Networks and Wireless Setup

Recent networking/wireless related services

netgear 4g modem wouldnt turn on reseat battery and device powered as normal tested internet and rebooted device to ensure it was functioningAshmore
Disable airplane mode on PC. Turn on wifi on modem, PC connects to wifi, test internet connectivity. Remove software, reset Skype password, login to Skype. Change Firefox homepage to Google.Coomera
installed wifi adapterBundall
Connect printer to new wifi modem, configure reservation in modem. Print test page, test scanning. Connect 2 x Chromecast to wifi network and setup.Upper Coomera
Telstra removed clients email account from outlook Removed nortonBurleigh Heads
Reset the modem Tested the computer installed malwarbytes and scanned it Hamersley
Connect printer to new modem. Add printer to Mac. Test printing.Carrara
Set new DNS on system internet connects as normal Cleanup systemSouthport
Setup a " Out Of Office " on the email account required. This will only work while the computer is turned on, connected to the internet & outlook is open receiving emails. It is better to get a " Out Of Office " setup on the mail server itself or even in through the webmail portal (if one is available)Hampton
Found out NBN has wrong Mac address in the router called and escalated to NBN background team ; awaiting till issue is rectified by NBNHillarys
Printer not working due to change of router. Connected printer to new router. Installed required software. Tested and working fine.Mount Lawley
ADSL modem /router restarted and connections fixed. PC connected to WLAN. WLAN / LAN / WAN service tested successfully. Mcdowall
Connect PC and setup on internet. Confirm correct operation.Ipswich
Setup new NBN router, configured WiFi. Setup Wifi receiver on Desktop, PC general service and clean. Setup Networked printer. Printing and scanning tested ok.Hendra
- Removed Readded wifi but still not working. - Plugged the Lan in and tested connection Charlestown
Check network setup. Update firmware on both routers. Create reservation in router for both printers. Test printing to both printers from each client.Southport
Set chrome as default browser. Tested facebook shortcut, all fine now. Changed Wi-Fi to private network. Changed language to Australia English. Connected printer to Wi-Fi. Changed printer on PC from USB to Wi-Fi. Tested printing and scanning. Cleaned up temp folders. Removed alternate start menu programMornington
Activated and Setup POP3 email address [email protected] Tested on Outlook 2003 working OK. Newtown
1) Connected TP-Link Archer T2U. Installed and tested ok. 2) Checked Internet ok 3) Checked other Lenovo All-In-One = ok 4) Wi-fi dongle put on Windows & Lenovo All-In-OneCoopers Plains
Issue with network restarted the modem tested the printer Advise the client about setting up the network as spoken during the new installation Henderson
The computer wasn真真真真t connect to the wifi. Connected and then he starts to receive emails. Uninstalled some dodge and unnecessary programs. Warriewood
- released windows update - reconnected wifi and tested. - updated bios and mouse driverWoodberry
configured new modem and connected furthest device to test rangeParkwood
1) Setup HP Laserjet Pro MFP M521dn as a network printer connected via ethernet cable to router. 2) Setup network as DHCP on printer and all worked fine 3) Test printed and test scanned ok. 4) Looked at fixing an email address but need more time to sort this out.Burbank
Re-installed printer on 2 local machines, tested wireless printing and scanning ok. Re-confgured wifi extender to extend new WiFi network as a new modem/router has been installed.Chandler
I arranged all cables and connected PC, Router, Printer and FAX. Customer checked sending and receiving of fax machine and it was fine.Cherrybrook
Download and install new drivers for wired and wirelss networks, which did not resolve the issue. Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, which did not resolve the issue. Customer said they had already tried a USB network adaptor without success.Fig Tree Pocket
Modem not connecting perform tests reset modem yest second modem with no luck Contact telstra change password and get modem connected but telstra detected over 100 dropouts in 24 hours and will send a tech out to fix line faultTugun
Troubleshoot internet issue. Connect new modem, configure and test internet connectivity. Connect wireless router and configure, test internet connectivity.Paradise Point
windows got cleaned up, optimized for max speed, printer setup completed. talked to the Telestra support on behalf of the customer to trouble shoot internet slowness.Hilton
Connected devices to the internet, changed password for internet. Kallangur
Setup 2 different extenders. Setup printer through wifi. Setup apple tvMosman
Internet connected but unable to browse weboages.. Reset all entwork configuration settings on PC. Reconnected to wifi. Restarted computer. Tested all working correctly. Client confirmed issue is resolved, and have no further questions. Heritage Park
Network driver reinstalled Tarneit
Printer wouldn't respond to ping, reboot printer, print jobs start printing, ping printer - printer responds. Print test page. Change zoom scale in internet. Test printing email.Paradise Point
Helped configure satellite internet connection configured to WIFI TP-Link modem. Connected devices using wireless connection. All workingKiels Mountain
Configured router (no NTE available so left without internet) Reconfigured all computers and printers with corresponding IP address range. Remapped network drive Dandenong South
Diagnose modem LAN ports unserviceable. Printer does not have WIFI capability.Rocklea
replace and configure modemParkwood
Diagnose ADSL connection not working. Place two phone calls to Telstra support to attempt to resolve the problem. Telstra were unable to resolve the problem, so have an NBN technician booked to be onsite Wednesday to complete connection of NBN.Raceview
Setup new computer. Connected to the internet. Installed Steam and Chrome Cromer
Found only 1 email account setup in outlook & there are 3 other PST files that are NOT conencted to outlook. Connected the 3 foundPST files and deleted the folders / files that are no longer needed or were empty. Client needs to go through all the other folders and deleted the emails and folders no longer needed so I can move the ones needed back into the bigpond account that is still being used. Albion Park
Helped setup 1 X NBN modem. All workingFlaxton
Onsite - after updating driver onboard VGA was disabled. Connected to dedicated card and tested pc ok. XBOX ports not working , changed to static IP and setup router. Tested ok.Gosnells
Fixed bigpond mail issues,removed norton programs.Yokine
Reset the modem Checked the admin rights Tested internet connectivity in all devices- all working Kardinya
Checked the contacts and calendar on the iPad. Downloaded the contacts to a CSV file and imported them to MS Outlook and People in Win 10 Calendars are currently being synced using the Bigpond email account which is also the Microsoft account Downloaded the photos from iPad and saved in PC\Downloads Downloaded the One Drive photos to Surface under PC\ DownloadsFerny Grove
Diagnose modem cabled incorrectly from NBN. Re-cable and confirm correct operation.Churchill
Diagnose the network issues and fixed the problem Clifton Hill
Checked device manager, found that wifi device has not drivers installed. While locating wifi card details, noticed that wifi card is not installed correctly, removed and installed correctly. Worked out wifi card details, located wifi driver, installed and connected to wifi. Tested wifi speed, found it to be similar to using ethernet cable. Every thing else looked OK. Ballarat
Configured modem Configured printer Set up phone Seville Grove
Connected all devices to the wifi. Connected printer to wifi and demostrTed printing functionality. Checked email on all devices. Chelsea Heights
Connected printer to wifi and USB.Adamstown
Setup HP printer to scan to local network folder. Tested two pages, and verified multiple computers could access the scans from the configured scan folder location. Client is satisfied issue is resolved and has no further questions. Slacks Creek
Diagnose modem line making incoming calls not work. Customer will contact Telstra to resolve. Remove unwanted extensions from Chrome.Raceview
General IT help and setup a wifi printerBerwick
Reset and reconfigure modemKanwal
VPN router (the DHCP server) reset to default with help of person who configured network reconfigured VPN routerArundel
Arrived on site Inspected hardware Recreated error Reset all browsers to default Tested Failed to access Internet Disconnected wireless extender Rebooted modem Successfully accessed Internet All working as expected Closing Northfield
Windows 7 Cant get upgraded to 10 with out a fresh install. But customer need Internet Explorer 10 or higher for the app to work. But the App was not working due to missing Microsoft Silverlite addon. installed the add one and started to work.Kingsley
wifi turned off on modem turn wifi back on and determine power cord was loose on all in oneLabrador
Used existing equipment to find a way to get internet into the shed. Not the best connection but looks like it will hold up for the users needs currently.Toowoomba
router is not running DHCP assigned manual address and computer and phone worked decided not to reboot modem as windows server is connected and if that loses its address i dont have the info required to assign address on server rest of network appears to be workingArundel
Connect and setup NBN modem. Update Kaspersky. Remove unwanted auto start applications. Remove unwanted Google Chrome Extensions. General system check and tidy.Raceview
reinstalled Wifi adapter and internet worked as normalGaven
turned on wifi on modem and reconfigred extenderMudgeeraba
Found fault in outside or inside building. Checked with Telstra they can真t get signal to modem. Suggested Telstra tech will attend to resolve issue. We got username and password. Telstra tech will call VAI to resolve issueRiverwood
Discovered faulty pcie wireless card, installed windows 10 and device drivers working OK. Miranda
Install router, fix monitor issue.Newtown
Set up router and two access points. Halls Head
Telstea bigpond email issue fix on thunderbirdHovea
GeekMobile Minimum Fee Charged: - Confirmed fault - Could not log in via webmail either - I contacted bigpond 24x7 chat - I was transferred to 4 different departments & eventually told that the client needs to call the credit management team on the 132200 and say credit management I am sending the complete chat script in a email to the client.Bundaberg
Configured wireless printer Configured print option in mobile phones Configure windows computer to print wireless Burswood
Setup dual screen monitor with tv. Setup wireless keyboard and headphones Setup printerRaymond Terrace
Test and diagnostic: application was removed by system after failure to update. Required applications installed. Outlook configured and tested. TV connected to wifi.Browns Plains
Set up wifiMandurah
Fixed line and configured modem again. Glenorchy
Looked at some minor issues, and resolved some mail issues with some account issues. Needs to call Bigpond and Optus. Chinderah
configured printer on networkMermaid Waters
Configured wifi USBTapping
Setup new router as relay router for NBN connection. Setup wifi. Confirm correct operation.Hamilton
reset modem and internet came good configured email account and helped client setup power line adaptersOxenford
Modem wifi support switched off. Switch on and confirm correct operation.Ashgrove
Printer connectivity issue, disabled wifi on printer as connected via ethernet to printer from modem. Printer works fine with testing from the pc to print.Redcliffe
replaced Wifi adaptor with stronger receiverMain Beach
Epson WF-3620 Connected to WiFi & USB Disconnected the USB cable Uninstalled the Epson software Re downloaded the Epson software Re installed the Epson Printer & the extra software Tested with test print page & test scan page on the WiFi connection.Idalia
Connect modem, connect wifi devices, connect phones, test outbound call. Organise electrician to route line from kitchen to study.Reedy Creek
Set up wifi as access point. Sort out cabling. Set up TV. Halls Head
Setup new printer. Installed on the network, configured on 2 desktop PCs. Network Printing and scanning tested ok.Morningside
Computer was reset to windows 8. Setup emails again, both Bigpond and outlook email in Mozilla Thunderbird. Client has no further questions and is satisfied with the solutionNorth Maclean
Error: No internet connection. Logged onto the computer as User, Enabled Local Area network connection, Tried to browse internet (Success), Tested and verified internet and email operational with John, Working fine.Jandakot
Connected PC to Wi-Fi via internal Wi-Fi adapted. Power cycled router as no phone or internet connection. Phone internet working fine. Uninstalled avg via removal tool. Booted into safe mode and deleted avg files and folders. Installed avast free Corrected windows update. Removed Telstra Mobile network software. Went thru process of power cycling routerMornington
Wifi adapter not detected installed new wifi dongle Mooroolbark
Diagnose USB connection faulty. Connect printer via network and confirm correct operation. General system check.Paddington
Added printer to wifi and tested all working Currimundi
Connected D-Link modem to NBN network and configured WiFiLidcombe
Mouse faulty replace mouse and connect laptp to wifiLabrador
Wifi issue fixedBalga
Diagnosed pc, checked troubleshooting in the backend, went through the components of the pc, taking 1 out at a time and came to conclusion that the wifi (network) card was the cause of the blue screen. Took it out and windows 10 was loading fine.Mango Hill
Email program stopped working after telstra tech support fiddled with settings and did something with the email accounts. Bigpond also changed passwords on the accounts. Checked the account settings in eMClient and they look ok but are not working. Using the diagnostic & repair tools built into eMClient was able to autofix the accounts & after closing and reopening the email program the emails started coming back in and the emails that were waiting to be sent have now left the systemLittle River