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mobile laptop repair Whether you accidentally spilled some fluid on your keyboard or dropped your laptop, at geekmobile, we have seen it all and replace keyboards and broken laptop screens on a regular basis.  We are happy to assist with repair quotes that may be required for an insurance claim or otherwise.

Recent laptop/notebook related repairs performed by our technicians

Setup new laptop, installed outlook, transferred filesDandenong
Windows 10 fresh installed on Asus laptop Windows updates installed Data retrieved and verified Open office installed and configured Adobe acrobat reader installed Google chrome installed Bardon
Run windows recovery on laptop - resolved.Bardwell Valley
Taking laptop offsite to backup and reload WindowsNerang
Clean Win 10 Pro installation on laptop, ran Windows Updates until fully patched. Installed TrendMicro Antivirus with complimentary 12 months subscription. Glenside
Removed drive from laptop, tested laptop able to boot into bios, with drive in unable to get past Asus logo. Recovered data to external hard drive. Hard drive on its way out, 2009 build date on hard driveCranbourne
Laptop screen is broken. Need to procure ACER LCD screen and replace. The laptop has been taken onsite and will take 3 to 5 days to replace the screen.Eschol Park
MS Office 2016 Home and Business installed and activated. MS Outlook configured. Email messages imported from old laptop. Printer and Scan to email tested. Bahrs Scrub
Task: Basic laptop setup. Discussed all issue with Nigel and helped him to setup Email, Bookmarks, Photos, Documents, Address Book and Connecting External monitor through HDMI cable, Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine.Girrawheen
Windows cleanup on 2 laptops. Install and run Malwarebytes scannerCanungra
Error: Microsoft suite 2010 starter not working. Logged onto his laptop, tried to open excel and word application (failed), tried to repair it, found out it was not installed it at first stage, discussed possible issue with him, Tried to repair the application (failed), Downloaded and installed Microsoft Office suite 2010 from an internet, Tried to open applications again (Success), Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine.Scarborough
configured emails on 2 laptops and phoneNerang
fresh start on laptop checked 4 system for infections made sure browsers were secure and antivirus upto date Molendinar
1) setup Brother J5330dw and test printed and scanned from Windows 120 HP Laptop ok. 2) setup Brother wi-fi ok. 3) Tried to setup iMac but OSX 10.7.5 was to old an OS to install Brother softwareBulimba
Diagnosed the Apple i mac and found battery of keyboard was flat / replaced with available battery Updated the system spoke to Telstra to solve the internet slow issue Connected the Laptop as well as desktop iMac to the Printer client forgot the IDs requested client to contact apple organised a later time with client to further solve the internet issue Attadale
Windows 10 configured on new laptop. Norton security installed. Printer / Scanner installed and tested. Web based email configured and tested.Bahrs Scrub
Picked up new laptop. Transfered data to new laptop.Chirnside Park
Investigated issues with screen on Laptop Pc. Found the cable to the LCD panel to be disconnected. Reconnected the LCD cable and tested - all ok Completed system cleanup. Tested for malware, spyware and viruses - all ok.Narangba
Investigated and corrected issues sending and receiving emails. Setup email account on the desktop PC, Tablet and Laptop. Tested send and receive of email - all ok.North Lakes
Laptop had DNS issues, rebooted laptop and tested internet connectivity. Setup Canon printer and tested printing/scanning. Install Chrome, setup email shortcut on Desktop. Installed HDD Sentinel and checked hard drive health. Run Windows Updates.Burleigh Waters
HP Elitebook 8540p Laptop Windows 10 Audio driver issue Removed drivers and reinstalled Currumbin
Tested email settings, changed account settings in Outlook and tested sending/receiving email. Unsubscribed mail folders. Disabled hardware graphics acceleration, turned off unnecessary animations. Factory restore laptop. Turned off iCloud on iPhone.Wongawallan
Not opening browser shortcuts as Laptop was not connected to internet due to IP address issue. Reset IP address and started to work.Marangaroo
Laptop not starting due to damaged boot files. Restored to previous date and started to work. Started the backup in to external hard drive.North Perth
Pulled laptop apart found water inside. Dried down reassembled and starts. Suggest back up and may not be reliable after water spill so suggest watching and replacing asap.Burleigh Heads
Toshiba laptop Windows 10 fresh installed and activated. Windows updates installed. MS Office 2010 business version installed and activated. MS Outlook configured and tested. Data retrieved and verified. Laptop keyboard replaced and tested. Wavell Heights
Set up new laptop.Greenfields
Setup email on iMac and configured setting on Mac laptop as requested by Heather.Northbridge
Investigated and corrected issues accessing MS Outlook. Completed repair of MS Office. Tested send and receive of email - all ok. Investigated issues connecting to the WIFI network. Found the WIFI security to be to advanced for the laptop WIFI adapter. Suggested purchase of external WIFI adapter.Clontarf Beach
Opened the laptop and applied thermal paste under both the heat sync. Started the laptop and started fine.Scarborough
reset wifi on laptop test okMalvern East
Error: Toshiba laptop stuck on windows update Tried to boot the laptop into safe mode first (failed), Connected bootable USB stick and tried to boot into safe mode again (Success), Disabled windows updates services and removed McAfee AV, Tried to boot into normal os mode (failed), Tried to boot into safe mode with networking again (Success), Tried to boot into normal os mode (Success), Removed other user profile, Tested and verified laptop operational with her, Working fine.Beeliar
Computer was not turning on performed a power cycle computer booted to error saying missing or damaged registry file tried system restore (failed). client requested data has not been updated . backed up data from laptop to desktop using external enclosure Munster
setup new laptop and installed officeReedy Creek
The system windows have been crashed. The hard drive is extremely slow. Opened the laptop and took out the HDD. Mounted on my docking station and took out documents, pictures and desktop files. Copied it to external drive provided by the customer. The data was about 37GB almost. The customer checked and verified the data on phone and physicaly. The customer is satisfied. ThanksEarlwood
Asset laptop computer, uneconomical to repair. Transferred Hard drive to external case.(hard drive non responsive) Kensington Park
Setup new PC, copied data from old laptop. Installed Trend Micro, install MS Office, setup email, setup Skype. Installed printer.Advancetown
Updated the skype installed skype on laptopWilletton
Acer Aspire E1-552 Laptop Windows 8.1 Windows corrupted Needs to be reinstalled Started reintalation process Robina
New ADSL modem router installed and configured. Secure WLAN configured. Printer / PC / Tablet and two laptops connected to WLAN. LAN/ WAN / WLAN tested successfully. Cornubia
Run a Disk Test Disk Test passed Run Antivirus 740 threads found Disable startup apps not use Wifi Test Speed 3.82mbps Ethernet Test Speed 6.53mbps After tweak Wifi Speed 6.06mbps Ethernet Test Speed 6.53mbps Without the phone line directly to wall Tech mobile Wifi 7.27mbps Laptop HP Wifi 7.28mbps Alexandria
Checked network for faults and tested hardware. Replaced faulty modem with backup and liaised with Optus. Cleaned up cabling. Configured network shares correctly. Cleaned laptop of viruses and malware. Performed data recovery from failed desktop computer hard drive. Migrated data to laptop and decommissioned desktop. 45 minutes on wednesday 8th november - 2:30 until 3:15, 2 hours on thursday 9th november 9:30am until 11:30am.South Melbourne
Transferred data from desktop to laptop and setup laptop for RossNorthbridge
Reinstalled Windows 10 Home. Laptop has a very limited space of 30GB and when windows install updates the space runs out. Disabled the Windows updateHarrison
1) ASUS X540L laptop computer Windows 10 not booting. 2) The Hard Disk Drive (SSD Adata 240GB) had comeloose sodismantled the computer and reattached successfully. 3) Setup HP 5520 Photosmart, changed cartridges and test printed okRuncorn
Finding: crashed Windows partition on laptop ¿¿¿Gordon Park
Removed static by removing battery from Laptop and draining the power Tested the LaptopMaylands
New ADSL modem router installed and configured Laptop, mobile and printer connected to WLAN and tested. WAN tested successfully Eagleby
Helped remove malware issues off 1 X laptop. All working.Yandina
Laptop - run windows repair, installed anti-virus system.Panania
laptop dead put hdd into external enclosure so client can access dataRobina
HP laptop Windows 10 Outlook isssues Documents and pictures folder were accidentally deleted Recovered few pictures and pst files Outlook pat files were corrupted unable to use Recovered outlook account Setup bigpond account on outlook 2016 Benowa
Data recovery Check notebook processor faulty Heidelberg
Laptops not starting up Remove hard drive and tested data is acceptable Customer going to buy a new laptop Advanced customer to replace the laptopWinston Hills
Investigated and corrected issues connecting laptop to the printer. Tested printing - all ok Tested scanning - all okStrathpine
Optus email settings fixed. Email account tested on laptop successfully. Printer connected to WLAN and tested.Brassal
Situation: laptop is 9 Year¿¿¿s old and touch pad not working USB mouse connected and tested successfully Printer connected to WLAN and installed on laptop Printer tested successfully Chapel Hill
Install drivers for laptop Install basic free programs including Chrome and VLC Activate windows using key on laptop Ashmore
Task: HP Laptop screen replacement. Replaced HP notebook screen replacement, tried to turn it on (Success), Tested and verified laptop operational with George, Working fine.Palmyra
Removed program Cleaned Windows junk files Installed MS Office Installed OpenOffice on HP laptop Oxenford
Laptop 4 years old, getting hot HDD is slowing down due to heat. Laptop is infected and major update (1709) is ready for install - all contributing to slow down. Previous antivirus software (avg) has not been fully removed and can cause issue with currently installed Kaspersky. Due to the number of issues and the age of the laptop the Customer decided to replace it with a new one. Slacks Creek
Samsung Laptop Windows 10 Hard drive phisycal faulty Data corrupted and working slowly Needs to be replaced Started recovery data process About 80GB into a external hard drive Surface Pro Started refresh process Labrador
install windows 7 on the laptop and update windowsConstitution Hill
backed up data to USB hard disk. Confirmed laptop DC jack faulty.Halls Head
Troubleshooting laptop issues. Laptop has died and is not booting up anymore. There are a number of issues including motherboard and processor are overheating, HDD is very slow. Full data backup to external HDD supplied by customer.Acacia Ridge
Investigated issues on Laptop PC due to liquid spill. Found the Keyboard to be faulty. Suggested client purchase a new keyboard. Tested other system hardware and found to be ok.Beachmere
Transferred the data from old laptop to the new. Installed printer on both laptops and set it up as default. Setup outlook on the new laptop and configured 2 email accounts. Also copied the email data file from the old computer to the new.Lyneham
Hard drive has failed, taking laptop offsite to replace hard disk with 256GB m.2 Sata drive and reload Windows.Paradise Point
Samsung Laptop Windows 7 Cleaned up Removed unwanted apps Surfers Paradise
Onsite - notebook not turning on. Removed DVD, RAM, HDD and battery, unable to power on notebook. Evidence of liquid spill, damage to mainboard. Replacing a mainboard in a machine this old is not viable or possible, and no guarantee would be possible on the remaining components or system. Replacement is therefore essential. Model: HP g6-1206AX. Serial : 5CD14718H3 Claim number : 112883Belmont
Reinstalled Fuji Xerox software and drivers, tested scanning and printing. Taking laptop offsite to install new hard drive and reload Windows.Helensvale
1- Laptop motherboard is dead 2- HDD was given to the client Earlwood
Acer laptop running windows vista Old core 2 duo PC with only 2Gb ram Can't do much with it as vista not supported Other newer Aver laptop running Windows 10 Removed 805 spyware threats Wanneroo
Disable touch screen on laptopBerkeley Vale
HP Laptop Windows 7 Ultimate Network issue Internet blocked by antivirus Removed unwanted appsBurleigh Heads
1) Toshiba Satellite laptop which was Windows 7 and Helen had purchased Windows 10 to upgrade it. 2) BIOS had a password on it which I removed as this was not needed 3) Installed Win 10 from USB stick all ok. 4) On Internet ok and working well Woolloongabba
Laptop starts OK, see splash screen, then windows bar, then when windows should display login screen, screen goes blank. Restarted windows in safe mode, windows starts OK and logs in OK. Uninstalled windows display driver. Restarted windows, windows logged in OK. Checked display settings are OK. Restarted laptop again, windows started OK. Closing job.Cardigan
transferred data from one computer to another setup new laptop install software factory reset the old computer Koongal
Plugged in the modem directly to the main comms wiring. Scanned both laptops for malware and found/cleaned one threat. Rang TPG to check the connection at their end. TPG to call back the client for further troubleshooting. The troubleshooting still in process until TPG confirms everything is working at their end but the best available solution provided to the client.Flynn
Revouninstaller deleted office including all MS Office Outlook files. Used backup laptop¿¿¿s files to recover most emails, after searching HDD found folder of a backup copy done by REVO. Changed settings to allow sending and receiving of emails.Browns Plains
Setup printer on network, assigned a static ip address, tested printing from laptop and 2 x smartphones. Tested scanning.Arundel
Cable router reset and reconfigured Laptop connected to 2.4 ghz channel Download speed tested before and after reset and it¿¿¿s improved McAfee removed Malwarebytes installed Google chrome configured Auchenflower
Performed a dns flush Pinned the share folder on start on the laptop Installed bit defender on the laptopLota
need a new laptopTaylors Lakes
Printer connected to WLAN and tested on two laptops. Trend Micro Total security installed and activated.Capalaba
Diagonised the pc that was not turning on Issue was dc jack not in position and no power from power adapter Opend the laptop and found dc jack bracket was damaged Used glue to reposition in the right place Rectified the power adapter issue by changing the power cord Calista
fresh start on laptop after norton and avast installation unable to remove as system will not loadLabrador
Diagnosed faulty battery in laptip removed and now starts. Rewuires new battery Cleaned both laptop amd ran virus scanns. Left running as took forever to scanTweed Heads
Investigated issues with Laptop PC. Found the windows system files to be corrupted. Completed backup of required user data. Completed re-installation of Windows 8.1 and required drivers. Completed installation of required programs and applications. Restored backup data. Tested - all ok.Bray Park
New hard disk installed on laptop Windows 10 fresh installed and activated Windows updated. Client going to install rest of applicationsTaringa
Error: Asus laptop not booting. Forced shutdown the laptop, tried to boot the laptop into safe mode (Success), Tried to boot the laptop into normal OS mode (Success), Discussed possible issue with the laptop, Removed unwanted applications with AVG free, Rebooted the laptop and verified operational with her, Laptop working fine.Melville
1) Ran recuva light which does not install on computer this recovered documents and some music files as well as 3 outlook files. 2) Ross to go through 10828 music files to see what he wants. I recovered about 20 files. 3) Windows 7 laptop had been completely reloaded from a factory default and hence no programs where there and all data had to be recovered.Mansfield
Frest start Factory reset the laptop, transferred dataIvanhoe
Laptop test and diagnostics: Too slow hard disk. Physical damage on bottom case. Fresh start, disk replacement and bottom case replacement is required. Disk installed in enclosure and data transfer to new laptop started. Springfield Lakes
Customer has Bigpond cable modem connected by ethernet to a foxtel wifi ethernet extender ( 2 of) connected the 8 port switch in the study to the 2nd foxtel wifi booster then ethernet cable to the Windows XP pc and internet then tested ok connected other ethernet cable from the 8 port switch to the solar panel monitor unit setup Brother printer to the bigpond wifi and then installed Brother software onto the HP laptop and tested Duncraig
Initial on-site tech and troubleshooting slow laptopNoble Park
Removed hard disk and tested drive, hard drive has failed. Laptop was recently purchased and in under warranty. Client will follow up with Acer under warranty.Maudsland
Taking laptop offsite to backup and reload Windows.Carrara
The screen is very fuzzy and nothing is coming on it. I opened the laptop and found out that its screen is not working properly whereas we can take the display out on the tv. The customer is very happy to have display on tv. The laptop has a hardware issues. Uninstalled one package tracker as well. Thanks Belfield