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mobile laptop repair Whether you accidentally spilled some fluid on your keyboard or dropped your laptop, at geekmobile, we have seen it all and replace keyboards and broken laptop screens on a regular basis.  We are happy to assist with repair quotes that may be required for an insurance claim or otherwise.

Recent laptop/notebook related repairs performed by our technicians

Error: Not able to extend display from Dell laptop. Used same adapter to test onto TV (Failed), Tried different display ports (failed), Connected my laptop with other adapter to test Benq monitor (Monitor working fine), Downloaded and installed latest drivers for Dell adapter, Rebooted the laptop and monitor, Tried to connect again (Failed), Have discussed issue with her and given couple of options to extend display, Ashley will decide and go from thereFremantle
I checked touchpad issue and found it was disabled. I enabled it and also I checked and found antivirus software is not installed. I created a free account for customer in Sophos and installed it on her laptop.St Ives
Taking laptop offsite to backup and reload Windows. Hard disk has failed, replacing hard drive.Carrara
Helped check 1 X laptop. Ran a malware check and removal process. Loaded Kaspersky Total Security and activated 2 year subscription. Checked keyboard - some keys not working. External keyboard suggested. Loaded WIFI printer. Started full anti-virus scan.Tewantin
Setup new laptop Setup external DVD player Setup norton Setup headphones Talked Shirley through how to use devices and general layout of laptopNew Lambton
Setup Email account on new laptop Change of computer login name Uninstalled Bloatware and extra startup programs Change default search engine to GoogleBonner
I created a Microsoft account ad purchased Office suit and installed it on customer's laptop.Wahroonga
HAd some networking issues. Wifi extender stopped txing but came good. Tried setting up scanning to folder on laptop. Laptop running win7 pro but has some networking issues. Tried setting up hdd share on router. Tried setting up email scanning using my mail server. Tested ok. Found out customers bigpond details and change email settings to them. tested ok Redland Bay
Put case back on rear of laptopBurleigh Waters
Setup Brother printer on Wifi. Connect printer to laptop, Macbook and iPad. Confirm correct operation on all devices. Install updates on all devices.Forest Lake
Reinstalled Intel network driver on Toshiba laptop Wentworthville
Install Microsoft Office on Laptop and add email account. Hocking
Setup laptop, test printing/scanning. Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections. Check hard disk health - 100%, fix Windows Update and run.Coomera
Laptop HDD damaged and does not boot anymore. >> Cloned HDD to new HDD. Northmead
Issue: Suspicious application starts on Windows login after infecting by virus. No thread can be detected anyway. =======================================// Dell laptop upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Latest updates installed. User profile reconfigured and verified. Startup app fixed and suspicious files deleted Unnecessary applications removed. System tested successfully.Port Of Brisbane
Set up new tv via hdmi to laptop Reset up wifi and emails to workPalm Beach
Set up internet connection. Set up Fetch TV boxes. Fix dead laptop.Baldivis
Laptop 1. Just needs battery replaced Laptop 2 Hinge badly damaged by closing lid when something was inside according to customer. Close inspection looks like hinge damaged and will need to be replaced. Taken unit offsite to inspect better. This unit also needs new battery. Burbank
10 yrs old acer laptop added a new external USB keyboardReservoir
Diagnosed and resolved issues with start menu & task bar Uninstalled Norton antivirus Restarted computer Installed Avira Activated Avira Free VPN Migrated music from external hard drive to music folders on both laptops Tested playing music on both laptops Assisted with using spotifyKincumber
Forget the wifi network and set that up again and then the wifi was working. Disassembled the laptop to clean that up. Installed and configured an Extender upstairs using the same network as downstairs. Frenchs Forest
Diagnosed desktop computer, noticed it was guest account, changed guest over to administrator. Account is looking good, allowed access for files. Setup remote desktop from laptop to desktop.Woody Point
Diagnosed printer, d-link not setup properly, has no password on the modem and printer wouldn't connect. Used an ethernet cable instead of wireless and printer is now connected to the network. Setup printer on pc. Diagnosed small laptop (ipad) and was stuck in a problem update, update finished and now require a password to sign in.Burpengary
Diagnosed laptop, running slow possibly due to applications that are running, started a reset on the pc. With the desktop, troubleshooted the windows updates and managed to get some updates downloading and installing. Will need a restart after updates have finished. Also do check the updates again to see if the updates have installed correctly, if not do a troubleshoot on windows update then try to update. If update still doesn't succeed, a reset should fix the issues with windows update.Redcliffe
Checked connectivity and laptop settings, all ok. Restarted server (dhcp) and laptop and started to connect again.Eight Mile Plains
Backed up drive to external drive customer, looking at new laptopWarrandyte
Penny plugged in a LAN cable between the laptop & router & restarted the computer. After restart internet is working through LAN cable. I reset the Wireless adaptor & reconnected to Router, disconnected the LAN cable & WiFi is working correctly. Windows is reporting that the printer driver is missing - Downloaded full drivers from Brother website. - Installed & set printer as default printer. - Printed test page successfully. Yorketown
Attempted BIOS password reset on Toshiba laptopRouse Hill
Setup email on iphone and laptopBundoora website account shows the customer only has office365 personal edition. 2 licenses but the installed copy on pc shows o365 pro plus 2016. Uninstalled Office365 and reinstalled form website. Same issue. Pro plus version installed. Chatted with MS support and they had to fix license data files. Also check other laptop mail app. tested sending emails. Capalaba
Setup new Desktop PC. Transferred all data from original machine. Installed Office, configured 5 exchange email accounts. Setup Norton Antivirus. Configured networked printer and 4 PCs for wireless scanning. General service and clean on 1 laptop. Diagnosis for SDD upgrade for a second laptop.Hemmant
Printer on laptop set to wrong IP address on wireless lan. Set to Tested ok Sims4.. Customer asked to install bundle pack on tower PC. Unable to install bundle as s/w says has been already installed on another PC. Check customers other laptop Dell.. Laptop in poor condition. Booted once but hung when trying to run Sims application. Suggested to customer it needs a complete OS reinstall. Customer will discuss with family. Loganholme
Hard disk has failed, taking laptop offsite to replace hard disk and reload Windows.Coombabah
Reinstall Windows 10 on Toshiba laptopCastle Hill
moved family tree database to new system clicnet purchased new version of family tree maker installed new version on laptop and opened database moves music from itunes to iphoneGold Coast
Set up Dropbox account on laptop and iPhone and iPad. Paradise Point
Apple Mac desktop - INstalled avast, checked browser, web mail working fine. Acer Laptop - running extremely slow, took offsite Ran Norton removal tool - laptop now running fine. Uninstalled reinstalled chrome, updated firefox, updated video card driver. Installed Avast free antivirus, adjusted power settings.Frankston
Error: Possible virus onto the Toshiba Laptop. Logged onto the laptop as user, Setup basic user profile, Downloaded and installed Super Anti-Spyware, Adware onto the laptop, Ran full computer couple of times, Removed more than 130 Threats, Removed unwanted applications too, Re-install Canon MG5765 printer drivers, print and scan test page (Success), Tested and verified laptop and internet operational with her, Working fine.South Perth
Clear out jobs from print queue, restart printer and laptop. Test printing.Arundel
configured mail settings for Microsoft Mail, had to contact Bigpond Support for User Details. Unable to configure network settings as laptop not onsite where the Wifi is located. Customer to get the nursing home to configureAberfoyle Park
Screen on laptop produced faults and failed. Client purchased external monitor Computer produces image on screen.Coolangatta
Job welded power jack, applied glue to seal area, noticed the base trim to have sustained normal expected damage from accidental drop. Tested charger function as per normal This is an overseas laptop all techs will require parts confirmation from toshiba or empr Australia before parts are ordered. Brunswick
Freshstart, reinstalled windows on laptop, files were removed as unable to copy files. Rothwell
Onsite - ADSL modem not displaying WIFI network, connected with LAN but did not allow login to admin. Reset modem and call with Iinet to retrieve details. Entered username and password ok and tested internet ok. Tested notebook and phone. Gosnells
transfered data from laptop hard drive to an external hard drive reset desktop due to faulty updateRochedale South
Enabled unsecure apps in gsuite, reopen Outlook 2010 and emails downloaded, configure subscribed folders. Remove software. Update iTunes, update and restore iPad. Cleanup storage on laptop, remove software, run Malwarebytes scan, check hard disk health.Arundel
HP ProBook 6560b laptop, behaving erratically - sometimes Windows tries to boot and hangs. When I saw it would not even bring up BIOS most of the time. Opened case and reseated RAM, now BIOS and Windows ok. Rebooted laptop a couple of times, all ok. Created restore point, AdwCleaner found 18 threats, cleaned and rebooted. Installed Trend Micro Internet Security. Ran chkdsk C: on reboot to ensure no accumulated file system errors because of the large number of times it had been turned on & off.Payneham
Mac office updated and rebuilt data base for outlook Laptop turned on with no issues Ringwood
Windows 10 fresh installed on laptop and activated. Windows configured. Necessary applications installed. Malwarebytes trial version installed. Data retrieved and verified. Mount Cotton
Diagnosed laptop, issue with keyboard and hard drive. Hard drive was replaced with an SSD and reinstalled windows 10.Murrumba Downs
Harddrive problem, replaced hard drive with an SSD (quicker performance) and reinstalled windows 10 on laptop.Ningi
Replace laptop batteryGuildford
Reinstalled USB drivers on desktop Uninstalled AVG and installed Avast on laptopGlen Iris
Checked the laptop Suspected OS failure Suspected Hard drive failure Client doesn┐┐┐┐┐┐┐┐t want to proceed furtherKenwick
Laptop battery or battery connectors are faulty. Needs to be replaced. Customer can not spare the laptop at the moment and will use power supply all the time. Will ring back after the 22nd June for repairs. Sunnybank Hills
Create administrator account on laptop, reset PC and reinstall Windows. Download and install iTunes, connect iPad in restore mode, update and restore iPad.Runaway Bay
Dell Laptop not booting and hard ware diagnostic came up with Hard drive error. As the Laptop is still under warranty, client will contact Dell. Copied Pictures from one laptop to other. Started scan with Malware bytes on HP laptop, customer will delete the threats after the scan finished. Uninstalled dodgy programs from ASUS laptop.Joondalup
Laptop has no signs of life, needs warranty and have sent away the laptop for warranty from client confirming me to do so. Checked the laptop before sent away to confirm it was motherboard, opened the back casing and check all the components individually, everything seemed okay but non was powering on when in laptop with motherboard, motherboard was diagnosed as the issue.Griffin
I opened laptop and copied all data to external drive.West Pennant Hills
Configured screen via Fn keys on laptopChristies Beach
reconfigured emails on 2 laptopsTallai
moved wifi adapter from extender and wifi worked properly cleaned up previous windows install using up HDD space on laptopSurfers Paradise
Booted laptop into recovery environment, booted windows into safe mode. Disabled startup items. Booted into normal mode, tested Skype, outlook. Laptop running perfectly. Mount Eliza
Migrated Dell Optiplex desktop to new Laptop. Migrated HDD to existing Dell Optiplex desktop.Miranda
Check network connectivity on port, no connection, connect patch lead to modem in garage, check network port connectivity is OK. Connect printer, configure reservation in router for printer, change printer port on laptop and Mac, test printing.Coomera
10 yrs laptop. Help copied data to external harddriveBriar Hill
Customer getting new laptop. Extract data out to portable harddriveThomastown
Laptop asking for password that was never set. Recovery was coming with errors. As there was nothing to save and the laptop was new. Re installed fresh copy of OS. Tested and working fine.Joondalup
Installed laptop battery.Runaway Bay
Setup new Printer on laptop and networkRingwood North
Setup new laptop, setup Microsoft Account, upgrade laptop to Windows 10 Pro. Run Windows Updates, installed Apache Open Office, installed Mozilla Firefox, installed Foxit PDF Reader, setup bookmarks for email, banking, facebook. Copy data across. Attempt to reset Skype password, client will wait for her son who has the recovery phone number.Robina
Unable to boot windows at the first step, So went through Safe boot. Removed Avast and AVG software items Disabled unwanted startup items and Services. Performed a disk clean. Enabled Administrator account for future use. Deleted the old account that is not being used. Checked for any hardware related issues, none found Restarted the laptop few times to check that it works. Enabled Windows Defender and updated the sameNudgee
Inspection of laptop Removed team viewer , suggested how to protect fromncyber crimes in future Asked to contact Kaspersky for correct setting Customer had been scammed earlier No Internet currently West Croydon
screen broken replace notebook screenCurrumbin Waters
mounted NAS box to laptop as a network drive so client could access files Australia Fair
Not booting as the hard drive is not being read. Customer will replace the laptop rather than repairing it.Connolly
Migrated desktop to new Laptop. Miranda
Clear password on laptop.Clear Island Waters
Windows 10 Fresh installed on ACER laptop and activated. Windows latest updates installed. MS Office 365 installed and activated. MS outlook configured and tested. Network printer installed and tested. Data transferred and verified. Kedron
I investigated the issue of second monitor, I could get a correct screen by my laptop. Apparently, there is a screen compatibility issue between new computer and old monitor. Also, I retrieved data from old PC and transferred it to new PC. Wahroonga
Factory reset on 4 PC's. Remove hard drive and use Linux on my laptop to reset password on 1 PC to examine history. Macbook failed to boot into recovery mode, so customer will take it to an Apple store.Lutwyche
New cable modem installed Router configured and tested Laptop and tablet connected to router and tested 4G connection reset to factory settings and reconfigured 4G connection tested on laptop Thorneside
Arrived on site Inspected computers Copied user profile from old laptop to new Installed software as required All working as expected ClosingEastwood
Helped setup new laptop and transferred data from old desktop computer. Was onsite twice for 1 hourTewantin
Taking laptop offsite to backup and reload Windows.Oxenford
Removed laptop coverings and replaced damaged internal DC cable. Attemped to fix cable by removing broken power connector inside but unable to do so. New internal DC power cable sourced online. Replaced internal DC power cable. Re-assembled laptop and tested ok. New external power plug pack is now charging laptop. Ormeau
No real evidence of very slow laptop. But no AV and no Anti malware software installed. Never had been backed up so started backing up 25-30Gb of data to customers USB stick. Found Safety Browsing app installed which is a known malware adaware applications. Installed AVG free and Malware Bytes. Customer will run scans as the backup taking 2 hours. Edens Landing
Set up new laptop transfered data amd reinstalled programsLabrador
Diagnosis of the laptop Suspected hard drive failure Tested with new solid state drive but still problem exists Suspected mother board failure Informed Client Client requested not to proceed further Replaced hard drive into Caddy Ferndale
HP Laptop no display on boot. Test and troubleshooting: Motherboard is faulty and needs to be replaced. HDD installed in enclosure and data transfer started. Carindale
Re-configure modem, and check internet connection functioning. Cleanup PC startup. Add Classic Shell to Windows 8 on PC and laptop. Setup new administrator enabled user on laptop.Yeronga
Tested PC with working power supply. Not turning on, no post beep. Motherboard dead. Removed hard drive from pc, transferred data to laptop. Added pst file to outlook. Attempted to add email address to outlook, looks like hosting service has issuesFrankston
Hdd has failed in laptop customer will decide if they want to proceedBirtinya
Found ATA router wired incorrectly. Fixed. Configured ATA router for Tom's Voip settings. Tested but ATA router will not connect to Mate Communicate Voip system. Tried Zioper softphone on my laptop with Tom's credential still no go. Spoke with Mate Communicate helpdesk and they con firmed voip account is up and activated.They said they tried using BRIA softphone so I did same. Still no go. Will try playing with this at my office and get back to Tom. Redland Bay
Connected wifi printer to modem then connected and set as default printer on laptops. Tested prints even after printer moved to bedroom. Old cannon g3600 wifi printer with no touchscreen option.Palm Beach
Set up scanner and tested. Ran antivirus and laptop clean. Reset other laptop to factory. Capalaba
Connect wifi to laptop, phone, iPad. Set up wireless printer Show how to use google chromeLabrador
Pulled laptop apart - looks to be a motherboard issue. Suggested this laptop is beyond repairWestbrook
- Laptop had unlicensed windows on. - Formatted and reloaded windows 10 and correctly activated. - Restored data.Mayfield West
Fixed laptop black screen or not turn onBrunswick South