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At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to suit your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then supply you with the computer that keep you going for years.

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Recent advice and upgrade related services

Diagnosed old computer and recommended new laptopByford
Task Recover data from the Desktop SIZE Internet HDDHave connected HDD to the docking station and connected the Linux Windows OS devicesAt once HDD detected but could not read the dataHave discussed possible issue with the HDD and recommended to send it to the Data Recovery specialist Waiting for their further instructionLeeming
Task Disabled Call forwarding featureHave tried to disable call forwarding from the phone SuccessHave found out call forwarding has been enabled from the Telstra sideHave given all details to the client and advised to contact Telstra support team tomorrowSouth Perth
Tried a new hard drive in laptop and found it boots okay with new installation of Windows . Did thorough testing.Quoted customer ex gst for GB and for TB and for SSD hard drive.Sam asked to go with GB drive.New GB HDD with Windows . Copied old data from old HDD to new hard drive.Installed Chrome and Avast AV free edition.Geebung
Restart pcResetCreate new restore pointCheck antivirus statusGeneral diagnosticRecommendations on getting a new computerEssendon
Download and run Norton removal tool.Install new version of Norton and configure.Update iOS and install Norton on iPhone and iPad.Provide general advice.Westlake
Connect printer to router using Ethernet cable. Reinstall printer on Windows PC. Test print OK. Test phone, not working. Power adapter giving out no voltage. Recommended to replace. Paradise Point
Disable touch screen. Recommended to upgrade to Windows . Update Malwarebytes and run scan. Nerang
client had disconnected form wifi after internet went downconnected him via Ethernet and advised him to just unplugs cable and reconnect if same issue happens againLoganholme
cleaned up system removed Eset enabled windows defender and system runs betteradvised client to make copies of all important data between computer and externalsWaterford