Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

Diagnosed problem with internet, spoke with Telstra and they recommended a splitter. Reinstalled printer on pc. Set printer IP address to Static (does not change), and checked printer to print. Works. Issue with Adobe acrobat, may need a reinstall.Meldale
Client pc is old Recommended them for upgrade Solved the issue by installing opera browser Nedlands
Checked and diagnosis the computer Recommended data back up and cleanup of applicationsAtwell
Reconnect to imaging device from virtual machine, advised to contact manufacturer regarding virtual machine support and upgrading software.Sanctuary Cove
Liquid gas damaged the motherboard - not worth repairing due to age of machine. Recommended to replace. Recover files from hard drive and copy onto USB stick. Runaway Bay
Onsite - call with Iinet, account is [email protected] at 24-36 Charsley St Willagee. Service was advised as NBN but now is actually ADSL. P: Summer2018 Configured modem, but has Line Fault, reported with Iinet. ETA 2-3 days.Willagee
Reseat ram 1 1gb stock faulty Hdd controller is over heating Recommend replacing pc asapHamlyn Terrace
Diagnose computer not booting. Motherboard failure, recommended to replace unit due to age, not worth repairing. Recover data from hard drive into laptop. Ashmore
Modem and computer is checked and running correctly. Optus service has been disconnected. Advised to connect to an NBN connection as current ADSL connection may have been disabled by Optus. Ashmore
Troubleshoot issue, test universal power adapter, perform hard reset. No power indicator lights on motherboard. Motherboard has failed. Advised to replace motherboard or purchase a new laptop.Helensvale
Issue: faulty pc caused HDD board burning Seagate HDD board replacement and firmware reconfigured HDD tested on another computer Backup is strongly recommended Cleveland
Toshiba AIO LX830 Issues : No Bootable Device Found HDD not detected in the BIOS Advised to replace the HDD ************************************************ Customer would like a quote for upgrade the AIO system HDD 1TB = 79 4GB Ram = 50 *********************************************** Failed to set up the email Advised to contact the vendor Leichhardt
Toshiba L50-B Serial No 9E234469C Issues: No Post able to see Battery LED Fan Noise Test the laptop with external monitor = same issues Remove all part HDD Ram Primary Battery CMOS Battery = same issues Power Drain = same issues Motherboard, AC Power and no Ram = Same Issues Suspect Motherboard issues Quote for 1 Hours and 30 Min and Motherboard $400 refurbish No Warranty 2-4 Working days Customer paid for the 45min alreadyGeorges Hall
Hardware Diagnostic Tests: CPU/Motherboard: PASS Hard Drive: FAIL Recommend new computer and data recovery.Canterbury
Hardware Diagnostics: RTC test: FAIL (Unlikely to be an issue) HDD test: FAIL (requires replacement) Data not recoverable. *Recommend data recovery specialist. Client's new SSD HDD installed. Windows 10 installed and activated. Client's Office 2007 Installed. Various basic settings / optimization done. Chrome and Adobe Reader installed. Updates performed.Cheltenham
CPU fan unserviceable. Advised that given the age of the laptop and the amount of labour involved, it would not be viable to repair. Customer accepted advice. Hard drive not readable. Provided Ontrack details for customer to enquire about data recovery.Pinjarra Hills
Keyboard found to be bad and requires replacement Quote for palmrest keyboard. Eastlakes
Disabled some programs to get a slight better performance. The recommendation is to upgrade the hard disk to ssd. Ordered a screen replacement to the other laptop. Cost of screen would be 190 + 145 to replace Neutral Bay
Swapped the power cord Pc is windows vista Provided approx quote to the client . Informed client will provide actual quote upon finilasing with vendor Coogee
Laptop had sustained physical damage. Performed full set of hardware diagnostics, all components passed diagnostics exceot hard drive. Advised client of failed part, client advised they are happy to proceed with replacing the hard drive with a brand new 120GB Solid State Drive. Installed new SSD and re-installed a new copy of Windows 10. Client advised they are satisfied issue is resolved and have no further questions. Logan Central
Hard disk has failed, advised on data recovery. Taking laptop offsite to install new hard drive and reload Windows.Biggera Waters
motherboard dead quoted new system for client but as nothing but HDD and DVD was salvageable from existing system client decided to get data and will replace himself pulled HDD out of system so client can use in next system or put into external enclosureHollywell
Troubleshoot Windows computer freezing. Suspected motherboard fault which may have caused a driver issue in Windows. Due to age of computer, advised to back up files and look into replacing the device. Mudgeeraba
Removed case and parts to see if any visible fault. No obvious issues like bad connectors. Looks like either the GPU or the LCD display is faulty. Not worth repairing. Spoke to customer and suggested a reconditioned unit. Quoted $541.97 inc GST for HP 8570P laptop with 8GB ram. Customer agreed to this but no extended warranty just the 3months. Ordered laptop. Expect laptop to be deliveredt around Monday or Tuesday. Beenleigh
General system check. Remove unwanted auto startup programs. Provide general advice on internet connection options.Cannon Hill
Boot disk changed and disk errors. Hard disk old and advice customer to change.Dean Park
Inbuilt speaker has been damaged. Disable speaker, turn off Windows sound notification. Advised client on usb speaker. Run dism tool. Check hard disk health - 100%Tallai
6 yrs imac possible harddrive issue. Backup important files and advised customer to setup time machine. Customer will get a new imacBriar Hill
Replaced CMOS battery. Dusted computer. Unable to run hardware tests: Computer hardware may be dying. Recommend backup and new computer ASAP. Reset password for iMac. Connected printer to Wireless Network Mount Waverley
Configured the screen Changed the g.settings for the screen Set up back up advice client. To manually do the back up weekly Henley Brook
Disassemble laptop and check display panel and display cable. No physical damage visible, cable seems to be intact. Quoted on screen replacement cost, recommended to replace laptop due to age and cost of repair. Pimpama
rebooted system and it loaded as normal checked over system and found nothing obvious on system removed kaspersky enabled defender and advised client needs to do a backupBurleigh Waters
Error: Asus laptop not turning ON Tried to force reboot the laptop (Failed) Removed case, RAM, HDD and battery and tried to turn it ON (Failed) CPU FAN did not response either Have checked and verified warranty status on Asus website Have advised client to take it Asus service center for possible motherboard replacement Attadale
Troubleshoot router and switch setup; replaced a tplink router, the router wireless radio failed to setup except the lan; Recommend to return the router and client concluded they wont be proceeding with it since they can access the share folder. Sydney
Power supply has failed, replaced power supply unit. Powered PC to Windows. Install printer, usb printer cable is broken, advised client to purchase a cable from office works.Broadbeach
- Check the Lenovo Yoga laptop with screen flickering - Checked the graphics settings on it but everything seemed to be alright. - Opened the laptop, and noticed the cable connection to be loose. - Adviced client about the possible solutions. - The decision is upto the client to either get it replaced or get a new laptop.Girraween
wifi turned off on modem enable wifi and internet works fine suspect faulty HDD on laptop take away but hdd was fine fresh start upon return wifi off again advised client if it does it again that modem is faultyTallai
Issues: No Post, Screen Flickering Will turn on only in certain anger Laptop: Toshiba L500C Serial Number YF058274C Trouble Shooting: Advised to reattach the LVDS cable but might have an impact or crack the LCD Customer agrees to reattach the LVDC Reattach same issues Losing the LVDC fix the issues Advised if the issues persist again need to replace the LVDS Ramsgate
Issues: No Post Laptop: HP 15-D004 AU Serial Number 5CB4083DB1 Trouble Shooting: Remove all hardware, just motherboard and ram = same issues Power drain = given error code 1-1 mean CPU faulty Power on the system without ram = expecting a laptop to have Error beep code, No Error beep code same issues Suspect Motherboard faulty issues Quote for motherboard refurbished $250. No warranty Install the Laptop HP HDD to Desktop For getting the dataLeichhardt
MacBook Air is stuck of Startup disc selection but no drive is available to be selected. Restarted machine to recovery partition - Performed verify of drive - passed OK - Reformatted the usable drive space to correct format - Commenced Apple Online recovery Recovery process is advising about 12 hrs remaining for the recovery to be downloaded. Advised client to have MacBook plugged into power and advised that if the internet drops out it may cause the recovery to fail.Rosebud
WiFi not connecting on Desktop Checked the wifi details, but the computer was trying to connect to Living Room connection which is a NetFlix casting. Rebooted the modem and was able to connect across multiple devices. Tested the connection via wifi on desktop, iPad, Mobile Recommended to contact Optus for modem configuration page.Petrie
Office was on a 365 licence and subscription was expired. Advised client who went ahead and renewed the subscription for 1 year. Uninstall old office applications and reinstalled office 365. All documents were opening as normal. Client confirmed issue has been resolved to her satisfaction and has no further questions. Loganlea
Advised on Freshstart. Client needs to keep PC as it is for business. Disable Startup items, reboot PC, run PC Reset - cannot run missing files, run dism tool, remove multiple antivirus software. Advise to run PC reset if Windows has issues after reboot. Advise if PC Reset still will not work, will need to manually backup and reinstall Windows.Mudgeeraba
Windows tuned. Unnecessary applications removed. Windows updates installed. Fault detected on mouse and replacement recommended. Windows tested successfully.Wellington Point
iMac 2009 new HDD installed. Mac OS Sierra installed and updated. iMac configured and tested successfully. Old disk checked and physical problem detected. Backup from time machine recommended.Thornlands
Troubleshoot issue - mailbox is opening with temporary profile. Confirm password via webmail. Create new profile - enter password keeps popping up, cannot add mail profile. Repair office, create new profile, same issue. Create new user profile, add mail profile - same issue. Create new mail profile on another machine - same issue. Create profile with another email address - same issue. Client informs they are transitioning mail providers. Advised to try again once transition has completed.Coomera
Malware On Mac - Checked Chrome extension list to ensure there is nothing that is causing a problems - Ran Malwarebytes: found & removed 25 threats - Installed Sophos: commenced complete system scan - advised Jon to quarantine / remove any threats that it might find.South Yarra
Set up emails on Thunderbird. Import emails and contacts to Thunderbird - old emails were not able to be imported. Test hard drive health - Ok. Recommended to add an SSD drive to improve system speed after startup. Beenleigh
Laptop is faulty not powering on. too expensive to replace parts. advice customer to replace laptop with a new one. Laptop details Model Number : HP ENVY Notebook 15-as050tu Serial number : 5CG63876CL Replacement value : $1600 to $1900 Marsden Park
Re-attached plastic key spring. Unable to re-attach key as plastic clips are broken. Recommend new keyboard. Client suggested he would contact Dell to see if he can get a replacement A key.Hawthorn East
Install Cisco Jabber and test video conference, can see and hear, they can hear but they cannot see me. Troubleshoot, install on other PC's. Tether iphone to test and rule out internet connection. Client had returned to court and could not test. Will retest in the morning. Advised to get webcam and usb wifi adapter for 3rd PC as a backup.Mudgeeraba
- Checked the version of Windows 10 installed by the client. - Started the Acronis backup made by the client. - Installed Outlook 2010 in the computer. - Signed in with Gmail account. - Tried signing in with the Telstra account, but couldn't locate the correct password for that. - Checked the disk ussage on the computer which was going to 100%, and advised the client for a new laptop.Castle Hill
Short circuit causing power to trip fuse. Due to age and damage I dont recommend repair. Data is still accessible.Salisbury
Scan computer to remove malware Clean disk Rerun backup Advice customer hard drive is failing need replacingBaulkham Hills
Mac hard drive has lost partition map. Data not retrievable. Reinstall Mac OS 10.13. Advised that hard drive currently has a warning indicator and may require replacement in the future. Bannockburn
Windows Update files deleted and up to 7G released on HDD. System running with minimum resource for Windows 10. New laptop recommended.Aspley
installed USB wifi card installed and configured printer and scanner tested the printer and scanner, cleared the nozzle of printer recommend the client back up as well anti virus program Hillarys
Checked the gmail account. checked the mail account Advise client to do a backup Recommended the client to update the website security Osborne Park
iMac is running out of space, causing google drive to stop syncing. Recommended to upgrade computer. Advised on data backup. Bonogin
Transfer data from laptop to PC. General system check on new PC. Setup Apple home sharing and confirm correct operation. General advice.South Brisbane
All-in-one HP needs a new motherboard. I quoted $400 for replacement Client preferred to get a new computer Stafford
Touchscreen is not working due to crack in screen. Advised to use touchpad to control mouse pointer. Install printer driver and test printing and scanning - OK. Advised on purchase of MicroSDHC to USB adapter to access videos from camcorder. Southport
Diagnose motherboard failure. Advised that given the age of the laptop, it is economically unviable to replace the motherboard. Customer accepted my advice.Hendra
Boot PC to Windows, test hard disk health - 18%. Advised client on replacing hard disk and reinstalling Windows, advised on new PC. Client will get a new PC and get me back to setup.Helensvale
Asus Vivo laptop checked Diagnosed on site Customer said it has issue with the fan. computer works all good with the both operating system now Advised customer to contact ASUS for any warranty related issue. Westmead
Battery panic observed; re-inserted battery and rebooted the machine. Advised to keep an eye for next 2-3days . Redfern
Reconfigure New TP-Link Modem Reconfig Arlo Cam Reconfig Sonos Reconfig Philips Light Controler Test all the devices Check all the coverage advised to user ether 2.5Ghz or 5GhzRevesby
Client laptop was booting to blank screen due to os issue Client complaint laptop was slow and back up was made long time back Recommended fresh start with new SSD Replaced harddisk with SSD Fresh start of windows Transferred possible data Configure pc *provided old harddisk back to client Carramar
Client pc was not booting Cloned the harddisk for data Tested the hardware and connections Tested the adapter ( even thought green light is glowing the adapter was displaying watts) Replaced with a testing part Booted the pc ( booted into back screen) Recited the issue Recommended the client to buy a genuine adapter Highgate
Acer Desktop No Power Test PSU = Passed Test Power Button no issues Remove HDD and ODD Power Drain = Same issues Remover Ram expecting error code beep = No beep code, confirm motherboard dead Advised to replace the motherboard And due to the age of the system recommended to a new computer Backup Data = unable to detected the HDD (HDD dead keep sorting out the adapter) show the customer Take off-site = backup data, same issuesCarlton
Restart PC, wifi connection works. Test internet connectivity. Remove network cable. Remove software. Run System File Checker. Install Malwarebytes and scan. Update Norton AV. Advised on wifi arial.Southport
Quote for HP 14-BA077TU full touch screen assembly replacement: Part: $410 Installation cost: $108.90 Shipping time: 5-7 business daysClayfield
Tested the desktop and motherboard issue causing the desktop not to turn on. Advised the client to replace the motherboard.Lyneham
Windows Laptop network Driver updated for windows 8 bios updated Advised customer to reinstall windows 10 (Fresh start) in future Computer can get connected with Bluetooth device Advised for the blue tooth device can only get connected with 2 device at the same time. Remote
- Black screen on Acer laptop, showing no bootable device - Opened the laptop and took out the hard drive to retrieve the data. - Unsuccessful try in retrieving data as there was a fatal hardware error. - Added the TPG email on the iPad homescreen. - Adviced the client to change the email client to gmail. - Adviced the client regarding the google photos applications, to save the photos for future.Kellyville
User is unable to login to windows laptop which i quoted $199 fixed price windows refresh package On her desktop updated the flash player and uninstalled the driver support software.Lawnton
Hard drive failure Data backup Recommended new PCByford
Test hard disk health - 57%. Advised on replacing hard disk and Freshstart procedure. Remove software. Run dism tool.Broadbeach
Hardware assessed - CPU, PSU and Memory OK, motherboard power regulation / supply issue. Quoted three different solutions for customer.Bexley North
Hard drive was diagnosed damaged, took offsite for data recovery, quoted appx $700 and a week turn around time, customer will think about it.Dulwich
Karl advised that the computer is running much better since a update was installed today Office needed to be reactivated Also performed a general clean upYorkeys Knob
Troubleshooting startup issues. Power supply has died. Checking other hardware, HDD has lost clusters (lots) and requires data recovery to retrieve old partitions, file structures and the files. Result will depend on structural damage of the drive and can not be guaranteed. External drive is accessible. Recommended data recovery. Customer will be in contact.Camp Hill
First onsite 4g device would t turn on resetting battery for system up and running but in the few weeks from last onsite 4g device has gotten worse and the device is constantly rebooting Advised client to take it to telstra as it's the nighthawke modem that's faulty not his computer Modem has dropped out/restared 5 times since I have been onsite todayAshmore
Surface Book i5 Serial Number: 0055620163257 Run dism tool, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Repair MS Office. Renew Office subscription. Check hard disk health - 98%. Advised client to replace hard disk and reload Windows if issues arise, advised to monitor hard disk health. $165 - Part - 1 x 250GH M.2 SSD $199 - Labour - Freshstart TOTAL - $364Runaway Bay
Michael advised he was informed by the website host / creator that they had been hacked Email being hosted on GrazyDomains but MX & A records are not pointing to Crazy Domains - this was verified by CrazyDomains tonight Changed password on CrazyDomains servers Reconfigured MacMail to connect to CrazyDomains & downloaded the emails. Michael needs to contact MyWorks & get them to fix the MX & A records Breakwater
ASUS PG348Q ROG Swift 34" Gaming IPS 100Hz Eyecare G-Sync Gaming Monitor. Serial Number: GCLMQS006071 Monitor has been cracked. Advised to replace monitor. $1754.94 - 1 x ASUS PG348Q ROG Swift 34" Gaming IPS 100Hz Eyecare G-Sync Gaming MonitorRobina
Issue with outlook profile ; Created and configured new profile Installed and started malwarebytes Client getting too many spam provIded recommendation Clients issue with headphOne is sorted by plugging at the back Scarborough
reconfigured wireless and networked picked back up advised client if issue occurs again to contact us and we will change adapterHope Island
Discharged the power by removing battery and holding the power button Informed the client how to discharge in case of similar issue and also recommended client new machine Willetton
Very slow. Hdd problem but cant confirm as its not responding properly. Advised customer for replacement. Cronulla
Troubleshoot issue, perform hard reset. Motherboard is faulty, fan tries to spins, power lights flick. Advised on replacement motherboard. Client will purchase a new machine. Supplier will contact me via email with part cost and availability, not currently in stock.Pacific Pines
- System diagnose for the available boot device on laptop - System boot device factory reset performed - Checked for Internal HDD Status - Boot order setup changed to boot from windows. - Windows 10 boot completed (Restart) - Device restored / ready for win 10 legacy - Advised client to take backup for important files Moorebank
removed avg and removed amd display drivers that were crashing and causing system to reboot as system has 2 display adaptors did not reinstall amd adaptor system is working now but windows is having issues updating which i suspect the reason for all of the issues advised client should reinstall windows in the future which would take 48 hours and cost $179 (client will contact myob for download instructions current version when this is done)Ashmore City
Issues after Overclocking the system Remove all hardware Power Drain Restore BIOS to factory Install Individual hardware Reinstall 2080TI Driver Advised to get new DP Zetland
Internet connected thru LAN cable to desktop. wifi device advised to the customer.Aberfoyle Park
Printer faulty, does not print in black ink. Advised to replace. Coomera
Client had a boat computer Upon inspection noticed the boat computer monitor needed a power cable Advised Client to head to a marine electronics/jaycar storeShorncliffe
HP laptop Issues: Laptop intermittent shutdown it shelf Run hardware test DCIN Broken Battery faulty Quote for: Replace DCIN and Battery Run HP Diagnostic Test all passed Issues with Computer slow Tried to fix Superfetch Windows search Disable startup programmes Still the same issues Reimage the system Windows 10 Home Mortdale
Install new graphics card And tested all working. One screen got a issue advice customer to replace.Beaumont Hills
Data recovered 100.00 gigabytes. Recovered deleted files as an essential file appeared to be holding an active file. Found drive reader functioning on drive listed not recoverable, secondary drive found header/reader magnetic catch release failure this drive would need level 3 data recovery intervention, advised client on the determination and client advised it was a backup. Cost breakdown including parts itemised. Collingwood