Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

Connected to Andrews computer. Tested internet speed and wifi speed to router & everything is running well Found that there are 2 copies of the Ricoh laser printer installed - removed one Performed several test prints with not problems shown Have advised Andrew that it would be great to see the problem while it is happening. Southport
Scanned for malware. Found and cleaned 7 malware signatures. Removed all clutter including unused files. Setup MS Edge as default browser. Desktop running at better speed now. Advised the client to get hard drive replaced if desktop feels slow in coming months.Dunlop
Diagnosis of PC Restore Update Mount Point Found Power adapter faulty and advised to replace the power adapter ASAP to avoid further damageRyde
Client has incorrect adsl appliance, have advised to purchase required appliance. Carss Park
Acer wireless keyboard and mouse does not work. Reinstall the driver = same issues Power drain the keyboard and mouse = same issues New battery same issues Search the keyboard using mobile unable to detect at all or see IT advised faulty keyboard and mouse IT advised getting another keyboard and mouse Alexandria
Extensive Diagnosis on the MacBook Pro Mid 2014 Logic Board found failing persistently Update Mac OS failed to complete due to Logic Board persistent panic Got Quote from Apple Store but not willing to proceed. Putney
Identified faulty memory, advised customer to followup with Kingston manufacturer.Hurstville
Found laptop has dead hard disk. Advised replacement costs. Set up wifi on router and connected iPad. Falcon
Test devices client has, 1 needs 2 female to female power cables, 1 doesn't work, one needs a female to female adapter. Advised client on IDE docking station.Nerang
Quoted $112.20 for replacement HDD as old drive is faulty and cannot get any data from it. Also quoted freshstart @ $199 Carbrook
Drive is not readable. Tried various usb cables and various USB ports on my laptop. Drive letter sometimes comes up but data is not readable. Suggest customer if the data is very important then send to Ontrack for a quote (free) to see if they can recover any of the data. Greenbank
Went on site to check condition of unit before quoting/organising replacement battery. disassembled laptop and found corrosion damage already starting along the mainboard including USB connectors and several solenoids.As the battery simply stopped receiving charge after spill incident but no clear damage could be found with the main ac terminals/connectors I advised against purchasing replacement battery.Northgate
Renew Eset antivirus subscription. Check hard disk health - 100%, run System File Checker, install Malwarebytes and scan. Check Windows Update. Check Surface Pro, hard disk has degraded, advised to replace, advised on new laptop to replace. Remove software, repair Office, test sending/receiving emails. Check Windows Update and another laptop, run System File Checker, check antivirus, check hard disk health - Biggera Waters
Check hard disk health - 94%. Advised to replace hard disk and reinstall Windows. Uninstall AVG Free, install Malwarebytes and scan, run System File Checker, repair Office. Lookup replacement battery.Robina
Diagnosed laptop with suspected faulty HDD. Recommended SSD upgrade however laptop is under specced and upgrade would not be sufficient. Customer to.buy new laptop with recommended specs. Customer to call back when they wish to setup new laptop.Oakleigh
Microsoft Surface Pro Keyboard keep putting the system on sleep Tried to boot into safe mode Been lock by Microsoft account Customer advised reimaging the system to factory Laptop Acer Issues System slow down after PDF file open from outlook Set default to Adobe Reader = issues resolved Set computer setting to performance Laptop HP Install SketchUp Pro Microsoft Project 2000 Thinkpad T440s Reimage the system to Windows 10 Pro Annandale
Troubleshoot issue, MYOB v19.15 has a bug that stops Outlook send policies being applied. v19.13 supports the Outlook delay settings. Advised to downgrade MYOB version. Configure file sync.Miami
Issue with Google Chrome window placement resolved. Setup shortcut for daughter's blog. General advice about phone.Raceview
Install Microsoft Office 2016 and setup Outlook to collect from Gmail account. Install and configure Norton Security. Change display settings from tablet mode to desktop mode. General advice.Carina
Lenovo laptop part not avalaiable Acer pc have to recover data and replace harddisk if needed quoted the client for fresh start Apple Mac pc update the harddisk to Samsung SSD Fresh start of Mac OS Transferred possible data Innaloo
System is an old PC running with Windows XP. =====================================// Outlook settings fixed and tested successfully. PC replacement is recommended.West End
Restarted the PC test for for virus Tested the Harddisk found email was not downloaded properly from server Recommended the client that if the computer freezes have to replace harddisk ; suggested A400 SSDWandi
Clean computer Remove unwanted programs Advice customer to reset all passwords and cancel all bank cardsKellyville
Browser is working. System is slow as it is running windows XP and too many applications. Recommended to replace the computer rather than getting it upgraded or formatted.Trigg
Diagnose virus infection in Windows 7. Install Windows 10 and confirm correct operation. Update email passwords. Provide general advice.Sherwood
Printer connects to WiFi router but drops off router again. When connected to WiFi, can not connect to device from PC. Have suggested to connect with USB cable as devices are not to far apart. I have removed the WiFi printer from the computer so the computer will detect and install the USB connected device. Started to move data from the desktop to the external hard disk. Recommend the purchase of a external SSD to put data onto.Maroubra South
Performed hard reset on laptop. Motherboard has failed, advised client on motherboard replacement and new laptop options. Test hard disk, hard disk is faulty, advised on data recovery options.Carrara
Arrived on site Inspected computer Installed and ran Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner Removed some minor infections Installed Firefox and Opera browsers Tested successfully Advised on backup options and general maintenance All working as expected Closing Wattle Park
Diagnose mouse unservicecable and touchpad disabled. Enable touchpad and confirm correct operation. General advice.Pullenvale
Found issues with Microsoft services stopping the machine from shutting down. Other services also seem to be affected. Advised customer that a reload of Windows would be required, and he will do this himself. Job complete. Berkeley
Restore computer Remove faulty update Remove unwanted programs Advice customer to replace laptop machine. Machine is detiriating it could stop working.Baulkham Hills
Found deleted files in recycle bin. Sort files for easier recovery. Recover deleted file to original location and confirm correct. Adjust default program for .htm photo files with no default app set. Instruct on how to change format to jpg. General advice.Fig Tree Pocket
10/09/2018 @ 12:15 Spoke with Belinda Have quoted $174.00 + labor for a replacement graphics card. If card fixes problem Belinda will purchase card. If card doesn't fix problem machine will need to be replaced as other parts will be to expensive. 11/09/2018 @ 22:30 GFX Card was shipped to me todayRosebud
Windows Computer not turning on Suspected and replaced PSU (failed) ; Machine fan only turn on but no display Checked Hard-disk (laptop was used for desktop) for data Informed client about the machine and recommended new Carlisle
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Tested with secondary monitor All working as expected Advised on potential repair options Closing Adelaide
Motherboard is faulty, check hard disk health - 84%. Advised client to replace hard disk and motherboard.Benowa
Diagnose Windows corruption. Save data and re-install Windows 10. Install AVG on two computers. Install Chrome. Setup bookmarks. General system cleanup on second computer. Install HP updates on second computer. General advice.New Farm
Acer Aspire M1800 Windows 7 Home Prem OA Issues Windows Corrupted Customer advised to upgrade to Windows 10 CPU Intel E5400 4GB Ram HDD 640GB ATI HD 4350 512Mb IT advised to upgrade to SSD otherwise will be to slow due to the age of the system IT offer 120GB SSD and Windows 10 Home Customer agree Waterloo
Uninstall unwanted programs. Disable unwanted auto start applications. General email usage advice. General system check and clean.Augustine Heights
installed VGA drivers to enable external monitor installed printer cleaned up system and moved 40GB of photo's to external drive (advised client to make a copy of them asap) as SSD was fullHope Island
system running minimum specs for program thats crashing removed norton and mcafee from system and cleaned it up to hopefully help performance event log is logging issue with wireless adapter advised client can look at getting a new USB one to test if its network related Hope Island
Old computer Low in memory Run updates remove old programs Advice customer desktop need replacing St Marys
Updated windows password, setup chrome as default browser. DVD drive seems to be faulty, advised customer to look at getting an external one. Ran system restore on old laptop, but advised customer that it wouldn't be worth spending any more money on it. Job complete. Warilla
Provided advice regarding Windows Defender security over Norton Purchase office 2016 over Office 365 Migrated Toshiba Satellite Microsoft Outlook email accounts from POP3 to IMAP (synchronised folders) and setup on Apple iPhone. Identified Crazy Domains as domain registrar.Grays Point
Install Brother printer and scanner software, and install updates. Confirm correct operation of printer and scanner. Fix email attachments printing. General advice.Wacol
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Booted from Linux Distro Bavked up user profile to external hard drive Performed Factory Reset Advised on Profile restoration Advised on ghost image backup options Closing Redwood Park
1) Cause: Knocked off raised height (bed), causing smashed screen, damaged casing, damage to the keyboard. Further investigation would likely show damage to the motherboard. 2) Details: Make: HP Model: Envy Stoft Touch ST17 Serial#: 6CG401053P Hard Drive Size: 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA; 128 GB SSD RAM: 16GB 3) Recommended Solution: Replacement. Rebuild is not viable or economical.Unley
Fuzzy lines across display. Issue occurs in BIOS as well as in Windows. Graphics card has failed on this machine, non replaceable graphics card in laptop. Advised client he should pursue his warranty if applicable. Client has no further questions. Kingston
Onsite: remove password and assess Toshiba for keyboard issue. Disconnected keyboard but no change. Replacement quoted but faulty hard drive detected as well, declined to proceed. Reset password on notebook.Leeming
Change outgoing mail server settings to home internet provider TPG. Download and install printer/scanner software. Confirm correct operation of printer and scanner. Uninstall Sophos antivirus. Install AVG antivirus. Remove unwanted auto start programs. Install Anydesk. General advice.Ashgrove
Updated firmware on sensors to stop them cutting out Advised remove glass light fitting possibly blocking sensoryMooroolbark
Issue: Lenovo 2 in 1 Laptop not charging battery sometimes. System already tested by two different adaptors and has had same result. I mentioned it could be faulty battery or fault on the in worse case scenario. I recommended to contact Lenovo technical support and ask them to check the all parts. St Lucia
Model: Inspiron N5110 Express Service: 20979507637 S/N: 9MYNNP1 Possible Reason : Physical damage looks like the computer has been dropped on to a hard surface. Diagnosed Report: The computer has extensive damage and most of the major parts need to be replaced; A replacement machine is recommended.East Cannington
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Removed video card Connected monitor to on board video Booted successfully Advised on video card replacement and backup options All working as expected Closing Henley Beach
Install and run AVG antivirus. Confirm no infections on laptop. Change email account passwords. Provide general security advice.Newmarket
HP Laptop: Hardware Diagnostic Tests: HDD FAIL! Recommend using Asus laptop rather than repairing. Asus Laptop: Reset Windows login password. Uninstalled duplicate anti-virus software. Removed unwanted software. Re-installed Avast antivirus. Updated several programs. Recommend replacing battery on this PC. Recommend upgrading this computer to Windows 10 as Windows 7 will no longer be supported after 2022St Kilda
Onsite - not faulting currently. Under warranty, had returned to Harveys and not repaired, HP quoted 3 weeks turn around. Anne will setup a reserve PC and then send to HP. Checked for calender info missing, no PST files found. Email currently setup as IMAP. Langford
Inspected internal wiring. Found floppy drive cable plugged into motherboard. Found audio cable pinched by graphics card. Fixed both issues and computer now powers up. Graphics on boot screen showing garbled colours. Ran hardware tests: Motherboard / CPU Tests: PASS Graphics Card Test: FAILED. System booting. Installed graphics card drivers. Recommend replace graphics card under warranty if possible.Glen Iris
Attempt Windows 10 reset. Attempt clean install of Windows 10 using DVD and USB drive. Suspected motherboard fault, recommended to replace unit. Yatala
Troubleshoot internet connection. Diagnosed to be faulty modem or phone line. Not able to access modem. Recommended to contact ISP. Upper Coomera
No internet connection on modem. Not able to get PPPOE internet login from Telstra because account holder is overseas Recommended to purchase a USB Wifi single in order to use a mobile hotspot as a temporary solution. Advancetown
Install new 4Gb Ram. Diagnose internet connection to be line fault, Telstra will send technician. Rectify email account issues. Rectify printer driver issue, and re-install driver. Change connection from USB to network. General advice.Corinda
Customer visited, devices inspected; one of the laptops was correctly reconfigured, and all certificates were confirmed online. A quick sfc was run while the other laptop was also configured. Unfortunately the A/V was showing signs of major malfunction. While the program was being uninstalled, additional options and advice was left with the customer.Mount Louisa
System not turning on Remove the battery able to see Dell logo Advised to backup data first Pyrmont
Situation: 5 years old PC is too slow. ===========================// Disk loaded offline and disk repaired. Too many errors happened during the disk repair. Disk repair failed. I quoted $308 for disk replacement and Windows installation. There was no licence for Windows and required software. Client preferred to replace the computer. Data backed up to external HDD. Manly
HP ENVY Phoenix H9 Serial 4CE31202VQ Try to startup repair = failed Try to roll back to another date = Failed Advised to backup and re image the system Customer agree Run diagnostic test on both HDD and SSD 3TB HDD health 100% 16GB SSD health 0% Replace the Kingston SSD with 128GB SSD Backup data 501GB Reinstall Windows 10 Home Reinstall all the driver Reinstall Windows update Install : Office 2013 Home and Student Chrome Change the thermal Paste Camperdown
User cannot login to Outlook. Gmail account was configured in Outlook 2013. Luckily found the backup file under documents folder. Imported the data and created another backup of contacts, calendar etc in the laptop. Logged into to Gmail account via web version Imported the contacts and calendar into Gmail. Recommended not to use OutlookGrange
checked the notebook too much water damage., need mainboard, keyboard, power intake and usb board replacement quoted for service and data recovery rejected quote assessment fee and pickup delivery fee onlyHawthorn
Setup email accounts on two laptops. Confirm correctly synchronising. General advice.Enoggera
Computer wasn't turning on account adapter warning. Turned off AC adapter warning, battery was also faulty advised client to leave battery out of computer and to consider a battery replacement. Hard drive was not detecting, cleaned up all internal ports on motherboard reseated HDD, booting fine. All working but a little slow. Advised client computer is in bad condition and to backup any important fils and to consider a new machine in future. Client has no further questions Marsden
printer head dry out , advised getting a new one. took old one awayDoncaster East
Laptop CPU fan is faulty and needs replacing. Quoted $105 for the fan and up to 1 hr for labour to replace. Customer decided to replace the laptop when it completely dies.North Perth
System tested and fault detected on WiFi card. Fault detected on motherboard. System shutting down itself. No repair recommended as its very old. Data had backed up by client.Bulimba
Minimum Fee Charged By GeekMobile. Setup a Trial for Adobe Acrobat - (Advised Peter to cancel subscription before the trial is finished if he doesn't want to pay the subscription). Adobe Acrobat is able to do most of what Peter requires - using the file needing convert to word / text document we tested Adobe Acrobats functionality.Traralgon South
reseated memory in system and it loaded as normal second system had intermittent issues opened case and motherboard has a giant scorch mark advised system is terminal and they are going to get a quote for replacement system in the futureGuanaba
Last Invoice Tax Invoice 189999 Job 681637 $108.90 Quote for 1 hours the rest 1 hours labor 145.20 - $108.90 = $36.30 + Part $180 =$216.30 Ashfield
Check Internet on Mobile Download 8.62 Upload 0.44 Check Internet with Hot-spot able to connect but no internet IP Config = same issues Uninstall VPN = Not Available Disable Antivirus = same issues Create another user = same issues Scan Antivirus recommended to re image the system. Windows 7 Home Premium all the driver Google Chrome Adobe Reader Kaspersky Free Microsoft Office 2007 Trial Annandale
Taken off-site for troubleshooting boot up issues. Motherboard is not posting anymore, faulty. HDD has data corruptions, lost drive details. Only option would be re-install. Due to the fact that the motherboard is faulty and the HDD corrupted I recommend to replace the computer due to the age of it (3 - 4 years). Most likely HDD corruption was cause through failing motherboard.Loganlea
Troubleshoot issue, wifi network is dropping out. Advised client to purchase a wifi router and connect to existing network.Mermaid Beach
Damaged laptop not powering on. too expensive to replace. Advice customer to replace laptop with a new one. Laptop details Model number: 80q7 Lenovo ideapad 300-15ISK Serial number: PF0E77SE Replacement value : $1500 Bligh Park
Advised on how to upload photos. Run Disk Cleanup, run AVG removal tool, check Windows Update. On 2nd laptop, remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Check Windows Update.Helensvale
Recover account details for primary account, reset password for primary account, delete secondary account which had been hacked. Setup email account in Mac Mail. General advice.Camira
Diagnose Windows corrupt. Save data, re-install Windows, copy data back. Install Google Chrome and Libre Office. Confirm correct operation of all. General advice.Chapel Hill
Help client clean up laptop got emails working on phone and advised client she will need and intenet sourceSouthport
Virus removal and avg, malware malbytes. Google Chrome was at fault. found no virus concerns found 56 malware, 4 credible cookies for website removed. Movies 123 has external links advised client to reconsider the site as it could cause issues later as the computer could be intercepted. Tullamarine
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Installed and ran Treesize Free Removed all unwanted files Cleared 10gb space Advised on upgrade options Closing Windsor Gardens
Troubleshoot issue, power supply and motherboard have failed. Advised client on new modern machine. Client will get us back to setup and transfer data.Arundel
Uninstall unwanted programs. Remove startup items not needed. Install Malwarebytes and scan. Removed 392 items. General system check and advice.Inala
Examined the system and there is no cause for the slowness. The CPU cores are hotter than I would like. The hard disk is reporting no major faults. Created a new user profile and the same problem exists. I recommended that the computer be replaced due to its age.Bronte
Troubleshoot issue, remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Update drivers. Run Disk Cleanup. Wifi adapter is faulty. Advised client on external wifi adapter.Advancetown
Laptop is not powering on parts not available and too expensive to replace. Advice customer to replace laptop with a new one. Laptop details IBM ThinkPad T43 Serial number : L3- XKNHR TYPE 2668-44MKellyville
Diagnosed the pc that was scammed Scanned with malwarbytes to check for any issues Found issue with keychain while opening programs recommended fresh start Copy all possible data to external harddisk Re-install Os transfered scanned back to pc Requesting client to reset all passwords Caversham
Dell BT69CG2 broken touchscreen Quote part ans 1 hours labour Backup data to external USB Antivirus account check Ashfield
Apple Mac Pro and Apple Mac Air both were diagnosed with power circuit issues, taken offsite to repair. both laptops repaired. Found out both latpop chargers were faulty too, could not be fixed. Customer has been advised to purchase new ones.Adelaide
Inspect client metabox laptop, it is showing bios and motherboard issues, client laptop out of warranty . suggest to client an Asus rog is a better option. Advised Clients partner an SSD and fresh install is worth trying, but I have advised client this is highly unlikely to work and a new PC is more cost effective.Nambour
found & removed several browser hijacking virus's have notices that the touch screen is recognizing that it is being touched in 2 places - Linda is NOT touching the screen. Linda advised that she can not enter the password on the login - I believe this is because the touch screen is activating. Once inside windows I disabled the touch feature & Linda was able to use the computer with no problems. The touchscreen is defiantly activating on its own and needs to be replaced.Coogee
Computer has a very small capacity drive in it 30gb storage & unfortunately windows itself is running at 28gb storage needed no this machine. Unfortunately I have to recommend the purchase of a new computer or the replacement of the internal storage of the computerWest Albury
Mac not booting, diagnosed to be faulty hard drive. Recommended to replace drive and then recover data, install new copy of Mac OSHope Island