Virus and Spyware Removal

Geekmobile - Trained to Remove Computer Viruses and SpywhereComputer Virus Removal can be quite tricky, as virus writers do their best to try to prevent you from removing them.  They are very annoying and at times you may not even know you have a virus infecting your computer.

They can cause nasty damage, and they may perform many harmful things with your data.  They can explore your personal information that is stored on your computer, send rude messages to your email contact list, be used by un-ethical people, corrupt your hard drive, delete your Family Photos and so much more.
Geekmobile Employs Technicians who are experts in removing viruses. Many of our Bookings involve removing viruses, and often when you book us in, it will be a computer virus that we have removed before.
You can be sure when you hire our services you are in good hands.

Recent spyware, viruses, trojans and malware removals

Run trend removal tool. Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections. Clear storage on go pro.Arundel
Uninstalled unwanted programs. Stopped unwanted items from starting at startup. Checked anti virus software, working OK. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Restarted computer. Mouse still not responsive. Mouse in wireless usb type. Checked whare usb receiver was plugged in, found it was plugged into monitor. Relocated to a usb port on computer, mouse now appears OK.Canadian
The computer had virus which cleaned. Antivirus software installed. Elizabeth
Boot to Safe Mode, run System File Checker, check hard disk health - 100%. Install Malwarebytes, check installed software. Reboot to Windows. Run dism, tool. Check Windows Update.Main Beach
Updating Windows 10 to the latest version and applied updates. Removing various programs not needed and updating programs to the latest versions. General file and registry clean. Run virus scans and removed any infections found. Run check disk and system file checker to repair any file errors.Regents Park
Installed the following on new computer. AVG free antivirus Chrome Browser Firefox browser. VLC media player WinRar Reset password for [email protected]'s microsoft account to password mMax asked me to use I****6*** Installed and configured Office 365 One drive. Toowong
Removed malware Reset email password Croydon
Clear Internet Explorer cache and temp files. Test opening emails. Create shortcuts and favourites/bookmarks. Rebuild Windows Update. Check hard disk health - 100%. Install Malwarebytes and scan.Nerang
Malware scan. Reinstall network driver and fixed the connectivity issues. Cclean. Eleebana
Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, run dism tool, clear temp files and cache, check Windows Update, check hard disk health - 100%. Install Eset antivirus.Carrara
Open task manager and end internet. Run System File Checker, check antivirus software, update Malwarebytes and scan. Rebuild Windows Update. Clear cache and temp files. Check hard disk health - 100%.Worongary
1) Outlook password changed by Scott 2) Scott ran Avast premier and no infections 3) I installed Malwarebytes and it found 2 x PUM (potentially Unwanted Modifications) 4) Not blacklisted by but blocked by Microsoft Outlook so unblocked and that took an hour for the unblock to work. 5) Tested email now sending ok. 6) Installed Adwcleaner and no threats found. 7) Tested printer from another PC ok 8) Managed to log onto WD Mybooklive NAS unit.Mackenzie
Pulled out battery Reset CMOS Removed malware Tested and workingRingwood East
Remove malware. Install Trend Micro. Hack Nvidia driver to work on this platform.Dudley Park
Customer said the problem has gone away but to check it out anyway. The issue looks to be some app or apps locking up the computer or putting it into 100% utilisation. Ran Malwarebytes and Kaspersky. No malware or viruses found. Checked event logs. No hdd issues see did see a few DNS issues so changed DNS on networking to instead of Telstra modem on Customer shown to check the task manager to see if he can determine the app if it happens again. Nundah
Repair MS Office. Test scanning - OK. Remove bad registry keys. Remove Avast antivirus. Install Avira Antivirus software. Arundel
Computer was not password locked, it was heavily infected, browser hijacked , trojans ect... it was cleaned and fixed on site Castle Hill
Pam was using MS Edge for web browsing & I saw the error messages Pam was getting. I told Pam to use Google chrome instead & when accessing the websites that were crashing in Edge they are working correctly in Chrome. I witnessed a lot of popups on the different browsers so performed a virus scan and removed the found threats. Payment to be made by BPayFrankston
Check Windows Update, check hard disk health - 100%. Run System File Checker, run Eset online scanner. Run Malwarebytes scan. Windows needs to restart to finish feature update 1809. Run Trend removal tool on PC.Helensvale
Viruses disabled USB ports Power supply faulty Pc needs to be taken off site Hoxton Park
chrome notification looked like a virus disabled chrome notifications and informed client that win 7 is being discontinued in 2020 and they would likely need to upgrade to windows 10 before thenCurrumbin
Removed malware Fixed issues with outlook Donvale
Remove threats and remote access programs.Jamboree Heights
Fix emails. Fix antivirus.set up one drive.Secret Harbour
Scanned with Malwarebytes, Avast,Adwcleaner and found only a few PUP. Checked printer and cleaned up browser extensions. Noted HDD and CPU were maxing out. However, computer is a lower specced machine and has performance issues.Hampton
Open Task Manager and end task - close Edge, run Reset online scanner, install Malwarebytes and scan, run System File Checker, clear temp files and cache - Windows, profile, ie., chrome. Check Windows Update. Miami
Cleared malware, disabled tablet mode, cclean, configure startup and installed classic start. Woodrising
Unable to boot. Looks like there is a malware app called Driver Booster 6 running as it popped up. Need to take offsite and re-install OS after backing up. Redcliffe
- Did General PC cleaning - Activated office - Did malware removal Sunshine North
Removed unwanted antivirus and install avast/Malwarebytes Scan email is confirmed to be a common scam. Various websites show similar emails and the Bitcoin address used has been used previously as other payments have been sent there from other victims.Caulfield North
Install AVIRA anti-virus Create system image back-upCheltenham
Run the test on hardwares all test passed, scaned the system for potential viruses or malware no issue found. System doesn┐┐┐t need any fix. Doonside
Checked computer, no heat issues at all. HDD slow. Run check disk to check for HDD errors, none found but slow. Run virus checks using Malwarebytes and adware remover, found around 100 infections, removed them all. Waterford
The computer was running on 2gb ram. Recently, antivirus software installed and that was making computer slower. Ram has been increased to 4 gb. The speed of processing is fine now.Evanston South
Setup toshiba estudio 3040 installed new driver, IP address configuration checked all successfull, tested ok. Installed avg, removed driver scanning software x3 Removed Mac afee antivirus, ran disk check all ok, sfc. Did not sfc due to Windows 10 May 2019 update. Collingwood
Remove multiple malware and unwanted auto start programs. General system check and clean. Advise on attaching items from Google Photos to email.New Farm
Reinstalled Windows 10 with updates. Installed MS Office 2016 pro and Avira Antivirus ProForde
Removed Malware used Kaspersky removal tool to remove Kaspersky reinstalled KasperskyMount Dandenong
Removed malware general clean upBayswater North
Test printing. Update Malwarebytes and scan. Run System File Checker. Repair Office, uninstall Office 2007, install Office 2010, test opening files. Remove email from Outbox. Tidy up cabling.Mermaid Waters
Reinstalled Operating System Reinstalled basic applications Installed Trend Micro Anti VirusAshendon
Check hard disk health - 100%, remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, install software, check Windows Updates, run dism tool, run System File Checker, clear temp files and cache. Disable hardware graphics acceleration and disable unnecessary animations, disable startup items.Varsity Lakes
Troubleshoot issue, check Malware logs, open Israel news website in internet explorer, news website has been compromised, change homepage, open browsers and test. Run eset online scanner.Gilston
Found Chrome browser corrupted. DLL missing. Uninstalled chrome and reinstalled. Rebooted and error message no longer showing. Udated ESET antivirus definitions. Ran antivirus and installed Malwarebytes to check for Malware. No viruses but found a few malware Pups. (20) Found region set to USA changed to Australia. Lawnton
- Blanked out password on account to allow for access - Moved files from C to D to free up more room - Spyware scanBass Hill
Removing various programs that are known to cause issues with performance and are suspicious (AVG tuneup, Driver Updater, ..:.). Installed and run various virus scanners and removed any infections found (1000+, pups, malware, browser infections). General file and registry clean. Run check disk and system file checker to repair any file and HDD errors. Springfield
GeekMobile Minimum Service Fee Clean 67 found threats from systemCampbelltown
Repaired weknow virus for macRuncorn
Reimaged windows 10, supplied antivirus, setup email.Beeliar
Multiple remote connection and multiple antivirus programs installed. Evidence of scamming. Remove remote connection programs. Remove unwanted antivirus programs. General system check and clean.Jamboree Heights
Helped reset column view. Removed some malware picked up by Anti Virus software. All working againFlaxton
Troubleshoot issue, open website in a different browser, delete chrome cache, delete temp files - windows/profile, delete cache from ie. Test. Install Firefox/Opera, test. Disable antivirus, test - video plays in Edge and Firefox, not in Chrome, workaround is to disable AV and browse videos on Couriermail website in Edge, then re-enable AV once done. Client in OK with this. PC Reset is not warranted.Biggera Waters
Troubleshoot issue, faulty lcd cable. Remove screen, connect external monitor and boot to Windows, check hard disk health - 100%. Install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections.Coomera
Fixed random shutdowns, suggested an antivirus and cleaned up the system but could not supply battery as model is 10 years old South Perth
Reinstalled chrome . Updated. Antivirus, ran Adware cleaner. And removed unwanted startup applicationsHampton
Test printing via usb cable, test printing via wireless, print 2 documents. Configure reservation in router for printer. Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections. Check hard disk health - 100%. Disable startup items. Check antivirus subscription. Check Windows Update.Surfers Paradise
Checked one of the emails the emails that Susan was suspicious about & confirmed that it was a phishing email. Performed 3 scans with ADWCleaner & removed 20 + threats that Norton had missed. Removed games & printers that are no longer being used & optimised the startup items to make sure the machine is starting & running as best as possible.Yarraman
Virus infection detected Colour gamit issue detected Taskbar Exe file missing ESET nod32 is not working There┐┐┐s no taskbar or start menu exe in the pc I had installed Firefox chrome CCleaner and wrote down some short cut keys for Client to use because Fresh start service was declined. Morley
Configured anti virus and cleaned malicious applicationsKnoxfield
- Updated the operating system - Reset email password - Malware removal and system clean up Burnside
Ran malwarebytes scan. Ran autoruns. Malware removed. All clean.Lakelands
Set up email. Set up office. Delete malware.San Remo
Ran hard drive and stress tests - all passed Ran windows and nividia updates Removed 4 iobit fake programs Removed 39 viruses Cleared cookies All seems stable nowBellerive
Found power switch on PC case broken / fallen apart. Micro switch still ok. 3 options to fix/ 1. replace case entirely 2. Find identical switch - probably not possible old case 3. Pull micro switch out through old switch housing to make it stick out the front. This is want we did. Tested switch - ok. Also checked PC for Malware - none found. Aslo fixed mail notifications to off! .Warner
Printer installed, connected it to the WiFi network and tested scanning and printing. Started virus scan, not finished by the time I left. Customer will continue to clean up the system.Capalaba
Clear IE temporary files, Chrome temp files, Windows temp files, profile temp files. Test Opening Chrome internet pages - cannot reproduce the issue. Check Windows Updates, install Malwarebytes and scan. Helensvale
Crashes with different errors every 10 mins. Tried installing Malwarebytes and ran. Crashed after 10 mins but had found 9 PUP's but unable to remove as keeps crashing. I think it has a hardware issue but will only know after trying to factory reset the device with new install of Windows. Suggested to customer I take away and fix further offsite. Customer decided to try himself. Coorparoo
Ran Malwarebytes and ccleaner, removed a couple of pups. Nothing else suspicious. Gumdale
ran AV scan multiple times no threats or errors found. PC running slow and using a lot of memory. found multiple PWM proceses relating to trend micro password manager running. Removed this as this can be masked as malware. PC now runs much better customer happy with the improved performaceWynnum
CPU fan wasn't working creating a loud noise and then stopping altogether. Replaced the fan and scanned the desktop with antimalware.Kaleen
Reset dns and wifi adapter Ran virus scan found 7, removed issues Unistalled Norton it was blocking the internet Installed trend , client to buy license from trend Ran windows updates - sucessful ...... Client will need to make sure auto renew is not active with nortonGeilston Bay
Removed malware slowing down systemWoori Yallock
System was badly infected with viruses, reinstalling the window, updated all the drivers. The diagnostics report is hereunder: Power supply/casing diagnostics: Pass Hard Disk diagnostics: Pass Motherboard: Pass CPU diagnostics: Pass RAM diagnostics: Pass PC cleanup: Pass Monitor: OK Keyboard: Ok Mouse: Ok Internet diagnostics: Pass Internal Hard: dusty/clean MS Office: Not installed Windows: OK Touch pad: faultyBlacktown
Updates for the following installed: Windows Epson printer Itunes Firefox Trend micro anti virus installedDiggers Rest
Uninstalled McAffee AV as no longer subscribed. Installed AVG free and Malwarebytes. Ran MWB scan and found 26 PUPS. Quarantined. Ran AVG scan. No viruses. Low on HDD space. Cleaned HDD files by removing old Windows system files. Kallangur
Boot to Windows, remove software, disable touchscreen, check hard disk health - 100% Install malwarebytes and scan, run dism tool, install Libre Office.Burleigh Heads
Install Malwarebytes and remove malicious software. Confirm correct operation. Adjust Microsoft Word default page setup.Windsor
Pc was infected with virus Refreshed pc Uninstall unwanted programs Solved all client issue with the computer Dianella
Ran malwarebytes 1 PUP found removed. Removed 1 unwanted program. |Removed I-drive as customer really not using anyway. since removing the computer no longer froze slightly as it had been doing beofre that to me. Moved documents alias folder to one drive folder for better consistency. Fig Tree Pocket
fixed issue removed malware. desktop does not have wireless hence no connectionGlendale
Fixed up the email issues. Installed Norton antivirus trial version on 3 PCs. Updated virus definitions and had a virus scan on all PCs. Troubleshoot the scanning issue. Alexandria
Fixed computer virus issue. Formatted hard drive. Reinstall windows 10 64 bit to latest 1809. Updated drivers. Set up favourites. Tested ok with customers. Roselands
Found several PUPS. uninstalled AVAST as AVG was also installed. Removed Driversupport PUP. Installed MalwareBytes. Found 300 odd PUPS. Removed PUPS. Ran Malwarebytes on USB stick.Carindale
Remove malware. Clean up disk space. Fix email.South Yunderup
Bad connection at back of screen. Fixed. Checked PC for viruses. none found. Could not run malwarebytes as Nortons stopping it, Banyo
Update Malwarebytes subscription for 24months. Check Windows Defender - needs to finish applying Windows Updates.Burleigh Dc
Cleaned up malware infections, removed malicious software. Reset windows permissions. Tested printer. Fixed SkypeWestlake
Unmute sound, test sound. Remove software, update Malwarebytes and scan.Ashmore
General system cleanup Installed new antivirus Connected wifi printerAbbotsbury
Installed Malwarebytes, Ccleaner and AVG Free. Scanned and cleaned computer. All ok. Port Macquarie
Checked time to check for new emails was set to 30 mins. changed to 1 min. Still not checking very well. Something strange about this PC. sometimes goes quite slow for no apparent reason. Ran AV check nothing found install Malwarebytes and ran. No Malware found. Disk utilisation quite high. Backed up needed documents Customer then decided we should reset computer back to factory. He said he would do it after me showing how to start. West End
Clean and remove malware. Remove unwanted software. Reset Apple ID password. Remove unwanted start up items. Coombabah
Clean up computer. Set up email. Remove Malware.Warnbro
Remove email from Outbox, test sending/receiving email. Test deleting email. Renew antivirus subscription. Check hard disk health - 100% remove software, update Malwarebytes and scan.Burleigh Heads
Reset Router and reconfigured Printers Google setings. Installed Malwarebytes Bonny Hills
Installed Malware bytes. Found 54 PUP's with Malwarebytes. Uninstalled 7-8 programs that were installed inadvertently that are malware / bloatware. Ran A/V and A/M scans again. No more issues found. Kenmore
Connect computer to router Connect and install printer Update antivirus Update windowsBligh Park
Reinstalled printer with USB. Tested ok. Replaced empty cartridge. Fixed connection to other printer on two computers. Removed malware on other machine. Capalaba
Virus scan Registry clean Pc1Coffs Harbour
1) Installed Malwarebytes and ran. Zero malware/viruses found. 2) We kept Malwarebytes rather than Norton as it was cheaper and in my view better. 3) Tested printing to Brother via wi-fiMorningside