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mobile laptop repair Whether you accidentally spilled some fluid on your keyboard or dropped your laptop, at geekmobile, we have seen it all and replace keyboards and broken laptop screens on a regular basis.  We are happy to assist with repair quotes that may be required for an insurance claim or otherwise.

Recent laptop/notebook related repairs performed by our technicians

Alienware Laptop - Copy Data To external drive - Perform Windows 10 Clean Install - Copy Data Back to Laptop - Install Chrome & AV - Sign into Google Services HP Laptop - Move Photos Library to D Drive - Remove Multiple Copies AV Software - Install Sophos Home AV - Update HP Drivers - Backup all photos to Google Photos (pending upload time) Safety Beach
Removed the laptop cleaned the on off switch board Tried few times informed client if problem happens again have to replace the board Hamersley
windows was stuck mid update after rebooting system loaded as normal cleaned up system and helped client with a new laptopCoomera
Diagnosed possible faulty HDD. Explorers process kept crashing. Gave customer two options, first was to install an SSD and reinstall windows. Second, was to allow the customer to purchase a new laptop and call me back when they wanted to transfer the data Mount Waverley
configured printers on new network and installed them on new laptop configured backupLabrador
email troubleshooting and configuration of laptopPalm Beach
Analysed acer laptop. Keyboard seems to be broken. Customer will decide later to replace it or not. Menangle
Check printer wireless settings, in proper IP address, reboot printer, connect to router and configure reservation for printer. Update printer settings on laptop, test printing/scanning. reset Microsoft Account password, login to Office.Burleigh Waters
Found both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi SSID was set to the same which would be an issue. Fixed security. Found Wireless MAC Filtering was one. Tunred this off on both mode. Tested Nintendo DS Laptops. and Nintendo Switch. All ok. Windsor
setup new router and move data accross to new laptopMount Rascal
Setup new laptop, copy files across, login to email, website. Reset passwords, install software.Springbrook
Diagnose motherboard failure. Copy data to laptop. Uninstall re-image on laptop.Sinnamon Park
Check computer hardware for issues. HDD is not responding anymore and causes startup issues. Run various check disks and virus scans, check disk repaired the HDD but always found more issues. Laptop not bootable anymoreRegents Park
Printer wasn真真真真t connected to the same network as the laptop. Issue was fixed by connecting the printer to the modem. Email name wasn真真真真t right, settings were fixed Client paid by cash Balcatta
Remove hard drive from both laptops Backup all data to new laptopHarris Park
Copy data across to new laptop, check Norton and Office, install software, install printer - test printing/scanning. Run Windows Updates.Arundel
HDD crashed, corrupted files and not bootable. Repaired file system and bring laptop to a bootable state. Not stable though. HDD needs to be replaced and data needs to be backed up immediately.Daisy Hill
Check hard disk health - 100%. Clear temp files and cache. Check RAM, only 2GB. Install another 2GB. Laptop runs much faster. Check Office subscription, remove Office, install Libre Office.Springbrook
Removed battery drained static Pc started in recovery mode and attempted to fix start up issue. Pc restarted in normal mode but shutdown after some time... suspected ram and cooling Performed ram reset ; replaced with testing ram ( still pc shuts down after some time ) Informed client about issue as laptop is old parts for this laptop is lot available and economically not worth reparing Perth
Checked existing HDD for faults, all good. Cloned existing 500GB HDD to a new Seagate 1TB HDD, installed new drive in laptop and run check disk and system file checker to repair any software errors.Birkdale
fresh start on laptopTugun
Time restrictions for children's devices via modem settings. Swap laptop hard drive for USED 500gb hard drive, setup windows 10 and drivers. Fletcher
Tested WiFi connection. Telstra modem needs replacing. Client to call Telstra for replacement. Performed general maintenance on laptop. Cleaned junk files and removed unwanted startup applications.Mount Evelyn
Check hard disk health on laptop - 42%. Taking laptop offsite to replace hard disk, backup and reload windows. PC hard disk is 100%. Windows needs to be reloaded. Client will get this done at a later date.Coomera
DC Jack appears to be faulty. Customer has it replaced a few years ago but problem has returned. Customer felt it better to put money towards new laptop. Backed up existing files and did a full system backup to new external USB driveHawthorn East
Factory reset laptop Backup not needed Removed malware from macChirnside Park
Install printer driver and test print - Ok. Install MS Office using customer真真真真s product key. Install and setup Thunderbird with customer真真真真s email account. Install other software. Transfer user真真真真s files from old laptop真真真真s hard drive. Cornubia
Diagnosed laptop, issue with hdd, tested with our programs, unable to locate and unable to get data off. Needed to replace for the pc to run, replaced old m.2 hdd with a newer model m.2 240gb. Dakabin
Done diagnose about ongoing issues. Laptop got rusty motherboard and battery is not functioning. The user don't won't repair. Lyndhurst
Mac computer setup and file transfer from old windows laptop emails configuration, internet connection set up North Lakes
return laptop to shop for data recoveryMiddle Ridge
updated Skype on laptop Reset Skype password Reset facebook password. Signed chrome into facebook. Cleaned up temp folders on 2nd laptop Removed notifications in chrome Adjusted startup itemsPatterson Lakes
Configure internet shortcuts and login to websites, create user account password for laptop. Check Windows Updates.Surfers Paradise
HDD faulty on main system perform a fresh start on laptopHollywell
Laptop is in a stuck state. Manually power off laptop, power on, reboot. Check hard disk health - 100%. Rebuild Windows Update, Update antivirus software. Run System File Checker.Carrara
Toshiba Sat Pro A300 Laptop / Windows Vista Removed games from computer. Turned off apps & services not required for the computer to run. Suggested purchasing a iPad to perform banking and shopping on. Although the laptop is fairly old it appears to be working well enough to store the photos from the iPhones on. Ran ADWCleaner & removed found threatsSkye
data transfer from old tower to new laptopBlakehurst
Data transfer to new laptop Sorrento
Install printer software, connect via usb, cannot connect, connect via wifi, cannot connect, troubleshoot, remove malware, create new user. Need tto reload Windows. Test printer from my laptop, worked. Client does not want a Freshstart performed.Helensvale
Fixed up WiFi on laptop. Connected TV direct to Modem via Ethernet cable the customer had. Netflix now working. Found no Av or Malware software installed. Customer says she is paying for Nortons. Downloaded and installed nortons for customer. Also installed Malwarebytes. scan found more than 150 Pups. Quarantined them.Morningside
Exported approx 175 customers from old Soft Assisttant on old laptop to new laptop. Updated to latest version. Changed default folder in explorer from Quick access to "This PC" as quick access is hanging explorer. Strathpine
Update security on laptop. No evidence of malicious activity on laptop and iPad. Reset passwords for Apple ID and Internet.Brisbane
Laptop harddisk failed Replace with SSD Fresh start of windows Updated the pc Informed client that for data harddisk has to be taken to recovery center Provided old harddisk to client Clarkson
Setup BigPond email account on new computer. Didi not need to move from old laptop as the laptop was setup as IMAP so was just a copy all email was still on BigPond server. Checked windows updates. Checked HP updates. Checked AV setup. Checked all drivers all ok. Downloaded and installed Logitech mouse driver / software for other computer as scrolling on gaming mouse was erratic. Scarborough
new laptop setup and configure all emails data transfer from old laptop to external hard drive printer configured hp spectra refresh to factory resetCaboolture
- Diagnosed Vaio laptop with Windows Recovery issues - Reinstalled Windows and essential software - Set up printerAirport West
Examined Laptop - Reset user password - Could not find any files that the original user had stored. Spoke with Marcia - Created new user - Ken & set password as requested - Deleted the original user profileCarrum Downs
Connect printer to phone hotspot, connect laptops to hotspot. Update printer settings, test printing/scanning. Check hard disk health - 100%. Remove software, clear cache, clear temp files, install Malwarebytes and scan. Run disk tool. Check Windows updates, disable startup items.Reedy Creek
Diagnosed windows 7 laptop, restarting issue, uninstalled programs and did a clean boot to resolve any driver issues (safe mode too). Narangba
Setup 3 new laptops, copy data across, install software and configure.Helensvale
Replace laptop screen with new one. Tested and working fine.Padbury
Tried optimised windows (downloaded and installed full graphic drivers and installed intel chipset) 2014 laptop modelCampbellfield
data transfer old laptop Griffin
Found client has router in brick garage with fire door. Living room was two brick walls away from router. Suggested addition of wireless repeater. Changed WiFi to use channel 1. Found laptop was usable on this frequency but signal strength is still poor.Golden Bay
Looked at laptop, windows 10 S was installed and changed to Windows 10 Pro to be able to install programs, AVG, Google Chrome and HP Printer files. Checked emails in Windows Mail, send and receive.Deception Bay
Help setting up new laptopLysterfield
Suspected faulty wifi switch or onboard card. Attempted to reinstall device drives. Uses function key and wifi button to enable and disable wifi. No luck. After plugging in a external USB wifi, connection was restored. Laptop is running VERY slow and would need a new SSD. However, customer to discuss with son. Canterbury
Clean installed windows 10 to on laptop Bayswater North
Setup new laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Advise coms hub not required.Wooloowin
1) Broke into ASUS i7 Windows 8.1 Pro laptop as requested as password had been lost. 2) Tested by rebooting ok. 3) Downloaded and ran Malwarebytes which found threats. Quarantined the threats and rebooted ok. 4) Gave Hector Microsoft's number as password issue with his email address.Camp Hill
Screen flickering as described. Still have control of laptop OS. Checked task manager. High CPU utilization. Checked apps installed, found a few odd ones. Customer indicated that she had installed a "Safe Browser" from Telstra. Since then it has had this problem. Uninstalled the "Safe Browser" and after reboot the flickering issue has gone away. Ran Malwarebytes. Found 1 PUP. Cleared this. Ran McAfee scan nothing found. Rebooted several times all okay now. Wavell Heights
Laptop is not working so put the HDR in caddy.Caringbah South
Netflix not working. Found wifi connected but no internet. Connected my laptop via wifi and found adsl modem not connected to adsl. Power cycled modem and internet now working. Suggest customer talk to Telstra and get them to check the ADSL connection and maybe replace modem. Bardon
Laptop not starting due to faulty hard drive. Since the laptop is 8 years old customer will decide if he wants to repair or replace the laptop.Ocean Reef
Diagnosed HP laptop to be faulty battery. User to order new battery. Diagnosed Asus laptop to be faulty AC adaptor.Greenvale
Windows laptop repair and setup Rowville
laptop dead move HDD into external enclosure so client can access dataSouthport
Diagnosed laptop, did a disk cleanup and windows update, scheduled the antivirus scan to happen Friday at 10pm. Installed Facebook Gameroom to run the Facebook games without using the browser. Give it a try and see how it goes. Suggested an upgrade to an SSD will resolve speed while using the laptop.Woorim
Windows laptop and iPhone troubleshooting. Rowville
Simon Laptop. Removed unwanted programs. Stopped unwanted items from starting at startup. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Checked antivirus (Norton). Restarted computer and tested with Simon, now works OK. Other laptop. Removed battery and started laptop OK. Looks like battery has failed. Warrenheip
Thank you Mr Dunkin, It was wonderful talking to you I had given the laptop a fresh start The missing excel file was not found even after using a recovery software . Innaloo
Set up word template for weekly news letter for Parish church. Setup 2 page x 2 columns with text boxes in each column to stop pictures and grid from moving when text is added. Also setup printer on network for laptop. Geebung
Fixed. Found fault in both power supply and on system. Fixed connector inside laptopas it had been damaged when laptop was dropped. External power supply not working as I suspect it was shorted out when cable damaged when dropped. New power supply $115.50 Tested new power supply. Charging laptop now. Enoggera
Laptop diagnosed as chargingFerntree Gully
Connect printer to wireless network, configure reservation in router, test printing from iPad, update printer port on laptop, test printing. Remove printer and software and readd, test printing/scanning.Surfers Paradise
Connect new NBN equipment, connect phone and test, connect laptop to wifi, test internet connectivity. Connect phone to wifi, test.Helensvale
The laptop wasn真t working. Reset the power management system and then comes back alive. Church Point
Install Dropbox on new laptop. Install GPU driver. Advise on importing of emails from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2016 on Mac. Initiate backup of documents folder. Ormeau
Transfer data from old laptop to new laptop and install printer drivers. Test printing - OK. Set up email accounts and test send and receiving. Set up new laptop and import files. Install software. Set up 3 printers. Ormeau
Computer has run out of space. After hard shutdown computer is working however customer needs bigger HDD as laptop only has 100gb. Customer to call back when required. Left DiskStation cleanup running in order to clear up 17GB of data used by windows.Toorak
Setup Epson printer tested printing and scanning Added office key to Microsoft account. Activated office on laptop Installed adobe reader and chromeFrankston
Fixed laptop wireless issue. Can able to print by both ways ie either laptop or mobile. Marrickville
Transfer user files from hard drive extracted from broken laptop. Activate antivirus security. Install printer driver and connect wirelessly to computer. Test printing - Ok. Coombabah
Check hard disk health - PC - 0%. Laptop - 92%. Run System File Checker, remove software, update malwarebytes and scan, install printer - test printing/scanning, update Microsoft Account billing details, update subscription, refresh Office. Setup email on phone - test sending/receiving email.Robina
Diagnose MS account problems. Reset TPM on laptop. Set up Office365 email address. Clean up laptop and diagnose slowness. Adjust power saving settings. Stapylton
Helped check 1 X laptop - issue with hard drive, would need to look at replacing hard drive or new computer. Problem found with DVD player to TV, problem with phone lines - need new NBN modem to fix line issue. Eumundi
Dell PC: Not booting Hardware diagnostics: HDD Test FAIL. Taken off-site to recover data. Client called and chose not to go ahead with data recovery. Returned laptop. Samsung PC: Slow Disabled unwanted applications from running. Uninstalled Norton (Client has AVG) Performed system maintenance.Emerald
setup new laptop Install office, avast and chrome. Setup outlook with 2 email accounts Transfers contacts from Thunderbird to outlook Transfer data from old pc to external drive. Assisted setup of Samsung tablet Seaford
Laptop has no display or errors or beeping. Reset memory and HDD after it was dropped. Still no life. Opened up laptop and found mainboard damaged due to it being dropped as described by customer. Replacement cost over $450 plus labor. Not worth repairing. Removed HDD for customer to recover data to another PC if needed. Toshiba Satellite C850 Part No: PSKC8A-07300S North Lakes
Disassembled Lenovo ThinkPad E480. Experienced intermittent screen issue and cursor in top left corner. After disconnect nvram the laptop turned on but no boot was complete. Screen also was flickering and was more prominent when pressing down near the display connect on the mother. I suspect this is a motherboard issue. Laptop still under warranty. Customer to call Lenovo and start RMA procedures.Mount Waverley
Initially pc was hung with video artifacts on screen. Rebooted and since no hanging or power off. OS looks to have been recovery as there is a windows.old folder that has all apps. Current windows install has apps missing like Office. Rang AV and Malware only 1 pup found. Suggested I take away to backup and recover OS or reinstall from scratch. Customer wants to backup herself and do itunes on other laptop. May come back to us later. Griffin
1) Lenovo ideapad 100 was on so held finger on on/off switch and the 2 lights on the front went off and then switch on again and all working. 2) Laptop booted fineHighgate Hill
Removed bezel from screen and removed the touch screen panel from the top cover. Removed cable sticker and disconnected screen from laptop. Re seated cable and replaced cable sticker. Tried powering up again but problem still there. LCD display seems to be faulty. New screen needed. Very expensive. $295.52 inc GST plus labor of 1 hour. Part will take a week to arrive. Auchenflower
Laptop turned on. Tested multiple times and laptop continued to turn on as expected. General system check and clean. Remove unwanted programs and auto start items.Newmarket
1) Tested HP Laptop 650 was Windows 8 now 10 2) Tried my monitor from the car and no output. 3) Still no output on laptop screen. 4) Turned off and removed battery and drained laptop holding the on/off key. 5) Powered up again via PSU and still nothing on the screen or monitor. 6) They had already tried reseating RAM and defaulting laptop Dorothy told me. 7) Removed Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and put in a caddy so that data could be removed.Hawthorne
Toshiba laptop running very slow. Supplied and installed SSD hard drive Supplied and installed 8GB RAM INSTALLED Windows 10 Downloaded and installed hardware driversSandgate
Setup new HP Laptop Download and install office2019 Download and install firefox Download and install Norton Download and install adobe Pdf Removed McAfee Setup outlookSt Albans
helped client configure new laptop and moved old HDD into external enclosureLabrador
Created a new user, previous got corrupt. Deleted all temp files under users in C drive. Robox was deleted as filled up the hard drive. Installed updates and Google Chrome, got his email back on the laptop using Outlook. Morayfield
Arrived at site. Laptop wouldnt power. Removed battery and reseated ram. Stepped customer through issue of hybernation. Deleted and recreated hibernation file. Revesby