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mobile laptop repair Whether you accidentally spilled some fluid on your keyboard or dropped your laptop, at geekmobile, we have seen it all and replace keyboards and broken laptop screens on a regular basis.  We are happy to assist with repair quotes that may be required for an insurance claim or otherwise.

Recent laptop/notebook related repairs performed by our technicians

Wifi card in laptop has failed. Replacement card would be over $200 Installed Wifi dongle. Tested okay. Mackenzie
- Took the Hard Drive out of the Laptop. - Transferred all the data to the customer's external HDD. Brompton
Customer purchased new laptop to replace old laptop. Backed up all data from old machine. Transferred all data to new machine. Installed all required programs. Setup on network again Setup printer Setup local shared folders Setup Outlook emails Client confirmed everything has been transferred to his requirements and he is satisfied everything is working the way it should and all his data and programs are available as they should be. Client has no further questions.Slacks Creek
Laptop running slow due to its age and specifications and other laptop had disk errors. Started disk scan and removed unwanted applications.Kallaroo
Laptop had water spilt on it. Disassembled the laptop and dry it out. Turned the laptop but it hasn┐┐┐t worked as it should be. Took the hard disk out for Anne take it to Apple when she buy a new laptop. Manly
setup new laptopArundel
Helped check 1 X laptop computer - malware software all loaded and working - no malware found. Checked all fans - all working. Checked 2 X hard drives - all good. Checked for unnecessary programs - nothing found. Loaded driver for new keyboard and mouse combo set. Suggested changing keyboard and mouse if still a problem. Next step would be to do a total refresh. Initial diagnostics all completed - client to monitor furtherTwin Waters
Helped free up space on 1 X laptop, checked 1 X desktop issue freezing up - checked all fans. Ran a malware check and removal process on both computersPeregian Springs
Desktop computer was damaged due to a break in. quickly tried to see if desktop was salvageable, not possible not worth repairing as the unit is very old and has the power supply hanging out the back. Removed hard drive and connected via USB to sata adapter and copied all data to a laptop. Daisy Hill
Diagnose motherboard failure. Customer will source new laptop.Norman Park
Diagnosed pc, checked emails (setup emails and changed password with telstra) and cleaned disk on desktop computer, setup Wi-Fi extender, resolved surface pro laptop, stuck installing updates, installed Avast antivirus on both computers.Bongaree
Laptop was frozen. No display but lights on. Power pack working okay. Forced shut off by holding power button down for 5-10 seconds. laptop no powered off. Powered on ok. Checked event logs for any major issues found. No found. Issue may be a heat related one. But room is not too hot and laptop does not seem to be getting too hot but it is near the western facing windows. Customer will keep an eye on this. Victoria Point
HDD Formatted and Windows 10 fresh installed. Windows activated and latest update installed. HDD tested and found out it's not working with %100 performance. Issue on HDD informed to client. They're getting a new laptop later.Woodridge
Setup pin for the laptop Disabled few startup programs Uninstalled fewer programs to make it better Actioned Windows updates, Windows defender scanLawnton
Supplied and installed Sata HDD Enclosure Setup the laptop with the user account Setup Norton on the laptop and mobile deviceStafford
DC jack broken (middle pin) - needs replacement. Needed to order jack from China mainland (6 weeks) for delivery. Replaced DC jack, underneath motherboard - needed to strip down laptop completely to get to DC jack. This DC jack is soldered onto the motherboard and therefore soldering was required.Springfield Lakes
laptop dead move HDD into external enclosureCoomera
laptop dropped Sony Vaio Fit 15 SVF15319 i7 CPU 8GB DDR3 RAM 750GB HDD screen and digitizer damaged, hinge damaged as well as keyboard dmg screen alone is unfixable as spare parts for sony laptop are not available replacement is only option 2 similar specced systems are as follows avalible at harvey norman Asus VivoBook S15 S530UA-BQ359T Core i7 8gb 2TB 128 ssd $1288 HP Pavilion 15-CS0055TX Laptop i7 16gb 256 ssd 1tb hdd windows 10 $1498Coomera
fresh start on all in one and reset password on laptopRobina
On Laptop installed: Adobe Flash Acrobat Reader Java VLC QuickTime Firefox (Shockwave, Audacity & Chrome already installed by customer) Installed and configure Trendmicro AV. Iphone - installed Tren Mocro AV Tower Desktop PC Migrated new Trend Micro license to this PC to give 2years subscription on new plan. Rochedale South
Perform hard reset, boot laptop to Windows. Fix power option so screen stays on when plugged into power.Gilston
Fee for producing quotation for the repair of 2 laptop computers: 1 x HP x360 with broken screen 1 x MacBook Pro with broken screenJamberoo
Diagnose audio hardware failure. Uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated driver software. Ran Windows troubleshooter. Adjusted all settings, and tested through headset, however unable to get audio output working. Laptop still covered by warranty, so customer will return for repair.Ipswich
setup new laptopSanctuary Cove
Reinstalled Office. Added DataDear to Excel. Changed some settings for Google Chrome. Checked the HP laptop and the logic board has a short circuit. Recovered the password for Android mobile.Seaforth
Power cycle modem and test internet connection - OK on laptop and iPod. Install Google Chrome. Helensvale
Data from old laptop being copied in USB (customer will past it by himself to new PC). setup the email in new Laptop. answered all customer's questions.Glynde
Replace graphic card and hard drive still not starting. Desktop motherboard is faulty Remove hard drive and backup all the data and copied to customer laptopBligh Park
client had call from scammers but just hung up laptop in airplain mode turn off airplane mode and laptop connects to network printer prints all qued documentsPalm Beach
connected modem and connected laptop via wifiMudgeeraba
performed data transfer from broken asus laptop.Taren Point
power supply failed and appears to have damaged mainboard when old psu plugged in safety switch is tripped new psu loads system but only for a short time then post screen indicates power issue helped client choose new laptopBiggera Waters
Setup new laptop, copy data across, install software and configure.Southport
Laptop not turning on Diagnosed and suspect issue with Mainboard. External monitor was also blank and no hard drive light was turning on even when replaced with another hard drive. As the laptop is more 8 years old customer will be replacing the laptop.Balcatta
Copy photos from USB stick to laptop. Set up email account in Thunderbird. Install Google Chrome and set up bookmarks for internet banking. Check hard drive health and antivirus. Coombabah
Laptop hasn┐┐┐t been working through the built in display for a while. Disconnected the display cable and connected that again. Afterwards it was working. I┐┐┐ve tested moving the screen, rebooting the computer a couple of times and it was all good. Avalon
configured new laptop activated office [email protected]Surfers Paradise
laptop mouse pad dead. not a software issue. replaced with mouse.Toowoomba
Configured Outlook and Word as requested. Copied pst file to new laptop. Onkaparinga Hills
Diagnose hardware damage. Customer will purchase a new laptop.Annerley
Diagnosed pc, checked hardware components in desktop tower. Everything looks fine, bit dusty, cleaned with blowing out the dust. On the laptop, Outlook, can choose to repair office programs using Programs and Features by clicking on Microsoft Office and clicking on "Change". Narangba
- Laptop experienced hard drive failure and customer would like data recovered - Was able to confirm Bios does not detect hard drive - Removed hard drive from laptop - Attached hard drive as an external device to technician's laptop - Laptop was able to detect the drive - Customer provided an external hard drive to copy the data from the old drive to the externalMoorebank
Diagnosing laptop, old printer set as default, removed old printer and set new one to default to print. Tested working on printing documents. * Magnifying glass on laptop, can be found under start menu or taskbar. Disabled startup programs and checked defragmentation (if it's running to full capacity). Deception Bay
Power cycle laptop and check boot - OK. Check hard drive health - OK. Check windows updates - OK. Check emails and net banking - OK. Login to skype and check audio. Paradise Point
Setup new laptop with office. Applied windows update. Installed avast and attempted to connect printer. Printer however is having network isses. Hampton
Troubleshoot laptop not booting. Test charger voltage - OK. Suspected motherboard fault. Recover selected user files from drive onto USB drive - Documents and Desktop folders. Beenleigh
Laptop Wifi issues Caroline Springs
Ran diagnostics and repair. System now rebooted ok. I think the hard drive is slowly dying. Computer is about 6-7 years old. Gave customer options. 1. Replace hard drive 2. Refurbished Laptop 3. New PC Either way customer needs to get MS Office license. Eight Mile Plains
Replaced DC Jack & tested Laptop turns on without the battery installed Battery indicator is showing paper adapted is connectedRosebud
Issue: Client wanted to setup MS Office 365 on new brand laptop. I inspected the system and found out that purchased product is linked to an unknown Microsoft account. This issue happened after someone helped client on the phone to activate MS Office. I mentioned there no way to use this product except accessing to account. System checked and no suspicious item detected. Client getting another MS Office through her school. Loganholme
Error: No internet available Have tried to ping (Failed) Have tried to login to Belkin modem console (Failed) Have rebooted the modem (Failed) Have tried to reset it (Failed) Have setup Temporary modem to test internet connection (Success) Have setup Spare TP-Link modem and verified internet connection (Success) Have found out that Acer laptop had Windows XP OS and did not wireless function Have tested and verified internet and computer operational with her, Working fine.Wembley
Check 3 laptops and remove remote access and malicious software. Remove registry entries allowing auto start of malicious software. Check system clean on 3 laptops.Flinders View
Remove malware infection. Install antivirus protection on iMac. Set up signature on Windows laptop Outlook. Set up signature on Mac Mail. Install antivirus on Windows laptop. Broadbeach Waters
Error: MacBook Pro running slow Have logged onto the laptop as user Have downloaded and installed HDD scan Have found out 3 issues onto the HDD Have discussed issue with the client and discussed HDD upgrade vs new MacBook Air cost Have setup Time Machine backup Client will decide and let us know what to doKarrinyup
Part - CPU Fan - $145 - 1-3weeks Labour - $98 - .75hrs - Install part Toshiba satellite pro c50-b P/N: psclva-001001 S/N:5e103729p Dismantle laptop and clean fan. Carrara
changed mouse DPI so Xim apex controller for PS4 can use mouse and keyboard on game through play station and allows mouse configuration removed norton search on laptop web browserMaudsland
Error: Possible Trojans Logged onto the laptop as user Have helped him to reset his Hotmail email account password Have downloaded and installed Malware-bytes for mac Ran full scan on the laptop (Remote 4 threats) Have setup Firefox to remove cookies, history automatically upon closing the browser Have tested and verified email and laptop operational with him, Working fine have removed Google Chrome as per his instructionBicton
Inspect the laptop. Checked the capabilities for repairing. Captured broken information.Cranbourne West
Diagnosed pc, issue with either monitor or graphics card. Monitor stays on even after pc off. Suggested get a new monitor to try out and see if it's the issue. Otherwise, a new desktop/laptop can solve the rest (after monitor is purchased and pc still doesn't work).Narangba
Set of new pc Data transfer from old laptop to new Installed basic software Activated windows using clients old keys Configured printer and wireless Doubleview
Diagnosis the laptop Issues with wifi adaptor Client preferred to buy a new laptopKewdale
Dell Latitude E7250 - Service TAG 2P4QK32 It was a UQ Education laptop and now the user needs the laptop to be wiped and reinstall Win 10. Checked and completed Data Backup. Ran Win 10 install and activated the digital license. Download and installed Dell Support Assist software. Completed the software and hardware updates on the laptop Supplied and installed Microsoft Office professional plus 2019 Stafford
Laptop is overheating. HDD is corrupted and needs to be repaired to be able to backup data. Run various check disk programs to repair corrupted files. Full data backup to external HDD - major repair was necessary to get data off. System still unable to boot, motherboard gets very hot and causes blue screen. HDD is slow due to damage.New Beith
Removed HDD and connected via USB to laptop and copied files to external HDDPort Macquarie
Laptop faulty. Set it up on lab for diagnostics. Motherboard was faulty. Attempted data recovery but too much data to transfer so put the HDD into a caddy for the customer to use when they get a new laptop.Burwood East
Connected printer to Wi-Fi and laptop. Leumeah
Connected laptop to WiFi network Liverpool
Replaced laptop chargerCranbourne North
Main Board is water damaged and won't be fixed. The MSATA Hard Drive took out from the Laptop and is ready to pass to the Customer Torrens Park
Inspect the laptop and diagnosed the issues. Tecoma
Replaced laptop cover and new DC jackChadstone
1 laptop in airplane mode the other not connected to wifi Looks like laptop Labrador
Perform factory reset on laptop and restore it back to factory defaults.Benowa
Diagnosed pc, tested hardware, hard drive is faulty (not loading files). Suggested replacement, put on USB the files important. Put the laptop back as normal.North Lakes
Error: Missing icons in the taskbar Logged onto the laptop as user (Success) Have stopped the Windows updates services and rebooted the laptop All icons and userprofile restored fine Have Sent and Received Test email (Success) Have tested and verified laptop operational with the client, All working fine at this stageDoubleview
- General laptop clean up using CCleaner. - Malware Removals - Uninstalled unnecessary software - Dissabled unnecessary start up applicationsSt Albans
Laptop not starting up. Laptop stuck in sleep mode, reset startup to normal start. Switched off Narrator and checked various other settings. Run various virus scans and removed any infections found (400+, Trojan, pups, .,.). Removed various programs (infections). No quality AV program installed, high risk of infections. Downloaded and installed Kaspersky Internet Security trial, updated it and run initial scan. Scan still going at the time I left.Birkdale
Diagnosed 2 pcs, 1 is too slow due to updates not installed. Causing the slowness. The other pc is fine, won't go any faster unless the system is cleaned more (by moving files and uninstalling programs that are unwanted). Setup Canon printer to print and scan. Installed Audacity and Paint.NET onto the main laptop.Sandstone Point
- The Cpu Fan has been replaced. - Have put more pad between fan and Laptop's back plate, since the back plate is damaged and bent. *. The job took an hour and thirty minutes and since we already have charged Chris for 45 Minutes, I only is charging him for another 45 Minutes.Magill
Relocated desktop to different room. Setup laptop Copied data from old iPad to new iPad Setup Garmin vivofit Jr device Setup email on laptop Setup some custom bookmarks Setup printer on laptop and desktop Loganholme
Power cycle laptop. Check for Windows updates. Install malwarebytes and scan for malware. Set up trash folder on Outlook app for Android. Eagleby
Laptop stuck in sleep mode causing boot issues. Reset startup to default, laptop started to boot. Some keys are sticky, freed them and let customer know about it in case keys stay sticky (need to lift them up, use will free them eventually).Marsden
Laptop had water damage. Opend Laptop and dried it out completely. Noticed around the battery terminal connection that there had been shorting out. Took photos of damaged area. Powered up to check and found it was arcing, so immediately unplugged the power supply. Battery had flattened due to this short circuiting. Reassembled laptop. Port Macquarie
configured new laptop to work with userSpeers Point
Found to be faulty laptop keyboard. Due to the age of the computer, I suggested they buy a USB keyboard rather than install a replacement.Lighthouse Beach
Fixed internet and troubleshoot laptop.Langwarrin
Laptop screen is damaged at the connectors, causing it to flicker and malfunction. This is a touchscreen laptop, repair $400.00 plus.Drewvale
Cleared Windows password on 2 laptops. On both laptops: Scanned for adware, clean. Installed chrome browser. Ran windows update until fully patched. Installed Trend Micro Internet Security. Installed Brother HL-1110 printer Performed numerous other installations and configurations. On one laptop wireless network was dropping out, unable to solve driver issue, installed wireless network adapter instead. Morphett Vale
End task on program hanging. Adjust screen resolution. Check operation of OpenOffice. Connect laptop to wifi. General system check.Yeronga
Computer failing to boot, changed bios from CSM to UEFI. Computer now booting correctly. Connrcter a laptop and tablet to wifi. Client confirmed his issues have been resolved and has no further questions. Buccan
Used cmd to change passwords. Still unable to access any user account, error, "The user service service profile failed the logon. User profile can not be loaded" Unable to logon on the any other profile on laptop. Win7 Home premium. Toshiba Satellite 32bit. Tewantin
- Checked HP laptop and backed up all the data to external hard drive. - Checked Dell Optiplex 390 series. - Computer was running slow, so deleted some unnecessary applications and made up space. - Turned off windows search service to make it a little faster.Dural
sata controller on laptop dead move HDD into external enclosure so client can access dataRobina
Copy data to new laptop, install software and configure.Carrara
Laptop got turned on by itself, did cleanup and windows optimization. Made suggestions to the customer.Klemzig
Laptop wasn┐┐┐t allowing to type the password. Needed to remove internal battery. Computer had 118 threats. Removed all of them. Set the main username as administrator. Got rid of the beeping when typing. Fixed the keyboard when typing. Removed the username that has not been used. Balgowlah
Remove hard disk from laptop and copy data to external hard drive. Perform hard reset - motherboard is faulty.Carrara
- Found Toshiba laptop with power light on, but the screen was black. - Did some diagnosis on it. Took out the battery and ran it straight on dc power. The computer turned on fine. - Plugged the battery again and turned on the computer, and it was fine. - Checked the power options and found that Hard disk drive was set to sleep in 10 minutes, which was changed to Never sleep again. - Ran the computer and everything worked well. Pendle Hill
Laptop has a suspected faulted motherboard. Removed HDD and recovered data into another portable HDD.Clayton
helped setup new laptopAshmore