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Recent internet/wireless security related services

Fixed issues with browser and internet. Uninstalled unnecessary programs that are not needed on pc. Cleaned startup programs so computer runs quicker. Installrd adblocker in browser. Converted browser to google chrome from ie for a better experience. Uninstalled old antivirus that are out of date and installed Kaspersky Security. Kaspersky key: 4GF12-AFPMH-A3RMS-6EPTNRegents Park
Turned on less secure app in gmail Checked settings Provide client a solution if similar issues happens Huntingdale
Refreshed pc Scanned and transferred possible data Updated the pc Installed security Orelia
Changed the settings In network Checked the secure app settings in gmails Bedford
removed extensions from chrome Uninstalled avast secure browser Cleaned up temp folders Removed notifications from chrome Mornington
Outlook was not syncing with g suite Turned off 2FA per clients request. Less secure app access enabled on all accounts to allow proper access for g suite through Office Outlook 365. Tested multiple launches of Outlook no longer asking for password and login repeatedly. Client is satisfied we have resolved the issue we were called out to fix. Client has no further questions. Mount Warren Park
Found tpg configuration incorrect reset, reset windows drivers for lan and wifi and secured internet wifi as network was open. Kensington
One computer had no internet access at all Reset all network settings cleaned up computer and ran various security scans and cleaned up both computers. Client called Telstra to resolve internet drop out issues, client confirmed they have now been resolved. Client needs to repurchase Microsoft Office and will go to local retailer to organise this themself. Client confirmed everything is now working the way they want on both computers and have no further questions. Eagleby
Helped to make sure gmail account and outlook is secure. Checked system and updated antivirus for better protection. Kaspersky key 1: XYXJ6-J2NVK-3RWEF-JW91C Kaspersky key 2: 4HK5E-Z98RE-2VDRY-K6ZDNUpper Mount Gravatt
Setup network connection. Reset modem and router. Install anti virus, firewall and identity protection.Holland Park West
Strange issue with outlook and gmail. Even though password was correct it failed to log in. Changed google password. Still no go. Found google setting "use less secure Apps" had been turned off. Installed Malwarebytes found 300 PUPS. Installed AVG. St Lucia
Examination of Ransomware affected Server - Liaise with Virus protection program support teams & was able to define that the ransomware is currently not decryptable using 3rd party tools. As a last resort the ability to liaise with the hackers that performed this on the server, pay the ransom in bitcoin & if they hackers provide a decryption tool will run the decryption tool on the server & if possible decrypt the data required.Airport West
Run virus scans and removed any infections found (400+, malware, pups and browser infections). Removed AVG free and run removal tool to remove any remnants of the program. Removed various other programs, infections. General file and registry clean. Run check disk and system file checker to repair any file and HDD errors. Installed Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and run initial scan. Windows10 updates were missing.Carindale
Checked settings according to Vodafone, run a repair on Outlook to make sure it真真真真s not an application fault. Reset email settings. Changed to secure settings using ssl/tls setting and sending emails started to work.Meadowbrook
Remove unwanted software. Update malware protection. Remove malware. Install Thunderbird and OpenOffice. Set up two email accounts on Thunderbird. Arundel
Found Avast Secureline VPON causing issues with some web sites. Disabled VPN and stopped auto running. Moved documents, pictures and videos to 2nd G: drive as C: drive very low on space. New Farm
Updated Symantec Norton AV Security Updated virus destinations. Run full scan on the PC. Note: Client requested invoice to be mailed to her. Earlwood
Multiple accounts across multiple devices detected Recovered an IPad and an iPhone 7 .... MacBook Pro has an encrypted Hard disk, can真t access it and can真t change it, hardware change requested to client ....Bayswater
Sound operational, checked system utility found no issues, openeded device found two hinge screws detached resecured the screws with adhesive, hinge screws are non essential middle support, checked mainframe found no hinge fatigue issues. Checked sfc and disk utility found all operational removed steam and downloaded antivirus in downloads. Carlton
Adjust modem NAT settings. Adjust firewall settings. Coomera
Dear Mr and Mrs Hunter: Thank you for the Coffee :) Hard disk is fine, optimisation and security related issues found, caused by a Worm posing as a Firefox link. .... Solution : Optimised storage + Data Security related consultancy + Best practices discussion Bayswater
suspect eset was blocking the chrome installer as while eset was running it would not allow chrome to install but as son as i stopped esets protection chrome installed as normal reinstalled eset and chrome continues to work as normalPalm Beach
Enabled: Connect To Less Secure Apps in the Google Account & this allowed the emails to come into Outlook correctly. Wangaratta
Found out that gmail account was suspected of hacking and it was recovered and password changed. Tried changing password on in Outlook, failed to login. Discovered that gmail less secure devices has been turned off. Turned allow less secure apps "ON". Outlook now logs in OK. New email arrived. Removed unwanted programs. Ran addware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Checked anti virus. Removed windows login password. Wendouree
Located MS Outlook, pinned to taksbar & put short cut on desktop Attempted to setup email account but failed on password authentication. Logged into GMail account - examined security notifications - enable less secure application connections (so Outlook can connect to gmail) Setup email account in Outlook again and emails came in with no problemsAlice Springs
Adjusted network settings. Connect printer to MacBook Air. Set up iMac to scan. Remove unwanted antivirus software. Install malware protection and run scan. Surfers Paradise
Ensured security is up to date and functioning correctly. Reset Google Chrome & removed the unwanted / unneeded extensions. Installed ADBlock Genesis for Google Chrome.. Disabled several startup apps that are no longer needed. GeekMobile minimum fee chargeableThe Gardens
Security DVR faulty and internet in backup mode running at 12kbps for a cable connection Client is going to contact telstea and go from thereBiggera Waters
client was concerned that battery would not fully charge but that is a feature designed to protect the lifespan of the batteryPimpama
Emails not working due to less secure app and Gmail forcing to use Gsuite. Setup emails via Gsuite and started to work. Printer stopped working due to change in IP range with new NBN router. Updated the IP address on the printer and re added. Tested and working fine.Scarborough
SFC Scan - Found and fixed Windows Corruption Checked Hard drive for faults - None Found Disabled Virus protection to allow Windows Updates Downloaded & Installed Latest Windows 10 Updates and Virus definitions Re-Enabled Internet Security ProtectionNew Farm
Diagnose McAfee program corruption. Uninstall McAfee. Install Zone Alarm firewall and anti virus. Re-install Windows mail. Setup mail account in Outlook. Check Excel and Word functioning correctly.Springfield Lakes
System tested for malware. 19 malwares removed. Google chrome re-installed and configured. AVG Internet Security re installed and activated. System is safe for internet banking. Newtown
Server and backup disks encrypted and unable to recover. Check alternate server and other PCs have not been hacked. Advise about future prevention of hacking.Rocklea
Replace PSu with new. Removed HDD, created disk image and cloned to new 240 GB SSD. Replaced in PC, booted OK. Downloaded latest Windows 10 ISO, updated Win 7 to Win 10 and ran Windows Updates until fully patched. AdwCleaner found a small number of issues, cleaned. Removed a number of ant-virus products, driver advisors, Ccleaner, Malwarebytes etc and installed TrendMicro Internet Security with 12 months complimentary subscription. Re-initialised the now redundant HDD as clean D: driveFlagstaff Hill
Cleaned up windows, McAfee blocks Google Chrome, mentioned if happens again, change security software. Disabled startup programs, and did a disk cleanup.Narangba
Recover Microsoft Account, reset password, update account security details. Create new Gmail account. Install printer - test printing/scanning, install printer on iPad - test printing/scanning. Remove software. Install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Check Windows Updates.Pimpama
Help turned firewall on mcafeeGreensborough
authenticated gmail with thunderbird as live mail does not support security mesure reenabled lesss secure apps and live mail works again clients internet is very slow for an NBN connection she is going to contact TPG as she is getting 2.9MbitsMermaid Waters
Windows Live Mail: [email protected] - Reset Google account password - In Google account enabled the less secure apps feature. - Put new Google account password into Windows Live Mail - Confirmed that the gmail account is working correctly Assisted with getting the iPad unlocked using the Apple ID & Apple PasswordTwin Waters
Computer is infected by Grabgarbage 5.0.4 ransomware which is unable to be decrypted at this time. Instructed customer to backup all encrypted files and wait for a decryption tool to be released. Asked customer to call back in 6 months time.Bayswater North
Supplied and activated the Security key 5D185-1FXHH-SD8HV-7RT8S Installed and scanned malware bytes Clarkson
Examined system & witnessed the fault myself. Using the Trend Micro Diagnostic Uninstaller I removed the installed version Restarted the computer Logged into the Trend Micro online account Downloaded the correct product from TrendMicro Installed & updated the Trend Security Restarted the system & confirmed that the expiry date is showing.Newcastle
Kaspersky info box on screen reports that the Webcam has been blocked. - In the Kaspersky settings I found the Webcam security feature & turned off the "Disable all" webcam settings & set Kaspersky to alert when the webcam is being used.Wanniassa
Replaced keyboard. Fixed issue with touch pad driver. Checked Windows update. AdwCleaner scan found 2 minor issues. Installed Trend Micro Internet Security 30 day trial.Netherby
Internet was working but the issue was the emails not working on Outlook because the less secure app was turned on at Gmail. Turned off the less secure app and started to work. Duncraig
Set firewall security level to private network to fix RDP issues. Set up security cameras to be accessible from local network. Coomera
Adjust security settings and imap settings on Gmail. Add gmail account to outlook. Test sending and receiving through myob. Oxenford
Network Management: Map network drives of all PCs Configuration changes to Computer names Configuration changes to Network Security and access to mapped drives Slow PC taken off site to inspect and make fasterAnnerley
- Customer is unable to click on a Google search link as it goes through - Tried to disable Windows firewall and Trend Micro - Tried to reset winsock - Found the HOSTS file to contain hundreds of websites that was blocked - Reset the HOSTS file back to default - Re-installed Trend Micro Internet Security - Reset Windows passwordFairfield
Windows Mail is not working & freezing - Installed eMclient & activated with free license - Configured with: [email protected] - Tested OK Standard GMail IMAP settings - Configured with: [email protected] - Tested - OK Inbound & outbound mail servers: secure.emailsrvr.comRoseville Chase
Reset secure app access Scanned and cleared MalwareRobertson
- Tried to repair Office 365 - Activated Trend Micro - Updated permissions for Temp folder - Updated Security and Trust settings in WordBlacktown
Another Norton Security blitzing the hard drive :-( Reinstalled os Data lost and couldn't be recovered. Client not happy with Norton or Harvey Norman for pushing the product. Wish she'd stayed with AVGPort Macquarie
Check email security message from Microsoft. Uninstall AVG. Reset password for MS Account foe Skype, login with correct Skype account. Change default email font, update email account name and user account nameAshmore
Setup security cameras on pc Could not get working on phoneBayswater
Install norton security on iMac. Change wifi password. Install antivirus on two android phones. Tamborine
Installed VPN Security on 3 devices. Installed Norton Premium on 4 devices. Have removed Mcafee Have fixed few other Computer problemsHallett Cove
Suspected Malware attack Uninstalled the Operating System - Windows 7 Reinstalled latest and better Windows 10 Data back up - just files and pictures Reinstalled MS office Installed Westpac真s Trusteer Rapport to protect Nasura
Diagnosed the desktop, found the hdd to be faulty, needed to replace to protect data. Replaced hdd to SSD. Installed Windows 10 on it and copied over data.Elimbah
Diagnosed pc, refreshed the dns on the computer for the internet. Restarted both pc and modem. All okay, tested by doing several restarts and resolving malware on pc. Installed Avast for protection.Bribie Island
Reset modem and turn on firewall security . Lalor
Documented network patch panel. Reconnected all TVs through cable. Reconnected NVR security cams. Reconfigured Gmail on outlookBrighton
Setup NBN Router with increased security. Cleaned PC and installed Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Investigated WiFi card fault. Intermittent so suggested purchasing a USB WiFi Dongle.Port Macquarie
Installed and scanned both the pc with malwarebytes as well as trend micro Cordinated with hosting and changed the passwords of all information Informed the client about website security Informed As well as changed with help of hosting people the contact email adresss in clients website Henderson
Check computers for malware and security updates. Remove expired AV.Ravenswood
Turned on access to kess secure appsAmiens
Cleaning up email accounts. Removing various programs and running virus scans and removed any infections found. Installing Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and started initial scan.Waterford West
Customer allowed me to visit site on Wednesday night to discuss what happened and what I would attempt to do to fix the computer. Discussed possible security issues with network. Collected computer to be fixed offsite.Yarrabilba
Removed software, reset TCPIP stack, reboot, test internet connectivity, run dism tool, check hard disk health - 100%. Install Malwarebytes and scan, run Windows Updates, enable access for less secure apps in gmail, reset gmail password, update Outlook with new password, test sending/receiving email.Arundel
HP Z400 i7 + 16 GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Removed video card and RAM, reseated both, now video and Windows all good. Checked out computer, AdwCleaner removed a small number of issues, turned on system restore points and created a new one, removed AVG Free, installed Trend Micro Internet Security. Installed Classic Shell start menuMount Barker
Examined gMail accounts & found security notifications - Changed passwords in both gmail accounts Installed eMclient & configured with both gmail accounts Configured Kaspersky to allow eMclient to function correctlyTuncurry
Removed Norton Internet Security Ensured Webroot Security is running latest version and is reporting back to the security console correctly Installed latest drivers for: - Intel Motherboard - Intel WiFi - Intel Graphics Card - nVidia Graphics Card Optimized start up items & services Removed over 25gb of temp & trash files Removed over 30 non working shortcuts Ensured games are running well after the videocard driver updates Bairnsdale
Chrome & Firefox are installed Opening the link in the email opens FireFox (this shows that FireFox is default browser). The website is flagged as insecure by browser. - Attempted to login through Firefox but error message comes up. Opened chrome, opened required site in chrome & was able to login with no problems. Set Google Chrome to be the default browser & retested that Chrome opened as the default browser & the login to the website worked correctly.White Gum Valley
Restarted the modem Restarted computer checked for security Scanned the pc using essentials Kingsley
Cleaned up computer, run virus scans and removed all infections found (600+, pups, malware and browser infections). Removed any installed security software, corrupted and not working - see infections. Run speed test, connection to isp is very slow and unstable. Customer needs to ring isp and ask for a line check and check the modem.Upper Mount Gravatt
TrendMicro Security is NOT installed TrendMicro Password Manager is installed Using the TrendMicro uninstaller removed the product(s) installed & even through this process it was reported that only the Password Manager is installed. ADWcleaner found & removed 14 threats Downloaded & installed the licensed TrendMicro product. Checked all running applications, services & scheduled tasks - noting found to be abnormalJimboomba
Update security. General system check.Hendra
Installed TrendMicro Security - Registered with serial number from packaging - Activated with current TrendMicros account - Commenced a full scan on systemAbbotsford
Enable insecure application in Google security so that Outlook can connect to gmail. Setup gmail account in Outlook Set gmail account to be the default email address Removed the old email address as it is not working at all. Sent the emails in the outbox out through the new gmail address Sent a test from MYOB - emailed an invoice directly from Myob through Outlook successfully.Yarrawonga
Fixed window boot with windows USB. Installed malware protector and ran a scan found a lot of malware and viruses. Cleaned them off and did a defrag.Bunya
Installed printer on new pc, transferred files. Installed trend security. Setup google Chrome connected bookmarks through devices. Changed wifi password.North Lakes
Clean cpu fan and chassis fan, cable was hitting fan making noise and causing failure, cable tie cables. Boot PC to Windows, remove software, install Microsoft Security Essentials.Upper Coomera
Removed Norton Internet Security (removal tool) and installed BullGuard security. Setting up various programs and accounts. Starting updates on windows 10. Major service packs are missing. Unable to setup MS Office, customer needs to get copy from work.Calamvale
Client pc was booting to in-accessible boot Tried restarted was booting to Lenovo logo only Contacted Lenovo for support Booted using Lenovo recovery tried refreshing without losing files pc crashed Tried second time with out data and pc booted successfully Updated the pc installed trail version of security softwares Joondalup
removed AVG and AVG secure browser set chrome as default browser and icons on desktop functioned as normal reconfigured printer on network and printer functioned as normalAshmore
Use zip tie to secure power switch. Confirm correct operation of switch.Coorparoo
Install applications. Check security. Delete unwanted applications. Download photos from Google Drive. Southport
Helped change mode from Tablet to Desktop in settings. Ran a malware check and removal process. Ran a ccleaner cleanup to remove temporary files etc. Checked Avast security - all secure and working. Removed audio narrator guidance. Eumundi
Show hidden folders changed the settings Performed a deep scan and checked the firewall Dell pc checked for errors (nothing found) Performed a quick scan Advise the client to perform a full scan and back up data Woodvale
Helped read external media. Problem with HP security software blocking devices. All workingNoosaville
Reset he Network to factory setting s Changed google chrome less secure app access Melville
Attached key back to keyboard. Install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Removed software, install Microsoft Security Essentials, update and scan. Fix Windows Update. Check hard disk health - 99%Arundel
gmail account wanted browser verification to allow access to emails for some reason and as client is using outlook 2007 it just threw an error enabled less secure apps installed Thunderbird which has the browser to authorize account and outlook worked as normalMermaid Waters
Backed up user data and factory reset machine. Reloaded User data and general software setup. Downloading Office365 and security camera software over night. Returning to site 20/19/18 to check on completion.Carindale
Enable access for less secure apps in Google account. Remove and readd gmail account to Windows Live Mail. Disconnect phone from wifi and reconnect, download emails. Discuss 2 factor authentication.Mermaid Waters
installed firefox as internet explorer on windows xp was discontinued long ago and the security certificates were causing issuesMain Beach
Problem is that the 3TB hdd is reporting only as 3GB! Drive is also encrypted so cannot do much with it as customer does not know password.. Drive is under warranty so customer will get it replaced. Customer also has 1TB which looks to be on its way out. Found driver for Corsair cooling system missing. Installed driver correctly. Loganlea
Fixed Camera (swann security software on PC)Caversham
Check hard disk health - 100%. Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Run System File Checker. Disable Trend Micro antivirus, system responds and doesn't freeze. Uninstall Trend, install Microsoft Security Essentials. Reset Windows Update.Upper Coomera