Networks and Wireless Setup

Recent networking/wireless related services

Configure printers wirelessly to network, configure reservations, install printer on each PC and test printing. Uninstall MYOB versions, install . SE and client version, configure network location, test opening company file over the network. Configure network sharing to private profile. Cleanup C drive.Molendinar
changed dns settings to auto for WiFi controller.Surface now able to browse internet.Installed chrome and desktop PCInstalled drivers for xerox mfc.Tested scanningMoorooduc
Unable to connect computer to WiFi networkRestarted routerReinstalled WiFi driver on computerConnected to WiFi successfullyRestarted computer checked connection okHillcrest
router disconnected from modem reconnect router to modem and everything functioned as normalperform basic cleanup on systemAshmore
Dell Desktop Windows Network issueEthernet cable between modem and switch issuesOutlook profile corruptedCreated new profileSetup Gautier email accountSetup outlook accountReset Apple iCloud password Palm Beach
Router Ip address issues Kings Park
Ordered starter pack for mobile broadband and new modem. Will return onsite on delivery of starter pack from VodafoneStarter pack deliveredSetup g hotspot, activated Sim card and confirmed internet service is working. Client satisfied job has been completed and has no further questions. Marsden
Connected the new receipt printer to wifi network then to the POS software.Ensured printing is workingCoonalpyn
Diagnosed printer with hardware error, client will purchase a. EW printer and rebook us.Setup wavlinK Wifi EXTENDER and confirmed with client it was now getting signal in his room. Client satisfied job is complete. Windaroo
Resolve internet connection Driver
Home network configurationClient satisfied job is complete and has no further questions. Mount Warren Park
reconfigured scan to network on printersuspect a conflict in settings within pinter caused issueHope Island
. network was turned off. Turned on and computer connected again Bracken Ridge
Configure smtp server settings and test email. Change network sharing settings, configure reservation in modem, configure hosts file, test mapped drive.Burleigh Heads
checking the link network Device fitvirtual.Network is working properly. Device must be checked has issues starting windows. Robina
computer was not conneted to wifisuspect windows update wiped out network profilereconnected to wifi and internet worked as normalcleaned up system and setup adblocker in chromeParadise Point
Connected printer to WiFi, print tested, customer tested printer working.Bicton
Reset new access pointSetup static ip on access pointSetup new wifi ID on access pointAll tested working ok Penrith South wifi and istalled apps, sbs ect.Manoora
Create new user and login, reset microsoft password. Copy files across. Install app, connect to hotspot, connect camera. Need wifi network, advise on G modem, client will contact us back if he needs help.Biggera Waters
Phone device power jack faultyNeeds to be replacedBrother printer setup over network Burleigh Heads
Resolved Internet connection issues. Client tested all her regular applications and confirmed everything is working the way she wants and is satisfied we have completed the job. Client has no further questionsLoganholme
fixed issue as need to put wifi password. found internet stable. also connect brother printer to iMac.Panania
Connected Router, Printer, Switch, associated LAN cables. Unable to get internet working as problem with line. Telstra sending technician ASAP.Springwood
Connected USB AB cable tested printing scanning ok.Client said would get metre USB cable himself.Assisted getting TV to connect to WiFi. tested OK.Rose Park
Fixup wireless and setup scanningHodgson Vale
Move router, setup chromecastSouth Toowoomba
rconfig router for internetGlenvale
Set up wireless reservation and reconfigure computer. Set up printer app on phone.Singleton
Flushed dns and got internet working. With spare time i set windows to update and updated as many drivers as I clould with time availableCairns City
Analysed computer, issued might be with Network card or installing OS updated not installing. Customer Desktop is under warranty, he wanted to check with warranty and ring us back.Haynes
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Re enabled wireless cardUninstalled Driver UpdaterAll working as expected Closing Netley
Requested Kate hold down the power button until the system powered off then turn back on.I was able to use everything with no problems.Installed the latest software for the HP T printer printed test page.Suggest installing a network switch to hook up the HP T printer to with a LAN cable instead of a WiFi connection.Campbelltown
install USB wireless adaptorMudgeeraba
Install Telstra dongle driver and test internet connection Ok. Uninstall Avast browser. Test Facebook game performance OK. Eagleby
windows update changed network settingschanged settingsCarrara
Reset Telstra password and login to email. Change email password. Set up Thunderbird. Helensvale
Setup email forwarding from bigpond account to the account.In the bigpond account setup a auto reply to advise email senders of the new email address.Setup the email application to get emails in from the serversMalua Bay
As the modem router has recently been changed the network details have also changed.Was finally able to get the printer connected to the new networkDownloaded, installed the drivers for the printer confirmed that the printer is working by printing test pages.Daylesford
resolved networking issuesInstalled adobe readerPakenham
Fix WiFi and sort out phone number issue.Greenfields
Smart TV network configurationPrinter network configuration Moonee Beach
GeekMobile Minimum Fee ChargeableExamined system Confirmed printer not working this is due to the modem router being different that the original setup.Setup the computer onto the WiFi networkHad the ethernet cable plugged into the printer instead of the computerInstalled software for the printer to work on the network now. Confirmed both printing and scanning sucesfullyMount Hutton
reconfigured network info on printerBurleigh Waters
Setup new printer on wifi using WPS.Downloaded and installed Brother drivers for Mac PC.Tested printer ok.Customer also asked me to remove all of his emails from this computer.Checked Chrome, Firefox and Safari, none of these has a gmail login for the customers account.Outlook also not set up.Mail app had customers gmail account setup but the password is out of date so it was showing only onld emails up to . Removed this account from Mail. Toowong
Changed router IP address rebooted system.Checked connectivity.Flagstone
Wifi setupPoint Cook
connect internet to both tv. Marrickville
New i primus wifi modem setup and configuredDlink wi fi extender configured and fixed at the shed Wi fi printer configured Beerwah
Diagnosed network replaced Ethernet and DSL cable as well as new modem and switch installed. Setup through backend the internet connection to ISP, resolved username and password. Took note of password for the modem setup.Elimbah
Wifi Adapter was not working. Installed new Adapter and internet is working as expected.Wifi password also not working. Reset new password.Reset apple TV as wifi password not working. Customer to download Netflix again as no apple ID available.Burwood
Two wifi extenders have been set up.Wingfield
Internet wasnt working so no emails were coming through. Restarted modem took a while but eventually worked. Internet is now working.Attempt another modem power cycle, worked again within minutes. Confirmed emails were being received on both phones and both computers. Client confirmed the issue is now resolved and has no further questions. Sunnybank Hills
Set up the netgear modem with ips settings, still issues with internet, Zettanet not available to talk, modem settings are right and suggested customer to contact Zetta to find the issue with NBN or ZettanetFremantle
Setup routerEmu Heights
Setup Thunderbird as IMAP connection to Bigpond account. Moved folders to Bigpond. This should start populating customers Outlook on PC at home.Keperra
Network connection issuesBoot issue Melton South
Swann network camera need to install and fixed Deception Bay
Set up Office on two computers. Set up printers via WiFi. Update drivers on new computer. Remove McAfee from two computers and use free Microsoft AV.Erskine
connected printer directly to modem client is using an extender which is complicating the network modems signal is full strength throughout house so extender isnt necessaryonce connected to network printer connected as normalMudgeeraba
RESET UP WIFI ON MODEM CREATE NEW .gHZ DASHING GROOMING PW. ghZ was not functioning on modemUpdate Printer WIFI settings and all working Mornington
GeekMobile Minimum Fee ChargeableWitnessed the error messages Sarah was getting.Changed both incoming outgoing mail server settings tomail.bigpond.comEnabled SSL for both incoming outgoing serversConfirmed with multiple emails in and out on both computer there were no error messagesEmu Point
Update drivers, the Client must call his provider internet to chage restrictions to some domains Coolangatta
Replaced faulty wifi adapter, changed client email password Hotmail which was linked to his Microsoft accountInstalled AdobeUninstalled McAfee which he expired, installed avastActon Park
computer was connected to a different network intially not clients wireless networkconnected to clients network and discovered email account setting were removed from incredimailcontact TPG reset Password and reconfigured incredimailWorongary
Unpack install in situ of pcs, and cable in ok.Checked monitors internet connectivity normal.Created new user accounts ok.Installed Office Bit ok.Initialised emails ok.Mapped Q drive ok set for reconnect at logon.Changed network location to private as required.Installed tested printer ok.Applied updates as required.Edwardstown
Unpack install in situ of pcs, and cable in ok.Checked monitors internet connectivity normal.Created new user accounts ok.Installed Office Bit ok.Initialised emails ok.Mapped Q drive ok set for reconnect at logon.Changed network location to private as required.Installed tested printer ok.Applied updates as required.Edwardstown
Install NBN modem routerSetup internet on the computerConnect phone and test it workingSetup fetch tv boxRemove extra cabelsBaulkham Hills
connected new router as wireless apGeorgetown
Had to reset WiFi and all lights and smart switches.Reconfigured power switches for TV and Radio.Reconfigured lights for Bed and Dinning room.Configured all to Google Assistant.Nundah
New internet connection completed.Elizabeth South
Create new parental controls account and lock WiFi to family zone.Baldivis
New wifi receiver installed Brookfield
Modem connected to computer. IP was taken by computer but could not browse any website. Modem has been restarted and the process repeated but nothing changed.TPG tech also connected to hangout meeting to check the problem. He could not figure out and decided to send tect to side check connection and modem.Elizabeth South
Setup router and test internet connectivity, connect devices via wifi, test.Mermaid Waters
configured modem and connected desktop to modemBiggera Waters
Helped connect printer to WIFI all workingPeregian Springs
HP Envy printerSetup printer wirelessly Samsung TabletSetup AirPrintSurfers Paradise
Connection completed as requested but a fault was raised with TPG because they could not see their Huawei modem from their end. Elizabeth South
Customers computer had a bad wireless mouse and keyboard. Possible receiver issue. Replaced with new wired mouse and keyboard and all is well. Cleaned up any unwanted applications and scanned with Adwcleaner.Dingley Village
Add email address to outlook. Added network printer and added monitor as extended display. Tested and working fine.Landsdale
Remapped network drive for programClient confirmed issue is resolved and has no further questionsBeenleigh
Checked found NIC not authenticating with routerswitch.Cleared IP stack fluched DNS relocated NIC into different slot manually set network location to home.Tried replacing NIC with one scavanged from old pc no W drivers for it.All attempts failed to remedy the issue.Agreed to return next day with new NIC that fits the PCI slot.Glenelg North
Task Setup Wireless Extenderhave setup Linksys as wired extenderHave tested and verifeid wireless operational with the client, Working fineHave downloaded and installed the latest firmware onto the linksys wifi extenderApplecross
Troubleshooting on wireless connection and help with setting up new devicesClyde
Windows reinstallWireless router configuration Outlook email setupWireless printer setup Beerwah
Was not an external Drive actually was QNAP TS A NAS acting as file server was not connected to the network connect it to Network came online but needed password to access the folders and customer has no clue old NAS out of support has drive bay arranged in raid array factory reset button did not work used rd party to again access to NASStrathfield South
Tested Optus G modem had poor wifi signal. Setup Apple iPhone using tether technology tested ok. Printed a test page using the Apple iPhone tether tested ok no errors problem solved Lake Cathie
Extensions on chrome have been deleted.Pop up notifications have been blocked.The internet has been tested. G sim card has a problem. Needs to be taken to provider.Mawson Lakes
client had no WiFi adapter on desktop and modem was in another roominstall wireless adapter and connect to new modemUpper Coomera
Update adapter wireless driveAustralia Fair
Diagnosed modem or telstra provider issue, network range is superb. Client is going to contact telstra. Cameron Park
Reinstall modem drivers. Test internet connection Ok. Oxenford
IMac with Canon PIXMA TR printer.Client had had all sorts of problems with the printer.Downloaded and installed driver, connected printer via USB, prints ok. Tested turning printer off and on, and IMac on and off, tested, printer still present.Connected printer to wireless network via WPS, added wireless printer to iMac, now printers are available just in case either has issues.Prospect
Norton Core RouterOptus modem wont accept bridge setupinner modem wont accept bridge setupBanora Point
Reconfigured lg smart tv to wos as open wifi signal could not be sustained. Checked and tested Netflix all okAirport West
diagnosed faulty phone cable to modem as when modem was plugged in with said cable nothing workedphone worked by itself and modem worked with a different cordconnected both with the new modem cord and everything worked as normalCarrara
Check wireless networks, connect to wifi network and enter password, test internet connectivity, connect G modem to PC via usb to ensure internet connection.Southport
Fix desktop computer by removing faulty graphics card. Set up outlook. Fixed WiFi issues.Halls Head