The moral of the story...

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Success for retrenched local

When Ken Booth from Sydney was retrenched from his job as a toll collector, his employment prospects looked gloomy. Automation cost him his job.

To make ends meet, Ken sold a few articles on ebay and then began to make money. He had discovered how to make money from automation.

One Thursday afternoon last spring, Ken discovered a vintage clock on ebay. He knew he could outbid his opposition and still triple his profit. As the auction ticked down with three hours to go, Ken’s computer crashed.

“Damn,” he said (or something like that).

Fortunately Ken’s wife June is a very clever astute person. “Call Geekmobile,” she said. He did.

The result – Ken was back online in time, won the auction and made a bundle.

The morale to this story: don’t try to outbid Ken on ebay.

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Lap dancing student on time

Geraldine, a university student from Brisbane and part-time lap dancer at a local coffee shop had a problem. Her laptop wouldn’t boot and she was desperate; her law assignment was due the next day and she had run out of extension time. Her previous excuse was that her computer was down…but now it was for real.

Geraldine panicked, but then, in a moment of clarity and wisdom, she called Geekmobile, Australia's leading mobile computer repairers. To cut a long story short, within two hours her laptop was back in action and Geraldine made the deadline.

The morale to this story: if you know the name of the coffee shop, give us a call.

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How to relieve frustration

The above headline will probably attract someone’s attention. In fact it has…because you’re reading this right now.

There are many forms of frustration that humans experience. Some we can’t mention here (after all, this is a G-Rated site).

But what we can mention is the insidious C-Frustration (aka Computer Frustration) an affliction that causes distress for masses of people.

Symptoms include high blood pressure, red faces, unusual behaviour such as jumping up and down on the spot and pulling of hair.

The causes: computer failures, laptop problems, internet hassles, Macs not booting, cantankerous crashing PC’s, viruses, email malfunctions.

Is there a cure? Not medically (as far as we know) however help is available on the following number:

1800 34 96 96

That’s a direct line to Geekmobile, Australia's leading mobile computer repairer. With same day fast service and a team of highly efficient technicians, C-Frustration can be cured…forever!