Upgrading Your Computer

At geekmobile, we understand that buying a new computer can be quite daunting.  There are so many options for you to choose from that its hard to know if you are getting value for money and the right advice with your purchase.

Geekmobile will gladly offer advice on the correct machine to buy which suits your circumstances.  Often, at computer hardware retailers, the salesperson earns more commission if they sell you a more expensive computer.  This computer may be way more powerful than you need, and may cost you more money to get it.

Geekmobile can offer you the right advice, and then, armed with this advice you can buy the computer from anywhere, and not be swindled by crafty sales people!

Give us a call today, we are only too happy to help.

Recent advice and upgrade related services

inspected unit. faulty touch panel. customer after a quote for a replacement panel. Cameron Park
Computer not starting. Replaced the Videocard but still no display. So took it offsite to test with different monitor and other components. Diagnosed and found the issue was with the motherboard. Since the computer is old recommended to replace the computer. Embleton
Troubleshoot laptop not powering on. Test laptop charger - voltage OK. Diagnosed faulty motherboard, advised to replace laptop. Disassemble and remove hard drive for future data recovery. Benowa
Troubleshooting MAC slowness Followed Apple recommendation cleanup The Mac froze twice while running HDD Just aid I suggest to take the Mac to Apple to see if they can fix it as it's fairly new. Updated Ms officeMelbourne
Enable wireless capability on router. Connect devices to wifi and remove unwanted remembered networks. Test internet speed, slow due to adsl connection. Recommended to upgrade to NBN connection when available. Test internet - OK. Paradise Point
User had the hdd failure. Wanted to know if the data can be verified. Unplugged the hdd and docked to the laptop. Can confirm that the faulty hdd works as slave but cannot run the operating system. Recommended new start package plus the external causing. The client chose to keep the hdd as it is and take out to his workplace. Balmoral
Task: Setup Time Machine backup to an external 2TB HDD Have setup backup using Time Machine on IMAC Have advised Frank not change any settings in time Machine and do not use the same HDD for anything else Have tested and verified IMAC operational, working fine at this stage Wembley Downs
Reset password on computer. General advice on OT and broadband setup. Client has no further questions and is satisfied issue has been resolved. Yarrabilba
- Performed a scan of malware/adware - General system cleanup - Monitored temperature - Recommend a clean re-install of Windows 10Chipping Norton
Computer running slow. Tested hard drive, signs of imminent failure, advised options, client decided to go ahead with 120gb SSD. Installed windows 10 Restores old user files form failing hard drive Helped client to install Microsoft Office Client confirmed everything is sorted to his satisfaction and has no further questions. Springwood
Black screen on the laptop Remove the hard drive and try to recover data, Hard drive is faulty can真真真真t recover data Advice customer that she need to contact external data recovery company to recover data or GeekMobile Data Recovery. Install new hard drive on the laptop and try to install Windows. System is not stable crashing when installing OS Advice customer it will be cheap to replace laptop with new laptopPenrith
Check hard disk, partition is corrupt, hard disk is damaged. Advised on new PC. Client will get us back to setup.Mermaid Waters
Windows not booting properly due to corrupted OS files, startup repair was un-successful. Removed passwords for Admin account and did system restore. This fixed the login issue but Windows activation was removed. So at the movement it is showing as non genuine product. Advised customer that a fresh install is needed to repair the OS file completely. Customer preferred to get the PC back as he is panning to get a new laptop soon. Malaga
12/02/2019 Tested laptop Laptop gets stuck on Startup Repair Recommended Fresh Start Laptop taken back to the Office Attempted to backup hard drive Hard drive damaged Ran chkdsk 13/02/2019 Chkdsk repaired the drive enough to recover essential data Contacted customer, recommended replacement ssd Ordered SSD 14/02/2019 Installed SSD Installed Windows Installed basic programs and runtimes Delivered laptop back to customerErina
Checked fan for lint, none found Firmware upgrade Installed fan control software and advised to ventilate it better. Rocklea
Test CPU Fan, confirmed it had failed. Organised a new CPU Replaced CPU Configured BIOS Found Windows was not booting Unsuccessfully tried system restore and restoring the boot drive Installed Windows. Contacted Michael, and he advised I can reinstall WindowsFlemington
Replaced ram 2gb with new 8gb, speed x 47.8%, referenced at fsroot tree on disk utility corruption stalled and inspected. Error corrected. Installed AVG free to inspect the drive, replacement advised on drive but client will need to perform a backup. Client to purchase an external 1TB toshiba hdd from officeworks. Checked Root terminal executed code to perform manual checks. Yarraville
Reset user password. Advised on usb keyboard and mouse. Test sending/receiving email.Guanaba
Reseat battery and drain capacitors. Computer turns on but has very slow performance and has problems with networking and possible drive errors. Recommended to replace laptop due to age and suspected motherboard issues. Mermaid Beach
Dismantle laptop and check for water damage, power laptop on. Check hard disk health - 100%. Advised on new power button board and keyboard. Copy data to external hard disk. Parts Keyboard - $155 Power button board - $ 110 Labour .75hr - Install part - $98 TOTAL $363 Broadbeach Waters
Error: IMAC late 2012 not doing backup Have connected an external HDD to an IMAC Have format the HDD and reset it up for Backup using Time Machine Have downloaded and installed HDD scan and found out some problems within the HDD Have discussed HDD upgrade options vs price for the new IMAC Have advised them to leave the computer ON and let it finish full backup Subiaco
Arrived on site Inspected hardware email working as expected Advised on backup options and General maintenance Closing Glenelg North
Harddisk failure - clinet advised on new desktopAtwell
Check hard disk health - 97%. Reinstalled Windows. Install drivers. Advised on laptop upgrade - additional 500GB M.2 SATA SSD - $155, 16GB RAM - $232. Total - $387Nerang
1) Problem was Reimage Repair wanted to install and Megan fortunately stopped and asked advice about whether she should install. 2) I stopped any further install as Reimage is a virus. 3) Rebooted and all ok. Checked installed programs and nothing untoward installed this year of at any other time. 4) Disabled some startups as they aren't needed. 5) Created a Restore Point. 6) Checked internet speed 10.8Mbps down which is good for ADSL.Annerley
Quick look at the old laptop Recommend new laptop Troubleshooting printer Changed computer configurationBrighton
Connected old Pc to transfer docs over to mem stick. Copied docs to new Pc. Client wanted to access internet on new Pc. Advised user needs 10m ethernet cable to do this. Tested iprimus Adsl router - working ok. D/L 12mbps U/L 4 mbps.Kinglake West
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Checked Computer Management Console Found no hard drive errors Performed Factory Reset Advised client needs to buy an Office 365 license Advised client needs to uninstall expired McAfee antivirus Closing Northfield
Arrived on site Inspected hardware Recreated error Advised installing a Wifi Extender Advised on purchase options and installation Closing Ingle Farm
Examined Mac - Operating system is quite out of date. - System takes a very long time to respond to mouse clicks. Internet is ok & working fine on other machines. Slowness is related to hardware & is running as if the HDD is failing. SMART is not reporting any errors. Have recommended the HDD be replaced & have provided provided a quote of $650 maximum to get the machine fully working again. $650 includes todays examination.Hallam
Issue with mouse not working Backed up data refreshed pc Tried driver pack Installed patch files and drivers from model manufacture Suspect issue with hardware Need further diagonising provided approx quote 400$ Floreat
Mouse is faulty. Enable trackpad. Test hard disk health - 66%. Advised to replace hard disk and reload Windows.Burleigh Heads
Fitted new cooling fan - all working - as per quoteWest Woombye
Mac not booting due to faulty motherboard. Temporarily fixed by draining capacitors. Recommended to back up files and replace device. Chevron Island
Diagnosed to be windows fault. Recommended to do clean install of Windows 10 on new drive. Suspected motherboard fault. Customer will attempt to do repairs. Bahrs Scrub
Remove hard disk from enclosure and connect to dock, test hard disk health - doesn't detect, open computer management - hard disk has been formatted. Run tools. Advised on data recovery specialists. Test hard disk health on laptop - 100%, run Malwarebytes and remove infection, run dism tool, check Windows Updates.Parkwood
Verified GPU/Motherboard Faulty Advised Customer of price on replacement board and following up with price on new laptop Data recovery (moved vital data to an external drive)Brookside Centre
New LCD replacement for Acer aspire. And removed McAfee. Advised avg, free don真t get it from cnet on google. Avg website.Coburg
User had a Spyhunter software that he need to get it back on Plus the Outlook issue Fixed the outlook error that was conflicting with Bigpond email settings Installed and ran Spyhunter scan. User cannot remember the spyhunter account details, which he will reset the access. But the Spyhunter free trail is active. Recommended to download the available software through Windows Store rather than external linksKeperra
Removed AVG as it was slowing system down Gave Windows Defender and update and enabled protection Advised customer to look into an SSD to speed machine up even more Carseldine
system would not load no safe mode no command prompt was about to take away for testing but tried last known good config and system loaded as normal checked logs all clear removed avast installed MSE rebooted system 5 times and everything working as normal advised client if it occurs again that we will do hardware testing and a fresh start for the difference between todays booking and a fresh startCoombabah
Diagnose Windows issues. Recommend reinstalling windows. Format and Clean reinstall of Windows 10. Backup and restore user files. Test hard drive - Ok. Install drivers and software. Biggera Waters
Troubleshoot computer not working. Diagnosed to be Hard Drive failure. Recommended to replace rather than repair due to age of machine. Advised on purchase of replacement computer and data recovery. Helensvale
Computer not booting Tested power supply okay RAM likely okay, cannot definitively test. Motherboard not booting. Advised motherboard failure. Client will look at options for a new computer reusing some of the old parts and asked for a quote to be provided. Advised client I will call back with a quote within 1 business day. Client has no further questions for now. Logan Village
Contact supplier for price on keyboard and lcd back panel for Lenovo Thinkpad L450. MTM: 20ds00dkau S/N: PF0M9TWD System board serial number: L1HF68T01J5 Parts Keyboard - $152.56 Lcd back panel - $150 2-3weeks delivery Labour .75hr - Install parts - $98 Rang client to provide details, client advised they have taken the laptop to be repaired elsewhere.Southport
System tested and fault detected on motherboard. Motherboard replacement required. I placed an order but vendor cancelled it after a couple of weeks. Laptop is too old to repair. New laptop recommended.Stafford
Assessed the Macbook air for faulty Keyboard and Mouse, also liquid damage on MB. Quoted $800+ for repairs. Mambourin
Asus Laptop Serial Number E4N0CX073415184 HDD Die Error "no bootable device found" BIOS does not detect HDD advised for replacing it take the HDD out external HDD = same issues as not listed Storage Manager = no partition Quote it for 1 hours and 500GB HDD CX advised to get a new laptopStanmore
Perform hard reset on laptop, no power indicator lights, DC jack is faulty, motherboard will need to be replaced as jack is soldiered on. Client will folowup through warranty. ASUS TP501TU-DN103T S/N: GCN0CX193396514 CN:1225 Copy data to another laptop, check hard disk health -34% health - advised on hard disk replacement and reload of Windows, remove software. Advised on external enclosure for hard disk.Paradise Point
Looked at sanos, slow cache of library and album. Tested with network cable and cache issue corrected. Power cycled sonos to connect to Wi-Fi, tested caching. Recommend connecting sonos to router via network cable. Added port rule on router to forward port 5000 to a fake internal IP addressMornington
Diagnose MacBook Air not booting - motherboard fault. Quote on replacing motherboard or retrieving data. Remove SSD chip and install in USB enclosure. Southport
Acer laptop dc powe jack replacement Laptop tested and damage found on bottom case and left hinge It真s highly recommended to use laptop without closing lidSpringfield Lakes
Check hard disk health - 17%. Advised to replace hard disk and reload Windows.Burleigh Dc
Cleared clients pc cache folder Empty recycle bin Cleared dock Started a manual back up Installed google chrome Clients have issue internet speed Recommend client to upgrade to is high Serria Quoted client for the upgraded Carine
Issue with os corrupted Tested the hardware Recommend and upgraded to SSD Fresh start of windows 10 and upgraded the pc Installed basic software Transferred data Old harddisk inside PcNedlands
Not booting due to hard drive not found by the system. Recommended to replace the hard drive. Will do diagnostics of other components to see if its only hard drive issue or something else is also wrong as the fan was making noice.Innaloo
Removed battery Removed static and restarted the laptop Disabled superfetch ; there are issues with harddisk and battery Recommended client to do a back up; new computer or fresh start with new SSD Carlisle
Connect cable modem and wifi adapter, ring Telstra and troubleshoot connection, Telstra technician has been arranged to install new cable outlet. Patch network ports, test connection, advised electrician will need to check connection, alternatively, can use a usb wifi adapter for PC. Internet is currently running on 4G backup.Ashmore
Gave instructions on how to backup the computer to an external hard drive. Setup iCloud drive and photos. Setup keyboard on iPad. General advice on technology use. Answered the questions that were prepared.Bongaree
Laptop HP Issues: Stuck on Windows Screen Full System Diagnostic All hardware pass apart for the HDD Failed on the Smart test Advised for replacement HDD with SSD Original Faulty HDD 1TB Replace with Full SSD 1TB Reinstall Windows 10 Home All driver Installed Chrome Avast Free Change setting for Performance Andrew check confirm all good Pyrmont
- Customer has an All-In-One - Video adapter is non-functional - Advised customer that they would need to repair the entire unit and it is not worth it - Removed hard drive and tried to retrieve data but data was removed alreadyWest Hoxton
Test scan to email, edit default mail program, repair Windows Live Mail, run dism tool. Advised Windows will need to be reloaded to fix scan to email. Instructed client on how to scan to file then attach the file to email. Install Foxit PDF, test online OCR program, check mail contacts. Check hard disk health - 100%.Upper Coomera
Printer rollers are faulty, advised to replace printer. Create instructions to scan and attach to email. Create instructions to delete emails. Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections.Arundel
Change outgoing mail settings, test sending/receiving email. Close mail app on phone and reopen. Check hard disk health - 90%. Advised on hard disk replacement. Run dism tool.Hope Island
Check hard disk health - 45%. Advised on hard disk replacement and reload of Windows. Taking PC offsite to backup, replace hard disk and reload Windows.Parkwood
Windows 10 Theme has defaulted to bare minimal Changed Theme back to normal Windows Theme and everything came back to normal Advised Customer to call back if issue persistsThe Gap
Inspected notebook tested different internet settings advised format reinstall windows customer can't have PC taken offsite to repair Provided instructions on how to reinstall OS after data backupPalmyra
Windows not booting and suspect hard drive faulty and as the computer is more than 9 years old and brand new with similar spects PC is around $350. So recommended to replace the PC rather than repairing. Morley
- Checked Acer laptop for Outlook not sending emails. Couldn真t fix it as it seemed to be some sort of settings from Optus end. Advised the client to call Optus. - Fixed the bluetooth connection of Keyboard with iPad. - Checked Old laptop acer, came up with blue screen. Windows was corrupted. Advised the client to have a fresh install and then we might have to check for Hard drive and battery as it was really old laptop. - Installed Outlook email in samsung tablet. Cranebrook
HP Spectre x360 issues no power Check Charger no LED wiggle the DCIN orange light came one start with 9% Battery Run Battery Test = Report Battery Healthy = AC Not Supported Run HP Diagnostic = Passed suspect the DCIN Port advised to get that replace DCIN Quote for $30Breakfast Point
Desktop dead move hdd into external enclosure Quoted new system i3 processor 4gb memory Asus motherboard 120gb ssd Thermaltake case Dvd burner $870 fully setupBonogin
Hardware diagnostics: RTC RAM Test failed (minor issue) Virus scan: PASS (3 minor PUPs) Ccleaner performed. Stopped Steam from loading on startup. Stopped Skype from loading on startup. Instructed on how Dropbox folder access is granted. Connected printer to WiFi Connected computer to wireless printer. *Computer running out of memory, recommend upgrade from 4GB to 8GBCheltenham
- External hard drive unable to be recognised by Windows - Tried a different USB cable - Removed the drive from the WD shell and attached to a different hard drive reader - Same error - Downloaded and installed Data Recovery software and left the program scanning the drive as it would take several hours - Advised customer to recover files once it's completedChipping Norton
Found shift key not working, check serial number on lookup database. Found recall for MacBook Pro model, recommended to get repaired through Apple Service Centre. Broadbeach Waters
- Checked Windows XP laptop, not able to run internet. Changed the date and time, and it was good to go. - Checked the Windows 10 desktop. Speakers were not working. Windows 10 needed updates which were taking time. Advised the client to let it download and check how the speakers go. There were no driver issues in the system. Worst case, buy a set of cheap speakers. Melrose Park
Test charger voltage - OK. 12V charger is not rated high enough wattage to power Dell laptop. Recommended to use genuine Dell laptop charger with an inverted. May be able to use a higher rated 12V charger if it is certified compatible with Dell and is at least 130W output. Coomera
Inspection done. Captured relevant details to prepair quoteBerwick
Customer has a Canon MB5360 printer that was connected via wifi. The printer was not being detected by either the desktop nor the iPad. Re-connected the printer to the network via wifi. Customer was able to print via iPad. The desktop was extremely slow, indicating a imminent hard drive failure. Advised customer to replace the desktop once they have backed up the files.Lurnea
Issue: faulty PSU caused damage on different parts of PC. PSU replaced. Motherboard repaired. Video card replaced. BIOS reconfigured. HDMI cable installed. System tested successfully. System running non-genuine Windows 7. Backup recommended.Albany Creek
Needed to transfer data from 4 old computers to external hard drive. Recommended to buy an external catty case and do the transfer to keep the costs low. Did a general clean p on desktop computer.Connolly
Laptop fan has failed. Part - $125 - Fan for Acer e1-571g laptop Labour - $98 - .75hr - Install part Check hard disk health - 24%. Advised on new hard disk and Freshstart procedure. Client will purchase a new laptop.Biggera Waters
Hard disk dead. Quoted 299 to replace. Customer declined.Port Kennedy
helped client with windows startup and advised client has to return new bluetooth mouse as dekstop doesnt support bluetoothBonogin
Reset TCPIP, resboot and test internet. Check hard disk health 95%, advised to replace hard disk and reinstall Windows. Taking laptop offsite to backup and reload Windows.Helensvale
HP envy 5540 printer wasn't working. Not showing in printers list. Downloaded latest drivers from HP Setup and installed printer now showing correctly in printers list. Asked client to test printing and scan a page. Client advised everything is working to their satisfaction and they have no further questions. Loganholme
Fixed issues with outlook bigpond quota, imported old data files Setup iCloud sync between phone and Mac General advice Ringwood North
Arrive on site Unbox new PC Install new PC Copy user profile from laptop Install and test printer Install basic software Configure and est email Advised new Microsoft Office Licence will need to be purchsedBrighton
Windows not booting as the hard drive was wiped by the AV software when client was removing applications. Recommended to reinstall the OS to start over fresh but need to get the files recovered if needed before the fresh install.Balga
- Dell desktop stuck in "system in manufacturing mode" - Despite trying everything recommended by Dell, was unable to disable manufacturing mode - Customer has a spare desktop which made a suitable substitute - Moved hard drive to another the other desktop - Updated drivers and activated Windows 10 Home and Office 2010Milperra
Laptop not booting due to faulty hard drive. Hard drive making clicking noise. CPU fan is also making grinding noise and since its 8 years old laptop recommended to replace the laptop rather than repairing.Wembley Downs
Supplied parts & installed them into the computer. - Advised Deborah to charge the battery overnight before using the new battery The laptop now works with the new DC Jack and chargerBoronia
Took the HDD out of the external HDD Enclosure. Have tried to recover data but the HDD is too faulty to recover data. The third party company most likely to be able to retrieve data with special technology, but they might charge at least $500 just for a quoteLynton
Troubleshoot laptop not turning on. Suspected motherboard issue, recommended to replace device. Connect printer to wifi network. Install printer driver on laptop. Hope Island
Inspected notebook advised to contact JB hi-fi for warranty status any issues contact geeks mobile for repairsBaldivis
Advised client to get a usb keyboard, check hard disk health - 18%. Advised client on new laptop. Acer laptop $450 Labour $98 Southport
Compaq presario cq62-306au notebook Checked the software and hardware. Recommended windows reinstall. Performed data backup on another external hard drive. Completed win 10 install, activated the licensee and actioned the software updates Installed Ms office 2003 with customer disc Installed FirefoxEverton Hills
Transfer hardware into new case. Found computer not to be booting. Diagnosed to be motherboard failure. Advised on possible repair options. Pimpama
Troubleshoot issue, factory reset modem, test internet connectivity, test email. Advised on replacement modem.Arundel
Troubleshoot issue, remove RAM and replace, PC boots to BIOS. Test hard disk health 100%. Windows needs reinstalling. Advised client on new PC.Worongary