Networks and Wireless Setup

Recent networking/wireless related services

Troubleshoot issue, reset modem router, rang iinet and troubleshoot, replaced ADSL splitter, tested internet connectivity.Ashmore
Reset the modem Reset the ip configuration Installed chrome High Wycombe
Found modem was configured for ADSL not NBN. Changed settings, internet testing well. Installed avg. Horsley
Set up printer and install wifi network. Networked folder between 2 pcs. One couldnt set folder as was in chinese Burleigh Bc
Set up printer - wireless troubleshooting. Updated windows drivers.Grays Point
Computer was having disk error Refreshed the system Tested the internet speed Installed all basic software Coogee
Reset fax configuration, restarted and found that phone cabling issue. fax is fine but something wrong with telephone cable. need to organise Telstra consultant.Minto
Printer wireless point not working Supplied new printer cable Installed and configure printer Restart requred then windows update kicked on Completed windows updatesWest Hoxton
Swapped 2 computer positions as requested by Anthony. Setup network connectivity and installed printer software on both computers allowing both computers to print to 2 Printers. Anthony and Jane had other requests for work to be completed so arranged an additional time of 17:30 on Monday 20th November for the next visit to resolve issues.Willoughby
Fixed browser couldn't surf internet. Watsonia
connected internet and fresh start new computer. install norton and installed new filter for telephone.Glen Waverley
configure wireless printer.Donvale
Made sure that the Optus modem had not been changed. Made sure no ports had been open. Mill Park
Helped check scanning issue - could not resolve wireless scanning. Suggested getting a USB cable to rectify the issue. All working after that.Noosaville
Lenovo Yoga 700 Unable to browse properly TPG internet service issue Getting a pretty slow internet service About 0.05mb/s Clear Island Waters
Reset outlook and configure for BigPond and work emails all working successfully. Brighton
Set as dns in network adapter, flushed dns, ping, clear internet cache and browsing history, clear chrome net-internals dns cache. Tested opening google docs.Molendinar
Help setup outdoor wifi extender Northcote
Reconfigured router, tested internet connectivity. Deleted cache and browsing history from Chrome, tested internet. Connected printer to wifi, tested printing.Paradise Point
Wifi issues Diagnosed intermitent lost packets and slow internet connection in areas about 20 meters from the wifi router Southport
Installed network printer on 4 computers. Melbourne
Installed two wireless receiver cards on work PC's. Updated drivers. Set up printer (wireless).St Peters
setup mac to print wirelesslyDoncaster East
Attempted to reset network adapters, no change. Reinstall telstra E8372 device installed ok but no modem detected. Installed to another computer running windows 8.1 device worked no problems. Established the connection issues are a result of windows 10 update. Work around for customer was to use mobile phone tethering and replace mobile broadband device with a viable replacement or wait for patch/fixCoolangatta
Cleaned pc junk files aregistry amd browsers. Scanmed pc and foind zero Checked internet running slow. Swapped over pocket wifi to test speed same issue slow. Contsct vodafone if persists.Mudgeeraba
Computer lan cable was having issue Installed a USB wifi device Henderson
Reset internet modem. Made small dofferencebut could connect. Internet very slow customer to contact telstra to check lines and speed. Cleaned pc Checked wifi extender workingMudgeeraba
connected DVR system to networkOxenford
Setup NBN Telstra Modem to integrate with DLink DVA 2800. Bridged DLink router to Telstra Modem and setup devicesTweed Heads South
Set up new modem.Karnup
Router setup and devices connected. Collingwood
modem dead replace modem reconfigure network and internet functions normallySurfers Paradise
Installed printer as wifi. Disabled Kaspersky Outlook plugin possibly causing emails to go to spam unnecessarily. If problem persists issue will lie with email hosting provider. Removed network switch causing complications on network and simplified configuration from NBN box to wifi router as only few devices required cabled connection. Installed printer toner. Tested OK.South Yarra
Artifacting after wake from sleep, tried updating graphics drivers. Suspected hardware fault with GPU, not repairable - turned off sleep mode as a solution. Checked internet speed, normal for adsl connection. Should upgrade to NBN if possible. O'Reilly
Faulty USB port. Issue resolved by switching the netgear wifi adapter to another port. Tested ok. System boots fine nowMerrylands
Tested network Connection problem, very slow connection Contacted Telstra and organised technician to come out and check lines. Connected printer to the wifi network. iPad slow internet also caused by slow internet. Helensvale
Phone line down. Called telstra to organise technician. Chandler
Computer was connected to incorrect wireless device. After reconnecting to externder speeds increased. Ran adwcleaner and confirmed PC resources were not being over utilised.Ferntree Gully
system error not printing. reset computer and installed new routerGlen Waverley
client using edge which was locking up move client to chrome and connect printer to network so iPad could printHope Island
1) New Telstra Netgear CM cable modem (not NBN) 2) New Telstra Gateway router 3) Old Netgear cable modem/router died. 4) Rang Telstra as Internet not accessible and after a discussion with 2 technicians, Von then Salayia in cable dept. it was discovered that Telstra had not provisioned this Netgear CM unit and it would take up to 24 hours until the Internet worked. 5) needless to say Don and Wendy were not impressed with Telstra.Seven Hills
New ADSL modem router installed and configured. Macbook and Printer connected to WLAN. Printer/ Scanner tested. WAN / WLAN / LAN tested successfully.Thornlands
Onsite - setup new Asus router, contact Optus to reset password, set wifi and router password all to be same as old wifi password. Tested ok with several devicesNedlands
Wifi connection issue Tplink Router conflicting Disabled router and conection to restarted and restabilished connection on desktop, iPhone and TV Oxenford
1- fixed the wireless on the wireless ADSL routerDulwich Hill
Printer is connected by WiFi. - - Accessible through Webbrowser - Not printing though: Showing as offline. Connected printer via LAN Cable. - - Accessible through web browser - Printed test pages correctly - Restarted computer & printed again correctlyWoree
Reconfigured network printer and serverLogan Village
Gave printer a static IP. Added network printer to windows XP computer and downloaded necessary drivers. Melbourne
Onsite- iPad has been factory reset, did initial setup. Created Apple ID and logged in. Attempted to download Word, needs IOS update first. Internet slow, update started. Riverton
Set IP reservation for PC in router. Mapped network drive on 2 PC's. Created shortcut to application on desktop. Changed PC account from Microsoft Account to local and removed password. Disabled hardware graphics acceleration in MS Office and turned of unnecessary animations in Ease of Access centre.Burleigh Heads
Renabled wifi Restarted modem Cleared known networks Entered existing network detailsCroydon
Reset the cords at the back and connected Power cycle the machine and drained static Started the machine connect to internet and tested the printer Canning Vale
Set up wireless printer reservation. Clean up android tablet.Calista
Had issues connecting to Modem. Reset and reconfigured for clients internet. Server and workstations working well with internet and clients Dental software. Job complete. Gerringong
Checked 1 X printer - black ink has run dry - needs replacing. Disabled sleep mode to avoid wireless network drop out.Tewantin
Checked ADSL Modem and found that it was faulty and Telstra need to replace it. Set application defaults for Office to run Office 2016 applications. Uninstalled Office 2003 Professional as it was clashing with the new version.Port Macquarie
Troubleshooting on network and setup printers and wifi access points.Sandhurst
Added network printer, static IP East
Reset the DSL Modem. Changed the printer tray 1 to A3. Connected a TV to the Wifi.Aranda
Reconnected to wifi no go Disabled and renabled ip4, fixed Setup printer Removed Samsung brief on phone Mooroolbark
Fixed mail sending and syncing. Updated Trend. Updated HP drivers. Installed Acrobat reader and set print as image option. Set up router reservation for Epson printer and reinstalled printer driver. Fixed iphone mail sending and itunes sync.Dudley Park
The new Modem client brought is a Router Configured the old ModemMaylands
Wifi chip failing Confirmed Ethernet working Offered usb Wifi or Ethernet cable Confirmed usbwifi dongle Ran general cleanup on computerMonbulk
Set up new wifi network Connect Apple TV Connect two Smart TVs Connect Google HomeGaven
Reinstall Windows to factory default. Installed new printer. Tested printing and scanning. Configured wifi connection as a metered connection. Surfers Paradise
Reset Client wifi settings using cmd Prmt command Edgewater
reset wifi password to abcde1345 and setup wireless printer on iphone and ipad. Templestowe Lower
Test network and phone pointsGorokan
Adjust network settings on camera networkUmina Beach
Checking network, producers full speed and running well, problem is with PlayStations. Customer will replace them.Augustine Heights
Found and removed several thousand spy ware infections. Reinstalled wifi drivers. Job complete. Cordeaux Heights
Installed fax and configured Setup printer configurations Setup network scanningWetherill Park
IP address of video recorder was conflicting with another device on the network. Configured DHCP not to issue to any other device on the network. Also set the password the correct password on the video recorder.Kaleen
performed line tests with second modem unable to get line sync after testing able to connect modem with no other devices connected and phone optus to report line fault after an hour on the phone optus claim that line is clear but internal wiring is faulty get clients internet connected by unplugging home phones and turning on a call forward so client can recieve calls from local number as client is moving they would not get lines fixed themselvesNerang
No signal from Ethernet jack on wall. Contacted Telstra and they identified a problem in the line. They will see out a technician to check the lines. Alberton
Install drivers to get wireless working,Toowoomba
Network was setup wrong. Corrected the way it should be connected. Fixed DNS IP addredd on FOXTEL. started to work fine. Reset WiFi Passwords as requested.Ocean Reef
updated drivers, repaired internet devices/drivers. Found fixed older issues with gear.Torquay
Onsite- moved house, Iinet connection notice received. No ADSL sync, call with Iinet to report line fault. Removed all devices from phone line, direct cable to router. Tried new router, no ADSL sync. Line fault # 310434992 Setup router with wifi password, connected printer to ASUS and pc, tested ok. Setup new profile for email in Outlook, tested ok with my phone as hotspot. Canning Vale
1) Setup new Primus router from out of the box. 2) Old Primus router died so no info available from that so had to ring Primus who gave us Thomas' username and password. 3) Tested Apple Mail and internet successfully. 4) Working wellSouth Brisbane
Computer dying - network cable unugged.Toowoomba
Fixed up server issues related to internet and made some short cuts to access serverAlbury
Fault tested network card, reset windsock, ipbstack, replaced cable. Download installed driver from manufacturer. Still not working. Fault with card itself. Installed and supplied to link T2U Wi-Fi adapted. Full network communications. Corrected issue with word, template was incorrect, changed template.Cranbourne
Assisted with wifi connection - incorrect credentials.Kogarah Bay
Wireless adapter has problems and is not installing on windows 7. Software not compatible, downloaded of the net.Slacks Creek
Diagnose on PC and network setupBerwick
setup optus wireless broad band.Wantirna
Adjust and reconfigure wifi settings and DNS settings in modemCharmhaven
Printer lost wifi connection to network, connected printer to wifi network and tested printing. Tested scanning and copying.Benowa
Connect pc with wifi usb adapter Wired link adapter does not work via power it sits on a different circuit Moved modem/router upstairs for be possible connectionNundah
Clients cancelled telstra accounts and needed everything hooked upto optus 4g Configured roku box and tv clients phone seens to be locked to telstra as optus sim Benowa
Replaced WiFi cardNewstead
Network troubleshooting: ADSL service is disconnected No dial tone on phone. Line tested with new splitter and modem. Internal cabling needs to be checked by electrician and then contact ISP if required Brookfield
Setup time capsule Setup wifi extender Show use of iMovie Connect media devices in lounge to wifi extenderTallai
network card on the computer failed install additional unit works for xpGlen Waverley
Printer lost connection to wifi, connected printer to wifi and tested printing from devices. Setup printer on Vista machine and tested MYOB Banklink.Lower Beechmont
Email troubleshooting - issues with internet causing emails to show incorrectly resolved. Bonnet Bay
Helped connect printer & smart TV to WIFI. All workingNoosaville
Reset wireless device profileTumbi Umbi
modem faulty replace modem reconfigure internetMudgeeraba