Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

Laptop power playing up, suspect a short is occurring. Removed power supply first time was able to get it to power on. Second time had to remove battery to get it to power on. Recommend replacing laptop to to age and extreme difficulty getting parts for it. Cleaned up temp folders, removed trend password manager. Removed driver manager program from task scheduler and program data folders Aspendale
Hdd not booting. Removed and connected to my laptop. Looks like data can be retrieved. Taken pc off-site to rebuild. Will try on cust hdd but may need new hdd. Quoted $99 inc gst. Ormeau
Desktop is confirmed to have a faulty motherboard. Remove old GFX card and replaced with other cards with no success. Remove and re-seated DIMMs and disks. Swapped monitors but still no joy. Recommended customer to buy a new motherboard and refit into same box. i informed them I could do this for them but they were capable of doing so themselves. Told customer to call back if data transfer is required.South Yarra
Arrived on site Inspected computer Ensured all cables correctly seated Powered on as normal Inspected System Logs Found no significant errors Powered off computer Powered on computer Booted as normal Advised Kaspersky licence has expired All working as expected ClosingKent Town
Uninstalled unwanted programs. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Stopped unwanted programs from starting at startup. Restarted computer. cpu usage still high, found that windows update was using cpu. Checked windows update, found that windows10 1803 update is waiting for a restart to install. Started install. Advised that this will take a long time to install once installed cpu usage should be much less. Delacombe
Found DNS settings not working. am able to ping internet but no specific websites. set dns 2 to and able to get out to websites. Reset DNS server. Reset DNS client. Reset DNS settings on adapter to loopback IP address as this server is the DNS server. Tested ok. Computer 1. Looks to be a corupted profile. Can log in but explorer desktop not showing. Can run task manager and run some apps but not explorer recommended rebuild offsite at $199 Marsden
Arrived on site Inspected equipment Installed and tested printer and scanner Configured Internet shortcut to mail accounts Downloaded ghost image back-up software Advised on back up configuration All working as expected ClosingEastwood
quote $350Salt Ash
Installed new 2TB HDD. Installed Windows 10 Installed drivers Copied data from old HDD to new HDD Installed AVG Computer MB failed during testing. Suggested solution. Either new MBoard, ram, & processor or new pc. email customer with quotes.Yatala
Analysed laptop and identified Hard Drive failure, Advised Ann of options re recovery of Data and she said she had backups and not to proceed further,Artarmon
Checked old IBM dtop hdd faulty too old to fix has ide drive. Checked very old tower. Dead trips fuse. Checked 3 screens 2 ok other bad line down screen Customer would like quote on low cost pc or laptop. Rochedale
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Installed new hard drive Installed Windows 10 Pro Ensured Windows activated and all updates installed Contacted POS support Advised all OK Advised on backup and recovery options POS Support to install and configure receipt printers, EFTPOS, and other required software ClosingKensington Gardens
Enabled Windows Admin account without a password. Created a shortcut for home directory on desktop of the new Admin account. Reset passwords for 2 x Google accounts and 1 x Hotmail account. Tested the printer. Advised how to setup the new android phone. Setup Windows backup to create a backup of the user directories.Franklin
Quoted for screen replacement and customer decided not to proceed.Chatswood West
Confirmed keyboard is a sealed unit. Cleaned with isopropyl alcohol from above only. Advised if issue still exists replacement keyboard unit will be required.Secret Harbour
Analysed system and noted issues with Outlook accessing gmail. Logged into gmail account in Internet Explorer and account working correctly. Uninstalled Office and reinstalled Office and still issues with Outlook. Wilga reported system has had issues since Windows 10 was force-ably installed by Microsoft. I advised her I felt windows 7 was compromised on the computer. She requested a Fresh start be carried out on the computer to rectify issues. Chatswood
Diagnosis: Faulty,Broken HP Laptop Serial No: 5CH13713TA Product ID: QC325PA#ABG Model: dv6-6102 AX Possible Reason: Physical damage , Machine got damaged during the travel. Estimated Cost of repair: On, Diagnosing the Machine, it has multiple damages incl broken screen and cosmetic damage to the case. Multiple parts need to be replaced. Damages are beyond repairable Based on the circumstances a replacement machine is recommended. Gosnells
Got computer to boot. It was working when I left but advised Peter that hardware seems to be on way out. It is a 7 year old laptop. Starts in safe mode most off the time but even had a fail shutting down in safe mode. Even when booted from a windows usb the computer still failed.Bensville
Laptop was used after coffee was spilt on it. Opened laptop to find screws missing from heatsink. Heatsink no longer attached securely to motherboard resulting in possible damage. Liquid damage motherboard. Motherboard needs replacing. Keyboard may be ok. Other parts appear to be ok. Recommend new laptop.Springvale
Found that Outlook is not attached to the correct Outlook Data File: Located several data files that were not connected but finally found the correct one in the following location: D:\Derek\Outlook\ The data file name is: PublicFolders.pst Jenny advised that this data file contains the missing information. North Sydney
Analysed system and advised Peter of memory upgrade to improve performance.Belrose
Diagnosed the computer, running really slow, issue with hardware making a high pitch sound, resolved other computer password was reset, looked at iPads and recommended to logout. Eatons Hill
Reauthenticated Apple ID on 1TB iMac, 64GB iPhone and 16GB iPad. Removed iCloud storage from all devices. Advised the customer to contact apple to cancel iCloud storage subscription and to replace iPad as it doesn't have enough capacity for photo storage. Bonnet Bay
Diagnosed email issue Tested old email profile Updated email settings on main computer Tested Some email data lost due to pop account settings when account was recreated by client last week Recommended client move to Office365 Assisted client with how to move to Office365 Tested old computer Diagnosed failed gpu Downloaded Macrium Reflect for backups Walked customer through setting up backup job onto an external hard drive Assisted configuring Google Drive sync settings Terrigal
Removed HDD of laptop for further checks. HDD is not recognized and responding. No head movement, damaged and stuck, unable to free the reading/writing head. HDD needs replacement, due to the age of the laptop I recommend to replace the entire laptop. Acacia Ridge
Setup emails on phone setup printer and advised client to call telstra as internet speed is 0.05 mbps which Indicates and issueNerang
Camera issue fixed after taking battery out and putting back in, cleaned up the computer, started defrag and disabled startup programs, recommended not to use Norton as it uses processing quite a bit which is a cause to slow the computer down. North Lakes
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Booted from Biden's USB Unable to access hard drives Removed hard drives Advised on profile migration and backup options ClosingKlemzig
Checked the computer and found that the Nvidia Graphics card was taken out and there was no error message. Popped the card back into the CPU, Checked the RAM positions. Total of 5GB - 2GB * 2 + 512MB * 2. Since it is Win 10 32Bit software, the machine reads the Usable to 3.25GB. Reset BIOS settings and restarted the machine few times to ensure that the RAM issue or Graphics card issue comes up. There was no error. Recommended Win 10 64Bit as the Motherboard supports 64Bit OS. Chermside West
Perform virus cleaning. Uninstalled unwanted program as advised by customer.Botany
advised on necessary hardware parts need to connect machine with embedded win xp to network with other network. (may need another booking once customer has the required parts)Thomastown
System had partially problem on DNS service and tested successfully on hot spot. ADSL modem router reset and reconfigured. System started in normal mode and tested successfully on ADSL connection. Recommendation: System running with Windows 8.1 and upgrade to 10 is recommended.Keperra
Minor issue found on Safari and fixed. System tested with Malwarebytes and no suspicious item detected. System is an iMac 2011 running MacOS 10.11 Update to MacOS High Sierra recommended and started to download. Hillcrest
Quoted on fan replacement and customer happy to proceed. Sourced and replaced the fan.Balmain East
Onsite - compare Onedrive options, using personal accounts, does not allow multiple accounts in File manager. used browser login to account to share files, tested ok. Quoted options on docking station.Cannington
system loaded as normal performed system cleanup and advised if issue persists hardware tests would be requiredMaudsland
Windows 7 has no licence. Guided purchase of Windows 10 licence. Installed Windows 10. Installed video drivers. Initiated windows updates. Removed hard drive from old computer. Note: Video card is an older modem and replacement is recommended. Power supply will need to be upgraded as well if upgrading the video card.Prahran
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Booted in to safe mode Found no hard drive errors Found multiple fault with With Windows system files Advised a rebuild would be required Client declined Advised on replacement options and profile migration ClosingSemaphore Park
Advised of email setup and changed accounts to Imap configuration. Helped with other setups on computer. Frenchs Forest
Dried up components and removed any water. Need to replace LCD screen and battery. I'll source out some parts and get back to the customer with a quote.Braeside
Diagnosed to be a slow/failing drive. Removed malware and reset Google Chrome. Recommended to replace laptop due to age. Oxenford
User Profile corrupted, tried logging into Safe Mode and fix the error, So recommended the FreshStart $199 package with data Backup and Restore included. Copied all the data on to external hdd. Installed windows 10, updated the software and drivers Installed office apps and configured the mail. Upper Kedron
Test and diagnostics: Sound driver fresh installed but it keeps crashing on Windows. System is extremely slow. Windows fresh start recommended. Client preferred to purchase a new system. Bardon
Assessment of laptop. Running Windows 10 on win 7 laptop 7 years old. Work done : Removed hard drive from laptop. Recommendation : Purchase new computer. Details for external case https://www.jaycar.com.au/usb-2-0-external-2-5-hdd-case/p/XC4681 Burton
Tidy desktop to customer specification. Adjust display settings. Remove unnecessary auto start items. Install Teamview, Skype, Sync Back. Create desktop shortcuts. Provide general advice.Wilston
Replaced laptop Screen Notes: Windows laptop does not boot ran diagnostics HDD PST Failed Recommendation : Backup files, replace 500GB HDD, Install windows. note: Recovery software needs to be purchased from HP.Golden Grove
Error: Laptop not booting into normal os mode. Tried to boot the laptop into safe mode (failed), Removed HDD to check data integrity, found out HDD was damaged, discussed possible cost with her to recover data from the HDD, Advised by her to leave it as it is, Have advised her to put the HDD into ZIP lock bag and try to read it again.Millendon
Old HW was unable to be recovered. Recommended new PC and provided specs.Sandringham
checked customers PC and wireless usb device not detected, device reseated and was detected by Windows and internet tested ok. Customer asked if recent windows updates could have caused the issue, advised while it was unlikely it wasnt impossible for this to be the case but no way of determining either way. Ran check on Hard Drive using WDTools and no Smart error detected. Installed MBAM and ran and no issues detectedNetley
Updated laptop drivers and tested web camera by installing skype. Worked fine. DVD player not reading CD's suspect faulty device. Recommended to use external DVD as the cheaper option. Greenwood
Open external hard drive enclosure and connected hard disk to caddy, test health of hard drive, 0% hard drive has completely failed and disk cannot be detected. Advised client on data recovery options, and advised on 2.5" hard drives and enclosures.Robina
User changed the password with Optus email Updated the password in the window 7 Changed the temporary password to the new one in webmail Recommended laptop for upgrade rather than the memory.Northgate
repaired drivers tested ipconfig, scanned system found wifi card adaptor at fault will need to be replaced along with new battery client advised to transfer all data to external hard drive and replace machine with new. Gladstone Park
Check hard disk health - 11%. Advised to replace hard drive and reinstall Windows. Taking PC offsite to back, replace hard drive and reload Windows.Broadbeach
Investigated machine, and the issue looks to be a software fault caused by a windows update, no restore points are available, and I have advised customer that a fresh start is required to fix. Customer has refused this option. Dapto
Task: Upgrade IOS onto IPAD mini. Downloaded and installed latest version of ITunes onto Chris's computer, Advised by itunes to reboot and put it into recovery mode, IPAD mini would not boot into normal os mode, Discussed issue with Chris, itunes format the OS and setup IPAD with new OS, Setup email onto Mini IPAD, Have discussed new IPAD cost with him, Sent and Received test email (Success), Tested and verified IPAD and email operational with him, Working fine.Joondanna
Cleared the unwanted software items Disable few startup items Tested the printer and changed the settings Restarted the desktop Recommended to upgrade the tower as it has low memory and 10 years almostCashmere
Restarted Modem and WiFi on Mac and all working. I advised Daniel re future fixes.Balmain
Checked the laptop The physical drop has damaged the fan, hinges But the machine operates without any issues until the CPU temperature hits the peak So recommended the data swap and external enclosures to keep the hard drive.Mitchelton
Error: Software activation issue. Logged onto the computer, uninstalled trial version of office pro plus 2013, installed correct version of office 2013, tried to activate it (failed), Called Microsoft and found out that key was blocked by the retail, advised Melody to send email back to the supplier to release the key to re-activate it again, helped her to install Trend AV, Have left installation with her due to slow internet, Computer running fine at this stage.Bedfordale
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Advised on replacement options and profile migration ClosingAthelstone
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Unable to boot from anymmedia Changed boot order Unable to boot from any media Advised hard drive failure. Removed hard drive. Advised on recovery and replacement options. Closing.Woodville
Use wood to stop button from pushing switch back allowing system to turn on advised fix is temporaryMudgeereeba
Clean inside computer and check electrical contacts are clean. Install Classic Shell. General advice.Bardon
Arrived on site Inspected computer Powered on OK Advised RAM upgrade Advised computer replacement Disabled and uninstalled all unwanted software Backed up user profile to external hard drive All working as expected ClosingRenown Park
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Swapped out HDMI cable Rebooted successfully Advised on backup and replacement options All working as expected ClosingCollinswood
On-Site to diagnose desktop issue Tested Failed hard drive Recommended replacing hard drive and fresh start Brought desktop back to office to rebuild Installed new hard drive Installed Windows TestedKariong
User profile is mising.attempted to recreate folder and new user. Performed SFC scannow and other various troubleshooting steps. None were successful. Customers files are confirmed lost. Recommended customer to contact MS for warranty replacement. If she has no luck she will call us back.Windsor
Windows not booting due to faulty drive. Quote: To replace the PCIE SSD hard drive with 240GB will cost $188 and 500Gb will be $395. Plus $199 for installing a fresh copy of Windows 10. If you want us to do any other work like installing Antivirus, games, printer MS Office etc... this will be billed at $33 per 15 mins plus GST. If you want the data to be recovered We have to find out the price and get back to you. Tuart Hill
Old laptop running Windows XP and keyboard is faulty External keyboard tested and recommended Ascot
Charger/s are working fine. Removed back cover. Diagnosed battery to be faulty. (physically swelling) Recommended store to obtain new battery asap.St Kilda
Identified that Toshiba Protege laptop has a faulty digitizer touch panel assembly - LCD panel is OK with no error, recommend to replace the assembly. Note: LCD replacement panel not used or opened. Kogarah
Error: Computer not loading user profile. Tried to boot into normal os mode (Success), Found out that OS was corrupted and damaged, discussed issue with her, Advised me to re-install Windows 10, Initiated and installed Windows 10, Setup basic user profile, tested and verified computer operational with her, Working fine, Advised her to be careful when installing any application.Forrestfield
Install updates. remove programs from startup. remove unnecessary programs advice customer it is running on low specs than what Windows 10 recommend it will be practical to update to a new computer.Fairfield
Graphics on motherboard dead. Quoted $600 to replace MB. Agreed was not economical and offered recovery service of existing data but client currently does not have anything to save data onto.Mandurah
Cleaned extra files. Removed 360 threats on desktop and 500 threats on laptop. Disabled extra startup programs. Advised the client to replace HDD and reinstall windows if the computers become slow again in future.Nicholls
Install new ink cartridges. Connect printer to wifi and setup on laptop and ipad. Cleanup auto start programs. General software advice.Yamanto
Downloaded the huddledesktop app before attemding site, installed app on customers laptop. configured integration with microsoft office. Tested ok Advised customer to use either chrome or firefox as a browser as she was using IE and the website (front) was displaying that the full functionality was not available in her browser and she needed to update. chrome installed and tested okNorth Brighton
Suspected mother board problem Tested to reset and with a different charger Dosnt want a quote as repair will be costly Mansfield Park
Test and Diagnostics: iMac 2008 running Windows ultimate none-geniune version and system having issue with HDD. Not mounting sometimes. Disk contents backed-up. HDD replacement and fresh installation recommended. Kedron
Task: Windows 10 basic operational. Brief discussion regarding email and photos setup with icloud, tested and verified photos and email operational, Advised her to get new External HDD for the computer backup, current backup going to the same C drive, Computer running fine at this stage.Kensington
Issue: Beeping on startup after PC drooped. ======================================// Test and diagnostics: RAM reinstalled. DVD Drive fixed to the case. System started successfully and devices tested. Backup recommended. Tivoli
Update Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, update drivers, rebooted laptop - screen appears much better but is intermittently jumping. Boot to Safe Mode, issue exits, even in BIOS - graphics card is failing. Advised client on replacement, client will purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse and use an external monitor, client may get a new laptop.Robina
Printer was installed and setup on the MAC, except unable to install the Epson software. Printer IP address is Removed and reinstalled the Printer cartridges Was able to ping the printer and perform test prints, test scan Recommended to purchase and keep the printer cable for backup.Bulimba
Collected laptop and analysed issues and quoted the customer on repairs and customer decided not to continue.Balmain
Test hard disk health - 69%. Advised to replace hard disk and reinstall Windows. $95 - HDD - $199 - Reinstall Windows, Total $294. Client will purchase a new laptop and get me back to setup and copy files across.Robina
-Could not run recovery or restore point. - Tried to fix the MBR and the boot partition but was unsuccessful. - Could not run windows refresh. - Ran manual boot fix commands successfully. - cleared system temp files and updated windows. - Laptop is working correctly however there is a power fault on the board and can only be run with the power adaptor. - Recommend replacing the device as soon as possible.Caves Beach
Removed the antivirus as the windows registry keeps stopping the install. Setup log keeps coming up as invalid install. So enabled Windows defender and ran Quick scan. Completed and updated. Quoted $25 for the Bluetooth dongle for the speakers. Quoted $199 for Windows 10 fresh install. Recommended to upgrade to the newest laptop for better space and faster performance on a entry level model.Lawnton
Issue: Macbook Pro having problem on Logic board. GPU replacement is required. I quoted $600 for logic board repair and client preferred to get a new system. Two HDD installed in enclosure and system returned to client. Camira
Assessment of non booting laptop. Charger does not provide current. Advised on replacement charger or laptop depending on the cause of the issue. Coombabah
New Lenovo laptop - Completed Windows 10 setup and configuration - Configured Vodafone wireless ADSL dongle - Checked printer detected & correct operation - Installed Classic Shell star menu - Installed Norton AV from client's DVD - Advised client re MS Office options, he will purchase same & install - Copied client's files from old laptop to new via USB hard driveSouth Plympton
Machine taken offsite, and found HDD to be dead, quoted customer, but she has decided not to go ahead with the repair at this stage. I will return machine to her tomorrow. Coniston
Repaired drive, reinstalled office. Set printer prep, found issues on ram Tech will quote on mem if available. North Melbourne
Older Windows 7 running slo. Recommended new computer. Will provide quote later Mount Waverley
Traced fault to faulty USB cable. Advised client to replace. Cleanup on new laptop. Checks on crashing computer.Ormeau
Task: setup new Microsoft Surface Pro. Setup local user profile, Downloaded and installed all needed applications as per David's requirement, print test page (Success), Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine, Advised him take the laptop with him to the office to setup OneDrive sync.Nedlands
Issue: Acer laptop needs new hard disk and fresh installation of Windows Current HDD is not working and data recovery service is recommended Quote for HDD replacement and installation :$308 Optus email configured on iPhone and tested.Carseldine
Customer was conned in to paying for a service in the belief that the caller was from Microsoft. Checkup of logs and events. Checkup of new installation. General checkup and explanation on how to prevent future such incidents. How to safe surf Recommended to change all passwords and to be extra safe , asked customer to restore to earlier date of the incident. Taperoo
moved client over to gmail configured gmail to grab hotmail emails and advised client to reply to all emails from gmail nowCarrara
No issues found with windows on arrival Suspect issue with hardware and OS Diagnosed the computer for Auto Back up issues. Recommended Client to back up the data using new hard drive East Victoria Park