Networks and Wireless Setup

Recent networking/wireless related services

- Replace and configure new router - Check and setup Office 365 accounts which aren't working Malaga
Fix wifi and setup computerHeathmont
Internet issues due to loose connection of adsl line. Create shortcut of required applications. added correct email account to favorites. Tested and working fine.Menora
Setup Telstra TV, setup Netflix account, logged in to Netflix, test playing a movie. Installed Telstra TV app on phone.Paradise Point
Set up wireless printer to mac, tested several times, all okNoosaville
connected clients old modem as one iinet provided does not have wifi strong enoughMain Beach
Connected to wifi and did basic troubleshooting Wellington Point
Connected printer and looked at internet suggested client try wi dows 10 upgrade as modem has 2-5 mbit connection on 2 phones but pc gets no connectionMudgeeraba
Found that printer is not connected to WiFi - With Michelles help was able to get printer conented to WiFi - Using Epson WebInstaller, installed latest software for the printer. - Printed test page & scanned a document. Performed a general clean & optimization alsoByford
-Reinstalled printer on USB and tested. -Also resetup on the wifi and tested -Labeled printers accordinglyBeresfield
Install Spider Solitaire game Set up wifi printer connection Test printing Check emailsOrmeau
WiFi and touchpad disables. Removed McAfee and Morton products.Brookwater
Upgrade printer driver Connect printer to wifiGlenwood
-IT Tried to reinstall driver = failed Tried to Fresh install driver = failed Tried to replace WIFI unable due to board are together with the motherboard Model of the WIFI card 802.11abgn wireless SDIO Broadcom Download the Windows 10 Compatible driver and workBurwood
Restarted modem and tested internet connectivity,Biggera Waters
modem failing intermittently replace modem and network functions normally Ormeau
Setup cable modem and wireless router, connected devices to wifi, activated cable modem. Test internet connectivity.Helensvale
Network troubleshooting: ADSL modem reset and reconfigured WAN/LAN tested successfully. Modem started to work after third try. Replacement is required if it keeps disconnecting Chapel Hill
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Installed LAN drivers. Connected to Internet. Downloaded and installed software as required. Closing. Windsor Gardens
Configured modem and phoned iinet eventually determined account is in provisioning status once that is complete internet should work as normalMain Beach
Connected wifi on ipad using password on modem.Miami
fix the netgeare routerIvanhoe
IT Power drain Remove all part System stat to turn on Fix the RGB light fr the motherboard Fix Wifi issues Fix Bluetooth issuesCamperdown
Unplugged RAM, Battery, WiFi and Hard drive and still turns off immediately. Charger is working fine but the motherboard is not receiving power.Landsdale
system connected to clients home network thats not working correctly at the moment disconnected from home network so client can connect via 4g connectionMain Beach
NEW ADSL Wireless modem/router reset to factory settings and configured. PC IP settings fixed and unnecessary applications removed. WAN / WLAN / LAN tested successfully. Google Chrome Browser configured and tested.Slacks Creek
Set up network locations and remove unneeded locations. Set up new email address as [email protected] Internet connection now working. Nerang
arrived at onsite with new modem clients mouse not working not modem return with new mouse and new mouse will not work USB ports not functioning reinstall USB controller and clients mouse functions normallyAshmore
Client telstra velocity is not active yet, client to call back when its activePeregian Springs
New ADSL modem router installed on network and configured WAN, LAN, WLAN tested successfully Stapylton
Connected emails on phone. Had to get telstra account information. Has issues with Telstra accounts. Will need to contact Telstra to resolve many usernames on account.Bellara
checked over the macbook pro found not turning on due to power surge *****INSURANCE REPORT***** The macbook pro model no: A1297 s/n: C02GG4QUDV11 with AC adapter has been damaged due to power surge. Technical Details: MacBook Pro Core i7 2.4ghz, 4Gb RAM, late 2011 model., DVD Burner wireless. MacBook Pro is damaged by power surge damage, damaging motherboard and other components, not economical to repair. Suggest replacement. Gymea
New NBN modem installed NBN router connected and internet tested successfully Telstra T-Box needs a HDMI connection on TV PC needs a USB wireless adapter to connect to router. Ferny Grove
Remapped network drive, create reservation in router, update hosts file on PC's, test network connectivity, remove McAfee AV, install Norton.Molendinar
setup new computer,install ms office 2016,setup email,setup google drive,setup wifi range extenderCroydon North
Internet provider issues Melton West
Assisted with internet triubleshooting.Miranda
Updated the DNS to as primary with alternate blank. Restarted and internet was back afterwards. PC is bit old, may need to buy a new one if problems keep persisting.Kallangur
1) Sorted out the monitors (two on each computer) which had been changed around in the move. 2) Both computers are working correctly with each having 2 monitors. One computer needed the displays switched around due to the mouse moving to the left not the right. Both ok now. 3) Wireless mouse not working seems to have broken and needs replacing. Tried another battery - no go. 4) Both computers now working correctly.Mansfield
Troubleshoot internet connection issue, updated firmware, setup new connection on Netgear Nighthawk. Tested internet connectivity.Mermaid Waters
Set up wifi and emails on ipad Checked and diagnosed caulty mainboard on desktop pc.West Burleigh
2.4Ghz wireless not working on modem clients Ethernet cable also not working get printer working with new Ethernet cable and configure second modemBurleigh Heads
configured new nighthawk 4g modemNerang
Resolved internet issue.Monterey
Adjust network settings Central Mangrove
Network card faulty Install new network cardFairfield Heights
Fresh install windows and set up wifiMermaid Waters
Customer is using POE adapters however they wont pair as 1 is plugged into a powerboard and not a wall socket. Sourcing USB wifi adapter. Installed USB wifi and tested ok.Seaford Rise
Investigated and fixed internet issue on PCLindfield
- fixed printer issue by connecting to the correct router and changing IP addressBaulkham Hills
Onsite - drive failure, removed drive and tested in caddy, not responding. Installed new 1TB drive with Windows 10 preinstalled, tested ok. Connected to WIFI and tested ok. Started updates. Activated via call with Microsoft.Murdoch
Set up printer Changed bigpond password Cleaned out other mail boxes Set up email on phoneKangaroo Point
Configured 2x Epson receipt printers. Suggested Epson wifi dongle to connect to wifi for connection to iPad POSWadalba
Reset IP address on computer. Made sure IP and DNS were being obtained automatically through network card. Issue solved when disabled Wi-Fi network and reset adapter IP in CMD.Bracken Ridge
- configured router - disabled wifi on BOB Carlingford
Re-established internet. Connected customer supplied wi-fi extender to home network.East Ballina
Fix internet connection. Advise on speed.San Remo
motherboard dead Replace Motherboard CPU Memory and wifi adapterHollywell
Set printer with designated IP address on modem. Adjusted computer to point to correct printer IP. Installed easy scan software. Installed Adobe Reader. Placed scan folder in quick access list. Set up office 365 for automatic renewal. Removed "focused" view from outlook.Armadale
Fixed internet dongle issue, fixed MYOB clinch. Removed all unnecessary startup items and cleaned with A/V. Updated Chrome manualy to stop A/V update nagging. Did a full windows dism fix and scannow found issues with dism and fixed.Wodonga
Setting up internet connection, resetting modem, reconnecting Ethernet and telephone cables and setting up connection details.Burbank
Changed printer language from Spanish to English. Connected printer to wifi network. Configured reservation in router. Installed printer software. Test printing and scanning.Parkwood
- Home network assessment - Reconfigured the new Router - Contacted Optus for Config details - Configured 8 Tvs to connect to the Internet. - Configured Emails - Test everything. Noranda
Internet issue so Optus will send a technician to check that out. Mona Vale
Internet browser troubleshooting and general help on PCHallam
Updated and cleaned pc. Wrote down wifi details and pw Set up printer. Updated skypeWest Burleigh
No internet due to faulty Modem router. Installed new modem router and setup as required. Tested and working fine.Madeley
Connected the modem cables in the right connection. Tested Foxtel and the computer and they were working ok.Dee Why
Diagnosed the network issue - hardware related (cable).Kingsgrove
clients ethernet port faulty client is going to buy wifi adapterOrmeau
Configured Wifi 4g Router and trouble sought issuesMosman
- uninstalled unwanted driver update program to get internet working again - sound speaker okColyton
Reinstalled os without server functionality due to Yosemite requirements, installed and verified disk permissions found issues in Macintosh HD and repaired permissions. Wifi range extender setupNorthcote
Modem faulty so it has been replaced and the internet is back to normal.Cromer
Reloaded windows and setup wifi printer. Job complete. Kiama Downs
Troubleshoot issue, moved Temporary Internet Files folder to new location. Test copying picture into document, closed and reopened document - pictures remain in document.Broadbeach
Network cable issue, fixed.Ballajura
set up media device to connect to local router wifi.Mayfield
WebMail configured after verification of Telstra password Windows fall creators update started to download Avira removed AVG installed and activated Yarrabilba
I figured out that the client had used all Internet plan and now is working on low speed. Reconfigured BIOS. Land phone doesn't work but have DSL signal.Labrador
Issue: No WAN service on network. Router tested by bypassing switch. Switch restarted and network tested successfully. Brother Control Centre fresh installed on one PC. Scan to file and printer tested successfully. Yatala
Troubleshooting on iPhone and networkBerwick
Firmware update on modem Network optimisedLane Cove
Unable to connect to mail boxes. Currently there is an ADSL and a cable router active, Customer swapped back from NBN. Best way to solve this is to swap back to NBN and set it up with the new equipment. Customer will organize the swap.Daisy Hill
WIFI replaced TV netflix setup Smartphone Robina
HDMI connection going thru wireless extender which does not work properly through video card but works via on board video connect system via on board HDMI and sound transfers through HDMI extenderHope Island
Fixed up internet issues and fixed the email issue as well corrupt PST fileAlbury
Remove rogue apps. Set up home network.Port Kennedy
drivers not installed after clean windows install install network drivers and internet works as normalOrmeau
Ethernet port faulty install wifi adapter system functions normallyOrmeau
Ip renewal Removed one modem Tested drivers Removed drivers reinstalled Updated windows to 1709 Alberton
Replace network adapterCardiff
Removed virises and cleaned pc Reset memory Tested internet speed all goodVarsity Lakes
configured network on new 4g ethernet modemAshmore
Configured wireless printer on multiple PCsGlenhaven
Bigpond Password verified on webmail. New Outlook profile configured. Send and receive tested successfully. Sinnamon Park
Re-connected old modem - fixed the issue. Diagnosed faulty keyboard. Diagnosed Macbook air issues.Yowie Bay
Connected up HP all in one and Telstra NBN modem All tested ok East Perth
Entered wireless password and tested internet connectivity. Pacific Pines
* Traced cables and layout of new site. * Accessed hard to reach modem/router. * Reset modem/router. Reapplied settings supplied by customer. * Attempted to access BBQ access point whilst waiting for response from ISP. * Applied Bigpond settings to Modem. * Applied Wifi settings to printer.West Ballina