Networks and Wireless Setup

Recent networking/wireless related services

reset and reconfigured modemPalm Beach
COnnect the new printer to network set up of new printer installed driver and updated the firmware of the printer configured printer to Pc checked the NBN Settings ;informed client abt phones Wanneroo
printer had a static Ip on a different subset to router\\changed IP and printer worked as normalOxenford
Add port forwarding and confirm correct operation. Chrome blocking extensions then seemed to disable Plex. Blocking extensions were disabled, however internet service went down so was unable to determine if Plex is working.Forest Lake
contacted Telstra got account information and configured new modemBurleigh Heads
Reset Windows 7 login password. Reconfigure wifi extender to connect to new NBN router. Mount Warren Park
-Checked the New Optus NBN internet first. - Setup Orbi Router and 2 x Satellites (Wifi extenders) with it. - Placed one router in the dining room, 1 on level one and 1 on the other hallway. - Connected the PC directly to the Satellite on level 1. - Connected TV directly to the other satellite in the hallway. - Checked all the phones and iPads by the client and all good. Castle Hill
Reset motherboard on PC and confirm correct operation. Diagnose modem or internet line inoperable. Customer will contact Telstra for service. Diagnose 2 TVs inoperable.Carindale
Replace New Telstra Modem Cable Speed Test Download 46.1 Upload 15.5 Extended Wifi Download 35.4 Upload 9.97 Extended Cable to Computer Download 21.6 Upload 12.5 Setup Smart TV Apple Ipad Smart Phone Windows XP ComputerLidcombe
reset password on router so client can log into routerCarrara
Adjust network settings and confirm correct operation. Install printer black cartridge, align cartridges and confirm correct operation. Adjust zoom settings in Google Chrome.Albion
Diagnose internet issues. Call Telstra and follow troubleshooting instructions. Found to be NBN fault in area, local setup is all correct. Ashmore
Check network connection, restart cable modem, ring Telstra, confirm there is a major outage in the area, service should resume by 6pm 19/03/19Nerang
Diagnosed network, issue with the internet line or modem. Hard to pin point the exact problem, have initiated an NBN technician to check the line and if necessary.Narangba
Put MacMail back on the dock for Herbert to access easily Changed password on bigpond account and configured MacMail to work with Bigpond & confirmed emails are functionalBellara
Check hard disk health - 100%. Remove software, install software, update drivers, run Windows Update. Restart modem. Install printer.Surfers Paradise
Set up new modem router and login to ISP with PPPOE. Connect three computers to network. Logan Village
Reconfigure cable modem and router to fix internet disconnection. Reset access point and test internet on wifi network. Beenleigh
internet is a little slower than normal so took a little Outlook 2003 having issues with links embedded in emails. Because Outlook is so old I have installed emClient & imported the email account. Tested that emails are working & the embedded links are also working.Scarborough
Changed WIFI name to Brent and Brent5 (5Ghz). Connected all cameras and confirmed functionality.Burwood East
Start Time: 12:35 End Time: 13:45 Connected the printer to the WiFi network & now the communication is working, Reinstalled the Epson software, performed a test print & test scan successfully. Ran ADWcleaner & removed the found issues. After a restart Brian printed a email with no problemsDawson
WiFi faulty. Ethernet cable ok.Dawesville
Setup lexmark printer on new network, set new static IP address. Setup printer on 3 pc's. Attempt to setup scanning. Unable to due to requirement of Java to setup scan profilesCranbourne
- connected TV to internet - updated iPhone software - confirmed issues resolvedKingscliff
Set up new wireless internet modem with wifi network and connect iPad and two TVs. Set up Netflix accountHope Island
Setup wifi due to computer being reset. Computer had been accidently reset. Setup printer and chromeClarinda
Re-seat loose plug and confirm correct operation. Connect wifi on phone.St Lucia
Setup printer for wifi. Added printer to Apple Mac OS. Removed 3 old improperly configured printer queues. Kenmore
Printer installation Complete reinstallation of Epson X245 printer Connected printer through WiFi Reinstalled and updated firmware and other printer software Yangebup
rebooted modem and internet worked as normalWest Burleigh
Setup wifi connection and configuration for all devices and confirm correction operation.Springfield Lakes
Setup Netgear Nighthawk router as an access point, connect all devices and test, disable wifi on ADSL modem.Surfers Paradise
Replaced fan in PC. Fan working, no fan error message anymore. Configured bigpond email on iPad and Samsung phone. Both setup using imapSomerville
Connect TV to wifi and confirm correct operation. Connect Bose speaker via Bluetooth and confirm correct operation. General check of TV settings.Hamilton
Checked four routers. Assigned consistent IP Addresses to each one of them, as two were having IP conflict. Changed the SSIDs of all of them. Made the routers act as an access point. Kings Langley
Telstra outage confirmed by telstra phone support Burleigh Heads
Was no internet ADSL light was red. Factory reset modem and setup again. Internet now working model lights all green. Client satisfied issue is resolved and has no further questions. Carbrook
Found Telstra routing issue. Silver Sands
Setup network drive on both computers Client confirmed issue is resolved and has no further questions. Slacks Creek
Network adapter Werribee
Internet is intermittent and disconnecting from the internet. Contacted Telstra and troubleshooted that. They will call Mark to follow this up. Mosman
Diagnosed Chromecast issue with connecting to the internet, setup both Chromecast and looked at an all in one. Freezes on booting, could be an issue with hard drive. Banksia Beach
Reconfigure wifi settings in printer and confirm correct operation. General system check.Salisbury
Telstra outage causing internet issue Runaway Bay
EDIMAX N300 Wifi-extender - configuring and setup of wifi extender.Oakleigh
Reconfigure networking. Install phone software and configure. General system check.Booval
No internet as the DSL cable was plugged into wrong slot. Connected to correct slot and started to work fine. Did a general cleanup of the PC. Tested and working fine.Wangara
Connect TV to wireless network, test connectivity.Mermaid Waters
cleaned up system removed avg, avg browser, and avg cleanup turned wifi on modem and configured printer via wifiParkwood
Found that computer is not getting a valid IPAddress. Found that restarting nbn modem and isp modem resolved IPAddress issue. Informed client on how restart modems if problem re occurs. Delacombe
Network Card ResetMambourin
Unable to see servers on network. Did no. of tests which indicated issue could be with internet modem/gateway. User took away and replaced with another demo unit. Found internet xs sporadic. Continuing another day.Campbellfield
Network card in AIO dead. User to purchase new machinePreston
Reset network adapterHighfields
configured modem and them checked over devices on network to make sure internet/printer was workingSurfers Paradise
configured new cable modem and spend an hour on the phone with telstra to activate it eventually they said they had to do it manually and would call client back when it was doneCoombabah
Diagnosed internet, spoke with Telstra and they said they found a fault and will send out a technician on the 6th of March, 1pm to 5pm. Did a reset on the modem and the internet works for now. But low signal, see what the technician has to say about the connection.Bellmere
- Reset Windows 10 user password, however due to PIN and no internet, it was difficult to bypass - Ended up connecting to the modem via network cable to get internet and performed a reset PIN proccedureKings Park
Setup new modem Test internet connectionArmadale
Unable to access bigpond webmail after clicking on a email that was thought to be from someone known. I connected to system & used both Safari & Google Chrome: - Neither was able to connect to the Bigpond webmail site. - Reset Google Chrome & Safari but the same thing is happening.Norville
Troubleshoot issue, network cable is faulty. Replaced and test internet connectivity.Nerang
connected printer, customer desktop dont have wifi capacity, customer happy to purchase wifi adaptor. setup ipad with wireless printer.Gosnells
Internet not working Factory reset Telstra gateway issue resolved Answered some general queries about Netflix and internet plans. Client confirmed issue is resolved to his satisfaction and has no further questions. Loganholme
Modem is too old and needs Hawthorn
Configured shared folders. Failed Ethernet cable on printer changed to new one. Server Ethernet port also failed. Disconnected server per clients request. Configured scanner network settings again and tested by client. Client tested everything to make sure it's working to his requirements. Client is satisfied issue is resolved and has no further questions. Slacks Creek
Fixed network printer. Working fineGlenmore Park
setup new modemSurfers Paradise
Re-configure wifi settings and confirm correct operation. General system check.Yeronga
Customer had iMac, late 2013 model, was waiting on updates, installed Mac OS Mojave, connected cannon printer to wifi, added printer to iMAC. Added two email accounts to iMac.Leeming
Internet drops out due to poor signal. Moved computer to different room and started to work fine. Hillarys
Disable proxy settings and confirm internet connection working correctly. Adjust remote desktop settings to make local disk available.Indooroopilly
Found that the problem was the password being used in outlook was incorrect according to bigpond. Using the telstra live chat were able to get bigpond to reset the password & then we logged in to the online account & changed the password to something known. Tested with an email email to and from Dons email account.Stratford
Troubleshoot issue, remove graphics card, plug monitor into onboard graphics, boot PC. Restart NAS device, connect to mapped drives. Enable wireless on modem/router, test wifi connectivity.Hope Island
connected printer to new modem and reestablished the ability to printGaven
Fix the issue with tv internet connection. Blacktown
Internet not connecting. Replaced wifi adapted, works good now. Issue resolved. Client has no further questions. Hillcrest
- Have connected the Printer to WifiWest Beach
Modem issue, suggest to get a replacement modem from optus.Ivanhoe
Helped download driver for USB wireless netcard & setup both printer and desktop PC on wireless network. Client to re-setup Brother software on desktop computer to get scanning working, printing worked.Twin Waters
Computer was working when I got there, did some configurations to prevent it from happening. Installed updates and resolved Telstra online account by using Telstra 24/7 chat. If problem persists within the next week or so, you won't need to pay for labour (next time) as it's covered on here.Moodlu
configured network shares, changed printer settings and set default and changed Gsuite password via admin console Burleigh Heads
Error: Cannot open up Google Chrome browser Logged onto the computer as user (Success) Have tried to browse an internet (Failed) Have reset Network settings and rebooted the computer Have tried to browse again (Success) Have tested and verified Skype and Google Chrome browser with Kevin Working fine at this stageEast Fremantle
- Computer has been setup and connected to internetHawthorndene
Fix the computer it真真真真s working fine now. In regards to wifi, wifi card need replacement as it真真真真s dead. System is under warranty from lenove so she is going to call them for new wifi cardSt Clair
Install and configure Wireless Access Point. Test.Ashmore
Performed troubleshooting on clients network. restarted router changed phone line cable factory reset router Called Telstra customer care Telstra technician to be sent out on the Friday 22nd of February 2019 8am to 12pm Claremont Meadows
Faulty modem Replaced the new modem from TelstraSouth Perth
Remove usb drive and reboot PC. PC boots to Windows, applying updates. Connect usb stick and reboot, check BIOS boot order. Connect and configure wireless modem. Test internet connectivity.Ashmore
Slow computer. Disabled wireless.Newtown
Reset network settings on printer and enable wired LAN. Remove duplicate printers. Test printing - OK. Main Beach
Nighthawke m1 router battery appears to be faulty when battery is plugged in device powers down after 30s removing battery it stays on as long as it repains plugged in client will return device to telstraSouthport
Connected printer to wifi Setup scanner Mitcham
Checked computer. Cleaned up system to free up space Connected printer in wifiKelmscott
Suggested wifi extender for customer, customer will buy the extender by herself, will ring geek if needed help to install.Gosnells
configured modemMudgeeraba
Customer visited, devices inspected; devices able to connect to local network, but PC no longer holding a functioning driver for the printer (most probable cause was a forced driver update from AVG). Once the correct drivers were found and installed, the device was tested and returned to full functionality. The customer also requested some assistance in viewing or converting some ".mhtml" files. The file types were defaulted to a program that could view them, after a couple were tested first.Hermit Park
Create reservation in router for printer, test printing. Test printing from webmail. Install Foxit pdf reader, install Office. Test printing .docx attachment. Reset email password. Create shortcuts in Edge.Burleigh Waters
Network card still causing issues when pining local gateway. PC can ping the internet but could not ping any device on the local network. Reset network stack with netsh int ip reset Uninstalled and reinstalled network card. Updated network drivers Trying wifi and cable Remove all unwanted applications and services. Problem not resolved. Last resort if a network reset. Left machine resetting. Will call customer for update tomorrow.Keysborough
Reset network adapter Changed DNS to google
Install WiFi card drivers and connect to internet. Tested and working fine.Joondanna