Networks and Wireless Setup

Recent networking/wireless related services

No internet as the on board network adapter was not being recognized. Added PCIe WiFi card and started to work.Noranda
Reset administrator password on 2 computers. Set password on wifi router. Enabled guest network on wifi router. Added guest wifi to 2 computers.Black Hill
Setup new printer, installed cartridges, connect to wifi network, install printer software, update firmware, test printing/scanning.Southport
Fixed internet not working Lalor
reset internet connection on xp system.Surrey Hills
Reset wifi adapter and ethernet connection driver. Disabled startup programs, removed some programs and mentioned to use Google Chrome, which is a lot faster than Internet Explorer. Bongaree
I investigated the network issue on all customer's computers. I unplugged all computers and plugged them again and checked network access one by one. Also, I performed system cleanup on two computers. Customer checked all computers and confirmed all of them have access to their shared folders.Turramurra
Issue with wifi Installed new wifi USB tested the PCGwelup
EMClient was being blocked by bigpond POP servers. Added the email account as IMAP and this is working fine. Moved the emails from the POP email account and put them in the IMAP account. Sent & received test emails successfully.Warragul
reconfigured wireless extender and installed wireless adapter on upstairs systemMolendinar
configured modem with TPG infoMain Beach
Installed wifi adapter Murdoch
Checked connection speed to the internet, 50mbps. All devices connect with good wifi quality to the wifi router. There is really no booster needed. Told customer if connection wuality drops again to ring up geekmobile again.Oxley
Attempted to setup email, however telstra have not given the customer the correct password. Customer will rebook a service at a later date. Cordeaux Heights
Printer connected locally and on WiFiMelbourne
Troubleshoot issue, printer lost wifi connection to router, try to reconnect to router, printer locked up twice and I had to manually power off and restart. Wifi card is faulty. Connect network cable, configure reservation in router, update printer port on PC, test printing/scanning.Paradise Point
Used tool to obtain MS Office 2010 license key, install MS Office 2010, setup bigpond email, install GSSMO tool and setup gmail email account. Disable items from startup.Runaway Bay
Cleaned and scanned serviced Set up wifi printer for scan amd print Mermaid Beach
MacBook Pro lost connection to EPSON WorkForce 633 - Reconnected printer to wireless network via WPS - On MacBook, deleted existing printers, then added wireless printer via network printer fin utility - Tested, all okHawthorn
Power Line extender starter kit installed and configured. NBN router connected to WAN box and configured. USB Wireless adaptor connected to PC and configured. Router IP Class changed to Two NAS drive connected to power line extender and configured. Wireless Printer connected to router and tested. LAN / WAN service tested on PC. Shared folder tested on PC. Algester
reset the modem tested the speed connection Westfield
Microsoft surface pro docking station power cycled and external monitor them tested ok Connected Brother printer to Andrew network Printing from micrsoft tablet tested ok The Vines
VOIP password verified with ISP. VOIP service configured on router. Phone service tested successfully.Shailer Park
Installed flash player for Windows (Internet Explorer) Installed Firefox and flash player Tested- all working now. Dural
Reconfigured new router as Netgear was not workingGlen Iris
setup new router. but internet speed is limited to land line speed. Burwood East
replace modemBundall
Set up Network printer. Tested and working fine.Madeley
Internet speed coming into house is extremely slow. Customer will contact provider. Belmont
Diagnosed internet issue Tested Router Storm from a week ago coincided with when the internet stopped working Diagnosed hardware failure due to storm Provided USB wireless adapter Installed adapter Tested Installed basic programs and runtimes Discussed installation of Office Setup Office365 Personal Subscription Installed OfficeErina
Set up of outlook Installed ms office 365 Checked the wifi settingsWembley Downs
connect wireless keyboard and mouse as keyboard will cost alot more to replace and isnt necessaryCarrara
Suggested for improvement of modem signal, wifi extenders, ethernet cable connection to modem, upgrade of plan for usage. Sandgate
configured new modemLabrador
Disk station folder mapped to network drive. File explorer and MYOB tested successfully. Sumner Park
Printer/ router / Wifi issues Melton South
Tested Modem Connectivity local and out bound Outbound connection not fetching Problem found as Line issue with telstra. no dial tone on phone lineMount Crosby
Checked router settings, router can find dsl connection but login details seem to be incorrect. Customer also need to sort out phone connections which could contribute to problem. Customer will check for password and username with isp.Slacks Creek
Connect new modem, troubleshoot issues with internet connectivity. Modem is possibly faulty, Telstra has created a case and will follow up with client. Connected old modem back, configured wifi network. Factory reset 2 x extenders and re-setup.Paradise Point
Onsite - windows not updating, RAID not enabled. Enabled RAID - PC hangs on boot. Attempted repair to BCD failed. Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro into mirrored RAID 1 - 1st failed, deleted all partitions on RAID array and installed ok. Logged into WIFI, MS account ok. Checked PRO and activated ok.Willetton
1) Setup Emma's Airport Time Capsule with new D-Link router/modem. 2) Setup Emma's Airport Express 3) Tested all above ok. 4) Connected Windows PC to Airport Express and internet working fine.Bulimba
troubleshoot ethernet connection unable to get Ethernet working but get system up and running via wifi connection Pimpama
Created home group for network on back and front pcs Was told techs on site or other company was using remote teamviewer to fix comsol program and was no longer needed. Left as instructed.Bundall
Setup wifi repeater, test connectivity.Maudsland
Configured phone systems and voip to work with NBN router Tested Installed wireless dongle in desktop Tested internet connectionGreen Point
Fixed no wifi issue Fairfield
Reset email password from customer owned domain cpanel. Used the new password to configure mail client on the new imac and iphone. Tried to configure the new modem to connect to DSL but unable to complete the task due to to the wrong DSL password. Asked the client to get the password reset from ISP. Client require his website built using latest web technology. Will look into available option and get back in next few days. Website link: www.skillosburls.comBelconnen
Connectivity issue with modem Network adapter not configured properly Chrome browser reinstalled All problems resolved and system working fine Brassall
Wifi card driver issues Windows 7Attwood
Browser reconfigured. AVAST free reinstalled. Internet connection tested successfully on PC. Samsun account reset. Samsung Tablet reset to factory settings. Google password is already saved on IE but client needs to find the correct password to configure it on any other device or browser.Marsden
Fixed not internet from usb modem dongle (telstra)Bundoora
Fixed up cables required checked internet working ok Cordless phone needs replacing.Labrador
Reset Gmail password Set up new Telstra mobile phone Connect Samsung phone to wifi Connect Sony TV to wifi Pimpama
Reconnected iiNet wifi to dell desktop Internet connection now working ok The Vines
fixed wifi not connected on 4G help reconfigured printer, etcGreensborough
Perform the system reset, and the wifi is now working on the InternetCentennial Park
Reset the winsock reset (failed) Try re-install failed Installed a network scanner Coogee
Printer not in the same network range. Fixed to be in the same range but when trying to install via WiFi it keeps coming with errors. Needs the Firmware updated and as the printer was cheap one customer will replace the printer rather than spending money on the Labour.Tuart Hill
Issue: Access point is already installed but signal is not strong enough to cover one room in up stair. ========================================// Network check: WiFi service is needed in a room that not mentioned in my first visit. Walls between room and AP causing signal blockage. Mini Powerline adaptor kit installed. Access point relocated. WiFi signal tested successfully in all areas. Ashgrove
Error: Computer setup issue. Tried to turn on the computer (failed), troubleshoot an issue, found out DIMM slot for RAM has been damaged, re-connected RAM to another slot and tried to turn it on (Success), Helped understanding connecting power line adapters, found out that power outlets where TV and Telstra Modems are on different power phase, Logged onto the computer and verified internet connection, tested and verified computer and internet operational with him, Working fine.Claremont account reconfigured on MS Outlook. and account tested successfully.\ Racing website password reset and tested successfully.Mcdowall
Diagnosed keyboard problem, was running low on battery, fixed Ethernet connection internet.Deception Bay
unable to rest windows password due to windows 10 error fresh start and configure modemBurleigh Waters
After talking to Optus I confirmed For client that there is a line fault with Optus and that the modem is not at fault, tried new Optus modem from cupboard same result as black modem. Sunrise Beach
Telstra internet connection issues Reconnected internet . Connected printerRoleystone
Setup wifi dongle on desktop PC Setup set top box Connected TV Xbox to router Setup email addressCroydon
client using internet explorer install chrome and import settings from IE and loads as normalBonogin
CONNECTED modem had issues rang optus there was a line issue they fixed the issue and i connected it ok.Albury
Microsoft account reset and reconfigured. Windows login options configured and tested successfully. Bigpond Webmail configured on Browser and tested successfully. Ferny Grove
email added as per client request was coming with error . required login detail of the c-panel pleet requested client to migrate the mail box to other provider such as Telstra .Wangara
1) Onedrive was setup with a very slow Internet which was causing the very slow opening of Outlook. 2) Removed the unwanted Hotmail account as requested and setup [email protected] again. Now working as IMAP and all ok. Sent and received ok.Kangaroo Point
Fixed issues with emails not sending Default account set to old bigpond account not in useLilydale
Setup printer on network Setup 2nd printer on network Cleaned apps up on android phoneGruyere
No internet due to DNS issue. Flushed DNS and started to work.Woodvale
Reset the modem and set up the extender Palmyra
Set but user profiles to be local profiles instead of Microsoft Accounts Ran ADWcleaner, detected & ran the clean command Installed Google Chrome. After restart Ron checked that the internet is working ok Both Rona & Pam will check the system over the next couple of days.Mount Eliza
Network 5 printers And 5 computers Standard TCP/IP protocol. Cockburn Central
Network Card IP issue.Noranda
2 X Printers needed to be networked to the existing modem (NBN) Mac issues sorted Projector issue sorted Label printer installedByford
Imac - Keeps blocking out emails Existing customer for geekmobile Fixed email issues and did a test mail with Telstra. Customer is going to get an external HDD to do the time machine back up. Will call or let us know once the Hardware is in and we will hook it up.Cardup
Fixed no wifi internet issueMorang South
Re-cabled NBN and modem. Cracked windows password and setup chrome book. Job complete. Wollongong
Found the modem is constantly restarting. Restarted 2 times in in first 15 minutes. Client said modem is a replacement modem from Telstra and is approx. 6 weeks old. Called Telstra and report modem as faulty, they will send out a replacement modem. Sebastopol
Set up new nbn modem Spoke to Telstra to activate line Mac system needs fresh start Currambine
Established how network has been wired. Tested internet connection and speed to desktop pc. Speed is appox 12mb download, 1mb upload. Set up wifi extender over power line, tested coverage and speed. Installed new printer and tested on desktop PC. Mount Pleasant
Assisted with email, printer and internet connection issues. Kirrawee
Wireless network issue,fixedBallajura
Customer has a Ricoh printer and needed to network Router setup and a LAN account created Printer networked to the LAN Test printed and working fine. Ocean Reef
1) New router from Telstra and 2 x Foxtel EoP and one Netcomm but the second Netcomm EoP is missing. 2) Connected one TV up and tested ok with Foxtel EoP units. 3) Second Foxtel box is not wi-fi enabled only cable ethernet . 4) Margaret and Graham need to purchase a 3 unit or 4 unit EoP set to allow for 2 x TV's. Carindale
Changed printer to use Wifi instead of LAN as network card was not responding. Update router with reservations. Create reservations for 2 other printers, update all 5 printers on each PC to have IP ports.Molendinar
Updated the software Removed in wanted programs Re configured printer after modem upgrade Balcatta
Spoke to Telstra activated the account changed the password and set it up in windows mail Yokine
Show how to connect network devices to router. Customer will purchase Cat cables and do the wiring himself. Upper Coomera
Cleaned browsers Cleaed junk files and registry Scanned pc 2 x and found nothing Updated windows Noticed internet is down so reset modem and still has no internet. Need to call provider. Burleigh Heads
Setup wifi extender. Testing well. Kiama Heights
Import Address Books Import Old Emails iPhone use of Outlook (email) and Edge (internet) setup Email in outlook 365 clientWerribee
Internet to the clients machine is pretty slow and the gmail website is very very slow in working. Downloaded, installed & activated emClient Configured with email address and now emails are accessible and functioning. Word is not activated that the install key is not around to be re-entered so can not do anything about this at the moment.Coorparoo
Customer visited, devices inspected. Modem was reset to factory and correctly configured to the network.North Ward