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mobile laptop repair Whether you accidentally spilled some fluid on your keyboard or dropped your laptop, at geekmobile, we have seen it all and replace keyboards and broken laptop screens on a regular basis.  We are happy to assist with repair quotes that may be required for an insurance claim or otherwise.

Recent laptop/notebook related repairs performed by our technicians

Setup new laptop, connect to wifi, remove McAfee, install Chrome, PDF software, install Office, install Norton. Create MS Account, gmail account, norton account. Install printer, test printing/scanning. Setup email shortcuts and other internet bookmarks.Hollywell
Brother Printer / Scanner connected to WLAN and installed on laptop. Printer / Scanner tested on laptop and iPhone. Kenmore
Restart 4G modem, update firmware on modem. Remove networks from laptop, connect to 4G modem wifi. Install Malwarebytes and scan, removed infections. Run System File Checker. Run Windows Update. Check wifi driver. Check hard drive health - 66%. Connect printer to wifi, run printer maintenance, print test page, print photos. Mudgeeraba
DC jack lose and possible broken off motherboard. To repair the laptop requires to strip down the whole laptop. Laptop about 6 years old and not economical to repair. Battery is damaged as well.Woodridge
Copied data from laptop hard drive to external hard drive.Nerang
Took the laptop offsite and found the issue is the logic board needs to be replaced. Laptop is couple of years old and its not worth replacing that.Manly
Reset Windows 10 laptop and install drivers and programsTamborine
Transfer emails from old laptop to new laptop Outlook Install antivirus and Google Chrome on a Windows 7 laptop Tamborine
Examination of HP Laptop that is several years old and not loading into windows I was able to get the system to load into windows once & installed the Windows 10 1709 upgrade. Restarted machine and was able to use system for about 30 mins then it powered off on its own and never loaded back into windows again. Ran HDD diagnostics & drive reports some bad sectors CPU temp is ok RAM tests passed okFlinders
Customer reset laptop. All data is lostEmu Plains
moved hdd into external enclosure and setup new laptopAdvancetown
Laptop dead burning smell from power port tested second battery no change Move hdd into external enclosure and client will look at new laptopHelensvale
Customize WiFi password on the router. Join devices with new password. Added printer to laptop tested and working fine.Woodvale
Installed new button but issue with motherboard or processor. Customer will replace laptop.Toorak
Installed Windows 10 onto SSD in Asus laptop. BSOD frequent. Confirmed dead SATA port for HDD on motherboard.Merewether
Performed hard reset, machine powered on then hard disk light immediately went out. Removed hard disk and tested, hard disk is failing. Tested hard reset again and laptop motherboard appears faulty. Tested external monitor. I suspect the laptop has been dropped at some stage due to the damage on the corner. Started copying data to external usb thumb drive, client will purchase an external hard drive to copy the remaining data. Taking hard disk offsite to copy remaining data.Nerang
suspect faulty M2 card purchase replacement and system is unable to detect card test existing M2 card and it is working m2 controller faulty motherboard is damage and laptop is not worth repairingCoomera
Laptop thrown and screen is damaged beyond screen replacement would be $700+ assuming rest of system is working rest of system is workingSurfers Paradise
Task: Setup new Netgear Router. Setup new Netgear Router and kept all settings from old IInet Router, Tested and verified internet operational, working fine, Correct his Egnyt cloud backup options, setup correct power settings onto Lenovo laptop, tested and verified backup and internet operational, working fine.Nedlands
Error: Norton AV installation issue. Helped Jim to registered Norton AV product, downloaded and installed Norton AV onto his computer and laptop, Tested and verified products online, Working fine.Willagee
Win 10 HP laptop unable to boot. Removed the peripherals and logged into system recovery. Found a restore point and tried to recover files using that method. The restore point updates helped to reboot the laptop. Checked the laptop for any software issues or hardware that needs a drive update. Actioned Norton scan Scheduled active hours so that the system doesn't restart automaticallyWindsor
- Diagnosed the issue with the laptop - BCD is corrupt - Gave customer the fresh Start option of $199 plus data recovery. (important documents) - Customer mentioned it is too pricey and he is going to look for a cheaper option - Charged customer for Diagnosing problem - No further action is required.Victoria Park
Replace damaged LCD screen on ASUS F555Y laptop. Power on an test.Maudsland
Windows upgraded to 10 on Toshiba laptop. Windows updates installed. System configured and tested successfully.Shailer Park
Laptop 1: Unnecessary applications removed. Windows settings fixed. Adobe acrobat installed. iPhone settings fixed and tested. Laptop 2: Outlook profile fixed. Skype account created and tested. One Drive account fixed. Data transferred from another account and verified. Unnecessary applications removed.Brassall
Laptop troubleshoot 4yrs old sony keyboard issue. Customer will decide to get a new laptop (better option) Diagnostic fee charge Oak Park
Taking laptop offsite to backup and reload Windows.Willow Vale
Replaced laptop HP screenIngle Farm
Replaced laptop screenIngle Farm
Checked both laptop and desktop perform minor scan and fixed issues in desktop. Installed internet security. Oatley
Error: Lenovo laptop not booting into normal os mode. Tried to turn on the laptop into safe mode (failed), Found out laptop is coming up with Black screen, Removed RAM and HDD from the laptop and tried to turn it on (failed), It needs motherboard replacement, Discussed possible repair cost and other types of computer setup with Him, They will decide and go from there.Kinross
Compaq laptop battery latches not functioning. loose connection between battery and motherboard. Berwick
laptop syncing gmail with micosoft 10 Was related to less secure apps setting in google account. Turned on 2-step authentication.Southbank
system diagnosis on Toshiba laptop and found faulty hdd and require replace hdd and reinstall windowsRowville
Windows7 laptop. Will not start in safe mode. Booted from recovery disk. Checked hard disk, can access it OK. Ran disk check on hard disk, found and repaired errors. Restarted lapop, still will not start windows. Booted from recovery disk, tried system restore, no restore points located. Asked if any image baskups of laptop available, no. Spoke to Lars about options now. Reinstall windows from recovery partition on laptop. Lar said he would do that. Newington
Helped get the laptop started in Windows. Client to replace hard drive at some stage.Noosa Heads
- Computer not responding - Performed a clean up - Performed a Check disc and corrected the error. - Performed a virus scan - Cleaned all virus - Uninstalled Norton Security - Installed Sophos Home - Restarted laptop and tested everything ok - No further action required.Tapping
HP laptop Windows 10 WLAN auto config service in stopping and want start Ran system restore Internet now working again Ocean Reef
Reset Laptop and Windows was installed back and was able to get in. Setup the printer to work off wireless and connection was good and test printed - Ok!Caboolture
Toshiba L50D laptop Windows 10 crashed Copied data to other laptop Customer to contact Toshiba to obtain factory reset discs Sorrento
i got clients telstra velocity nbn to work ( re sync from telstra end worked), connected laptop and 2 mobiles to wireless, attempted to connect main desktop to wireless, failed, fauilty usb ports also please note i found and removed over 900 viruses and traces of viruses, tested desktop by ethernet, sucessPeregian Springs
ASUS gaming laptop: CPU and Graphic card heat sinks cleaned, Thermal paste re applied. System tested successfully after cleaning.Kuraby
Assessment of ASUS K55A SN:C6N0BC011851224 Check No: 7220 Laptop HDD damaged and need replacing new HDD and reinstall Windows. Cost for the total works as follows New 500GB Solid State Drive $310.00 Installation of HDD & Windows (Labour) $295.00Berwick
Downloaded and installed print/scan drivers, tested successfully on 1x Windows 10 laptop and 2x MacBooks.Bolwarra Heights
Laptop not able to do updates because of small drive. Needs to update to larger but not economically viable. Turned off updates so won't use up data. Birkdale
Internet email help and setup. Troubleshooting 2 laptopsPakenham
Plugged in Telstra modem, tested phone working. Removed McAfee from laptop. Went to install office 365, need password. Connected tablet to Wi-Fi added bigpond email. Installed brother app on tablet. Connected printer to Wi-Fi, tested printing from tablet.Mornington
Fixed internet connection issues. Scanned/fixed laptop for malware/viruses. Connected email to iPad.Medowie
Checked battery settings and taken out battery and pressed the button for 10+ seconds. Battery still unresponsive. Will need to purchase a new Battery. AS15B3N acer battery for Predator laptop (acer)Deception Bay
Installed myob then called spent 1 hour on phone to reistry they hung up. Over an hour wait each call in line Cleaned up old pc amd scanned Backed up myob Backed contacted Atempted set email on laptop need pw and called telstra spent hour or so on [email protected] call backPalm Beach
Acer laptop with Windows 10 and windows live mail Added authentication to send email in settings Emails now sending ok Morley
Toshiba satellite running Windows 8.1 System restore failed Safe boot failed Ran refresh PC Laptop then booted ok Connolly
Cleaned up laptop and removed viruses Cinected and set up andriod tablet Internet dropping in amd out customer to call telstra.Burleigh Heads
Installed scanner software. Test scanning. Connected printer to wifi network, add reservation in router for printer. Install printer app on iPhone, test printing/scanning. Installed printer on Windows laptop, test printing.Mermaid Waters
Water damage laptop diagnosis and data recovery assistance Berwick
reset 1 laptop and basic setup on second laptopCarrara
Error: Adobe reader installing issue. Downloaded and installed latest version of Adobe Acrobat, Tried to open pdf files through it (Success), Updated Avast Anti-Virus product, Setup basic user profile, tested and verified laptop operational with Wayne, Working fine.Forrestdale
Performed general maintenance. Ran Windows Update and installed updates, Ran AVG Anti-Virus no viruses detected. Installed and ran CCleaner. Installed iTunes. Installed SMARTNotebook.Bellbird
Onsite - NB dropped - tested hard drive - not responding. Hard drive from 2nd NB - tested ok. 3rd Notebook - general service, remove 10 items ADW, install Ccleaner and Malware bytes. Upgrade RAM with 2GB supplied by client. Tested ok. Restarted with updates, MSConfig, all tested ok and running well.Rivervale
Sony TV: do not have the function to steam. able to connect to internet Laptop Samsung: BSOD Tried to repair the windows failed Backup data worth of 10GB Reimage the system to Windows 10 Reinstall all the driver Install Skype Redfern
setup printer for laptop,surface,and check emailIvanhoe
Diagnose of HP laptop found defective motherboard Merricks Beach
PC Windows 10 loaded offline and password reset. System started successfully. Norton updates installed. Laptop Norton Updates installed. iPad: New iCloud account configured. New Beith
Error: Acer laptop not booting into normal os mode. tried to boot laptop into safe mode (Success), Tried to repair windows os (failed), Discussed laptop specification details with him, Removed hdd from the laptop and copied all needed data to his external hdd, He will think about buying new laptop or replace HDD, laptop is very old, Have given old HDD to him.Cottesloe
Desktop - Checked boot up issue. No major issue, just a warning screen. Computer runs fine. Client happy to keep going with it as is. Laptop - Various boot tools used - no HDD found. No partition found. Tried fixing partition table and boot record with all methods and tools, no drive recognised, HDD failed. Gave client estimate to fix - not economical to repair.Carindale
Windows fresh install and hardware check is required for laptop Data transferred and verified Tanah Merah
Macbook Air A1466, looked at replacement parts - DC Jack, Keyboard, and Motherboard. Client will purchase a new laptop as it's too expensive to repair.Surfers Paradise
- Optimized computer - Reccommended software - Cleanup of 2 laptopsLindfield
1.Printer function restored before arrival. 2. Attempted to move Office product key. Locked out of email for 24hrs by prior failed access attempts. Instuctions written for client to attempt to do this themselves. 3. Confirmed Mcafee AV is no longer on auto payment. Removed from laptop. 4. Windows Defender enabled. 5. Registry check. Minimal old entries. Left as is. CCleaner can be removed at any time.Byron Bay
Copied customers data from Asus laptop to xterm all had disk Laptop is only a celeron with 4gb ram which is slow for Windows 10 Got old Acer desktop booting windows vista Aveley
Diagnosed faulty mainboard which is where power comes in so require new mainboard or new pc Cleaned up laptop amd removed viruses.Tugun
Reset laptop with Win 10. The Gap
Error: Denise cannot send receive emails onto Samsung tablet. Helped her to setup new password using my laptop first, Entered correct details onto the tablet, sent and received test email (Success), Tested and verified email operational with her, working fine.Duncraig
Lenovo Laptop fresh Windows 10 installed and activated. Windows update installed. Data retrieved and verified.Redbank Plains
refreshed laptop configured emails on laptop desktop and phone configured network sharesPacific Pines
Diagnosed laptop - motherboard issue. Informed customer on solutions.Bexley North
Overcame power issue with laptop. Reset date/time Uninstalled/ reinstalled battery drivers. Confirmed functionality of laptop. Discussed possible replacement of laptop BIOS battery, should this problem re-appear. Beyond scope of callout. Broken Head
- Discussed with the customer the best options - Customer has agreed to go with a fresh start. - Taken laptop offsite to be reformatted. - Wiped HDD - Installed Windows 7 - Licence OS - Installed drivers and configured. - Installed VLC - Installed Google Chrome. - Laptop is now running OL Innaloo
Figured out where the emails were coming from, webmail online called Figured out password as well. Setup new laptop with correct incoming and outgoing emails. Emails now sync correctly to mail applicationBracken Ridge
configured printer on laptopHollywell
Setup new laptop, install software, setup printer, setup email account. Setup Office license.Southport
LAN tested successfully with laptop TV and Optus Fetch box restarted and resolved IP address Internet tested successfully on TV and fetch boxTaringa
- Assessment of the laptop - Decided to go with the fresh Start. - Taking laptop offsite. - Reformatted computer - Fresh Installation of Windows 7 - Downloaded and installed Drivers - Downloaded and installed Windows updates - Installed Google chrome - Adobe PDF - Installed Java.Dianella
Error: Acer laptop windows 10 booting issue. Discussed all possible issue with her, Tried to boot into safe mode (failed), Initiated and installed Windows 10 from the scratch, Jemma has already done backup of the data, Have setup her basic user profile and left the remaining applications installation with her, Tested and verified laptop operational with her, Working fine.Palmyra
Dell Laptop Windows 10 reset to factory settings. Windows configured and latest update installed. Google chrome / Adobe Acrobat reader installed. Chermside West
Helped check 1 X laptop - removed expired Mcafee, installed Kaspersky Total Security & activated 2 year subscription. Ran a malware check and removal process. Enabled 2 step auth on email address. Changed Email password. All workingTewantin
Dismantled laptop and tighten LCD screws. Tested laptop display, LCD cable needs replacing. Searched for part and ordered. Client will call to install once part arrives.Runaway Bay
Toshiba laptop HDD replacement, install Windows and update.Skye
Latest windows10 update not compatible with client's laptop. and roll back to previous buildGlenfield Park
Laptop not staring. Diagnosed and found faulty hard drive. Hard drive not being recognized by the laptop. Hillarys
Created a bit of space on the machine. Using MS Office removal tool - Removed Office that is broken. Logged into clients Microsoft account & installed Office 365. The internal storage of this device is very small and very close to capacity being full. ** I suggest that the laptop be upgraded with a SD card to provide more space for programs & data **Mount Pleasant
Plugged power into modem and plugged WAN port in. Tested internet connectivity. Copied photos from iPhone to laptop. Setup Chromecast and Netflix, tested.Southport
Fresh start on laptop while configuring swannone system Clients outdoor camera from jbhifi has been opened is marked and has been registered by someone else client will return as it is unusableMudgeeraba
Took laptop off-site to check for infections and signs of remote access. Run virus scans, none found. Checked for remote access programs, none installed. Laptop seems to be completely free of suspicious activity. Acacia Ridge
transferred data from old to new laptop, setup email account, restored previous version of Windows 10 on old laptop.Mayfield
Signed into Microsoft Account on laptop. Signed into Xbox using MS Account. Downloaded game data, tested game offline.Upper Coomera
Rectified issues with laptop and answered a number of questions for Richard with the computer.Balgowlah
Issue: HP Laptop not getting power after liquid spillage. Troubleshooting: Keyboard disconnected and laptop tested successfully. New keyboard / USB keyboard is required to use laptop. (Client getting an USB one)Marsden
Dell Laptop (service Tag: B2BRKC2) Updates installed: BIOS updated. Intel Management Engine Interface updated. Intel Video driver updated. AMD Video driver updated. Wakeup / Sleep tested a couple of times without any problem. Further steps (if problem repeats happening): Contact DELL to check hardware (Motherboard, Screen, Cable)Auchenflower
Found windows 8.1 laptops. Windows appears to be in tablet mode. Changed to windows mode. Missing desktop tile on start screen. Added desktop tile. Not connected to wifi network, connected to wifi network. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Checked antivirus software is OK. Uninstalled unwnated programs. Checked with Coral access to web site she uses, all worked OK. Sebastopol