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mobile laptop repair Whether you accidentally spilled some fluid on your keyboard or dropped your laptop, at geekmobile, we have seen it all and replace keyboards and broken laptop screens on a regular basis.  We are happy to assist with repair quotes that may be required for an insurance claim or otherwise.

Recent laptop/notebook related repairs performed by our technicians

fresh start on desktop after failed update and connected laptop to internetHelensvale
1) Windows 8.1 and been updated by Microsoft who then preceded to not install all icons on Desktop and Task bar. 2) Retrieved them and now computer working fine. 3) Created a Restore Point as laptop now working ok. 4) 223GB free disk space. 64bit 4GB RAM. 5) Rebooted ok.Morningside
connected printer to laptopSurfers Paradise
- Have tested the Laptop with a new RAM and new HDD and an external Monitor. - Laptop's Mother Board is faulty. - Transferred From the old HDD to another Laptop.Northfield
Test universal power adapter, boot laptop to Windows, copy data off laptop to external hard drive. Client will decommission laptop.Beechmont
Recover deleted file and copy to USB drive. Check laptop for evidence of malware. No evidence of malware located.Annerley
Screen needs to be replaced. Chris decided to use the external screen rather than replace it. Changed settings to use the laptop with the lid closed. Mona Vale
Remove software, check hard disk health - 100%. Run dism tool, install Malwarebytes and scan, run Windows Updates, install Norton and activate, disable startup items, run Malwarebytes on 2nd laptop - removed infections, run dism tool, check Windows Updates, check hard disk health - 100%.Runaway Bay
Replacement laptop arrived by post. Swapped HDD from old laptop into replacement laptop. Downloaded and Installed new drivers for HP8570P laptop from HP. Issues found with fingerprint reader driver. Known issue with HP with Windows 7 but no fix. customer can still log in using password. Vicky Beenleigh
laptop only has 64GB harddrive. Ran out of storage, help free up 6GB Brunswick
Ran AV scan no issues. Installed Malwarebytes - scanned no issues. Saw wireless adapter signal show no internet connection intermittently. Connected my laptop to customer wifi and found no isssues. Looks like wiFi adapter is faulty. Replaced WiFI adapter and found connection much better and has not dropped off even after reboot. Reboots seem to be much faster. Shailer Park
Diagnosed pc, disabled startup programs, checked defrag and disk cleanup, cleaned up drive. Disabled check for updates (to not cause future problems). Checked for viruses using Malwarebytes. Have an antivirus program on pc, Avast. Looks good. Removed unwanted programs, and resolved annoying pop ups from applications on the laptop.North Lakes
1) Setup new Dell Inspiron 15 3000 laptop Windows 10 2) Installed Chrome, Adobe Reader, Norton 360 3) Installed Brother MFC-J6930DW printer/scanner. 4) 4) Could not test print due to ink was out. 5) Tested scanning ok 6) Got old Toshiba laptop working again so copied files from it to DellMorningside
Help transfer files to another laptop for useNorthcote
Diagonised the the laptop Os is corrupted possible harddisk issue Transferred all files from old pc to the new one Started a disk defrag on the old pc Roleystone
Laptop dead move hdd into external enclosure and help client look for new laptop onlineMount Nathan
Setup new laptop with required programs and two printers. Setup printing on iPad.Fairfield
Laptop has faulty wifi card customer to return to jbWoongarrah
Reset mailbox password via Telstra phone call. Tested password, reset password to desired password. Updated password in outlook. Fixed account settings on second laptop, removed gmail account that doesn't exist. Safety Beach
connected printer to network and installed printer software on desktop and 2 laptopsSouthport
Laptop not booting. Diagnosed and found faulty hard drive. Morley
Setup printer on two laptops, iPad, and iPhone.Redbank Plains
laptop dead take HDD away to put into external enclosure client wouldnt answer phone to arrange return and as client is in secure building no way to return HDD will keep hdd for a few months then dispose of if i havnt heard from clientSurfers Paradise
Diagnose non-booting laptop. Replace faulty hard drive. Supply and install replacement SSD drive. Install Windows 10. Install drivers and software. Recover user files from faulty drive and copy onto new drive. Helensvale
Laptop unserviceable. Recover data to external hard drive.Goodna
Laptop with Windows 7, with about 300 GB space the hard drive was almost fullToowoomba
Laptop with windows 10 the printer was connected to the laptop by using a USB cable. There was no communication between the laptop and the printer because the printer was set up as a network printer and the printer was not connected to the wifi.Mount Rascal
Data transfer and configuration of laptopDural
Screen replacement Lenovo laptopConcord
Damage to DC power jack inside laptop. The holders for the power jack are all broken off, both front and back cover would need replacement for a full repair. Cost for this would be over $600.00 including labor - not economical to repair. Alternative would be to glue in the power jack. Customer wants to go ahead with it due to the lower cost. Glued in power jack, building up holders.Heathwood
Login as Adminstrator, reset TCP/IP stack, restart laptop, test internet connectivity.Pacific Pines
Adjust printer settings and confirm correct operation. General system check and clean on two laptops.Greenslopes
Migrate Data from Old laptop to New laptop Installing Norton setup account Uninstalling the McAfee Setup Outlook Setup Microsoft Account failed to paid Erskineville
Downloaded drivers and setup printer via USB on PC for Canon multifunction printer. Setup scanning software. Setup printer on wireless network. Installed drivers and software on laptop connected via wifi. Tested printing and scanning to and from both USB connected PC and wifi connected laptop. Noticed that printer did at on stage not detect correct A4 paper size. had to do some fiddling with tray to get it working. Maytbe an intermittant problem that Bill will keep an eye on. Macgregor
Supply and install upgraded SSD drive for laptop to improve performance. Install Windows 10. Install drivers and software. Install antivirus and malware scanner. Restore user folders. Install printing driver and test - OK. Maudsland
- Check the MacBook but it wasnot turning on - Took the HDD our and connected to my laptop in order to retrieve data but the hard drive was not showing as it was corrupted. I took the HDD to my place for Data Recovery. - Recovered Client data using software Seddon
Connect new modem, test internet connectivity, connect laptop, tablet and phones to wifi. Test landline phone - no service. Ring internet provider, they state the service will become active within 5 days, a sms message will be sent to confirm. Helensvale
Issues: No Power Laptop Model: Toshiba Satellite C50 B14H Trouble Shooting: Minimum turn on = same issues Power on without the ram no error code Suspect the motherboard dead Get in the HDD double check data still in the HDD Arncliffe
configured new modem and connected 2 laptops and 2 phonesHelensvale
laptop turned on first try dismantled laptop to show client how to remove battery to test in future Ashmore
Install G-Suite Sync Migration for Microsoft Outlook. Setup mail accounts. Check laptop battery, connect universal power adapter, DC Jack needs replacing, follow up supplier for price.Robina
2x Toshiba Portege Z30-C-188 Failed Motherboard Z30-C-155 Failed Motherboard with Power Detection; Requires Processor to possibly wake the board. Both laptops will need a corrective fix - (Motherboard and processor) replacement Woolloomooloo
Laptop port faulty. Customer replacing laptop via warrantySt Clair
PC: Set Firefox as default browser. Website issues caused by system being too old (XP and Internet Explorer). Laptop: Contact Optus support to reset email password. Setup email in Windows Mail. General system check. Tablet: Clear notifications. Adjust Facebook notification settings. Kenmore
configured printer on desktop and laptopMudgeeraba
Copied user profile files to new laptop via USB HDD Set up MS Office 365 Setup Outlook account using copied .PST file Ran Windows update until fully patched Set up HP Printer Installed Trend Micro Anti Virus Created a system restore pointHackham
Repair WLM, setup mail account on my laptop. Remove mail account and re-add. Test sending/receiving email. Edit picture and upload to website.Surfers Paradise
Laptop troubleshooting and need a new laptop charger Berwick
Backup data, install new hard disk, reinstall Windows, copy data back, configure and setup laptop.Broadbeach
created new email address in Office 365 admin console (took 36 hours before address was created on server), removed old email address, set aliases so old emails would still be received, configured new address on desktop, laptop and phone forgot to forward one email to another which client did herself after bookingBiggera Waters
Help setup new laptopPascoe Vale
Copy data from old laptop to new. On new laptop: Setup new printer and scanner. Configure internet connection. Install photo editing program. Install Microsoft Office. Install Trend Micro. Configure email in Outlook. Fairfield
Checking 4 laptops for repairability. 3 of them have damaged HDD and 2 of them have motherboard issues. All of them are to old to do major repairs due to age.Marsden
Monitor is flicking , check with another notebook same issue , replace with another monitor and customer can work Coburg
Repair dc jack in laptop charger Point Clare
examined all apps & services both running and not running on the HP laptop & did not find anything abnormal ran a virus scanner & found 20+ adware infections none of these caused me any concern. Disabled the wifi on the bigpond / telstra modem Ensured the Google Network is secure. Suggested changing all passwords as a precautionAspendale
Setup the Printer on WiFi and connected it to the laptop. Installed drivers. Chrome, MalwareBytes. Installed Office 365.Port Macquarie
ASUS Laptop Model Number: A54C-SX327V Serial Number: C4N0AS301700157 Screen is cracked & about 1 3rd of the screen is black Replaced screen & tested.Noble Park
Check specs of laptop for requirements for video conference.Mudgeeraba
Laptop just turned on by itself, optimized windows on tow laptop.Eden Hills
Install new screen. Turn laptop on and boot to Windows.Labrador
Diagnose laptop not economically viable to upgrade, so customer purchased a new laptop. Setup new laptop and copy data from old laptop to new laptop.Alderley
Transferred all files from old to new laptop. setup outlook, and also on another laptop.Prospect
Onsite : laptop battery drained and PSU switchboard off. Powered up ok, general service performed. Time updated. Startup errors resolved. Broadway Nedlands
Acer laptop reset to factory settings and configured Latest update of windows 10 installed System tested successfully Data retrived and verified Boondall
Freshstart- Help setup new laptop and transfer data from old laptopBriar Hill
Examined laptop & confirmed that HDD is not being recognised at all. Laptop returned to workbench - HDD removed & connected to another machine but still not being recognised Installed new SSD - Installed WIndows 10 & confirmed activation is successful - Installed latest drivers & windows updatesRosebud
Copied data from old archive cd's to laptop Created media usb sticks as requested Tested MediBateau Bay
Copied Lightroom setup files onto USB. Installed onto new laptop. Chelsea
1) Reinstalled BPSoftware Premier onto new Dell laptop 2) Recovered 60GB data from old Dell laptop. 3) Tried to get old Dell to boot again but couldn't as the files were compressed.Tarragindi
Laptop has hardware fault. Changed settings in second laptop to be used as a desktop. Third laptop completely dead.Carina
Laptop Alienware motherboard repair and keyboard replacement. Laptop tested successfully Gaythorne
Acer Laptop: Adjusted power button frame. Confirmed correct operation. Dell Laptop: Laptop must be completely disassembled to gain access to keyboard. Customer decided it is not worth pursuing.Ashgrove
- Checked the Windows Pc screen was black totally and flickering. - Tested the VGA connection to the monitor and it was fine. - Connected my laptop with the monitor and it was fine. - Took out the graphics card and tested it, it was having the same trouble. - Suspects to be a hard drive issue and needs to be reinstalled with Windows 10. - Client will make his mind on getting further service. Cherrybrook
Checked laptop. Checked Android tablet. Cleaned up.Seaford Rise
- Windows 10 stuck on black screen - Seemed like corrupted windows - Checked the hard drive. Seems faulty. - Client wants to return it back to the company, as it was work laptop.Kingswood
Lenovo laptop, Wacom USB tablet, Wacom software doesn't detect tablet. - After various investigations and tests on my laptop, deleted all the Wacom software on the laptop, then re-installed driver, now tablet detected. Now there's only one Wacom service running whereas before there were 2.Hawthorndene
HP laptop is turned on but with nothing on the screen, Fans are spinning extremely fast Turned off machine & recovered data to the USB stick provided by Ann. Examined machine and found that the CPU is extremely hot. Waited for the machine to cool down and after about 1hr it would turn on but after a while the system started to crash & I believe this is due to the CPU being so hot for the extended period of time.Doveton
Windows update installed and configured. Laptop tested successfully.Eagleby
Printer reinstalled on laptop and tested successfully.Westlake
Remove Trent micro and turn windows defender reset other laptop to factory default Macmasters Beach
Troubleshoot laptop not booting. Wipe and reinstall Windows 10. Install software. Test hard drive health - OK. Hope Island
Inspected HP laptop, HDD faulty. Kingsgrove
Disassemble laptop to dry water from inside. Laptop failed to start. Laptop would require a new motherboard, and keyboard.Dutton Park
Laptop not detecting hard disk. Remove disk and check health - 100%. Install disk, laptop boots to Windows. Disk must have become dislodged.Pacific Pines
Onsite - notebook slow, general service. ADW -3 items. MSCONFIG. CCleaner and MBytes. Stereo - use movie mode. iphone - cable issues or usb port issues. Connecting ok with one cable. Started copy of C: Pictures to D: 20GB. Delete when verified copied.Thornlie
Setup new printer and installed on desktop and laptop, tested printing, both worked. Changed password to Brian's Microsoft account. Copied as a backup of myob files to onedrive and iCloud. The desktop is running very slow and will soon not run the best anymore. Highly suggest using the other laptop to continue using Myob (opening myob files from onedrive will securely keep them secure). Sandstone Point
Transfer documents from Desktop PC to laptop. Install printer driver on laptop. Advise on data backup. Ormeau Hills
Fixed laptop to iphone hotspot by removing old known connection and re-connecting as new. Set up Outlook. Initiated setup of Exchange account.Malvern East
Laptop needs to replace the keyboard. Caron will wait for her husband comes back and have a chat with him. Mosman
Phone port is not active in computer room, connect adsl line to living room, test internet connectivity. Advise client to get an electrician to move port to other room. Login to laptop, remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan, run dism tool, check Windows Update. Remove software on PC, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, run System File Checker, check hard disk health - 100%. Rebuilt Windows Update.Wongawallan
Phone port is not active in computer room, connect adsl line to living room, test internet connectivity. Advise client to get an electrician to move port to other room. Login to laptop, remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan, run dism tool, check Windows Update.Wongawallan
On laptop set file association if word excel to GPS, installed avast free. Cleaned up printer que. Cleaned up temp folders. Tested printing and scanning. On desktop PC. Cleaned up to folders, installed avast. Test printing and scanning. PC running extremely slow, hard drive is not well. Suggest backup files to an external drivePearcedale
Taking laptop offsite to backup and reload Windows.Arundel
turned on wifi and internet functioned as normal fresh start on laptop while working on other system connected printer to network and installed on all systems tried top setup roku box bu its not working correctly gave client instructions on chrome cast (may call us back out to configure at a later date)Tallai
Laptop Power button broken/damaged Power button was found on motherboard Provided an interim switch button as per customer choice Permanent Resolution - Motherboard Replacement Dawes Point
Laptop has possible short on the mainboard customer did not want to investigate Buderim
Contact Telstra to reset email password. Re-configure email on laptop, and confirm correct operation. Setup email on phone and tablet.Graceville
Reinstalled Windows 8.1 on DELL laptop Laptop was not starting anymore due to a faulty Hard Disk. Attempt to restore data from old Hard disk failed.Auburn
I investigated the OS issue. I restored Windows to previous restore point, but it had still issue. Finally, I installed Windows from scratch by DVD and reinstalled all required drivers and programs. Customer checked the laptop and confirmed it was working correctly.West Pennant Hills