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mobile laptop repair Whether you accidentally spilled some fluid on your keyboard or dropped your laptop, at geekmobile, we have seen it all and replace keyboards and broken laptop screens on a regular basis.  We are happy to assist with repair quotes that may be required for an insurance claim or otherwise.

Recent laptop/notebook related repairs performed by our technicians

Setup new Laptop. Configured itunes. Setup and configured outlook imported e-mails from old Laptop.Northgate
Helped delete unwanted emails via laptop. Helped with other email queries. All workingPacific Paradise
Connect printer to new wifi modem, connect laptop to wifi network, add printer, test printing.Labrador
Power cycled the laptop and it started. Gave few restarts to confirm. No further issues found. Crace
Setup new laptop, copy files, fix email, copy contacts. Create backup.Labrador
Reset password on laptop Started Apple account password reset: Shane will get a msg on his phone from apple in about 4 - 6 days. With instructions on how to reset passwordBayswater North
Large format printer with embedded XP print controller. Managed to find out the IP address of the Print controller. by using Fluke network sniffer. Plugged mmy laptop to n/w switch then to print controller. Downloaded drivers and installed. Able to print large images onto large format printer. Customer needs to change his network. Need to run cable from print controller to network. Customer has a switch somewhere and cables and will fix up his network. Marsden
reinstalled printer, removed AVG, and removed HDD's from 3 laptops so client can dispose of themBenowa
Ethernet connection to smart tv as wifi has issues, Netflix not responding possible firmware fault will follow up on this. Setup printer to laptops and phone, checked wifi issues and will advise on a permanent fix as the Poe setup has interference from the Clipsal Saturn switches which is a known issue, a permanent solution would be to run a direct cable cat 6 to the kitchen wall and install a ubiquity unifier to cover the rear wifi shortfall. Collingwood
Troubleshoot laptop, run diagnostics on the HDD ; HDD was not detected, HDD needs replacement Client not ready for HDD replacement Pymble
Activated IPAD using laptopNoosaville
8 yrs old laptop Battery taken out to run on ac power. Did health check on harddrive. Bad sectors detected Reservoir
Slow Toshiba Laptop with Windows 7, deleting temporary files, running Adwcleaner, it found 89 threatsWestbrook
Reported issue: System is a new HP laptop with fresh installed Windows. It keeps showing BSOD when user run different applications. System loaded offline and Memory test performed. No fault detected on Memory. I mentioned System motherboard needs to be checked for any issues. Client preferred to send it to vendor as it's under warranty. Bridgeman Downs
Fresh start for windows laptop. Berwick
System troubleshooting for windows laptopBerwick
Whole time onsite the laptop was trying to boot. No errors or bad HDD sounds. Suggested to customer to take offsite to recover data. Ans see if worth fixing or replacing. Carbrook
Laptop seems to be infected with virus or malware as well as firefox errors that keep popping up and draining memory which eventually hangs computer. Taken offiste to get data off and to look at possile repair.Jimboomba
Examined 2 machines - Found & removed remote support program that was configured for unattended access on both machines. The laptop running windows 7 appears to have been factory reset & there is no evidence as to why - this machine may need to go to data recovery as there initially was photos and documents that may not be backed up to another location. The 2nd machine running Windows 10 could be backing up on a regular basis using Windows Backup (File History).Bondi Beach
Removed hdd from laptop and connected via sata-USB adapter tp PC. Backed up all customer data to ext HDD. Put Hdd bac in laptop.Customer said not to try to repair laptop as he will look into replacing the laptop.Springwood
Keyboard replacement Lenovo Yoga laptop Wahroonga
Fixed wifi laptopBelhus
Troubleshooting boot up issues. Customer has tried to reset laptop deleting all data. Reset process failed. Data recovery: Restored old partitions as much as possible and copied down any data visible to external HDD. Installed Windows 10 Home - failed due to faulty RAM stick. This was most likely the cause of the problems in the first place. Waterford
Toshiba satellite l50-b fan railing message. Roger old fan, a lot of dust, and fan motor had significant friction when turning, hence the fam failure message. Replaced with a genuine new fan. Fan spins perfectly, no longer any message about fan failure, laptop operation at the correct temperature. Client satisfied with solution and has no further questions. Yatala
Diagnosed laptop power issue Brought laptop back to office Opened laptop chassis Repaired and plugged in connection between power button and motherboard TestedBerkeley Vale
Fixed laptop not startup properlyBundoora
Laptop Toshiba Satellite L50-B TS: Check AC Power Drain Remove hardware System slow Cpu 100% HDD 100% Disable couple ofbthe windows setting Uninstall AVG 3 AVG runningbat the back ground Reinstall Avg free Bankstown
Diagnose laptop unserviceable. Remove hard drive to save data to removable disk. Copy data back to laptop. Setup Gmail to route mail and copy email.Taringa
Fixed laptop screen not coming on (possibly stuck in sleep)Preston
Copied My Documents, Pictures from the old laptop to the new all in one HP. Installed adobe acrobat, google chrome, kindle and epson xp 410 printer and scanner drivers. Initiated windows 10update. Also installed open officeAmaroo
Diagnosis of the Laptop ; found an hardware related issue; The CPU / MBoard seems faultyMacquarie Park
Diagnosis of the Laptop ; found an hardware related issue; The CPU / MBoard seems faultyMacquarie Park
Diagnosis of the Laptop ; found an hardware related issue; The CPU / MBoard seems faultyMacquarie Park
Diagnosed pc, did the first level tests on laptop, seeing if anything was different. Took laptop away, checked further, graphics card on motherboard is faulty and causing overheat also causing blue screens. Not going to last. Reformatted hard drive. Took personal stuff off laptop with Nikita. Kippa-Ring
8 yrs old laptop. harddrive dead. Help transfer older harddrive data to external harddriveMill Park
Fix main pc login and remove from domain Updated other three laptop and speed things upColyton
Troubleshoot laptop Internal sound card worked (with headset) but not the speakers (use bluetooth speakers as alternative)Rosanna
Email password has been compromised. Telstra doesn't support 2 factor authentication so need to reset password to long complex password. Contact Telstra to generate a new password, online password reset service is down until Oct 17. Will need to reset password to more complex password when service is available. Setup mail account on laptop.Surfers Paradise
remove hard drive form laptop and backup all user data to a external driveGranville
Identify virus activity on computer and remove. Configure printer settings on Wifi and confirm correct operation. Setup printer on laptop. Install Office 365 and confirm correct operation.Oxley
Lenovo yoga520 14" i5-7200U was dropped and screen is smashed and chassis has damage on both sides warping the laptop Screen can possibly be replaced parts would cost us $340 plus a basic labor charge of $108.90 to fit But we are unable to replace the chassis Reccomend laptop be replaced for new Laptop specs as follows i5 CPU 8gb memory 256gb sad Lenovo has the 730 model which is the equivalent laptop in the current generation which is avalible for $1198 at harvey norman Currumbin Valley
Uninstalled some softwares. Installed Malwarebytes and run it through the pc but it couldn┐┐┐t find any issue. Deleted some dodge registries. Copy all files from the laptop to the external HD. Oxford Falls
Troubleshooting boot up issues. Customer has tried to reset laptop deleting all data. Reset process failed. Data recovery: Restored old partitions as much as possible and copied down any data visible to external HDD. Installed Windows 10 Home - failed due to faulty RAM stick. This was most likely the cause of the problems in the first place. Waterford
HP Laptop Issues with: No Post CAPS LED flashing 1 = Issues with CPU Job: Backup data worth 25GB Customer would like to wait until she get a new laptop so she can transfer all the data to the new laptop Job On Pending Homebush Bay
Personal laptop trying to connect to Brisbane grammar school wi-fi. The secure W2 policy licensee had expired so unable to connect. Changed the keyboard input language in the laptop. Requested to renew the licensee. Uninstalled Norton and Tech on call software.Spring Hill
Printer was physical damaged in move by user, they asked me to try and fix it i did that. cant guarantee it will work affectingly since it was badly damaged. I configured a new Laptop installed and and configured made email accounts and password for OFFICE and Norton s AV. In-stalled all windows updates as well.Wodonga
Set up of the new laptop Installed softwares as per client request Configured the pc Woodlands
New laptop reset to factory settings and tested successfully.Doolandella
Check the laptop harddisk for the crash Reset the webmail password And saved the password in desktop Saved a short cut link for webmail in desktop Inglewood
Check hard disk health - 100%. Taking laptop offsite to backup and reload Windows. Labrador
8 yrs old laptop dead Harddrive taken out and transfered data to portable harddriveBellfield
Extract data from dead laptop onto another external hdd.Hodgson Vale
Chrome extensions removed from desktop pc. Onedrive set up on Alan's laptop and desktop. email archive, no archive to find. Attempted to fix colour lighting setup through modem. Not possible without old modem password and remote for lights (Daniel has these)Hampton East
Onsite : Assess pc no screen. Display faulty, tested and installed Viewsonic 24". Test printer, internet ok. 2nd notebook - set pdf to view in Edge, Internet explorer to use Google search. Thornlie
Connected printer to wifi network. Installed nrother software on laptop. Tested scanning and printing. Ran adware/malware scan, removed detected items. Uninstalled unwanted programs. Tested ipad can print OK. Ballarat East
Replace keyboard on asus laptopMeadow Heights
Not booting due to faulty hard drive. Customer decided to replace the laptop rather than repairing old LT.Scarborough
Replace power supply. Clean up laptop AV. Falcon
Determined laptop to old to replace keyboard Offered wireless keyboard replacement Boronia
Old computer dead, transfered files to other laptop.Aveley
Not booting due to laptop not finding the hard drive. Customer decided to replace Laptop rather than repairing this old Laptop.Duncraig
Toshiba C650 laptop had broken screen. Customer was using as normal with an external monitor. Replaced screen, all working perfectly. Meadowbrook
General it help with laptop Narre Warren South
This job is labour component of parts-only invoice 680030 - LCD/Digitizer replacement - Removed all old glue/double-sided tape with IPA. - Applied 5mm double-sided super-strength adhesive tape to clean surfaces - Connected video cable, checked LCD/Digitizer operation ok. - Attached new LCD/Digitizer - Opened laptop & re-attached battery (de-attached by client)Basket Range
Remove and replace internal laptop battery. Confirm correct operation.Ashgrove
after performing a completed system check, laptop was able to boot normally. although, computer is infected with some sort of malware which is deleting device drivers(network,usb). only option is to re-install the OS with a fresh-start.Endeavour Hills
Changed DNS Settings on notebooks Installed and Tested Printer driver Waited for Access to last Notebook Docklands
1) Windows 7 Toshiba old laptop 6+ years 2) needed to be switched to full screen mode using a button on the screen and then hitting Esc to go back to "normal mode". 3) Setup app on iphone 6.5 for Davida as requested. 4) Discussed a Wi-Fi Extender which could be useful for Davida in the lower part of the house Norman Park
Client has a docking device to connect to laptop and other devices. Connected all devices to dock. Configured displays as requested. Tidy up all cables. Sebastopol
bootres.dll currupt - requires reinstall to repair Took Laptop offsite, copied all required data off Clean Install of Windows 10 home - build 1803 Installed, Office 2010, adobe reader, Itunes, Firefox, chrome, 7zip and thunderbird. Copied all Data Back to Laptop Installed hp printer, tested printing and scanning. Started install of but defender and windows updatesFrankston South
Backup customer data and that┐┐┐s what they want to be at this stage since notebook is too old Dallas
Found HDD to be faulty, replaced with new SSD. Customer will reload the laptop himself. Will drop back on Wednesday. Oak Flats
Resolved IMAP root folder path and authentication issues on Dell laptop. Performed malware removal and system cleanup on Dell laptop. Miranda
Laptop does not detect hard drive. Customer wants to get the job done today elsewhere as needs it back urgently.Moana
Acer laptop - Extremely slow to do anything and this made everything take a lot longer than normal Examined system: - 4 Antivirus programs installed & running - Uninstalled Norton with Norton Removal Tool - Uninstalled McAfee with MCRP Left Avira installed & running Ensured Windows Defender is not interfering with Avira. Uninstalled: - Wild Tangent games - Other programs not used Disabled OneDrive & other startup items / servicesForde
Added printer to system but due to malware it could not print, removed system malware and recovered microsoft account. System now prints. Customer also had an ipad that he wanted added to his wireless, also had an older laptop which needed account recovery. Both systems now work, Maroochydore
Diagnosed broken motherboard. Setup outlook on new laptop. Checked all setting and transfered data to new laptopEllalong
Work on 2 x laptops - remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections, check hard disk - 100%, 48%. Run System File Checker, run Windows update, copy data from external hard drive, connect laptops to hotspot.Mount Nathan
Laptop Check the internet no issues No AC. Customer do not have WIFI password Reset modem WIFI password Setup the Hisense TV internet *************** WIFI password abcd12345 Netflix password abcd12345Drummoyne
On laptop. Installed office, Thunderbird, avast antivirus, adobe reader and adobe reader. Activated office, tested printing and scanning. On Judy desktop. Installed hp printer, tested printing and scanning. Installed adobe reader and trend micro On Frank PC. Reset PC, installed trend antivirus, office 2016, team viewer adobe reader, Firefox and hp printer software. Tested printing and scanningMount Martha
Tried to see what was happening, all icons load windows looks like it is starting fine and then it just stops and does nothing. Laptop taken offsite for further investigation. Replaced hard drive and reinstalledLake Munmorah
Setup new laptop, copy data across, setup email, install software, setup printer.Carrara
Blew out cpu fan & duct with compressed air Removed HDD from laptop and cloned to SSD, installed SSD in laptop. Now runs much faster. De-installed Norton software AdwCleaner scan found about 11 threats, cleaned Installed TrendMicro Internet Security with 12 month subscription Ran Windows Update until fully patched Lower Mitcham
Perform hard reset on laptop. Boot laptop to Windows.Pacific Pines
Data was restored from old hard drive to the new laptop Installed iTunes software, HP printer AIO c4385. Supplied and installed HDD enclosureGriffin
Troubleshooting on laptop require bed hdd and reinstall windows Berwick
Setup printer, test printing/scanning. Setup printer on laptop.Robina
Setup HP 8710 printer Connected printer to wireless Connected laptop and macbook to printer Tested printing Assisted Bob with scanning from new printerSt Huberts Island
Disassembled laptop. Removed old heatsink compound. Applied new heatsink compound. Reassembled laptop. Tested to be working. Has not shut down for several minutes under heavy/intensive testing.Elwood
Replaced laptop HDD with SSDNorthmead
Laptop dead move hdd into external enclosure and setup new laptopRunaway Bay
Removed HDD from faulted Laptop as it was uneconomical to repair at 12+ years of age. Returned on site when replacement unit was purchased, transferred old data across, setup Office 365 and 3 e-mail accounts.Tingalpa
Troubleshooting issues, customer did a factory reset on computer and lost all data and programs because of it. Internet not working, customer will ring tpg to find out what is going on with the connection. Laptop needs internet connection to run activation wizard. Other than that, it seems to be ok hardware wise. Customer will ring back after the internet is working.Gailes
Troubleshoot issue, change mail settings, test sending/receiving email. Remove additional email accounts on 2nd laptop, test sending/receiving email. Advise client on new modern Desktop.Mudgeeraba
installed open office as a of clients documents are from open office and formatting was off in word/excell connected laptop to wifi as airplane mode was turned offCoombabah
Fault detected: motherboard crashed. No USB and SATA port can be detected. HDD installed in enclosure and tested on laptop.Thornlands
Checked if laptop OK for windows 10, i5, 8gb ram. Laptop has windows7 installed. Checked that no data is required on laptop, nothing required. Started windows10 installed, deleted all partitions, Installed windows10 on HP laptop. Configured windows mail. Checked send and receive OK. Installed printer software and checked printing and scanning. Alfredton
Issue: Different Applications kept crashing. =================================/ Data Backed up. Laptop restored to factory settings. Windows updates installed. Necessary applications installed. Pain Shop Pro installed and tested successfully. Data restored and verified. Chermside
computer power supply unit was faulty, took offsite... repaired and given back to the customer. now laptop is up and running fine.Enfield
Diagnosed pc, slow with still disabling startup programs and cleaning up hard drive, may need a fresh reinstall but has another laptop that can use, setup dropbox and resolved some pc problems.Upper Caboolture