Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

myob update has changed how it p[process invoice printing causing printing to be delayed advised client to contact myob for a potential fix found 90 gig of data on C drive that can be deleted or moved Mount Nathan
HP All in One PC no boot drive present. System loaded offline then HDD tested externally. HDD found too slow and not mounting anymore. Data recovery service recommended.Ashgrove
Reset the modem and router due to an issue causing everyone on the network to get an error message. Everyone needs to use the router (to prevent conflicts). If problem comes back, recommend get in contact with service provider to see if they can help. Look up the error messages to understand more about it. North Lakes
Troubleshoot issue with laptop, hinge is broken and has severed a ribbon cable connecting to the mainboard. Remove hard drive and test health - 9%. Advised client I could recover the data to an external hard drive.Mudgeeraba
Arrived on site Inspected computer Advised on upgrade options Advised on profile migration ClosingSouth Plympton
Setup computer Connect to internet Advice customer to contact email providers to get detailsKellyville
Setup backup Advice customer to move to outlook for emailBlacktown
Create new user profile and copy data across, test hard disk health - 100 %. Windows is very corrupt, advised a FreshStart. Taking Laptop offsite to backup and reload Windows.Southport
Unnecerray applications removed. Malwarebytes full scan performed and 25 suspicious items removed. Canon MG7160 driver package is removed and it's ready to install. Printer has paper jam problem. Canon repair center is recommended to take the paper out. Chapel Hill
User Profile could not be recovered Reinstalled Windows Advised customer to Norton and Itunes Photos, Docs and Desktop backed up and restoredGosnells
Client tablet/PC is 12+ years old, removed 25 viruses reset browser, computer going ok for its age, but would recommend new PC ASAP as client PC processor is only 1.0ghzBuderim
Digitiser is broken and clicking randomly. Advised replacement. Ormiston
Laptop has 2 HDD, main drive is failing. Data backup, very slow but still continuing to recover files. Recommend data recovery for files that can not be accessed normally anymore.Kuraby
New profile created on MS Outlook 2013 and configured. Send and receive tested successfully. Finding: Internet service keeps disconnecting. Issue should be reported to Telstra and modem replacement is recommended.Edens Landing
Logged in as the user. But the AVG software blocks the user profile. So have to wipe the hard drive and run the windows 10 Pro Checked and confirmed with the user about the data. User replied there's no data to be backed up. Ran the install, setup the user profile. Activated windows 10 and local administrator account. Created two partitions, one for windows and another for storage. Recommended to finish the updates before installing any software items.Banyo
On site, removed bezel and LCD panel to check model number NT156FHM-N41 - Quoted $119 + $5 Express Postage for the screen and $99 +GST labour. - Client paid $100 deposit - Ordered replacement screen with Express Post should have by FridayHighbury
Wireless card in computer not working, advised to get usb card Belmont
The user profile was locked out of Win 7 Pro Cleared registry to get user profile up Customer has acces to profile now Advised customer to do regular back up *Registry has been backed up and there is no guarantee the problem wont occur again.Cockburn Central
Customer visited, device inspected. Emails inspected, rules configured appropriately and advice was left in terms of security. Instructions were also left to update the device after work hours. Aitkenvale
Set up hotmail on tablet. Advised laptop screen faulty.Greenfields
CPU has died and is failing post. Recommended replacement, client will decide and get back to us. Manly West
Apple Mac model# A1312 Power Supply Unit has failed, no power at all. Possible mainboard failure. APPLE iMac A1312 27" iMac 2009, 2010, 2011 Replacement Desktop Power Supply 310W Client advised he will take it with him to the Phillipines to repair as it will be much cheaper.Arundel
Troubleshoot issue, windows is corrupt and needs reinstalled. Attempt to reinstall onsite as client preferred. Attempt reinstall Windows 7 using DVD drive and external DVD drive, setup freezes, attempt using all usb ports. Motherboard is faulty. Advised client on new cheap laptop and usb hard drive enclosure. Pacific Pines
Diagnosed Monitor Issue Old Monitor failed Acer monitor Tested VGA output from computer failed Recommended new computer, provided recommended specifications Diagnosed issue with running download manager program Assisted with configuration of Acer laptop Updated power option sleep settings Updated taskbar shortcuts Updated display background Updated Mail app Updated other apps Discussed data migrationKincumber
The customer complained of clicking noise on usage Could not hear any noise on arrival and test Advised customer of the same and offered to take offsite for general cleanup of Cooling module. Cleaned fan and heat sink No noise. Advised customer to get Trend AV (No AV in the system)Myaree
Client PC is 10+ years old, hard test failed, recommend new PC due to its age within next 12 months, found and removed 120 viruses and fake programs, stress test passed. Computer specs for recommended new PC,. SSD(sold state drive) with a 3 year warrantyNinderry
Lenovo Laptop HDD checked and it's physically crashed. Data recovery service is recommended to retrieve files. HDD replacement is required for laptop. Quote for HDD replacement and Windows installation: $308 South Brisbane
Client hard drive failed on smart test, hard drive critically faulty, pulled client hard drive out to check if data was accessible. data was not accessible, client gave go ahead to attempt data recovery, client was informed if this failed only option left is a "data recovery from data forensic lab- i suggest payam"" data recovery not successful, hard drive (hardware) damage very severe. Highly recommend cloud storage in the future Recommend new PC with 3 year warrantyNambour
Cleaning up water damage and damaged contacts on motherboard. Laptop is not reliably starting and at times switches off. Recommend to replace laptop, repair not economical (motherboard and power switch board replacement).Sunnybank Hills
Configured security settings for Gmail and gave general advice Birkdale
Diagnosed the laptop for repair and provided quote to customer (both repair and new laptop)Epping
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Disabled Airplane Mode Tested successfully Advised on profile migration and backup options Closing Ferryden Park
HP Laptop CPU heat sink and FAN cleaned. Thermal paste reapplied. Laptop tested successfully. Finding: Bottom case is damaged due to age of laptop. Left hinge of screen not connected to the case. Bottom case replacement is recommended or laptop lid should be closed gently.Ormiston
installed Wifi extenders and and advised re poor internet speed and issues with netflix as a result. Advised the customer to call telstra and complain about the Internet speed. Gladesville
Checked computer, disabled a lot of running programs, cleaned up computer and reinstalled graphics driver. Recommend if it happens again, to do a 'RESET this PC' (search in search bar). Which will remove all programs and keep personal files (make sure to select keep personal files). Banksia Beach
Test hard disk health - 100%. Taking AIO PC offsite to backup and reload Windows. Backed up data, issues reinstalling Windows. Troubleshoot, motherboard is faulty. Rang client and updated with status of issue. Client advised they will purchase a new PC, and book a job for me to setup and transfer data back. Worongary
System was wiped data recovery not feasible at this stage, installed kaspersky and office 2010 starter Mozilla Firefox, defender activated advise to allow to update may take up to 1 week for update process to complete. Intermittent problems a restart is Advised. Glenroy
Client PC is rusty and 8 years old, motherboard faulty, would recommend new PC. Transferred client data to back up drive Suggest to client to get PC with 3 year warranty I5 processor 2.4gz or better , 8gb memory or better, a SSD is recommended but not essential. Suggest to client to use Google back Up and sync to save files to cloudPacific Paradise
Diagonised: Faulty toshiba laptop that not booting up Model: Toshiba Satellite L750 Part Number: PSK2YA-04K010 Possible Reason: client says issue started after a power sure. Estimated Cost of repair: On diagnosing the machine it was not booting and coming with a blank screen; performed a hardware test and found that machine hard-disk failed in addition to keyboard issue. since multiple components to be replaced recommend a new machine . Leda
External Hard disk tested and it was clicking. Data recovery service recommended. (1800 706 676) WLAN profile fixed on PC. File sharing settings enabled. Folder shared, mapped to network drive and tested successfully. Loganholme
Situation: Client needed to transfer data from old HDD of PC to a Macbook. I tested the disk externally and found out it's still working but slower than normal. Disk installed in enclosure and connected to Macbook. Destination hard disk was keep disconnecting and no data transfer could start. I recommended to buy a new external disk and transfer data ASAP. Old hard disk is not reliable. Ferny Hills
Advise laptop charger not suitable and battery needs replacing. Tested with Dell charger and laptop ok. Advised on EBay purchasing.Singleton
Error: Old Windows XP desktop not turning ON. Went onsite and found out that parts from the front panel on the desktop were removed, forced turned off and tried to turn it ON (Success), Attached all parts and tried to turn on the computer (Failed), Forced reboot the computer and tried to turn it ON (Success), Advised Norm to backup the data from the computer, Computer is very temperament, Computer running fine at this stage. Myaree
Replaced hdd load, cleaned a removed old hdd, found psu temp fluctuations and sound from coil bearing failure. Recommend a new psu and or case. Windows issues pertaining to recent update, notable violations in Windows sys 32 files not repairable, a system reset may be required or is in the process. System violations repaired no reset required at this stage. Pascoe Vale South
network storage is a nas box that client does not have login for nas box is working currently but had dropped off network a few times unable to troubleshoot nas as no admin password advised client can reset it in the future but would make a full backup first configured 2 laptops to print from network printerOxenford
Found machine reboots when video resolution changes. Machine has been reload and this hasn't fixed the issue, I've also tried drivers and setting to no avail. Issue looks like a faulty video card. Advised customer to return it for a replacement. Unanderra
Checked PC network connectivity - PC trying to obtain an IP address from modem. Check modem, modem Internet connectivity light is flashing, restart modem. Internet connectivity light is now solid. Check PC, PC has internet connectivity. Advised client on upgrading Telstra Cable Modem to new Telstra Cable Adapter with Telstra Wireless Gateway modem. Client will organise, then call us back to get me to setup.Clear Island Waters
Ran malwarebytes scan and removed epolife browser hijack. Advised O/S needs updating and an AV should be installed. Recommended Sophos.Halls Head
Charging minimum fee for phone consultation regarding email problems that are hosted by a 3rd party. Nothing has changed on the computer Emails bouncing back to senders saying the email box is full It sounds like the email host has a small space allocated to the each email address Murat needs to call the mail host to get the email capacity increased or start preparing to migrate emails to a new mail serviceNull
Tested power supply external of the computer & confirmed power supply has failed & is not outputting any volts or amps. Opened power supply & found 3 damaged components. Tested system with new power supply & the machine is functioning correctly. Spoke with Chris & he advised to install new Power Supply. Photos will be sent via email also. Faulty SPU : Master 350 ATX 350wtMentone
Troubleshoot issue, perform a hard reset, test external display, motherboard is faulty. Test hard drive - 100% health. Advised client on new modern laptop. Client will purchase and call us back to get me to setup and transfer data.Nerang
Checked wifi on 2nd machine. Recommended new wifi USB adaptor. Advised customer to call Foxtel after password reset failedHuntfield Heights
Laptop was dropped, troubleshoot issue, perform hard reset, connect external display. Motherboard is damaged. Advised client on a new laptop. Test hard disk - 100% health. Client will call back to setup new laptop and transfer data.Worongary
start up repair failed, reset failed, hard drive is faulty, computer is 7 years old, would recommend a new pc, discussed with client a good dell Inspiron on special at the moment may be a good option for her. Palmwoods
Attempted software reset with file backup. Suspected issue with motherboard was triggered during process. Motherboard now fails to POST. Hard drive taken out for future data retrieval. Recommended replacing the unit due to age and cost of repair not feasible. Beenleigh
Client issue is with his DVD drive. Tested DVD drive - drive is faulty. Advised client on replacing DVD drive, as well as using an external DVD drive as a workaround. Client will purchase an external DVD drive as it is the cheapest option.Upper Coomera
Network troubleshooting: ADSL modem / router reset to factory settings and reconfigured. Speed test checked on different devices and it was 6-8 Mbps. Issue escalated to Telstra and they checked the line remotely, Telstra confirmed that download speed can't get more than 8 Mbps in client's house. NBN connection is available in the area and is recommended.Kingston
Run system restore and advise customer that replacement pc is advised Watanobbi
Ran a service on client desktop, removed 75 viruses, client has Norton suggested to client not to renew this as this slowing the PC down. Client PC about 7, years old recommend upgrading it within 12 months, the computer works fine but there slight speed issue but this is due to its age. Installed speakers for client and tested. All okCoolum Beach
General troubleshooting on browsers and advicePakenham
Existing middle left hand side damage. Quoted for new power cosmetic button found the device is not purchasable as a seperate cosmetic item, Tech repaired exisiting power button and applied mesh to outer skin tech configured keyboard to activate the windows pc from the separated power switch.Coburg
Reset BIOS Tested graphics card and onboard graphics ok Issue is Windows startup Performed repair boot record - no boot to Windows suspect driver corrupt Cannot boot into safe mode Performed system restore client to complete process 11 November 2017 Advised can also try startup repair Wyndham Vale
Diagnosed laptop booting issue possible screen fault Plugged in external monitor No signal being received by monitor Hardware fault with laptop Recommended new laptop/desktop, provided preferable specs for new computerBateau Bay
Network Drives won't connect Tried connecting them back to the wired to the modem/router, no show Removed the hard drives from the dock and tested them offline via USB dock. Can see the hard drives in disk management, but the indexing is lost. The hard drives come up a unformatted disk, lost the data and partition structure. So recommended to purchase another NAS and follow the shortest file path length so that it will be easy to copy the files both ways.Newmarket
HP laptop fails to load windows Checked the laptop for feasibility repair So took the hard drive out and used as external hard drive Recommended to purchase a new laptop Invoices along with the hard drive enclosureChermside
Setup printer, office install emails advised on sync emails using outlook app. Installed Firefox and setup system restore point. Niddrie
Issue: No Remote Desktop Connection to server is possible from outside. ======================================// Remote session established by Teamviewer and network checked. Public IP address was changed by ISP. RDC service tested successfully by new public IP address. Fixed Public IP address service is recommended.Logan Village
MSI pc tower Running slow Disk defragged Advised to get Trend or s9me pc booster Reset PCHuntingdale
Checked and tested the laptop. It looks very slowly Clear the start-up items Removed unwanted and not frequently used programs Enable one drive to share files Recommended to move the date to d drive to get more space Boondall
Laptop water damaged. Motherboard needs replacing - declined quote. Ssd removed for files as instructed.Wantirna South
Hard disk has degraded - 86% health. Advised client to replace hard disk. Taking PC offsite to backup, replace hard disk, and reload Windows.Burleigh Heads
Diagnosed internet issues. Advised customer to engage her internet provider as complex internal network. Installed printer.Somerton Park
Opened explorer using Task Manager. Removed software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Run System File Checker. Check hard disk health - 52%. Advised client to replace hard disk and reinstall Windows, client agreed and will do so at a later date. Disabled startup items, disable Windows/Office settings. Check Windows Updates.Highland Park
Issue: Windows crashed during the update. ===================================// Windows restored to 10 days ago and tested successfully. Finding: Laptop is too old. One of the USB ports not working. DVD Drive not working properly. No fresh install possible for this system. New laptop recommended.Indooroopilly
Data files fixed on Outlook. System tested successfully. File History backup on new External HDD recommended.Wavell Heights
I was not in a location where I could get to a computer so instead I was able to help Bob on the phone by recomending he use firefox for all items relating to realestate website. I spoke with him a few days later and he advised that using firefox everything seems to work ok with realestate website. Still need to connect and give the computer a cleanup with a connection through teamviewer.Kenmore Hills
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Testing suggests failed monitor Connected printer to wireless network Tested successfully Advised on replacement options and profile migration Closing West Croydon
Arrived on site Inspected equipment Recreated error Connected to wi fi extender Confirmed successful access to Internet Advised on modem replacement options Closing Peterhead
iMac early 2011 ram upgraded to 8G. (Maximum amount for this model) System tested successfully. OS upgrade to Mac OS High Sierra recommended.Paddington
Checked Hardware issue no issue found. All hardware is working OK except ut is very basic hardware specs. Recommend client to buy new system. Wrote specs and pricing for client from MSY and also advised to check prices with ARC computers. Putney
Error: ASUS TP200S keep on shutting down. Logged onto the laptop and found out that C drive did not have free space, Discussed issue with him, Removed unwanted files and application from the laptop, have freed up 3 GB free space of total HDD size (28GB), have advised him to keep an eye the free space of C drive, tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine. Bull Creek
Removed 90 viruses from 2pcs. Main PC is running fine, internet speed at about 60mbps, which is very fast. 2nd PC is ok but too minimum spec's for client needs, I would also recommend putting in 2 Netgear repeaters to extend client network. Reconnected 2nd PC to shared network driveBuderim
Diagnosed performance issue with laptop Restarted computer Tested Startup slow Disabled several programs from starting on boot Diagnosed hard drive issue Diagnosed printer issue Connected printer to wireless network Added printer via wireless on laptop Tested Diagnosed Webcam issue Updated toshiba driver Tested Installed Realtek Webcam Driver Tested Webcam turning on and off repeatedly, diagnosed hardware issue Recommended replacing hard drive with a 256GB Solid State DriveWoongarrah
Issue: HP Mini laptop has 30G on board disk and it's %99 full. No update installation is possible. =================================// HDD can't be upgraded for this model. Windows 10 fresh installed and activated. Latest update installed. Files retrieved. HP printer/scanner installed and tested. Telstra Web mail configured and tested. Recommendation: No more software installation is recommended on this laptop. System currently has 10G free and can be used just for web surfing. Aspley
Buzz around comes out the CPU right turn on. Recommended to run the power supply unit while he plan to build a machine. It's been 7 years old.Bracken Ridge
Power supply failed due to incorrect voltage selection PC lost power prior may be also failed CPU Motherboard may have also been damaged-uneconomical to repair HP Compaq d530 Windows XP used for music recording recommend HP 510-P188A Desktop - Black Y0N01AA 190780510155 as a replacement from Harvey Norman as discussed Derrimut
The system is having difficulties getting to the items in the User Profile location Hard disk is not reporting major faults the machine is acting in a manner that I have seen in a machine with a failing hard disk I have advised Sue to be backing up regularly so that if the drive failes there are backup in place to accessMaryborough
Start button of laptop broke apart, is directly attached to motherboard. Repair requires to order in part, take the whole laptop apart, solder the start button back to the motherboard and test it. Laptop is about 3 years old and the cost to repair it is close to $500.00 due to the work involved. I do not recommend the repair due to the age of the laptop (heavy usage). Customer will replace the laptop. Copied some needed data to flash drive.Drewvale
Setup new PC, installed software, installed Microsoft Office and activated, setup email, copy shortcuts, copy data across from old PC, advised on external hard drive enclosures for data drive. Setup printers, test printing/scanning.Nerang
Changed PDF files to always open with Adobe Reader. Disabled unwanted programs. Scanned for and detected NO malware. Performed general maintenance. Gmail downloads tested and working. Quick hardware diagnostics (CPU/Motherboard): PASS Noisy fan on computer startup. (Recommend keeping an eye on it in case it fails.) Currently running 2GB RAM, required 4GB Recommend purchase of 4GB of RAM.Mount Waverley
Issue: iMac not loading OS 真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真 System restarted and disk repaired Unwanted third party apps removed Malwarebytes installed and threat removed. System restarted and it worked fast enough Time machine backup recommended Ram upgrade recommended Paddington
The error message that EMClient is showing is relating to a "Time Out" that is occurring in the connection with email server. Checked again with Windows live mail & there is no way to include a signature similar to the way Outlook, eMclient or other newer email programs can. Answered other questions as requested. Highly recommend that Windows live mail stop being used as Microsoft have announced that they are no longer supporting or upgrading the productRingwood East
Analysed system and installed software to detect malware and system was clear of infections. Researched email threat and advised customer is was a Phishing email and harmless. Sydney
Troubleshoot issue, failed motherboard. Motherboard is end of life. Advised client to purchase a new machine. Lenovo IC 510S-7H DesktopNerang
Diagnose laptop screen, Disassembly of laptop on inspection found screen panel to be the issue and would need a new panel replaced. Customer advised the unit is approx 7 - 8 years of age and the style of laptop also would make the screen difficult to replace. Client has another Apple computer they can use. Backup of data to be performedCoolangatta
Performed full reset & reconfiguration of windows 10 update mechanism. Confirmed that the windows image is ok. Downloaded window 10 1709 ISO using media creator & started the upgrade process. Denis has advised that the Upgrade failed even from the ISO. The only option left is to backup all data and install windows 10 cleanly and then put the data back on the system and reinstall all required apps.Parkdale
Further discussions with client on the way forward, client identified previous purchase of 25 Server CALs but no Server licence purchase, client accepted recommendation to purchase SQL Server Standard licence at $999, also advised steps required to upgrade Express to Standard with backup of all existing databases and fail-over so as not to break existing production system.Kilkenny
Mac overheating. Very slow. Mouse disconnecting often. 2+ hours to fix overheating issue. Most issues will take 2+ hours to resolve. Recommended client purchase new iMac, this will fix some issues and others will be easier to resolve.Beaumaris
Lenovo All-in-One PC tested. HDD is too slow and needs to be replaced. Quote for HDD replacement: $309 Client getting a new system. Chermside
Client pc is over heating due to the cpu being clogged up, i highly suspect the motherboard is compromised. Due to the age of the laptop id recommend buying a new laptop with a extended warranty, id also recommend backing up client files immediately, probley to the cloud (onedrive).Buderim