Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

Laptop Hp diagonals has been done advice for replace the laptop under warranty Bellmere
Found multiple malware infections. Test hard drive health - found bad sectors. Recommended to replace drive or replace computer. Disabled unneeded start up items. Installed trial copy of malware protection. Helensvale
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error System.logs confirmed Hard Disc 0 failing (bad block on disc 0) Advised on back up and recovery options Collinswood
Client had security issues with his online banking and after consulting with his bank they advised him to get his computer and phone checked out. Cleaned temporary files on computer Removed any unnecessary programs Removed all malware found Checked for and removed any remote access programs Computer is now clean and safe to use. Client satisfied issue is resolved and has no further questions. Slacks Creek
Disable Tablet mode, check hard disk health - 100%. Run System File Checker, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, check Windows updates - trying to install Feature update 1709 on 3G network. Advised to purchase a 4G modem.Surfers Paradise
2 month old printer had cartridge issue connected old printer to new modem and advised client to return new printer under warrantySurfers Paradise
Fixed printing issue Sound issue requires replacement sound card or motherboard. Advised USB speakers as economical option, client happy to do that. Client confirmed computer is working as required and has no further questions. Regents Park
Activated Windows PC cleanup Update of several software QUOTE: to replace the HDD with a SSD (500GB) will cost $360.00 Speed will increase by about 40%. Harrington Park
Setup internet Setup printer Setup anti virus Advised different options for upcoming NBN setup Client satisfied we have resolved her issue and has no further questions. Park Ridge
Loud noise on Acer gaming laptop, both coolling fans damaged problem from a accidental drop, also shows signs of rust on the fan itself, recommend new laptop, as client reports this issue has been going on for months North Hobart
ran startup repair and got system booting system running slow took 10 minutes before i could run applications advised a clean install is required but client was happy with system booting againHope Island
logged into emails, cleaned up system advised windows 7 is being discontinues and recommended a fresh start in the future as system is running poorlyMudgeeraba
Found HD has error causing slow boot time. Found SD card hardware giving device issues. Ran system repair and fixed Event viewer. Advised HD needs replacing.Falcon
Using Gmail to send and receive bigpond.com email addresses by using send as feature in GMAIL. Customer was advised by Bigpond via SMS that John's email account was compremised and as such the password was changed. In doing this the "Send as feature" password also needed chaning. Fixed passwords. Also tested Robyns emails.New Farm
Troubleshoot printer network connectivity, printer cannot be contacted when conneccted to apartment Public network. Test connecting printer/laptop to wifi hotspot - printer appears. Connect printer, laptop, Mac to 3G modem wifi network. Test printing scanning, internet is slow, advised to toggle from 3G modem wifi to apartment wifi when accessing internet/printing. Connect Mac back to printing via usb. This is temporary workaround until client moves in 4 weeks.Burleigh Heads
fresh start to update to windows 10 suspect cable isnt working properly swap cables on monitor and advised client if issue continues we can replace power supply for just parts cost but i think its the cableWorongary
iMac 2012 Power issue .USB insertion gave no response .SMC reset gave no response .Power button Reset gave no response .Keyboard prompt gave no response .Switching power outlet gave no response Diagnoses Caused by electrical surge, Logic board (motherboard) is not accepting any power, data is probably intact. Recommendation New iMac or MacBook with data cloning Client needs time to come to a decision, may need our services again for data cloning . Stirling
Diagnose suspected faulty USB ports. Seems to be working correctly. Run first aid on USB drive - OK. Advised on laptop hinge issue - recommended to return to manufacturer since it is still covered by warranty. Upper Coomera
On power up looks like keyboard is faulty. Screen is flickering as if a key was stuck down. Removed laptop keyboard and plugged in USB keyboard the issue goes away. Quoted $150 for replacement keyboard. Customer has decided to try and get the keyboard himself. Just charging for labor now. Cashmere
Connected printer on wifi as it was disconnected. Run malwarebytes and uninstalled couple of programs as John was advised before that. Balgowlah
Ran various tests. including Malwarebytes (found 1 pup - removed) Event log not showing too much other than Rapid Technology. Suggest that this pc be rebuilt at the OS level. Customer will look at getting SSD drive and installing OS himselft. Have quoted for drive and labour. Newmarket
Ran Malwarebytes. 1 Pup 1 Malware removed. Battery is charging but may be at end of life. battery is replaceable. $120 Could do with extra 4GB ram will quote. Approx $150 Ran windows updates. Seems to be quite behind in updates so this will have to be manually managed until fully updated. Bracken Ridge
Issues with dropouts and space. Investigated email account hosting service. Spoke with Netregistry about migrating email account away from current host. Backed up email accounts. Recommend migrating email to Office365.Mount Evelyn
Troubleshoot issue, remove software, remove drivers, update drivers, run malware scan. Faulty usb port. Will need to replace. Check hard disk health - degraded by another 1%. Advised on replacement on motherboard and hard disk, and Freshstart. Client will replace machine instead of repair.Parkwood
Laptop does not have enough storage and can真真真真t be upgraded. Recommend replacement. Laptop starts downloading updates as soon as it真真真真s connected to the internet, only 24GB of storage installed.Durack
- Computer still running Windows XP - Advised customer they should upgrade the desktop as Windows XP is no longer supported by many websites and platforms - Customer will consider upgrading the desktopMount Vernon
Turned on Wireless connection on laptop, connected to home WiFi. Found manual volume control for laptop. Sound now working. Recommended new computer.Heathmont
Solved client quotes with wifi booster Installed client requested documents Woodlands
Did site survey. Recommended to have TV technician to look at getting best reception for both Tv (from Bendigo) and internet. Got smart Tv connected to internet. Tested working ok. Ran speed test which indicated internet speed at 4Mbps or ADSL 1 speed. Using Telstra wireless single with TpLink router.Wildwood
Operating system corrupt and not recoverable. Recommend new computer. Client to purchase new computer.The Basin
- Checked the Outlook 2016 eMail client and tried to reset the password via the website panel but couldn真t get this working - recommended the client to contact the web server admin on Monday and asked them for the email tokenNewport
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Unable to recover Windows System Logs Diagnosed failing hard drive Advised on replacement and recover options Closing Seacombe Heights
Graphics card dead. Connected to cpu integrated graphics. Advised replacement card going ahead. Tuggerawong
Computer was making loud fan noise. Was fairly dusty. Cleaned up computer internally and reinserted fans. Tested 5 start ups. Fan noise did not reoccur. Advised options if the fan noise does come back and client will keep note of it. .client satisfied we have resolved this call out. Client has no further questions. Shailer Park
Connected the printer to the computers Recommend client to create a network Neerabup
PC stops working after boot HDD making noise, and very slow response while accessing any files and folders. Advised customer to replace the HDD and reinstall the OS Customer do not want to to get the HDD replaced now and get back to us when he is ready for repair.South Windsor
Looks like mboard has died when wrong cpu was installed. Customer has asked to quote on new mboard. Need to test video card and memory on LGA 1151. Everton Park
Computer turns on no picture. Changed graphics card now has picture. Advised client old graphics card is failed and needs replacement. Advised computer is very old now running Windows XP so it may have other parts start to fail over time and we can't guarantee anything but the graphics card replacement due to age. Client is happy to proceed with just a graphics card replacement. Loganholme
Reconfigured bios and advised client to not turn off power as bios isnt hopeing power even with new batteryArundel
Troubleshoot issue, perform hard reset. Test external display, Remove hard drive - test health - 99%. Power up laptop with hard disk removed. CPU fan starts, then stops, power indicator lights are on. Motherboard is faulty. Advised on motherboard replacement. Copy Documents to external usb drive. Advise on new laptop and 2.5" enclosure. Supplier will email me on price for motherboard.Reedy Creek
Power to motherboard but main power supll fan not spining cpu fan start but then stops, initial power light comes on when pressed but then goes off due to defective power supply. Advised customer that the power supply needs to be replaced, customer will supply and fit his own power supply.Mansfield
Setup failed as parts missing from box, called officeworks parts are extra, setup on large format printers require a stable platform otherwise the ink and paper feeder will fault constantly advised client to call us back when they make arrangements for a solid platform. Airport West
- Diagnosed the laptop and found out the motherboard is dead. As the laptop is still under warranty, I recommend the customer to take it for service with them. - Took the hard drive out and transferred user data Essendon
Ran malware bytes. Found 2 PUPS and 1 Malware. Also turned off most apps. Problem still exists. Suggest rebuild with new HDD. Quote about $400 for HDD and Office licenses. Plus labor. Customer will look at replacing laptop so will charge just for labor. Brendale
Issue with logic board Reset the board and restated the pc Restarted multiple times Pc is working good Recommend client for new pc Stirling
Troubleshooting issues. DC Jack is worn and needs replacement. Charger is quite worn as well and a longer connector to the DC jack is recommended when replacing it. Customer does not want to go ahead with repairs due to the age of the laptop and the cost involved to repair it.Kingston
Apps restored Emails working via browser Advised of bad sectors on hdd as per event viewer. Client happy to get 500gb ssd installed. Machine taken offsite.Wyndham Vale
Removed unwanted programs Checked for virus Optimised browser Checked errors Recommended client to upgrade harddisk to ssd; update the pc to windows 10 Set up back up Approx quote is 330$ inclusive of ssd and labour ETA 1-2 working days City Beach
Troubleshooting computer issues. Checking all connections and power supply - all in working order. Checking graphic card, good and working. Checking RAM, one of the two 4GB RAM sticks is faulty, removed the RAM stock and computer started to boot. Checked basic functionality and computer is responding and working. Recommend a virus scan and clean, computer appears to be infected.Capalaba
uninstalled avast as Norton is also installed. Cleaned up temp folders. Added email to outlook app on phone Installed veeam endpoint protection and setup schedule to run at 730pm each day Disabled startup items Enabled defrag schedule, started defrag of drive Note Issue with PC is down to speed of the hard drive, recommend upgrading hard drive to a solid state drive. The current drive would be imaged over to the solid state drive nothing would be lost.Tyabb
Removed, hard drive and placed into HDD docker to attempt a copy or clone. Disk powers on and spins up but then stops, cannot be read and shows as a failed disk. Advised customer that specialist data recovery services would be required but they decided not to pursue recovery and just replace the laptop instead.Camp Hill
Quoted $299 to replace dead hard drive. Customer declined.Greenfields
Diagnosed faulty HDD. But recommended customer to upgrade to SSD .Canterbury
Tried to get the laptop to power up. Testee with another power supply unit - still no good. Advised client that its a motherboard issue.Plumpton
Tried display screen on my laptop. Works okay so not the screen. Re-seated video card in computer, no change. Removed old video card (N9500GT) and installed new NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 4GB video card. Works fine. Updated drivers for new video card. Set resolution to recommended settings. Tested all okay. Everton Park
Thank you for the nutrition Advice :) MacBook Pro issue fixed via OS reset. Embleton
Advice customer to replace computer Reinstall windows on second computerKellyville
Ran system restore and boots fine. Advised to backup as ram is showing signs of failure and computer is old. Birkdale
Windows 7 Pro Office 2010Home & Student version. error message is about exceeding page countin Officxe Home & Student. Nortons AV installed but not working properly. Ran fix. Removed a heap of Chrome add-ons / extensions that are malware / adaware that wll slow down PC and create issues. .Installed Malwarebytes, found over 20 Pups. MAlware bytes crashed. Sugggested customer invest in new PC. Will quote on PC and screen. + Office 365. Toowong
Diagnosed two laptop, reconfigured and setup Outlook on Windows 7 laptop. Removed Office 2016 on new laptop. Client will install Microsoft Office 2010 on old laptop. Checked Firefox and recommended to try other browsers like Google Chrome. Noticed no common antivirus on Windows 7 laptop. Mentioned SSD upgrade on new laptop (increase speed x10 on pc performance)Banksia Beach
- Plugged the phone directly into the phone socket on the wall but no dial tone - Found that the customer was signed up for a naked DSL plan with iiNet, which means internet only, no telephone services - Attempted to hook up new NSN modem (NBN hybrid) but it appears the service has not been activated yet as the ADSL service was still ongoing - Advised customer they will need to contact iiNet to deactivate ADSL and activate NBNCarramar
Test hard drive - OK. Check storage performance - found to be underperforming which maybe cause of system sluggishness. Recommended to upgrade to SSD drive. May also be start of HDD problems. Hollywell
Laptop has a broken hinge. Took photos to get a quote. Customer to decide what to do once quote is in.Auburn South
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Unable to resolve Removed HDD Connected HDD to second computer Recovered User Profile to "Recoverd" folder on Samsung laptop Desktop Advised on replacement options Closing Largs North
The system WiFi card is dead as the motherboard is heating. Recommended customer to buy a new laptop but customer needs some solution for the weekend. Installed external WiFi card and still recommended customer to get a new laptop. The customer is satisfied. Thanks Newtown
Powered on laptop. Took a long time but eventually did boot up ok. Checked event logs and updates all okay now. Seems that the computer sorted out the updates issue. Checked for malware. Installed AVG free. Will quote on new laptop. South Brisbane
Troubleshoot laptop not powering on. Diagnosed to be suspected motherboard failure. Also found that power button solders have broken off the motherboard. Recommended to replace the computer. Parkwood
System is legacy hardware, quickers program needed to recover 2018 financial year. Likely will need to go to recovery specialist. Recommended and client is unsure at the time. Georgetown
Heat sink full of dust, no airflow at all. Cleaned out heat sink and added contact paste between processor and heat sink. Still not booting up at all, hear issues. Motherboard and processor are damaged and not working anymore. Due to the age of the computer I recommend to replace it.Inala
Suspected logic board issue. Recommended to return to retailer as the device is still under warranty, and therefore the device was not opened. Coomera
Diagnosed PC and discovered dead motherboard. Recommended new motherboard and client excepted recommendation.Islington
Laptop not turning on. Diagnosed and found faulty motherboard. As the laptop was 10 years old recommended to replace the laptop and parts will not be available anyway to repair.Gwelup
Transfered hard drive to enclosure and backed up data. Recommend new system. Wyong
Transfered data to portable drive and recommend new system. As well as supply enclosure 2.5"Wyong
Dismantle laptop and confirm not operational as a result of coffee spill. Motherboard would need to be replaced which would be uneconomical. New laptop recommended. Acer TravelMate P SNID: 51007879634 Recover data to USB drive.Redbank Plains
Check hard disk health -100% Windows needs to be reinstalled. Advised on Freshstart. Client will purchase a new laptop, advise on new laptop.Coomera
Modem seems to be dead only the ethernet leds are working. Swapped DSL modem for one of mine and configured it. Internet now working. Inspected original ADSL modem and gave it a wack and power led now on okay. Tested modem again and internet okay. Customer advised to buy new adsl modem as this one may fail again.Bowen Hills
Took laptop off-site for troubleshooting. HDD (SSD) is damaged and no data can be retrieved. Recommend to replace SSD and install Windows 10 through installation disk. Customer decided to get new laptop, not going ahead with repair.Camp Hill
Check hard disk health - hard disk has failed, advised client on data recovery. Taking PC off-site to replace hard disk and reload Windows.Oxenford
Diagnosed cpu overheating to 100真c. Recommended new cooler for 10 amd cpu. Georgetown
wifi extender died client had connected network to modem and advised client to replace extender installed wifi adapter on computer at other side of houseWorongary
Panasonic TV. Checked able to access internet from TV OK. Tried to access TV apps, advised a software update needs to be install first before being able access apps. Installed software update. Can now access apps on TV. Started Netflix app, added userid and password. Test Netflix played items OK. Instructed users on how to access Apps, select Netflix, iview, sbs on demand.Lake Gardens
No display on power up found. Swapped power supply. No change. Removed memory powered up, no error beeps. Indicating the mainboard is faulty. New mainboard, memory and CPU needed as new mainboard will not support the current cpu or ddr3 memory. Suggest new system be purchased as replacement parts for this computer would exceed $500. Will quote on reconditioned system including screen. Chermside West
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Booted in to Safe mode All attempts to recover Windows failed Removed HDD Advised on replacement options and data recovery Closing Largs Bay
Client provided access to hackers; Copied possible data to an external hard-disk Formatted the harddisk and reinstall MAC OS Scanned the back up data before restoring Basic Set up of the laptop Recommend client to replace cards and to change all password East Fremantle
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Checked System Logs Diagnosed failing HDD Advised on recovery and backup options Recovered user profile to an external hard drive Closing Kensington
Data Recovery Assessment Fee For the device received today (13/05/2019) The device received is: - 1 x SanDisk MicroSD Adapter - 1 x SanDisk Ultra 200gb MicroSD Card ** THIS IS A FEE TO ASSESS / EXAMINE THE DEVICE & SEE IF THE DATA IS ACCESSIBLE or RECOVERABLE. IF THE DATA IS ACCESSIBLE WE WILL PROVIDE A QUOTE TO RECOVER THE DATA. THIS FEE IS NOT THE FEE TO RECOVER THE DATA ** Assessment will commence once this invoice has been paidBethania
Analyse disks, - 100% health - can copy data off, client needs email data that has been deleted to be recovered, run Recuva, recover 1 file and examine. Advised client on inhouse data recovery specialist. Client does not want to send the drives to Melbourne, client would like to take them somewhere local. Connect printer to wireless network, add printer to iPad, test printing.Burleigh Heads
Hard rebooted system and it loaded as normal an update got stuck Battery is bursting inside case opened and removed battery but system will not work with out battery so had to put it back in advised system will work until battery fails and battery isnt worth replacingSouthport
The machine is not power on, test with new charger, machine booting to flashing question. Test with new hard drive. Not booting. Recovery is not seeing new drive. Also the number keys are not responding. Advised Customer a new machine is more cost effective. Banora Point
Office 2007 and Office 365 installed at same time. Removed Office 2007 Removed AVG free as it was interfeering with McAfee. Also changed Outlook from checking for emails every 1 min to every 30 mins and changed auto saving from every 1 min to every 5 mins. Will quote on new laptop. 13" Tablet convertible HP Spectre 8Gb 500 - 1TB SSD Carina Heights
Arrived on site and setup Google calendar, setup printers, and iPad/iPhone with calendars and printers. Customer also had a QNap NAS device which required access. Customer needed better internet access. Recommended Ethernet over powerline.Moorabbin
User account was completely empty and was redirected to atemp account. Found all old account files Created new account without password, restored all user files. Setup outlook again with 2 emails Client confirmed he is satisfied we have now fixed his issue and the computer is now working to his satisfaction. Client advised he has no further questions. Daisy Hill
Checked MS Office Crashed MS Office Recommended new MS officeKensington
Cleaned up unwanted programs. Imported favourites from Edge to IE and Chrome. Scanned for and removed temp files and junk from system. Fixed various other things. Recommended SSD to significantly improve system speed.Croydon
All in one computer so its not a cable issue. Diagnosed and found faulty hard drive. Computer is 6 years old. Recommended to replace the hard drive with would cost $120 for hard drive and $200 for labour plus extra if want to upgrade the OS (subject to PC compatibility) Joondalup
Laptop 1 - Unable to boot into desktop as the hard drive is non functional. Recommend a new laptop Laptop 2 - General system cleanup; disabled startups; performed a recovery on iPhoneGreen Valley
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Booted in to recovery mode Uninstalled updates Rebooted successfully Advised on back up and replacement options Closing Plympton Park
Laptop video card is dead. Quoted for replacement. Not required at the moment.Werribee
Clear disk space - remove old iTunes backups. Check hard disk health - 46% Copy data to external hard drive. Advised client on new PC. Bundall