Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

Removed driver update, McAfee scanner. Cleanup up temp folders. Computer running great. Tested internet. Found coax cable broken at connector. Plugged cable in tested connection email working Recommend to replace cable, either via jaycar or from TelstraParkdale
Installed new batteries in wireless keyboard: Now working. Cleaned printer print heads. Set up printer to work wirelessly. Printer now working. Recommended backup hard drive for use with Time Machine. Checked computer for issues / speed. System is fine but may need upgrade/new model or cleanup if system becomes slow.Balaclava
Usb drive is corrupted. Test deleting/writing files to usb drive. Copied files to desktop. Test backup from MYOB to other usb drive, works. Advised client to purchase a new usb drive.Carrara
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Worked with ISP to resolve internet connection speed issues Installed and ran Malwarebytes Advised on profile migration and replacement options. Closing West Lakes
Diagnosed faulty hard drive external device. Not power supply seams disc is also faulty Customer to decide to send off or get a quote to fix from data recovery experts as data is vsluable and upto 2tb which will take fair amount time.Robina
Troubleshoot not booting. Liquid damage resulting in suspected motherboard failure. Advised to replace the whole laptop due to age of the unit. Recover files from internal laptop hard drive to an external storage. Eagleby
Ran recovery mode and found most of OS had been deleted. Booted into Lenovo restore mode and initiated complete reset. Advised customer this would take some time. Customer happy to complete recovery process. Advised customer recovery process could fail and geekmobile would not be liable.Baldivis
Removed macshiny software Verified and repaired disk permissions, Reinstalled Skype Removed dmg load files Upgraded software setup over time to high sierra. Installed Firefox Recommend to upgrade Yarraville
Customer visited, device inspected. After initial inspection, some viruses were noted. The customer was advised to have the computer cleaned of all viruses. Device successfully cleaned and returned to customerIdalia
Copied photos from iPhone to PC. Removed iTunes sync partnership, setup iCloud. Advised client to copy photos needed from sons PC to usb drive.Burleigh Heads
Issue: HDD crashed on mini PC. No access to file system is possible. ==========================// Quote for data recovery: $600 - $1200 Disk formatted per request and Windows 10 fresh installed. Windows activated and updates installed. PC tested successfully.Sinnamon Park
Issue: Fake security message after scam call. ===================================// Unnecessary applications removed. Startup services fixed. Malwarebytes full scan started. Browser tested successfully. Recommended: Quarantine detected items after finishing malwarebytes scan. Fresh install of Trend Micro Security.Eagleby
Error: Not able to play youtube website. Logged onto the computer as him, confirmed current hardware details and advised him to upgrade computer with OS, Have given him an estimate upgrade cost, Downloaded and installed Google Chrome and tried to play Youtube website, Computer and internet working fine at this stage.Success
Heat sensor failing. Because of the age of the machine recommend replacement. Wellers Hill
System diagnosed and diagnosed the GPU. No problems found. recommend to upgrade the graphic driver.Frankston
contacted telstra on behalf of client as he has unsuccessfully called them to get a line fault logged multiple times modem has already been replaced with no change to dropouts had telstra acknowledge line fault put clients connected monitored list and will contact him in 24 hours to arrange telstra tech to come out advised client to follow telstra up for reimbursement as client should have been able to get fault logged himself but telstra tech support incompetent Surfers Paradise
HP Pavilion AIO desktop. Confirmed BSOD error. Downloaded and installed appropriate driver. BSOD still occurs. Recommended upgrading to Windows 10. Backed up documents to supplied USB thumb drive. Reinstalled Office, installed AVG anti-virus. Ran Windows Update, installed updates. Toshiba laptop, installed and ran CCleaner.Cessnock
Issue: HDD is too slow. ======================// Disk loaded offline and repaired. Too many errors detected on HDD and fixed. System started successfully. New PC recommended.Victoria Point
- External HDD is faulty. - Disk not reading - Recommended a disc recovery technician. Henley Brook
Cleaned up startup programs from running and setup Norton on computer. Checked the programs from failing and no failures, recommended SSD hard drive and Dashlane (passwords).Bray Park
Screen needs replacing, ASUS F555Y Sent email to supplier for quote.Maudsland
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Booted from Linux Distro Recovered user profile to external hard drive Booted from Windows installation media Reinstalled Windows, system drivers and other software as required. Restored user profile. Advised on backup options Closing Mount Osmond
Changed password for email, router, installed printer, advised about network, assisted with computerSomerville
Cleaned out dust in computer - recommendations is to put desktop computer (the tower) on the table to prevent heat and clogging of dust in PC components. Setup emails on laptop.Kippa-Ring
- deleted old drivers - - installed drivers from Acer website but no luck - suspect graphics card failure - recommendation to take backup asap and try reinstalling os to confirm - if doesn't work then would be good to replace with new computerErskine Park
Hp Laptop failed on boot HP diagnostic Passed Auto repair failed Restore back to 13 Jan 2018 failed Take offsite backup and Reimage Quote for 1hours 30min Back Up worth 81 GB Forest Lodge
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. All attempts to recover Windows failed. Booted from Linux Distro. Recovered user profile to external hard drive. Advised on profile migration and backup options. Closing. Glenelg
Performed System Restore on PC. Cleared strange searches in Facebook. Advised client to reset banking passwords and Facebook password.Helensvale
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Rebooted computer. Logged on successfully. Uninstalled old antivirus. Activated Malwarebytes. Advised on replacement options and profile migration. Closing. Marion
Both desktop computers are not powdering on. Tested both companies no power to the computer. Advice customer to replace both computers with new once. It is not possible to find the parts and it is cheaper to replace with new machines. Backup both computers hard drive to a external USB storage disk Computers model numbers are Acer Aspire X3990 Acer Aspire Ax2800 Toongabbie
Troubleshoot issue, motherboard has failed. Tested hard disk - OK. Quoted client on replacement motherboard. $130 - MSI B85M-E45 B85, LGA1150 $98 - labour, install part. Total - $228 Mermaid Waters
Modem/router WiFi is failing. Recommend replacement through Telstra. Set up IMAP accounts on iPhone and Macbook. Configured POP emails on main computer to download but not delete emails from the server rather than set up as IMAP at client's request. Performed general maintenance on windows laptop and removed unwanted software.Clayton
Data transferred from old laptop to external hard drive. McAfee removed from new laptop Network settings fixed and laptop connected to internet OPtus password reset but connection is too slow at this time. Password verification with ISP is recommended if it doesnt work Kedron
Motherboard failure, recommend new pc, data should be ok, data transfer when client get new pcMountain Creek
Error: Acer AIO computer booting with black blank screen, Tried to boot into safe mode (failed), Removed the back cover and tested each RAM into DIMM slot, found out one of the DIMM slot has been failed, put 3 RAMs into other 3 slots and tried to turn it on (Success), Advised them to start copying the data to an external HDD, It seems Motherboard has started giving sign and not working properly, computer working fine at this stage.Coolbellup
Error: HP Pavilion laptop running slow. Logged onto the laptop and setup basic user profile, ran HDD test and found out SMART test failed, discussed issue with her and gave her options to upgrade HDD, they will think about it and let us know, Removed unwanted applications and advised her to do full laptop backup, tested and verified laptop operational at this stage, working fine, setup offline user account.Fremantle
Hardware error on laptop Advice customer to install new hard drive or memory Customer will book in another time to fixCambridge Gardens
Installed Netflix app on Apple TV. Logged into Netflix and played a movie. Change sensitivity on remote. Install Apple TV Remote app on iPhone, paired app and tested. Checked internet speed, advised on 4G modem. Broadbeach
Laptop needs reinstall. After discussing recommended new machine as she had done backup. Cleveland
Sony Laptop SVP13229PGB Reinstall Windows 10 Pro Install Intel Chipset Advised the customer to do windows up Annandale
Used another power supply unit to test if power supply was not working and it turns out it s not working. Will need to buy a new power supply. Recommended, Umart in Chermside.Boondall
Onsite - dell not responding, unable to complete testing. Installed new drive - tested ok. Internet connected but very slow, tried LAN, still very slow. Recommend contact IPS. Download Office and tested email password ok. Tested old drive in caddy - ok for a few minutes then turned off. Reconnected crashed the notebook, data not required at this stage. Parkwood
iMac hard disk cant be mounted. Disk replacement and fresh install is required Quote: $470 Client replacing the system MacBook update to latest os is recommended Fresh start recommended if required after update Fernvale
Inspected screen, unrepairable given laptop is well out of warranty. Extracted hard drive. Recommended purchasing new laptop. Possible follow up in future to restore current hard drive to new laptop hard drive.Redhead
removed expired antivirus set static IP address on wifi adapter as it lost default gateway advised client if problem occurs again test an ethernet connection as modem is only 3 meters awayMolendinar
Laptop is faulty not booting up Advice customer to replace it Remove hard drive and Backup data to a external driveBaulkham Hills
Error: Internet setup. Checked and verified existing internet connection, Called and confirmed ADSL details with details, found out telstra services were disabled due to overdue account, Discussed with him regarding internet connection setup, Have setup router with correct ADSL details and advised whole setup to Ray, Current internet is working through IINET.Joondalup
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Advised on repair options. Client opted to replace the computer. Removed hard drive from old computer. Connected to second computer. Recovered user profile to 'Recovered' directory on Desktop. Configured and tested email. All working as expected. Closing. South Brighton
Hardware Test: Motherboard: RTC FAILED, 38 55 00 Quick RAM test: PASS Quick HDD test: PASS Performed clean install of Windows 10. Installed drivers. Performed some windows updates. Recommend client performs all windows updates before installing programs.Hampton
Copied missing files on the system Advice customer it is a old machine and need update.Whalan
Modem + wireless router was in corner of house inside switchboard. (Possible EMF interference) Moved wireless router to central position in living room. Wireless signal distributed evenly in house. Connections stable at time of testing. Set main printer with static IP and changed default to mono printing. Recommended new router with VOIP for greater range and network stability.Hampton
Removed and reset the device, installed the Targus Bluetooth adapter software. Unpaired the fit bit from mobile device. Connected and setup the Fitbit via the computer from scratch. Installed the software. Recommended to unpaid from mobile device when transferring music to the Fitbit. Mitchelton
Uninstalled unused programmes updates windows and defender. Added email account. Installed wifi printer. Recommendation - Install antivirus. Recovered email password for bigpond. Setup Microsoft account, security setting activated (added mobile number ) log in accessible after 5 Feb 2018 Client to use bigpond webmail until then. Trust laptop. After 5 Feb 2018Parafield Gardens
Issue:Crashed windows on 8 years old laptop WebMail configured on laptop Password should be sent from email service supplier New laptop recommended Slacks Creek
Task: Icloud and one note backup. Discussed Icloud, One note and Online cloud backup solutions with him, Tested and verified cables and connection in the TV Lounge area, Discussed one note backup and his cloud solutions, have advised him some notepad options to try instead of Microsoft one note, tested and verified cloud backup from his surface pro, Have advised him to check internal Wi-Fi with the devices and wired connections before trying new router, internet working fine.Nedlands
Adviced business plan to consumer plan would be better suited for home. Disconnected phone as it stops the internet, the internet can run without phone! Make sure to find the right plan, printed off available ADSL plans. Follow the instructions sheet I've made for working through to the right internet. If you need further help, ask for Brian from dispatch.Burpengary
Arrived on site. Inspected equipment. Connected modem. Confirmed successful access to Internet. Copied user profile to new computer. Installed updated WLAN drivers on laptop. Confirmed successful access to Internet. Removed hard drive from old computer. Advised on 3.5 inch external hard drive enclosure purchase. Closing. Pennington
Customer's Apple Laptop would not power up. Given that I have 2 hours notice, on a long weekend my recommendation is: * I take the laptop with me and allow 1-2 weeks for the right parts be sourced and installed. * I could then send the laptop to him at his new location. Byron Bay
Computer has a shirt in the motherboard Advised a new computerCoorparoo
Changed the search engine and home page to google Cleaned out others on apple id Upgraded icloud storage Backed up phone and ipad to icloud Advised on a new laptopCleveland
Uninstalled AVG Scanned for software issues. Hardware Tests: Motherboard diagnostic tests::: RTC RAM Test FAIL DMA Controller Test #1 and #2 FAIL Recommend client claim under warranty if possible, or purchase new computer.Cheltenham
Advised customer to purchase windows 10 pro. Removed crud from computer.Lakelands
Investigated why computer not booting. Image was not displaying on monitor. HDMI cable found to be faulty. Connected new cable to monitor with success. Setup new backup schedule, recommended EaseUS ToDo backup software free edition. Installed and scheduled backup of nominated files. Belmont
IT: External monitor HDMI to HDMI = work fines NVIDIA chipset work fine Happen in the BIOS Re seat the LCD cable = same issues LCD issues Quote LCD for $200 + 1 Hours Labour Ultimo
Issue: iMac mid 2011 makes a noise but its not fan. The sound if for HDD and its normal HDD repaired and nor error found. Hardware test returned no error System started successfully after hardware test Time machine is recommended Kedron
Inspected PC. Checked VGA and HDMI cabling, no visible issues with actual cables. Monitor function appeared OK. Customer described failure of PS/2 keyboard port. Machine appears to not POST as no indication of issues with nothing plugged in, even with no RAM, there's no POST beeps. Indicating failed motherboard. Advised customer of replacement options, who decided to source a replacement via her work colleagues.Kirwan
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. All attempts to recover Windows failed. Tests indicated no hadware faults. Advised Factory Reset would be the best option. Performed Factory Reset. Rebooted successfully. All working as expected. Closing.Flinders Park
Attempted to get windows reinstalled. Unable to boot from 2 of 3 USB ports, 3rd port would boot 50% of time, suspected hardware issue. Was able to get windows almost installed, failed on storage. Looking like motherboard issue, seeing USB ports not right, and random failing of boot process. Unit still under warranty, recommend to send back to msi to fix under warrantHastings
Checked Power Supply and the unit failed. Supplied new unit and advised re pc not starting suggesting a motherboard issue as well.Killarney Heights
Entered MS Account password in OneDrive. Laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run the MS Reality Box. Advised client on new laptop with the required specs. Updated laptop drivers. Copied files to external hard drive.Merrimac
NBN modem checked and it was working fine. Recommended: Turn ONFF/ON gateway and wait 2 minutes in similar cases or report to ISP. Trend Micro maximum security installed and activated. Startup services checked and no suspicious item detected. iCloud backup enabled on iPhone. iOS update is recommended on iPhone.Kenmore
Laptop dropped screen smashed, hinges broken and cooling system not working Screen and cooling system could be fixed but hinges not fixable Replacement is the only option Client has a quote for the updated model of current laptop Upper Coomera
NBN checked and it worked properly iMac is very old, running with 10.5 Mac OS and keeps freezing after boot. Fresh install can resolve the issue but its no %100 warranty because of age of the system. System replacement is recommended Camp Hill
Task: Setup new laptop. Setup her user profile and laptop, Advised her to get internet data onto the dongle, tested and verified laptop operational with her, Working fine.East Victoria Park
Error: Asus T100-Chi 2in1 Laptop not turning on. Forced restart with power and other combination keys, tried to turn it on (failed), Tried to remove the case but it was vacuum tight, Advised him to take it back to Asus to have a look and get them to replace the battery, Advised them to talk Apple for their IMAC display issue. Claremont
Error: Wireless Apple mouse not working. Removed old Bluetooth devices and setup new Bluetooth Mouse device, Found out old Bluetooth mouse not working properly, Discussed upgrading option with Beth, Advised me to go ahead with upgrading 16GB RAM, setup full computer backup too, Have to call her tomorrow when ready to come onsite with Parts, computer working fine.East Fremantle
Error: No Display onto the monitor. Tried to turn on the computer (No display onto the monitor), Removed RAM and plugged in one by one to test their operational, found out one of the RAM stick failed, discussed possible issue with Diana, Put refurbished RAM, Setup her Gmail account onto Mozilla Thunderbird, Sent and Received test email (Success), Advised her to leave Netgear 4G Dongle ON all the time for internet and email, Computer, Email and internet working fine.Nedlands
Onboard network adapter has failed. Advised client to purchase a usb wfi adapter. Run Malwarescan, removed software, check drivers.Mudgeeraba
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Toshiba PSPPBS-09700M Serial No 2F024077U Damage: Liquid Spill. Unable to acquire spare parts, as Toshiba are no longer operating in Australia. Damage indicates replacement motherboard would be required. Should parts be available, replacement motherboards average $600.00 - $700.00. Recommend replacing the computer. Ridgehaven
Scanned computer. Advised on printer and updates.Baldivis
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Ran Scan pst. Installed and ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Revo Uninstaller. Removed multiple infections and unwanted programs. Tested Outlook successfully. Advised on profile migration and backup options. Closing. Gilberton
iMac reset to factory settings and reconfigured (Mac os 10.7 installed) Update to 10.8 is recommended.Marsden
The Laptop had serious water damage with salt as well the motherboard had too much corrosion and was irreparable; our recommendation is a full new laptop for compensation since any refurbishment would be futile and more costly then the full replacement. Insurance form was printed and given to clientAlbury
5 virus removed adblock installed Recommended to call telstra to see if is possible replace the wifi modem is too oldHope Island
Windows 7 desktop with Windows live mail advised customer while logged into iprimus webmail to check the trash folder and click and drag any legit emails over to the inbox then those emails will be received by windows live mail Waterford
PC experienced power outage whilst Window Live Mail was open, folders seem corrupted. Imported WLM folder into mail profile. Advised to move to Outlook. Reinstalled printer software, test printing/scanning.Eagle Heights
Error: Microsoft Surface pro stuck on logon screen. Tried to repair and system restore, screen locked onto logon screen, Tried to boot into safe mode (failed), Ran system file check and check disk (failed), Advised client to re-install windows 10 would be best solution, advised by the client that he will hold onto it until he finds out something, confirmed with him and happy to pay for my time.Heathridge
Outlooks error log advised having problems with password Went to gmail website: Changed password & activated the allow unsecure apps to connect Set the new password in outlook & confirmed that Outlook is now working the new password may need to be typed into the other devices that access this email address.Blackmans Bay
Issue detected on ADSL AC1900 wireless modem /router: Router not detecting and ADSL signal. Line tested successfully with another modem. Refund is recommended Issue detected on internet speed: connection speed is tested with another router Download speed is 6.9 in maximum Issue should be escalated to ISP. Holmview
iMac full of dead cockroaches. Removed cockroaches and cleaned inside of computer. Cockroaches have damaged printed circuit boards. Unlikely to work or even turn on. Recommended to client that it is not worth fixing. Client wanted me to continue cleaning out the cockroaches, re-install the hard drive and put it back together. All done.St Kilda
Hdd dead making ticking noise quoted client $299 to replace hdd and reinstall Southport
iMac full of dead cockroaches. Removed cockroaches and cleaned inside of computer. Cockroaches have damaged printed circuit boards. Unlikely to work or even turn on. Recommended to client that it is not worth fixing. Client wanted me to continue cleaning out the cockroaches, re-install the hard drive and put it back together. All done.St Kilda
System help and troubleshooting on a PC. Client advised to go for a new monitor as screen blur. Frankston
Reset browser font size Advice customer to use external mouseWestmead
Advised home setup ok and problem is with Westnet.Safety Bay
Removed cd from cd rom sd card fell out aswell Cd rom is broken advised bot to use it Cleaned up some files ram first aid Chandler
18-12-2017 System has several basic features that are not working Windows 10 - 1703 -> Have commenced the upgrade to 1709 - This upgrade is going to take many hours to download. - Have told Peter to please leave download running overnight 19/12/2017 Spoke with Peter & he advised that the machine is running correctly now. After the Upgrade to 1709 was installed the machine went back to normalGatton
PC1: system running with 320GB HDD. Windows partition is 120GB and its nearly full. Administrator password reset. Standard user changed to admin. Admin profile should be backed up to external media and user deleting release 8GB space. HDD upgrade is strongly recommended PC2: sound driver reinstalled and tested successfully Booval
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. All attempts to recover Windows failed. Booted from Linux Distro. Copied user profile to external hard drive. Booted from Windows installation media. Installed Windows 10. Rebooted successfully. Restored user profile. Advised games will have to be reinstalled. Installed antivirus and other software as required. All working as expected. Closing.Camden Park
No drivers available for PCI card. Spoke with Timestone and arranged new USB authentication dongle through the company. Provided advice on file sharing, internet issues, internal network...Bentleigh East