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Attached key back to keyboard. Install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Removed software, install Microsoft Security Essentials, update and scan. Fix Windows Update. Check hard disk health - 99%Arundel
gmail account wanted browser verification to allow access to emails for some reason and as client is using outlook 2007 it just threw an error enabled less secure apps installed Thunderbird which has the browser to authorize account and outlook worked as normalMermaid Waters
Backed up user data and factory reset machine. Reloaded User data and general software setup. Downloading Office365 and security camera software over night. Returning to site 20/19/18 to check on completion.Carindale
Enable access for less secure apps in Google account. Remove and readd gmail account to Windows Live Mail. Disconnect phone from wifi and reconnect, download emails. Discuss 2 factor authentication.Mermaid Waters
installed firefox as internet explorer on windows xp was discontinued long ago and the security certificates were causing issuesMain Beach
Problem is that the 3TB hdd is reporting only as 3GB! Drive is also encrypted so cannot do much with it as customer does not know password.. Drive is under warranty so customer will get it replaced. Customer also has 1TB which looks to be on its way out. Found driver for Corsair cooling system missing. Installed driver correctly. Loganlea
Fixed Camera (swann security software on PC)Caversham
Check hard disk health - 100%. Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Run System File Checker. Disable Trend Micro antivirus, system responds and doesn't freeze. Uninstall Trend, install Microsoft Security Essentials. Reset Windows Update.Upper Coomera
Examine system Found & removed files that should be PDF but end in hidden EXE - this indicated attempted attacks on the clients machine. Examined the email and believe it to be a hoax to scare people into sending bitcoin to the sender. Installed Webroot Security & the scanning found multiple threats in the downloaded mail attachments - these have been removed.Burleigh Heads
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Unable to access computer. User password does not allow access. Took computer off site. Booted from Linux Distro. Recovered User Profile. Formatted hard drive. Installed Windows, system drivers, and other required software. Restored user profile. Tested OK. Checked USB Flash drives for malware. All OK. Unable to access encrypted external hard drive without correct password. Returned hardware to client. Closing. Greenacres
Updated Drivers and uninstalled Telstra's anti virus and left AVG internet security.Duncraig
Suspect issue with the adapter replaced with new and pc working updated the software itunes; chrome checked security Scarborough
Adjusted security settings on network share, added everyone user group to it. Tested connection to the share, mapped shared folder. Looked at kvm options, setup remote desktop connection to other PC, added short cut to it on desktopFrankston
Inspected iphone and iPad apps in question (garage band, uber pages) are normal app store apps Client is being accused of sending encrypted messages and spying on someone who claims they have proof I suspect if anything they are looking at metadata of images and messages and dont understand what they are looking at Accusations are absolutly insane I dont know how else to put itBiggera Waters
data has been secured from Macbook pro. bcoz of liquid spill screen is still off, customer chose to look into it later. printer reinstalled over correct network.Stirling
Replaced the HDD with a SSD and installed Windows 10 home. Also installed MS Office 2016 and Avira security.Harrison
Map network drive, remove password protected sharing. Test opening MYOB file over the network. Run Disk Cleanup, run Malwarebytes, update Antivirus.Southport
Install new router Setup WiFi Password protected Fairfield
Removed bitlocker prompt through recovery key on Microsoft Account. Deleted Ngf folder to reset security credentials for Windows login. Logged in and working OK. Milperra
Windows password unable to be reset. Drive encrypted with Bitlocker, Decrypt drive to get Windows product and save data. Re-partition and format drive. Re-install Windows and copy data back. Install updates and confirm correct operation.Chelmer
Customer visited, device inspected; after some light configuration the device was able to connect via wi-fi/bluetooth but not via USB. Brief inspection revealed a security block that was stopping certain programs from accurately programs. Once the correct information was sourced and each component accurately configured, the device was successfully restored to its functioning condition.Garbutt
Customer visited, device inspected. Abdul was contacted on-site and using screen sharing the network was accurately reconfigured with the local network, intranet, vpn, firewall and all appropriate aspects of the current extended network.Kirwan
Check internet connection. Set up modem with PPPOE login and password. Test internet on Mac - OK. Troubleshoot internet on Windows, reset DHCP. Check modem, switch and wifi function - OK. Set up port forward for security camera. Static local IP for security camera. Check teamviewer - OK. Biggera Waters
Imported contact list Solved issue with logIn name Checked the security and performed scans Installed app on iPad Thornlie
Diagnosed issue, cryptsvc service was playing up as the establishing a secure connection was always slowing down the sites. Changed the log on tab section to Local accountBracken Ridge
corrected drive letters, removed e drive as is for hidden system partition. Deleted g drive and extended c drive by 700mb. Uninstalled Microsoft security essentials. Installed avast free and most recent nvidia display card drivers. Cleaned up windows/temp folder and user app data temp folder. Corrected windows update error. Updated and ran scan with malwarebytes. Removed extensions from chromeDromana
Installed eMClient to to work with new email address. Removed unwanted programs and optimized startup items & processes. Performed security checkup also.Boothendarra
configured Email in one of the accounts changed windows security re-insatlled printer tested and updated the softwre Woodvale
Removed Malware infections (18). Performed system cleanup of registry keys, temporary internet files, unnecessary startup items, applications and services. Cleaned Google Chrome and reset browser and removed all unnecessary browser extensions. Installed IBM Trusteer Rapport Endpoint Protection. Brighton-Le-Sands
Removed panel to inspect for damage found frame alignment issue, replaced and secured, installed malware malbytes, running disk check and sfc scannow functions, removed certain malware programs.Keilor East
Issue was with update in security with google chrome Reset chrome Migrated chrome data Gosnells
Email settings reset, 2 way step security added to hotmail account. all set and working fine.Aberfoyle Park
Removed video card, replaced video cable as both were dead. Uninstalled ati software and microsoft security essentials. Installed sync toy setup folder pairings, ran backup. Scheduled chkdsk as PC randomly blue screening. Bittern
removed avg cancelled autorenew installed security essentials and cleaned up systemCoombabah
reset all email password after security issue setup printer via wifiMermaid Waters
Diagnosed the website, disabled all firewall from pc, tested on another device, issue still pops up, have raised a ticket with Optus but possible host provider. Possibly host provider, or Optus. Griffin
Loose cable connection Harddisk reseat Secure boot setting change Davoren Park
windows password had not been changed, it was the original one. His email password had been changed and less secure apps required activating again to get windows live mail working. all working mail coming through,Mount Mellum
Connected iPad to Telstra wireless 4G dongle. Logged in to apple account. Unlocked iPad. Reset apple security questions. Guided on how to do a few things.Springvale
Created Norton account and installed Norton security software Recovered Microsoft account and dowloaded Office 365North Parramatta
Issue: Dell All-in-One PC keeps crashing and running too slow. =======================================// BSOD log checked and fault found on Wireless driver. Wireless driver fresh installed and configured. Two different anti virus was installed on the system. Trend Micro security removed from system. Computer tested successfully. If Wireless keeps crashing external wireless should be installed but it's not required at this stage. Woolloongabba
Helped configure email program correctly & email are now coming in & can be sent out. Removed MacKeeper. Performed general system clean up. Installed & Ran Webroot Security - Quarantined & removed over 15 threats.Port Macquarie
Repaired network connection to iMac, added security to hotmail account, added email account to ipadSippy Downs
Reinstalled office and Norton security and set old files saved by Harvey Norman to an archive out to the place they were meant to be Terrigal
Set up of dual monitor checked the software installed security program (defender for 7) checked the disk for performance Forrestfield
second pc (performed a data back up) cleared and tweeked the pc for performance tested the security if client has same issue have to perform fresh startHeathridge
removed few unwanted programs update the security updated the Myob needs to set up a back up to the pc East Fremantle
Diagnosed pc, removed all hacker tools such as supremo and teamviewer to access pc. Installed Malwarebytes for security. Cleaned up system by disabling unwanted programs and uninstalling unwanted/unused programs.Kallangur
fresh start after scam phone called system cleaned up upto date security installed on system (Windows Defender)Runaway Bay
Diagnosed pc, there is no publisher installed, suggested to use "" to convert and see the publisher file. Also, "PDFescape" to edit PDF files (has trial for number of days). Removed unused programs on pc, did a disk cleanup to increase speeds. Checked antivirus software. Installed security program, Avast and Malwarebytes to clean up pc more.Mango Hill
Found that the main cause of the problem is that Google is blocking insecure apps. Once the "Allow Insecure Apps" was turned on emails started functioning again.Bellevue Hill
Entered new activation for Kaspersky Total Security. Updated router to the latest firmware. Connection issues could be related to the wireless broadband modem/router losing connection or having a fault - needs to replaced in that case it has a fault.Capalaba
Configured new Windows 10 build 1803. Setup Norton security. Updated and functioning. Customer requires new Office 365 subscription.Pottsville
Changed security setting in Outlook to send disable Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages. Received email in question has multiple .. in file name and Outlook blocked access, opened file attachment in webmail.Southport
Remove bottom casing and re-locate power plug securing lugs. Confirm correct operation. Install Citrix update and confirm correct operation.Hendra
Open email hyperlink in Chrome, Mozilla and IE. Page keeps loading. Setup email account on phone. Install DocuSign App on phone. Reset DocuSign password, login and sign document. Clear internet temporary files and cache, open email hyperlink in Mozilla, link opens and document is displayed. Make Mozilla default browser. Create Bookmark to DocuSign login. Test hyperlink from email. Install Microsoft Security Essentials.Oxenford
Helped install scanner software, installed Kaspersky Total Security and activated 2 year subscriptionNoosaville
Checked all email settings on 2 of the computes and the accounts are secure and configured correctly. I saw the email that was received by the clients customer. The "hacker" has replicated the clients domain with only 1 letter different. How the hackers got hold of the original email to manipulate it with different bank details is still unknown.Arundel
Fixed Outlook .PST file via SCANPST.EXE. Corrected a send/receive error due to a single email address AdwCleaner scan found 80 errors, cleaned and rebooted. This also removed whatever antivirus was currently installed. Installed TrendMicro Internet Security, a product key was already present. Increased space for restore points and created a new restore point. Checked Windows Updates. Fixed iTunes error via update.Seacombe Gardens
Multiple AV packages installed. All AV is corrupted, removed AVG and AVAST and run remnant removal tools to make sure nothing is left. Run virus scans and removed any infections found (600+, pups, malware, browser infections,....). General file cleanup and registry clean. Run system file checker and check disk to repair any file and HDD errors. Installed Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and run initial scan. Springfield
Troubleshoot issue, repair office, reinstall office, remove AVG Free, install Microsoft Security Essentials. Word documents files in question are corrupt. Need to recreate files.Helensvale
Disabled Webroot Security From Old Computer Installed Webroot Security On New Computer -> ensured webroot is communicating with the security console. Shared the folder "New Scans" that Bryce has created so he can configure the Canon MFC to scan to the shared folderMittagong
Confirmed that yahoo account password is correct Found that Yahoo is having problems with the Profile page In Yahoo the email is set to allow insecure apps to connect Outlook is configured correctly Installed eMclient (email program) and now the emails work with no errors or problems Set eMclient as the default email program & helped Carl create a signature for his email.Glenmore Park
Diagnosed computer, had many programs running, disabled them and helped with keeping files secure.Deception Bay
Checked all settings in Windows Mail & they all look correct. Enabled less secure apps in the Gmail account & this rectified the problem & now emails have now come in to Windows Mail For the 2nd email address, Client reentered the email address password and this is now working & emails have come in. Mindarie
In Google settings allowed less secure apps to access your account as this setting was stopping Windows Live Mail from working. Allowed Windows Live Mail to synchronise with Gmail Tested Windows Live Mail by sending & receiving emails.Cooloongup
Installed printer Installed security Configured outlook Set up drop box Changed the settings in outlookEast Victoria Park
enabled less secure apps and emails worked as normalRunaway Bay
Neischea had purchased a new Webroot Security CONSUMER license from the Webroot US Store. Removed the Webroot that was installed by me on the: 2016-09-09, inv: 159083. Installed & activated the Webroot product that was purchased today. Yanchep
Onedrive settings fixed and started to backup. Unnecessary application removed. McAfee expired security removed. (Client going to install TrendMicro) Pictures moved to External HDD. Browser configured and tested. Stafford
Email account is hosted by Gmail In Google Account Settings enabled access by insecure applications Setup Outlook with the new email address Also assisted with instruction on how to setup email in iPad and iPhone.Padbury
Fixed desktop icons restored. Removed Teamviewer as requested. installed Malwarebytes, removed 400+ infections Ran AV scan - all ok. Removed unwanted game notifier app. Checked Windows firewall ok. Browns Plains
enabled less secure apps on gmail and configured app passwords for icloud both email accounts working normally removed multiple driver programsArundel
OSX is quite old & has not upgraded This means that Safari doesnt meet security requirements for outlook to allow logging in. Installed Google Chrome & was able to log into account 1st time Albion Park
Replaced hard drive due to old seagate failing SMART error reporting notified of occurring error Imaged hard drive to new hard drive (this took 5hours to complete) Uninstalled various programs - mindspark, and driver update software (malware type programs) Removed microsoft security essentials, installed avast free antivirus Installed veeam backup software, created boot able media. Created backup schedule - weekdays at 4pm. Ran Full backupMornington
Reset bios, with battery and sequence system checked discovered security issues on bios settings, resolved with sfc scannow no further issues reported. installed avg antivirus software. Northcote
Cleared passwords, booted into safe mode, recovered files from recycle bin on external hard drive to original location Copied Documents, Pictures, Music, OneDrive folders to Backup folder on ext. hard drive Replaced HDD with SSD Installed Windows 10 Build 1803 from UEFI USB installer to SSD Ran Windows Update until fully patched Installed Classic Shell start menu Installed Adobe Acrobat DC Reader Installed TrendMicro Internet Security antivirus with 12-month subscription Balhannah
installed trend Maximum security on 2 devices, Configured and scanned. Helensvale
New HDD 1TB installed on iMac. Windows 7 Pro installed and activated. MS Office 2016 installed and activated. MS Outlook account configured and tested. Old Data file imported and verified. Data File copied to USB Flash memory. Microsoft account secured. Kedron
Kaspersky Internet Security fresh installed and activated. password reset and configured. Gmail password could not be reset. Now gmail account created and configured on browser. Woodridge
removed norton and system functioned as normally installed security essentials and disabled norton auto renew for clientHelensvale
Checked that Mac has no unusual programs installed Uninstalled programs not used anymore or programs that are Barry is not aware of. Performed general clean up of Mac Performed hard disk verification - all ok Installed security and ensured that it is running Enabled in depth scan and first scan found several adware infections but no trojans or malware. ** Payment will be made once new c/card arrives ** Miners Rest
Windows Surface Pro won't turn on as of yesterday. - Simultaneous press of power button + volume down rectified problem - Installed Classic Shell start menu - Installed Trend Micro Internet Security with 12 month subscription icnludedFrewville
Factory reset and install Mac OS on encryption locked MacBook Air. Pimpama
Receipt printer is configured to work with the POS Optus modern is configured with Touch POS software is trying to reach It's nothing wrong with the modem, printer but the touch POS. You need to purchase new version of POS or contact the old company. Changing the IP address inside Optus modern might affect other services such as security camera etc.Fortitude Valley
Lenovo All-in-One PC Windows reset to factory settings. Windows latest updates installed. Adobe acrobat installed. Google chrome installed and configured. Trendmicro Maximum security installed and activated. Epson XP-220 printer/scanner installed and tested. Wooloowin
Surface Pro Configured. Data transferred and verified. MS Office 365 configured. MS Outlook profile configured and tested. Data file added. Epson Printer / Scanner installed and tested. Surface pro connected to external monitor / keyboard and mouse. Buetooth mouse and pen connected. Norton security installed and activated. One drive account configured. Fortitude Valley
Samsung tablet locked with Bitlocker encryption- no code availabile Deleted Windows partition on hard drive Installed Windows 10 version 1709 tested okAltona North
I investigated the issues on two Surface Pros. After trying with some solutions, I could activate Office2016 on one of Surface Pros. Another surface Pro had Malware and Virus issue and I suggested to do a reset to factory setting. I performed it but hard disk was encrypted by Bitlocker. Finally, I could fix the issue by installing the OS from scratch.Turramurra
Configured Router Firewall setting to accept outbound ports for DVR and internal system.Richmond
Connect iPad to wifi network and open security app, check cameras appear. Factory reset HEOS sound bar and subwoofer and connect to wifi network, run firmware update, group devices and test sound through TV, playing though soundbar OK but not through subwoofer as well. Play back through phone and it plays through both devices. Troubleshoot for some time. Client will get TV tech to check the playback through both via the TV.Clear Island Waters
Helped check PC - ran a malware check - all ok. Checked hard drives - all good. Checked printer - updated software. Loaded Kaspersky Total Security & activated 2 year subscription. Internet slow - could be modem or package - client to investigate. 5MBPS download. Twin Waters
Examined system & Webroot Console - Found no detection or blocks by webroot security - Set Webroot to Unmanaged and the problem still occurres Totally removed iTunes - Restarted the computer - Reinstalled iTunes and now the phone is detected and backup of iPhone was successful.Yorketown
HDD had a crash November last year. Run check disk again, couldn真真真真真真真真真t find any more damaged clusters. Run various virus scans using different tools and removed any infections found (500+ - malware, adware, pups and browser infections). Removed a number of programs including corrupted Microsoft Security Essential. Installed Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and run a full scan.Stretton
Removed McAfee Secure access, removed 5 viruses, hard drive and stress test passed. Installed wireless adaptor. As in built wifi faulty, client now can connect to internetBuderim
ran security scans on 2 system both came up 100% clean basic system cleanup and setup ublock on google chromeUpper Coomera
Held the power button for 10+ seconds. Cleaned up system, started defrag and disabled, installed avast for security.Kippa-Ring
AVG Free removed. Norton Internet Security (Not activated version) removed. Driver update removed. Malwarebytes full scan performed and 10 suspicious items removed. Browser settings fixed. Java fresh installed and verified. System tested successfully.Acacia Ridge
HP Compac 8000 PC windows 7 pro fresh installed. Windows 7 pro activated. Windows upgraded to 10 and latest updates installed. Data verified on second HDD. Adobe reader installed . Google chrome installed and configured. Libre Office installed. Avast Internet Security installed and activated.Upper Mount Gravatt
Found that the ASUS security program is causing the problem with MS Office not being able to save. Removed this program by using Revouninstaller. Set default location for Document, Music, Download, Videos to be on the "d"drive as c drive is getting close to full after a restart the Office Docs are saving correctly Also removed software for the canon device no longer used / available for use.Gundaroo