ok. No data backup was required. Installed Kaspersky Internet Security and activate.Martin
Helped with email password issue. Did a malware check and removal process - removed malware & Mac Keeper. Loaded Kaspersky Total Security & activated 2 year subscription. Printer not working great - suggested replacing. Maroochy River
Error: Itunes update error. Logged onto the computer, downloaded and tried to install latest version of ITunes (failed), First installed windows 8.1 security updates, removed old version of ITunes, downloaded and installed latest version of itunes through apple software updates, Setup to sync her music from the computer to her Iphone, Tested and verified computer and itunes operational with her, Working fine.Clarkson
unit not powering on after windows update uefi secure boot issue. addressed uefi secure boot. rebuilt boot partition fresh start computer.Surrey Hills
*Lenovo F0BC *Windows got no boot able device -Repair from WinRE = no go -System restore point 06/12/2017 = No go -change the BIOS settings UEFI HDD 1st boot drive Secure Boot disable *able to see Windows running *change couple settings for Performance Newtown
No need for data transfer. Cleaned up folders. Checked email. Primary mail client is Thunderbird. Setup backup program, process. Installed adobe reader. Removed McAfee, discussed antivirus program to replace it with. Trend maximum securityMount Eliza
Reverted system to a restore point of about 10 days ago, took a considerable time to restore but now OK - Used removal tools to remove AVG & Malwarebytes - Install TrendMicro Internet SecurityHappy Valley
Run virus scans using various tools and removed any infections found (300+, pups, browser infections and malware). Uninstalled all avg products and run removal tool. Installed Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and started initial scan.Macgregor
System was running a very old version of IOS Upgrades system as follows: - OSX Sierra the - OSX High Sierra After installing High Sierra the system started working correctly and the problems that were original occurring Installed Webroot Security and ensured it is working. Albury
Installed printer and scanner on 2 computer - Test ok. Removed old printers. Installed internet security on Mac. Lansvale
Run various virus scans using different tools and removed any infections found (400, malware, pups and browser infections). Removed corrupted webroot Security. Started windows 10 update 1709. Customer will continue on it. Installed Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and started initial scan. General file and registry clean.Greenbank
Windows 10 Fall Creators update installed and activated. Kaspersky Internet Security removed. Google Chrome installed and configured. Adobe reader installed and configured. Data retrieved from USB flash memory and verified. Browser tested on alternate networks successfully, Telstra Home connection is not fast enough. Download speed around 4Mbps. Raceview
recover gmail. reset credential data install new protectionBlackburn South
Rollback graphics. Fix display brightness. Clean up and check firewall settings. Check backups.Greenfields
Norton 360 backup had used all the space on C: Drive which had left no space to work with. Had to uninstall Norton 360 suite and work with Windows Defender Security. File shredder required to delete backup files Norton had created and will take quite an amount of time. Left machine deleting files and should see quite a substantial change and get back approx 300 GB of space.Tweed Heads
Troubleshooting issues with desktop computer. System infected with malware. Run various virus scans using different tools and removed any infections found (200+, malware, pups, browser infections). General file and registry clean. Run system file checker and check disk to repair any file and HDD errors. Installed Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and run initial scan. Updated Windows 10 to the latest service pack and updates.Salisbury
Set default OS to Windows 10 Deleted extra Windows 10 boot entries via MSConfig Uninstalled Reimage Protector, Reimage Repair, Driver Update, Slimware Utilities, Slimcleaner Plus, IMVU Avatar Chat Client Installed CCleaner free edition Removed 4GB temporary files Removed redundant registry entries Created system restore pointAltona
1) Old Windows 7 PC Tower 2) Issues with Security Certificate which can only be resolved with a complete reinstall. 3) Downloaded and ran Malwarebytes and quarantined 1888 issues. 4) Installed Adwcleaner and it found 2 issues - removed. 5) Still has Safety Cert . issues. 6) Ran scanpst on 3 x Outlook.pst files which still have issues. Needs to be reinstalled. 7) Installed EasyParts as requested ok. Mansfield
ran multiple anti virus scans on computer, updated anti virus software, installed extra anti virus features for more protection.Ascot
Error: Possible virus onto the HP AIO computer. Logged onto the computer, downloaded and installed the following applications, Ran full computer scan (Removed more than 75 threats from the computer), Uninstalled unwanted applications, Repair Microsoft Office and Business 2010, Sent and Received test email (Success), Tested and verified computer operational with Jennifer, Computer working fine. Application: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Super Anti-Spyware, Adwcleaner, Trend Micro Maximum securityKingsley
Gmail emails on out not working due to less secure app. Turned on the app and started to work .Yokine
Setup PC emails Virus protection All tested workingGuildford West
General system optimization Cleaned system of 239 threats that have been missed by AVG Installed Webroot Security Removed AVGThe Gardens
New profile created and configured Old profile deleted. (Client should wait until its finished) MS Office 365 activated. Trend micro security updated. Windows 7 updates started to install Belivah
Issue: secured websites not working on Win XP PC. // Time and date fixed on pc. Browser tested successfully Sinnamon Park
gmail not working through outlook suspect outlook malfunctioning as soon as outlook connects to gmail imap server gmail is turning less secure apps off Thunderbird works first try configure outlook via pop to get emails working againPimpama
Examined system. No applications or services are installed or running that are dangerous. Checked that the installed security package is upto date & functioning. Examined startup items & services all clear of threats Malwarebytes is installed but needs to be updated. This machine is running 2008 server & should not be being used as a regular desktop machine. Ballarat
Issue: Remote application has long delay to load. =====================================// Network troubleshooting: Avast Internet security removed from two systems. Remote application tested successfully. Malwarebytes installed on two systems.Mansfield
installed Office on 2 computers. Setup virus protection. and tested Printer which is not Windows 10 compatible.West Pymble
General assistance with crypto currency information and processes General clean up computer system removing several programs known to be adware Installed & configured Webroot SecurityPort Macquarie
Installed hard disk. Configured hard disk in security camera system. Checked it is recording OK by replaying recorded camera.Mount Clear
Di-agonised the Computer Installed Malware bytes as well as Kaspersky Total Security and scanned the Computer. Removed the Games Reset Google Chrome web-browser Doubleview
- yahoo security sorted - added yahoo & gmail accounts to the ipad & iPhone - added both accounts to Windows Mail and tested ok North Sydney
1) Stopped Windows Firewall 2) Downloaded and installed Chrome and Firefox. Both worked and installed fine after firewall stopped. 3) Rebooted ok and tested browsers again. 4) Restarted Windows Firewall and browsers ok. 5) I believe Windows 10 update probably caused this issue. 6) Changed wi-fi from Public to PrivateHighgate Hill
Error: Possible trojans onto the computer. Logged onto the computer, Discussed possible issue with Britt, Removed unwanted applications (Confirmed and verified with her before deleting), Setup her basic user profile, Downloaded and installed Super Anti-Spyware, Ran computer scan and removed more than 21 Threats, Downloaded and installed Microsoft Security Essentials, Rebooted the computer more than 3 times, tested and verified computer and internet operational with her, Working fine.Morley
Intego installation was corrupt and blocked internet communication. Reinstalled security softwareHomebush Bay
cryptolocker encrypted and renamed all data on system except pictures fresh start and renamed files so client can sort through Gaven
Factory reset pc as had been hacked and pw protected. Left reset running as was taking along time as per customer request. May need to back for 2nd booking ince it tesstarts.Burleigh Waters
1st computer - Found correct password & entered it into outlook & ensured that the send / receive works correctly - General cleanup 2nd computer - installed emClient to be able to get email into the system Installed Webroot Security on both machinesPerth
Setup of a new computer Installation of MS Office and Internet Protection softwareMerrylands West
Memory checked successfully. Rootkkit detected on Windows and removed. Trojan removed. AVG Internet security package uninstalled. Malwarebytes anti malware installed. System tested for 24 hours without crashing.The Gap
Windows corruption hard drive tested fine, file integrity no issues with indexes or SIDs, windows services would crash and not take USB devices to run any tools from toolkit. Factory restoration was performed along with security updates from Microsoft.Tweed Heads West
Freshstart- windows 10 and security updates performedBanora Point
Installed anti virus and malware protection source detected via website infiltrated online, details given to source but has since blocked all credit cards. Found no penetrations on pc. Brunswick
System clean up and optimisation Found & removed just over 20 different files that have been flagged as dangerous. These files have been quarantined, and subsequently deleted by Webroot that was supplied. Some of these files flagged as dangerous have been on the machine for over 3 months, although they do not appear to have been causing any damage these files should have been detected by the Security that was installed & it should have removed them also.Modbury Heights
- Screen not working cables or secure on inside of all in one - Transferred files from old hard drive new computer - Fixed activation of office 2016 - Setup skypeCroydon
Onsite- MS mouse receiver at back of pc with many security camera cables. Moved to front of pc and tested ok. Moved Security monitor along desk. Tested Movie maker music ok.Salter Point
Removed AVG products as 1 was out of subscription & the other (Internet security) was not installed correctly Setup Windows Defender - Updated & scanned system with no threats found. - Performed general system clean up alsoTin Can Bay
1) Fixed screen issue as it was off to one side. 2) Reset Internet Explorer, now working ok. 3) Installed Google Chrome ok 4) Old PC running Vista 5) Installed Norton Security Premium as requested 6) Ran a Norton scanCarina Heights
Expired version of Trend security removed. Malwarebytes installed and 2 yrs license activated. Full scan performed and malware removed. Google chrome reconfigured. IE 11 configured for Citrix connection and login page tested. (Client needs to confirm her password with bank to use it) Secondary monitor installed and configured.Wellington Point
Performed standard virus removal using regular procedures. cleaned temp files and internet cache. Tested with full connectivity. No issues. Customer has Trend Internet Security that require licence input to return to full functionality.Banora Point
- Configured TP-Link ADSL2+ modem - Configured secure WiFi - Secured Modem and Network - General consultingWest Ryde
Uninstall reimagine program Cleared all extension in browser Installed malware bytes scanned for malware and quarantined Installed kaspersky total security and scanned for virus East Cannington
Set up wireless security systemSerpentine
McAfee trial version removed from PC. MS Office 365 removed. Norton Internet security installed. MS Office Home and Student configured on Micosoft account and started to download. Google chrome installed and configured. Google drive installed. Windows Mail configured and tested.Everton Park
Setup new system, Google drive, Printer and Scanner, copied data from old system to new, setup security camera, email signatures and email drafts. Kellyville
Remove password protection and re-install windows. Scan pc for Viruses. Run scan system files.East Ballina
-check the configuration of client's iMac10,1, OSX 10.6.8. try update google chrome and install antivirus software, but they don't support OSX10.6.8 any more; -turn on the firewall as an alternative security solution and give suggestions for secure access internet banking. -client's iMac 10,1 with OSX 10.6.8 satisfied OSX 10.8 system requirement, this upgrade would be free via Mac App Store.Eastwood
Two users created on Windows 10 Windows configured. Microsoft Office Home and student installed and activated. Norton Security installed and activated. HP Printer/Scanner Officejet Pro 6830 installed and tested. Data transferred and verified. Ascot
Installed Trend micro on multiple devices. Removed existing security packages and cleaned up infections.Algester
Macfee security firewall was blocking the internet reset firewall to defaults and internet from IE and google chrome now working ok printer tested ok Hillarys
Installed setup on PC. Connected to old PC and transferred email and documents files across and installed Office Suite and Norton Security. Also uninstalled other Antivirus program initially installed.Cremorne
Removed unwanted virus programs Removed notron add on in outlook Installed kaspersky total security Landsdale
[email protected] -> changed password [email protected] -> not changing [email protected] -> unable to change: MUST contact Sensis to have this changed AVG is installed & I have turned on Windows Defender also to provide another layer of security for the system. Installed Spamfighter free edition to assist with the Spam that is coming in Invermay
HP Envy Beats SE AIO, freezing, stuck at logon screen, diagnosed as failing HDD taking offsite for hdd upgrade. OFFSITE : Disassemble and prepare for data transfer. Installation of new SSD. Installation of Windows 10. Security and program updates. Installation of Office 2013. Restoration of email accounts. Transfer of data. Test all operation. PASS. Prepare for return to customer. ONSITE : Setup and test all operation. PASSTemplestowe
Helped fix email issue - email compromised. Spoke to Telstra - reset password - updated in email and on modem. Loaded Kaspersky Total Security & activated 2 year subscription.Flaxton
Removed the avg as well as avast internet security programs Reset google chrome browser Removed unwanted extension Refreshed the network adapter settings If problem persist recomending fresh start Yangebup
Fix imap on mobiles. Fix outlook security zones. Fix file sharing.Secret Harbour
one of the email accounts has been locked by microsoft & microsft are not even sending security code to phone for this account due to the severity of the spam being sent out changed passwords on the other 2 email addresses created new profile for outlook and configured outlook with the 2 working email addressesClontarf
reset firewall and manually assigned IP address and DNS computer connected to internet as normal basic system cleanupGuanaba
antivirus malfunctioning remove antivirus and windows functions normally install Microsoft security essentialsLabrador
Fixed firewall and network settings, setup USB Ethernet Adapter, setup printer Balnarring
- Cleaned up start up app and services - cleaned up temporary files - Removed aware apps universals driver and pccare - Ran security scan and cleaned up ad warehouse and pccareMitcham
System loaded in safe mode. Unnecessary security application removed from system (Sophos Home and McAfee Security) System restarted in normal mode and tested successfully.Taringa
Refreshed the surface pro and installed requested programs and security softwares Atwell
Task: Setup Windows 10 computer. Initiated and installed Windows 10 offsite, Setup Gavin's basic user profile, Downloaded and installed the following applications, Setup computer onsite, Print and scan Test page (Success), Sent and Received test email (Success), Tested and verified computer operational with Gavin, Working fine. Application: JAVA, Acrobat Reader, 7ZIP, VLC Media Player, HP Photosmart Drivers, Trend Micro Security, Microsoft office 365 HomeSouth Perth
Cleaned computer. Removed McAfee. Enabled inbuilt AV and checked firewall.Halls Head
New PC installed and connected to WLAN. MS account configured. MS Office 365 installed and activated. McAfee Trial version removed. Trend Micro Maximum security installed and activated. Trend Micro configured and activated on smart phone. Epson Printer / Scanner installed and tested. MS Outlook email account configured and tested. Upper Mount Gravatt
Setting up computer in new place and made sure it's starting up and connecting to the internet. This is a Windows VISTA computer with limited security, customer is aware of this.Marsden
HDD crash - replaced HDD & restored from Shadow Protect volume backup. All workingMaroochydore
windows was freshly install. installed internet security 360 also added protection extention to browser. email contact unable to recover due to pst files over written.Burwood
Issue: too slow browser. -------------------------------------// AVG free antivirus removed. Malwarebytes trial removed. Startup services fixed. AVG internet security downloaded and installed. AVG internet security activated. Web browsers tested successfully. Clayfield
Wifi printer installed Tried to fix security system but is missing a cable to connect to the mais routerBenowa