Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

Update flash Running viruses scan - customer to finish Advice customer system need refresh. Lot of adware.Colyton
Investigated indexing issue with outlook that causes issues searching email for details. Worked through a number of solutions which failed to rectify the issue. Advised Richard the final suggested solution is to reinstall Outlook and files.The Rocks
iMac with buzzing speakers and microphones not working. Disconnected internal speakers. Advised on purchase of USB headset for Skype. Coombabah
Troubleshoot issue, motherboard has failed. Motherboard is an older type. Advised client on upgrading components.Upper Coomera
Reinstalled office Created new profile Synced google calendar Advised customer to use Google calendar on pc and devices Installed Skype and spotifyForest Lodge
Dell 2230 motherboard, CPU heat sink cleaned. GPU fan found noisy. GPU heat sink and fan replaced. System tested after heat sink replacement and fan still was working to loud. Motherboard (Graphic chip) is faulty. Motherboard repair / replacement recommended. Client closed job at this stage because system worked well with basic video driver. Nundah
Troubleshooting of the reason behind slow speeds - network storage unit issue. MYOB files issue - transfer of files caused an error, fixable by MYOB tools. Advised to update netgear storage unit firmware - also to back up files locally. Would need to contact netgear regarding the issue, as possible hardware issue is present. Kirrawee
* Attended onsite * Checked PC * Reset CMOS battery * PC not posting * Hard drive making ticking noise * Advised customer that a new PC or refurbished PC is required * Customer would like a quote on a refurbished PC * Advised Data move is required * Took PC back to office to extract data * Took Office 2010 DVD back to Office * Took Kaspersky AV DVD back to office ****************************************** ** QUOTE in New Work Entry ** ******************************************Marangaroo
Battery not discharging. Disconnected battery. Works fine with direct power cord. Advised of new battery but user refused. Left battery unplugged as of user advise. Macquarie Park
windows 10 was corrupted treid to recover windows us system restore win pe boot discovered the the hard drive has bad sectors cleaned the drive and marked the bad sectors tried to do a full windows recovery found a boot virus on the hard drive, taken computer off site to pull the hard drive out and recover the files from the computer left a loan computer on site for the client.recommended to look at a new computer Ruse
9 yrs old pc running vista. troubleshoot missing outlook files (unable to recover). File gone from the computer, caused by harddrive (too many bad sectors) Advised customer to get a new PCThomastown
Troubleshoot issue, disconnected all devices from motherboard and replaced one at a time. Motherboard Sata ports are faulty. Booted the machine into Linux. Client advised he will replace the machine.Oxenford
Keyboard is faulty and needs replacing. Did hard ware diagnostics and all other components passed. Windows is running slow due to corrupted OS. Recommended fresh install to fix all the issues. Customer will decide and get back to us.Padbury
Malwarebytes ran on Desktop and suspicious items removed. System checked and no other harmful items detected. MacBook checked and no suspicious items detected. Upgrade to El Captain is recommended on MacbookHolland Park West
WiFi adapted reset and reinstall driver. Cleared off previous settings. Advised to connect an WiFi adapter to boost up the connection speed. Glebe
lRemove all unwanted program from laptop and updated. Disk clean and defrag to speed up the laptop Clean CPU fan Still laptop is overheating and switching off randomly, advice customer that nothing else that we can do to improve performance. Doonside
Re-occurring issue - advised on a more permanent fix (possible data corruption on a HDD corrupting the outlook data file). Resolved the issue.Sutherland
Ran disk check. Hard disk errors found. Quoted cost of replacement disk and fresh start option.Mandurah
Browser settings fixed. Malware full scan performed and suspicious items removed. Unnecessary application removed. Windows updated. Printer driver updated. System tested successfully. Finding: Utorrent running on system Recommendation: No click on web ads. Malwarebytes scan frequently. Belmont
Re occurring issue with outlook - possible hard drive issue/outlook software issue, advised to back up data just in case.Sutherland
-IT Sony PCG 577P, PCG 57KP -IT inspection fee will be 45 minim +GST -IT advised that not included part -IT Quote for 1 hours ***************************************************** IT Quote -IT LCD $180 -Labour 1 Hours + GST Belmore
Disk loaded offline and repaired. System started and MalwareBytes full scan started. Malware detected and will be removed in next startup. Malwarebytes full version recommended. Finding: Internet connection is slow. Connection tested on iPhone and laptop. Report to ISP is recommended, if it's not fixed in next few days. Victoria Point
Taken laptop off-site for checking condition of HDD. HDD is not recognized anymore / asking to format drive when plugged into another computer. Run various partition recovery programs / check disks to see if drive can be repaired - it continues to lose clusters and drive can still not be accessed due to the intensive loss of clusters - drive needs to be replaced. Due to the age of the laptop I recommend to replace the laptop completely.Moorooka
Clients internet had a block on it as telstra had not processed clients payment that was made 6 days earlier Phoned telstra got issue resolved and advised client to follow telstra up for reimbursement due to this being telstras fault Labrador
Extremely slow mac. Cleaned up Mac. Installed mackeeper and optimizes the system. Also, advised of full OS clean up which customer will decide later. Northbridge
Removed windows sbs connector. User account has been removed but the profile is still there. Started factory reset as user advised. Network printer cannot connect to shared folder. It connects fine but cannot send data. Asked to contact printer support. St Peters
HP all in one system and slow process. system scanned and cleared. client advised system running slow due to its speed. Pakenham
Diagnosed problem with motherboard and hardrive. Attempted hard drive recovery but was unable to retrieve data. Advised was not cost effective to fix, he had already bought a new PC so set up office 365 and answered questions about emailsLeeming
Tried syncing iTunes but laptop too old to process. Laptop cannot connected to the internet. Tried fixing laptop but OS has lots of error messages showing every now and then. User advised she will get a new laptop instead.Marrickville
Issue: mini pc running extremely slow. I tried to go to Windows repair mode and took more than 30 minutes. Data recovery service is highly recommended before everything Fixpert data recovery recommended. Webmail shortcut copied on desktop of laptop Password should be confirmed with email provider Carina Heights
MacBook Air 11-inch Mid 2011 Serial Number C02GMHZQDJYC Keyboard mechanical faulty, needs to be replaced Trackpad liquid damaged needs to be replaced Total quote including labor and pars 545.00 Southport
System tested and fault detected on HDD. HDD makes noise and needs to be replaced. I quoted $308 for HDD replacement and Windows installation. Client prefers to do this later.Stafford Heights
Repaired windows but was very slow and had bad sectors, recommended new HDD, cx agreed so upgraded to 480gb SSD and reinstalled windows Atwell
IT advised internet is slow Speed 4mbps upload 0.23mbps After change the setting 6.13mbps speed upload 0.74mbps Test it using Ethernet cable direct from modem to laptop Phone line is not working Test is directly socket to phone got no synal line Test using difference cable Advice customer to contact Telstra Foxtel IT did not touch due to already working Ramsgate Beach
Found screen dead. Quoted $250 for replacement.Madora Bay
Scan for virus / malware / trojans Remove malicious software. Security advice for android & windows. Factory reset for devices.Greensborough
Hard disk crashed. Tried EFI boot and restore but nothing worked. Had to get into the hard drive and reinstall windows. No data was recovered as advised by the client.West Ryde
checked over system after scam phone call and advised client due to what she said happened system was unlikely to be compromised due to the time since initial call advised if clients wants to we can reinstall windows but its not necessary Southport
IT Running Ubuntu test the functionality of all the keys Touch Pad work but not the right and left click Part Need to Replace Keyboard Touchpad Motherboard IT advised customers is not worth to repair due to 2nd hand system worth $303.84Abbotsford
Attempted to redeem code via itunes and via Mac app store. Unsuccessful in both attempts , client has been advised to contact appleWoodvale
Outlook settings inspected and changed to mirror main PC account. Dropbox downloading identified as main issue, client advised to let complete then resumeWoodvale
Performed chkdsk and sfc showing no operating system file errors but machine would continue to loop back to recovery state or disk repair, hard drive has bad sectors in its boot section of drive and refuses to boot into safe mode or repair bad areas. Left attempting a windows reset which is a last effort to get back to working state. Recommend replacement machine as repair cost on clients current machine is unviable.Casuarina
Found hard drive was not assigned a drive letter, assigned drive letter, data now accessable. Found connecting to TV removes drive letter. Advised customer to purchase set Top box to remedy issueAlexandra Headland
Attempted repair of hard drive via software, attempted to remove hd for data retrieval and found HD unable to remove. Advised client to take laptop to hardware centreClaremont
Troubleshooting battery and charger. Disassembled laptop and did visual assessment of charging port component. No damage visible. Suspected motherboard fault. Recommended replacement due to age and condition of laptop. Recovered document files from laptop hard drive. Ormeau
Situation: Client needs a solution for backup files on LAN and cloud and sync them. They currently use a network storage that needs to be upgraded. Some stations using Windows XP. ===================================== Recommended: Install new hard disk on a PC and share it over the LAN. Subscribe for 1TB plan on Google Drive. Install Google Drive App on PC and sync content of shared drive with Google. Shared content will be accessible on Google from everywhere. Albion
Error: Samsung laptop not turning on Tried to boot the laptop into safe mode (failed), Tried to boot with last known configuration (failed), Removed HDD to check their performance, found out System Drive HDD was damaged and corrupted, Other HDD was working fine, Tried to load Windows 10 with new SSD HDD (failed), Motherboard has been damaged, Sean hit the front panel very hard, Advised him to buy an external HDD for his second HDD.Rivervale
HP touch screen not responsive and showing random behaviour. Need to replace LCD and touch screen sensor. Quoted customer but he decided not to proceed. Marrickville
Error: Dell Laptop not turning on. Tried to turn on the laptop (failed), Removed RAM, HDD and Battery to test motherboard performance, Found out Adam been using High Voltage Power Adapter, Seem like Motherboard has been damaged and needs replacement, Checked HDD for Data, Found out Data and HDD working fine, Advised Adam to get an external 2.5inch Enclosure to fit his laptop HDD, Advised her to call us back for an Insurance Report.Melville
Issue: PC not connecting to WLAN. ===============================// Network troubleshooting: Network range extender reset, reconfigured and relocated. USB wireless adaptor fresh reinstalled. PC tested successfully with alternate wireless adaptor. Recommendation: Netgear AC1200 USB Wireless adaptor. Beenleigh
Hotmail password reset. Email account configured on iPhone and iPad. Email account deleted from laptop. Another iPhone checked and found out it's locked by Apple. Apple customer service is recommended.Chermside
DC power jack not faulty. Laptop plastic casing where the DC jack holding bracket damaged. Client Advised and re position the DC power jackHampton Park
Hard disk crashed. Ran repair and rebooted ok. Found permanent disk error and advised replacement needed. Set up homegroup and advised on backup to USB disk.Port Kennedy
Inspection of the hard disk and identifying the faulty disk drive head. Tried software solutions which resulted in no success and recommended hardware attempts. Customer not wanted to proceed with the recommendations and had the hard drive back. Sony bravia television wouldn't connect to internet due to preferences being corroupt. Applied factory reset then set up from scratch.Northgate
Laptop was not booting as the system was not finding the hard drive. Diagnosed and hard drive faulty hard drive. Recommended to replace the hard drive and re install the OS.Malaga
No server issues detected. Problem with Telstra router and switching module and modem. firewall in the network is too old and not communicating with modem. took network firewall out of the network and everything started working. also advised client that network firewall is important component of network security and they should buy new network firewall and install it. Telstra modem comes with basic firewall which is sufficient for basic protection but not for enhanced security. Wetherill Park
Disk loaded offline and repaired. System restored to a few months ago. Windows started successfully. Malwarebytes installed. Full scan recommended after connecting to the Internet.Acacia Ridge
Issue: Windows not working properly and it's partially slow. Keyboard not working in Windows Apps. I tried to reset the laptop to factory settings and it failed two times. No fresh start is possible. Return to vendor is recommended as it's quite new. Annerley
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Booted from Windows disc. Performed System Restore. Booted successfully. Advised on backup options. All working as expected. Closing. Plympton
HDD s.m.a.r.t error. HDD needs replacement, has died. Recommend data recovery and replacement of the computer due to the age. Customer has all data, no need for backing up.Marsden
Hard drive completely unreadable. Unable to use any recovery software. Recommended customer to send into data recovery service. Knoxfield
HP laptop test and diagnostic: SSD hard disk having S.M.A.R.T. problem. Hard disk should be replaced but HP can't supply SSD for this model of laptop. Data partially copied to external disk. New laptop recommended.Willowbank
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Advised on repair options. Removed hard drive from old computer. Connected to the new computer via external hard drive adapter. Copied files as required to new computer. Removed unwanted software. All working as expected. Closing. Northgate
Issue: hard disk mechanical crash after laptop dropped off. Quote for new disk: $109 Labor: $199 Client getting a new laptop Yamanto
Upon inspecting laptop, broken lcd has been identified. Acer Aspire E1 model Z5WE3 lcd spare part and labour to replace the part would cost more than the laptop itself. Replacement of the unit is recommended.Redwood Park
Issue: IMAP email profile crashed on Outlook and some emails are deleted from inbox. ----------------------------------------------------// Web based email and old profile checked and no deleted message found. Contact to Telstra recommended, maybe they can recover from their side. Local PST file created on Outlook for further backup. Chelmer
Finding: System running Windows on 60 GB SSD Hard disk. Zero free space on system disk. Unnecessary folders removed from APPDATA. Browser and Windows live mail tested successfully. Disk replacement is recommended.Boronia Heights
Advised on windows OS - requires a re-install. Removed hard drive - informed regarding 3.5 inch SATA cases available for information recovery. Cronulla
Guided through a few troubleshooting tips over the phone prior to callout to determine faults. Computer now boots up but has no internet connection. Onsite consult to troubleshoot further issues. Onsite visit determined faulty external monitor needs replacing. Internet is prepaid and requires topup for internet to start working again. Recommend eventual upgrade to new computer as clients existing machine has reached end of life.Bray Park
Windows analysed and fault with Surface boot hardware diagnosed. Advised client to take machine to manufacturer or repairerSwanbourne
Error: No display on the second monitor. Connected HDMI cable to different HDMI ports onto the TV (Failed), Tried my laptop (Success), Tried other TV with his Lenovo laptop (Failed), Downloaded and installed BIOS, Chipset and Display Drivers, Tried all TVs again (Failed), Discussed possible issue with Gary, Advised him to upgrade Windows OS, He will let us know by next week.Leeming
After many time talking with Optus I understand Optus had deleted her email account. They just recreate a new one but she has no messages on Inbox folder. Virus clean, 1864 infected files cleaned. All other problems are related to the email problem. I have recommend customer to go to Optus store to have more help and understand why they had deleted. Amazon Kindle was missing wifi connection. Isle Of Capri
Error: Laptop not turning on. Tried to boot into safe mode (Failed), Checked system configuration and Bios did not detect the HDD, Removed HDD and connected to HDD adapter, Tried to recover data (Found out HDD has been damaged ), Discussed all options with Krishna, Advised me to send him new laptop quote.Stirling
ethernet cable not detected checked modem and cables no faults ethernet port not lighting up. updated driver to no avail advised of work arround to use usb wifi adaptorRingwood East
Removed all instances of AVG, installed AVG and licensed. Install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections. Troubleshoot printer issue, removed printer software, reinstalled. Printer rollers are sticking and jamming paper, tested printer on my laptop and printer is broken. Advised client to purchase a new printer.Labrador
iMac loaded with external hard disk successfully and there was no access to internal disk. Disk utility couldn't mount the hard disk either in recovery mode or normal mode. Internal HDD found extremely busy. HDD replacement is required to use the system. Data recovery service is recommended to save files. Camp Hill
Installed additional copy of Windows 10 on second SSD drive. Found huge amount of corruption on original copy of Windows 10 but managed to get it repaired and bootable. Once booted I found that corruption was also present in many of the applications and recommended the client stick with the new copy of Windows 10 and re-install the applications needed. It was also recommended that the original SSD no longer be used.Dudley Park
Onsite - screened but has not been turning on. Downloaded BIOS update, already current version. Checked for malware - 0 found. Restarted to reset BIOS defaults - power but no screen. Tested monitor - no signal. Removed battery, hard drive and RAM but no change. Data not required. Recommend replace unit, faulty mainboard. Bayswater
configured new modem advised client line quality is not great as modem took 5+ mins to get line sync and had to try multiple times before it connected suspect line will drop out form time to time which clients ISP will have to look atOrmeau Hills
Surface Pro Windows 10 Adware has been detected and removed Outlook crazydomain server issue IMAP recommended incoming port 143 Palm Beach
Windows 7 laptop stuck in repair boot. Issue is with hard drive multipul bad sectors found from chkdsk. Spoke to Kathleen about replacing the hard drive and recommendations on drive to replace it with and going about to reinstall windows.Hampton Park
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Uninstalled and reinstalled wireless network driver. Connected to wireless internet. Advised replacing modem. Advised on file migration. Closing.Seaton
Troubleshooting bootup issues and problems running programs. Run various virus scans through another computer and removed any infections found. Checking condition of HDD, crashed in early August most likely causing issues (hangups). Run various check disks, keeps on coming up with bad clusters - HDD needs to be replaced. Due to the age of the laptop I recommend to replace the laptop.Springwood
Windows 7 wasn't booting at all. Reinstalled Windows 10 Home 64-Bit provided by the client. NBN modem wasn't syncing with telstra. Optical status light is red. Rang telstra and they raised the case with NBN. Advised client the internet will start working as soon as NBN issue gets fixed.Amaroo
Diagonise and recommend to buy new oneThe Vines
Malware check ok. Shedul app crashes Safari - recommended browser is Chrome, downloaded, installed, and tested ok.Blackburn North
Outlook links problem diagnosed and client has been advised to upgrade from 2003. File and registry clean completed successfullySubiaco
System not booting up. Check computer inside, reconnected a number of plugs and reset the ram sticks. System started to boot. HDD had a crash about a year ago, computer 7 years old. Recommend to replace computer.Kuraby
Needed to plug monitor into video card. Cleaned up space on 120Gb ssd. Recommended upgrade of boot drive. Beenleigh
returned to fix ram but found ram wasn't the problem, it was the graphics chip on the a 2011 iMac, advised that wasn't economical to fix. Transferred data from old harddrive to newer imac and ensured access to google drive on new imacHillarys
Faulty HDD and backup data. Client advice to replace HDD and TBCDoveton
Troubleshooting bootup issues. After various check disks and system file checks disk did not come up with any surface errors or file corruptions. This was done through another computer. Ran HDD testing tool - stress test - and the HDD started to fail and died. This is most likely a PCB error or could be HDD motor issue. If laptop is under warranty I recommend to bring back the laptop to the shop it was bought from or get in contact with the manufacturer directly. Park Ridge
Error: Computer not booting into normal OS mode. Found out Kingston SSD was not recognized by System, Removed SSD and other Data HDD, Ran quick DST test (No error found), Discussed possible caused issue with Gavin regarding SSD, Advised me to take the computer offsite and install new 120GB SSD with Windows 10, Data drive is working fine, Have left it with him.South Perth
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Installed and ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Revo Uninstaller Removed multiple infections and unwanted software applications. Downloadedand installed video drivers. Advised on further options. Brooklyn Park
USB Card Reader missing two legs I fix it but recommend buy new one.Pacific Pines
Monitor connection to PC inspected and usb-c to hdmi converter issue identified. Client advised to return item to store for refundTuart Hill
Desktop: Multiple AV software packages installed causing issues with the boot drive. SSD drive nearly out of space. Removed AV software packages, bitdefender and AVG. General file clean. Run virus checks and temoved any infections found. Laptop: HDD has partially died and is extremely slow. Recommend to replace the 7 year old laptop.Waterford
Diagnose problem Test PSU with tester - OK Test with replacement PSU - still won't power up Clear CMOS Boot okay Setup BIOS - EHCI hands off disable and enable fast boot Disable hibernation Switch around PCs Recommend purchase of Kaspersky Internet Security and backupWindsor
Assessment and quote on liquid damaged MacBook Pro retina 13" Early 2015 model. Recommended replacement due to cost of repair. Changed password on wifi network.Benowa
Analysed system and identified corruption of windows so began complete system restore and advised customer on security moving forward.Artarmon