Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

Examined system - confirmed that the files have been infected with a newer malware ransomware called Globeimposter 2 At present there is no know decrypter available to the public It appears that the only way to recover these files at present is to pay the criminals to unlock these files. We do not recommend that this be done as you will literally be paying a criminal to release the data from being held hostage.Seven Hills
Email account settings are correct. Cannot send email to [email protected] (bounce back message "Not deliverable") Issue in hosting service. Client attempted to contact Chris from websitedesignaust.com.au however she was unable to contact him while I was present. Recommend to contact Chris to investigate the issue and call me back if needed afterwards.Caulfield East
Error: Lenovo laptop keep on restarting. Tried to boot into safe mode (Success), Tried to setup Basic user profile (Disabled), Tried to repair (Failed), Tried to restore to a previous point (Failed), Removed HDD and copied all needed Data to an external HDD, Discussed possible issue with her, Initiated and installed Windows 10 onto the same HDD, Advised her to re-download all needed applications again, Setup her basic profile, tested and verified laptop operational with her, working fine.Hamilton Hill
Error: No internet. Found out correct point in the house providing internet connection, Setup new Router, called Tesltra to reset ADSL password, rebooted the router couple of times to authenticate, Tested and verified internet connection with Sally, Re-connected all existing cables in the patch panel, internet working fine, Advised tesltra to call Sally back to verify internet connection. Case No: INT1-1328829514571Canning Vale
Installed a printer. Advised the client to replace the computer with a new latest desktop PC. I will provide with the pricing for a new computer by Monday.Crace
Remove hard drive from cover Advice customer to get a cover to connect hard drive. Kingswood
Error: Ipad not able to open up mail application Rebooted the ipad and tried to open up mail application again (failed), Found out 90% of storage was occupied onto ipad by photos, advised them to delete unwanted photos to keep some free space for ipad operational, Tried to reset Gmail password (failed), Called Gmail support team and requested them to reset password, have to call them tomorrow to reset password again and call back Lyn to resetup email onto her ipad.High Wycombe
Visited Client at 19:45 on the 15th Nov and analysed the PC. initial inspection suggested there was hardware failure. I suggested taking the Laptop to get a quote on the repairs. The further analysis identified Motherboard failure and fan failure and replacement required. I advised the Client of the quote for repairs and he decided not to proceed. I advised him a charge of 1 hour was required for the service.Haymarket
Install new hard drive and install windows. Hard drive faulty, recommended taking it to a specialist if data recovery is required. Hope Island
Clients domain & email are going to be turned off by her current host. She needs to get a new host but this will take a few weeks to get working on a new host. There is nothing I can do to get the current emails working. Invoice is for the consultation on 03/11/2017 Noosaville
Laptop hard drive failing bad sectors found Computer not booting into os Helped setup Samsung tablet for general use Advised of cost for new hard driveBoronia
Task: Replace Lenovo W530 screen. Replaced old screen with the new one, Found out same Screen display issue, Advised Barry to take some photos and send the new screen back to get the one, Advised him it seems like screen adapter issue rather than screen, He will follow up with the supplier and let us know, when ready with the new screen replacement.Ardross
Connected printer to wifi network, configured reservation in router. Laptop is applying Windows Updates, advised client to test printing after updates have applied and laptop has booted into Windows, and if is doesnt work, I can remote in using Teamviewer and reinstall printer.Mermaid Beach
Found issues with machine resuming from sleep mode. Hybernate works well however. Advised client that this is just as good and setup machine to Hybernate instead of sleep. Testing well, left machine running a spy ware scan which client will finish. Wollongong
PC 1: Startup services checked. Trend Micro security starting with delay and it's recommended to reinstall. Suspended Windows updates started to install. Update process needs to be finished by client. PC 2: Issue: Windows updates keeps failing to install. Windows update database reset. Windows updates started to install. This process takes a couple of hours and system will be restarted a couple of times.Geebung
Task: Setup new IInet router. Setup new Router, Advised Olivia to get new Digital phone, setup her VOIP settings onto the router, Tested and verified internet and phone operational with her, Working fine, Found out Internet speed was very poor, called iinet support and logged fault with them, Have left all details with her and told her to wait until speed issue resolved, Laptop, Internet and Phone working fine at this stage. Ref No - 310483211Currambine
Diagnosed faulty fan. Recommended customer repair fan and replace HDD with SSD with a freshstart. Moved outlook data files to new HP Spectre in the interim.Doncaster
Advised client that file encrypted cannot be recovered. Removed viruses. Set up printer. Removed Norton and replaced with MSE. Updated HP support assistant. Advised client windows needs updates installing.Port Kennedy
Laptop unable to power on. Checked Battery. Checked components however the motherboard is bent. There is no power going to any component on the board. Advised we can get your data off the hard drive. Confirmed will backup the data to external drive. Also confirmed Karen will source a new laptop from work to transfer back onto. Data backed up to external device. Waiting for new laptop to arrive to transfer data. Chirnside Park
Cleaned cpu cooling ribs, advised about cpu and gpu temperature and installed speed fan to monitor temperature Pearcedale
Found the screen to be consistent with OEM part failure, advised client to contact HP. Technician visited client 2pm this afternoon and isolated the fault sent an email to HP and received a response consistent with the technicians expectations, HP has offered a full repair on this screen as it is a known fault. Technician checked file structure and found no integrity issues, system checked out fine. Keilor
Mac OS issues possible system error will need to be dismantled and hard drive repaired to proceed. HDD failure WD 1TB replaced with 2TB seagate barracuda 7200RPM. Reinstalled OS and transferred data back to machine. Could not mirror existing file system as per old hard drive as an unidentified error was present with adobe resulting in issues with the program, advised client to purchase a new licence for mac word 2017 as the previous 2011 version can no longer be sourced.Coburg
Changed the number of rings to 6 and answering system now picks up and records the call. Advised the client to replace the answering system if it happens again.Turner
HDD failing, attempted repair and system restore. Removed HDD and put in enclosure for client. Advised on new laptop purchase.Docklands
Windows XP machine running slow Remove unwanted programs Remove adware programs Advice customer to replace computer. Quakers Hill
Laptop stuck on Windows 8 downgrade from Windows 10 after failed upgrade, causing high amount of data use from downloading updates every time it attempts the downgrade. Recommended replacement due to age of laptop and possible overheating issues. Eagleby
Diagnosed failing HDD. Removed HDD from laptop and copied data to thumb drive for customer. Advised customer on new laptop purchase as old one not worth repairing.Balaclava
Attempted to recover external HDD. Faulty HDD. Customer advised to take it to data centre for extraction of dataMoorebank
Windows will not start Used the USB disk to reboot, but recommended to get a better laptop for future use.Sandgate
Toshiba Satellite laptop had Win 7 upgraded to Win 10 does not boot up. Unable to use the recovery partition, so tried using the USB Boot disk. NO luck. Quoted the Fresh Start service and it might need a new hard drive. Wavell Heights
Virus removal using various tools (40, malware, adware, pups and browser infection). Recommend to set up backup procedure. General file and registry clean. Download speed quite slow.Regents Park
Issue: No display on boot. ========================// Motherboard / Video card / CPU heat sink cleaned. System tested successfully. PC is 7 years old and replacing parts are not recommended but if problem happens again VGA card should be replaced. Ashgrove
HDD being freeze locked drive passed seatools but bios is freeze locking drive randomly test second drive with no issues and then install SSD which ran fine for a week advised due to randomness of issue if it reoccurs a refund of all but basic onsite would be offered Worongary
Run Malwarescan scan and remove infections. Check Windows Update, disable startup items, disable hardware graphics acceleration in MS Office, turned off unnecessary animations in Ease of Access center. Battery on laptop has failed, client will use mains instead of replacing. Checked printer, print sensors are faulty, tried a firmware update. Advise client to replace printer. Check internet speed, advised to replace router and go to NBN when available.Paradise Point
Configured wifi range extender. Put printer on wifi. Advised that client get ethernet port behind printer put on the local network so connection will be stable and reliable. Docklands
Monitor issue, advised client to purchase new monitor.Lower Chittering
Removed unwanted apps. Performed disk cleanup and stopped a few unwanted services. Recommended customer get new SSD. They will call back when ready.Camberwell
Quoted client $95 for keyboard but client only uses it to stream to tv so a wireless keyboard is a better optionTallebudgera
Set scanner in Brother Utilities, tested scanning. Created instructions and advised client how to scan using the software. Updated Legacy software, imported photopgraphs into family tree, run backup.Reedy Creek
Error: No internet available. Talked to Tesltra and found out his ADSL service has been disconnected, tried couple of NBN compatible routers (Did not work), checked his home video connection before leaving, Advised him to buy correct FTTN router type and setup Wi-Fi connection as per current connection.Bibra Lake
All in one desktop not working Advice customer to replace pcBlacktown
Hardware test: CPU FAIL AMD Athlon II X4 635 Socket AM3 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H BIOS F1 Recommend purchase of new CPU and fresh install of windows. (includes data backup)Vermont South
Situation: System running with Windows 8.1. AVG Internet security is going to expire. Client recently paid through a third party tech support website (Global Tech 365) ==================================== Contact to Global Tech is recommended to get the license of AVG. Browser settings fixed. Unnecessary applications removed. Startup services fixed. 8 suspicious items removed by Malwarebytes. No browsing issue found after tuning Windows. Upgrade to Windows 10 is highly recommended. Victoria Point
Updated all drivers and attempted to get keyboard and trackpad to work. Assumed PS2 function on motherboard is faulty. Recommended external keyboard and mouse solution. Runaway Bay
Diagnosed and found errors on hard drive. Recommended to replace the hard drive and install OS. As the laptop is more than 4 years old customer decided not to go ahead with the repair.Scarborough
Onsite - notebook not starting. Started for the first time, loaded windows ok but very slow. Checked logs - no hard drive errors shown. Removed malware and junk startup items. Ran scans and checked for updates. AMD CPU, if not starting reliably recommend replace unit. Started backup to clients USB drive. East Victoria Park
Checked the PC It's the wifi running shoe, checked the internet speed which is way below the average speed Recommended to speak with Telstra NBN support Also requested to move the PC closer to modern.Banyo
Checked the virus updates and actioned them Disabled startup items that is not required Downloaded and installed the Samsung Kies software to transfer photos Uninstalled McAfee Software when the user has Kaspersky Licensed version Checked for Windows update as the user was away for 6 weeks. Recommended a Vacuum clean for the Desktop due to dust accumulation Restarted the desktop and copied the photos to the PC from the phone.Warner
checked drivers & specs of laptop, advised of rectifications. Repaired some of browser issue.Dundowran
Running multiple antivirus programs and causing problems on system. All virus programs removed. No further system changes were not applied. Client advised that further changes may damage system files offered alternatives including complete system backup and reset or upgrade as of its age, configuration. Narre Warren
Diagnostics on hard drive was performed and found to have bad sectors on drive which is the cause of the fault. Replace hard drive recommended and reinstall windows.Coolangatta
Setup domain emails To both pc and laptop Installed sophos home to the laptop Advised to keep the domain and use the email plans when he needs more emailsUpper Mount Gravatt
Troubleshoot printer errors. Recommend new printer cartridges not clone. Setup print drivers for tablet to connect to printer.Suffolk Park
Diagnosed issue, motherboard has failed. Machine is a Dell Dimension E520, cannot source part. Advised client on a new modern PC. Client will get me back to setup. Taking HDD's offsite to backup data.Pimpama
Reset the battery connection. Recommended to replace the charger and charging port.Braddon
Laptop is typing incorrect carractors. Checked keyboard settings in system. Advice customer to leave power off and let it completely dry before switching on. Advice customer it is hard to find parts to the model better option is to replace the laptopKings Park
Customer visited, device inspected. Device not wirelessly connecting to modem. Network briefly examined, is frequently cutting out. Customer advised to consult ISP, device in question manually configured and installed via Ethernet cable.Kirwan
Error: Asus laptop not working properly. Tried to boot into normal os mode (failed), Tried to boot into safe mode (Success), removed McAfee AV and tried to boot into normal os mode (Success), Removed unwanted applications and upgraded VLC media player, Tried to play all .mp4 files as advised by Philip (Success), Tested and verified laptop operational with him, Working fine.Armadale
Galaxy Tab 3 is not working as expected. Cannot upload photos to Google photos. Email app keeps crashing. Difficult to remedy without having a second device to use. Recommended to customer to purchase new tablet - possibly iPad for better usability. Beaumaris
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Checked System Logs. Found no sign of hard drive failure. Advised best option would be to replace the computer. At minimum, install another 4 GB RAM. Computer has a Pentium Process Installed and ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Removed multiple infections and unwanted programs. Rebooted successfully. All working as expected. Closing. Stepney
Setup printer & tested functionality correctly Copied data to new computer While working the system turned itself off 1 time, After restarting the system seemed to behave itself Bob advised that the machine has turned itself off like this a few times now and the machine is only a week old.Seaford
Dual monitor setup with 3 Hard drives Unplugged the 2nd monitor and ran Diagnostics. Unable to repair, so have to Rest the PC without deleting personal files. It took a while to get this sorted. Finally connected the 2nd monitor and tested the internet. Restarted few times to ensure that the PC works with the peripherals. Recommended to upgrade the CPU only so that it would be handy and we can do the data transfer and setup the new one.Fitzgibbon
I contacted Karen and she advised 3 keys were not functioning. I advised a short term solution would be to use a wireless keyboard and mouse as interim as Karen's laptop is essential for her work. She requested I supply one for her which I did. I installed the keyboard and mouse and took notice of the details of the Laptop to prepare a quote for a replacement keyboard.Neutral Bay
Remove cover and clean fans and memory. All looks good machine is relatively new. SSD hd inside. Fans all working fine in BIOS no overheating. Restarted few times all working fine Team viewer working fine Screen indicate lit is not working. Hard to say it is on or not. Advice to change the screen. Marsden Park
Test and diagnostics: Faulty motherboard keeps resetting the system and not turning on sometimes. Board replacement is required. Quote for new motherboard for Dell Inspiron 3543: $1378 Client replacing the laptop.Fortitude Valley
Error: MacBook Pro not working properly Logged onto the laptop as her, Discussed Mac OS vs applications, copied all needed data, reset firmware password to install El-Capitan, Initiated and installed El-Capitan MAC OS, Advised her to copy whatever needed data from an external HDD, Tested and verified laptop operational with her, Working fine.Forrestdale
Windows PC - USB port/power supply port both damaged. Quoted on parts and labour.Como
Onsite - malware - Driver Support etc. Ran MSconfig, ADW cleaner (209 items), CCleaner 2376 registry items, Malware bytes. Formatted USB backup drive. Backup program using I: , should be F: . Updated. iTunes update - required windows update. Windows update - service failure. Recommend replace machine. Backup started.Victoria Park
cleaned up system and advised client on which printer/scanner to getHighland Park
produce an insurance quote for damaged laptop.Templestowe Lower
Computer runs slow and shuts down randomly after cleaning the fan Client suspect it is malwarebytes that's causing the issue Removed malwarebytes and returned the pc after full hardware Client requested quote for SSD and OS start Quote for new SSD and cloning or fresh start is $230 Joondanna
Performed PC Reset on Laptop and Surface Pro. Installed software and configured. Setup printer, tested printing. Advised client to reset banking password.Burleigh Waters
Computer's HDD lost clusters and is not booting up properly anymore. Computer about 5 years old and I don't recommend to repair it. Data recovery to external HDD supplied by customer. There were 2 HDD inside the box both were damaged and needed repair to be able to copy data (check disk). Recovered nearly all data stored on drives.Forest Lake
Diagnosed faulty failing HDD. High disk usage. Recommended a FreshStartRingwood
Screen replaced per quote: Asus X556UV-XO023T Replacement Laptop LCD Screen Panel $194.80 Replacement Labour, 1 hour (incl laptop pickup and return) $145.20 TOTAL $340.00 incl GST Notebook disassembly required for battery disconnection - dust removed from fan and vents. Separation of screen assembly from base required for screen bezel removal.Chadstone
Diagnosed slow and possibly damaged disk. Recommended customer to upgrade to windows 10 on an SSD for improved performance and future proofing.Clarinda
clients email working fine internet connection is the issue connected via hotspot and emails worked normally but connected to clients internet it takes 3-5 mins for server to receive message reset modem and speed is still less than .1Mbps advised client to follow up with foxtel about unusable internet speedMudgeeraba
Network troubleshooting: Line splitters tested. Router/ Modem tested. Phone line tested. ADSL signal dropping when the central phone is connected to line. New splitter and phone line check is recommended. Central phone disconnected. ADSL Modem / Router reconfigured. WAN/ LAN /WLAN tested successfully.Albany Creek
- Windows 7 repair keeps launcing - Checked HDDs both in working condition - Advised I can diagnose but will be better offsite Advised of cost involved for complete reinstall if required OS is corrupt Reinstalled osCroydon
IT Test it with External Monitor Power Drain Memory Dance IT advised Laptop GPU die Backup Data worth of 4Gb to USB Thumb Drive Strathfield
Took machine offsite to investigate issues. Problem looks to be likely the mainboard, prices for these start at around $300, and with labour I have advised the client that the machine is not worth fixing. Client has indicated that he will look at getting a new tower. I have extracted the clients HDD and a CD-ROM that was stuck, and will return these to him to use with his new machine. Client has asked me to dispose of old hardware. Warilla
Computer video display was not working very time, system not turning on every time. Diagnosed and found faulty mother board controllers. Recommended to replace the tower as the computer is too old and motherboard might not be able to buy. Malaga
- HDD failing has 65 bad sectors Boot loader failing - Unable to complete smart test Advised of new HDD required Customer to source drive from local shops - Confirmed data still able to be accessed - Removed old HDD and installed windows 10 home - Moved old files to new computerUpwey
Laptop bios password forgotten. Advice that I have to open and re set bios Customer don't want to fix it.Canley Heights
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Computer: HP 14an018AU. Serial No. :5CG6373PT4 Cause of Damage: Dropped Damage: Smashed screen. Replacement Estimate: $250.00 - 350.00. Comment: Replacing the screen is not economically viable, given the value of the computer. Recommending that the computer be replaced.Taperoo
Brand nee all in one desktop not functioning properly Unable to load any settings and taskmanager updated once every minute or so rathet than every second Started windows reset but advised as cliwnt has had issue since day one and contacted jbhifi the day after they got it that system shoukd be classed as doa and returned if reset does not workHighland Park
Motherboard has failed. Advised client on new PC. Client will get me back Monday to setup. Taking HDD offsite to backup data.Runaway Bay
Needs a large amount of data and emails moved from Windows 7 to Windows 8 computer. Recommend OFFSITE. New PC upgrade to Windows 10. Data transfer, etc..Macleod
Power drained Sony VAIO laptop by removing battey from unit . Power was reaching the unit to charge the battery but was not powering through to the motherboard resulting in a fault along the mainboard component or short circuit. Replacement unit recommended. Data was unable to be retrieved due to a propietory LIF 24 SSD format drive. Only way to retrieve this data is to install the LIF 24 drive into same model laptop that is functioning.Kingscliff
Dead Motherboard on a very old computer. Suggested to buy a new one. Sarah to get back to us if she needs help with the new purchase. Made recommendation on what to buy. Garden City
Laptop 1::: Lenovo Ideapad 510-15ISK S/N: PF0MB6A8 MTM: 80SR00GXAU Performed system restore. System acting slow, hanging, freezing. Performed hardware diagnostics Motherboard fail: DMA Controller 1 + 2 FAILED. RTC RAM Test Failed 38,55,00 Recommend replacement under warranty. -------- Laptop 2::: Acer Aspire E 15 (E5-521-682R Set up email. Removed malware. Setup printer. Uninstalled old printer software. Removed unwanted browser plugins. Performed general maintenance.Mulgrave
Windows 10 update corrupted OS advised winsows neess to be reinstalled Client is going to reinstall windows himself Created windows 10 media from media creation toolUpper Coomera
IT: HP HDD Test = Failed Backup data failed due to HDD totally dead size of the HDD 600GB EU advised to Install Windows 10 Home EU advised to replace the drive with 1TB HDD IT: Reinstall Windows 10 Home Replace HDD 1TB Reinstall Office 2007 Antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security Alexandria
Computer slow, only 2GB of RAM, recommend to upgrade. Network settings corrupted, repaired network settings. Run virus checks and removed any infections found (500+, pups and browser infections). Crestmead
Arrived on site. Inspected computer. Recreated error. Installed and ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Roguekiller Removed multiple infections and unwanted files. Rebooted successfully. Confirmed successful access to online resources. Advised on rebuild options. All working as expected. Closing. Woodville West
Initialised scan of post, delayed response from pc, ram issues will advise on machine status Offsite status machine scan is too long. Performed system scan, all fine, HDD scan found minor performance issues, repaired PST file manually as the auto repair function could not correct a dll fault. Repaired outlook but advise that emails be archived due to the amount exceeding windows recommended settings. Brunswick West
Investigated issues with system speed on Laptop PC. Completed system cleanup-up. Removed unnecessary programs from starting with windows. Tested system speed - all ok. Found that windows has some updates to complete. Advised customer of windows updates procedure.Deception Bay
Error: POS till not working. Logged onto the computer as Kelle and tried to open up Till through software (failed), Changed power cabled and updated Serial port drivers, Found out no LEB turns on the NEO's label printer, Advised Kelle to confirm new Till layout with Shortcuts Technology before buying, Tried to connect Till directly to the computer and Router (Did not work), Checked and verified settings in the application, No error found.Currambine
Graphics card driver was causing issues, updated drivers fixed that. There was still issues with sound and freezing on restart so performed a fresh start, sound still not working, have advised that I believe it is the headphone adaptor at fault as it's working with headphones.Karrinyup
Onsite - old PC not loading windows. HDD light on constantly, not entering BIOS. Attempted to install new HDD, preinstalled windows failed to load. Attempted install from USB, detected but failed boot with EFI and legacy types. With drive in caddy, ran chkdsk - errors found. Replaced in pc and booted ok, but failed again within 5 minutes of use. Recommend replace PC. Brentwood