Virus and Spyware Removal

Geekmobile - Trained to Remove Computer Viruses and SpywhereComputer Virus Removal can be quite tricky, as virus writers do their best to try to prevent you from removing them.  They are very annoying and at times you may not even know you have a virus infecting your computer.

They can cause nasty damage, and they may perform many harmful things with your data.  They can explore your personal information that is stored on your computer, send rude messages to your email contact list, be used by un-ethical people, corrupt your hard drive, delete your Family Photos and so much more.
Geekmobile Employs Technicians who are experts in removing viruses. Many of our Bookings involve removing viruses, and often when you book us in, it will be a computer virus that we have removed before.
You can be sure when you hire our services you are in good hands.

Recent spyware, viruses, trojans and malware removals

Remove malware and junk programs. Fix app crashing. Advise on Raid failure.Mandurah
Fix windows update issue. But still iTunes cant able to update so need to finish windows update for first then uninstall and reinstall iTunes. Also perform virus scan.Caringbah
Removed some unnecessary programs. Changed antivirus from outdated McAfee to Avast. In the process of doing a large 4.7GB windows update so leaving it going with customer. It is the top process in the list so until it has its run it will be slowing it down the computer. before I started the windows update process was being bogged down by McAfee Lisarow
Cleaned pc and scanned for viruses none found Very slw pcs Networked hp1 to hp2 however wont let hp2 see or get into hp1 Asked by customer to stop as cost factor so stoped job1.5hrs Clear Island Waters
Found that the DNS setting was set to local loopback address ( Reset that to Obtain Automatically. Installed MalwareBytes and ran as I suspected the DNS was being changed by a rogue program.Port Macquarie
Installed USB WiFi dongle and connected to wireless network Installed AVG and registered for cust Installed Malwarebytes ran scan found 11 infections- cleared. Waterford
Troubleshoot issue, speaker usb cable is causing the notification popup. Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, run System File Checker, run Dism tool, update drivers, check Windows Update. Popup does not appear anymore. On second PC - update pdf software, remove software.Ashmore
Outlook 2010 having issues with gmail smtp server Moved customer over to Thunderbird Removed malware from systemCotton Tree
Installed malware bytes Cleared the browser history Peppermint Grove
Remove McAfee Antivirus and Webadvisor. Install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, clear disk space, run System File Checker, check Windows Update, check hard disk health - 100%, disable startup items, disable windows/office settings, test scanning.Bonogin
Disable screen narrator Uninstall expired antivirus Install antivirus and anti malware program Connect phone to Bluetooth speaker Carrara
Cleaned up pc and removed spyware Installed new malwarebytes premiumBurleigh Waters
Powered on PC, Automatic Repair appears, powered off and on again, booted into Windows. Windows was applying an update. Check hard disk health - 100%, install Malwarebytes and update. Disable startup items. Check install software. Check Windows Update, feature update 1803 is awaiting restart, Restarted PC and applied update.Pacific Pines
PC needs updating to Windows 10. No AV and no Anti Malware installed. Setup mail for [email protected] to another PC whilst this pc taken away for repairs. Yatala
Serviced with clean up amd scsnn removed spyware. Windows updates in the way feature 1803 so couldnt fix win10 mail.Clear Island Waters
Checked over all 4 pcs a d cleaned scanned removed spyware on most problamatic pc Found disc errors on hard drive suggest replacing as of ageBurleigh Heads
Uninstall damaged antivirus program Reinstalled anti malware software Test scanning and printing - OK Check Hard drive health - OKHelensvale
Sorter out Wifi connection problems. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Tested internet access, now works OK.Sebastopol
Un installed unwanted programs. Checked anti virus, mcaffee installed. Stopped unwanted programs from starting at startup. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Wifi network interminitently not connecting to internet. Reset wifi network. Wifi now connects and allows access to internet after every restart. Wendouree
Uninstalled unwanted programs. Uninstalled Avast anti virus that scammers installed. Reinstalled mcaffee anti virus that Brian had previous to scammers. Ran adware/malware scan, removed detected items. Started full virus scan using mcafee anit virus. Checked that files can be opened OK. Ballarat
Cleared ache and removed saved passwords. Ran virus and web safe checks (AVG)Jacobs Well
Used Adware Cleaner to remove virus. Check correct operation. Remove unnecessary auto start programs. Pullenvale
Check Windows Update, check event logs. Check hard drive health - 100%. Update Malwarebytes and scan. Run System File Checker. Update drivers. Disable startup items. Check Defender.Burleigh Heads
Run virus scans and removed any infections found. Updated windows 10. Uninstalled MS One-Drive. Demoted Malwarebytes to a free version. Durack
Virus scan - found minor issues (incredimail). Installed and ran Malwarebytes scan. Updated Intel ME and Dell Bios.Mandurah
reset antivirus system and wifi worked as normalMudgeeraba
Boot to Safe Mode and check hard disk storage, plenty of room, check software installed, check event logs. Update 1803 had recently been applied. Remove Norton Antivirus, run System File Checker, disable startup items. Reboot to Windows. Windows menu is opening correctly. Install Malwarebytes and scan, run dism tool, run Windows Update.Burleigh Heads
Malware removal on 5K iMac Troubleshooting unstable windows system - stress test shows GPU faultWorongary
Found DNS issue,flushed DNS. Un-installed un-wanted 3 different antivirus programmes and installed Trend Micro. Started Check Disk.Kingsley
Diagnosed computer, resolved AVG antivirus, needed to be updated and if problem occurs, contact support on AVG. Reinstalled the printer driver on the computer. Printer is connected via Ethernet to the network. Alternative would be to use the USB Printer cable.North Lakes
Issue was due to Antivirus. Reset settings and started to work. Started scan on an external hard drive for repairs.Hillarys
perform virus scan. fixed some how but looks like hdd faulty. customer will buy hdd and perform job by themselves.Woolooware
Repaired office install, fixed email accounts server verifications and checked, setup printers all test ok Setup antivirus and imported pst file and updated credentialsKeilor Park
scanned the computer with malware bytes and Kaspersky refreshed the pc to remove unwanted programs updated the pc installed basoc programs configured printer Wellard
Cleaned pc pc and trmp files Removed spyware Installed anti virus program Tested internet speed .02mb ps should get onto telstra.Burleigh Waters
Arrived on site Inspected computer Installed and ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Revo Uninstaller Removed some minor infections and unwanted programs Rebooted successfully All working as expected ClosingDulwich
Adjusted power management settings. Set to maximum performance, turned off selective power suspend on all USB devices in device manager. Cleaned up temp folders. Uninstalled McAfee livecsafe and avg web safe. Installed avast free antivirus.Somerville
System checked, malware removed.Nambour
Windows 10 doing a "Modern Setup - Update" which is at 64% and needs to complete according to the Update Manager. 2) NBN was down so rebooted modem and Telstra router. Now ok. 3) Install failed yesterday 27/5/2018 0x8024200d, now installing again.., 4) Malwarebytes already on PV so updated and ran. Still running when I left.Camp Hill
Download on 24 May was windows update. Started Norton scan. Client will remove the threats. Mount Lawley
Machine is riddled with Malware, advise client to perform a Freshstart. Mount Nathan
Removed virus, customer agreed to use onscreen.Aveley
Helped fix Imac issues, ran a malware check and removal process. Made sure email etc. all working. Removed startup password on Mac, transferred contacts from Android to Iphone etc. Coolum Beach
Repaired pc im safe mode removed 92 viruses and cleaned up registry and temp files On restart still [email protected] or wont load windows normally only insafe mode. Suggest new hard drive ir repalce pc due to age. Left in safe mode running to back up Backed up myobElanora
Ran zemena and super anti-spyware. Nothing overly untoward found. Removed suspected plugin from Firefox. Checked facebook activity and settings. Cranbourne
Onsite - started with updates in progress, loaded ok after about 5 minutes and logged in ok. General service - removed malware - ADW 52 items, Ccleaner and Malware bytes scan. Nortons updated 312 days remaining. Touch pad sometimes non responsive, external mouse tested ok. Left running scan and updates.Canning Vale
Replaced fan and cleaned machine removed multiple anti virus program that conflicting OS scan OS and update the pc.Kelmscott
Set up printer General clean and service Removed several viruses Removed unwanted programs Checked usb wifi dongle working ok Restarted pc check over all working fineLabrador
General cleanup and malware removal. Install anti malware program. Install Adblock program. Coombabah
Updated MalwareBytes. Added exception to MalwareBytes. Site accessible now.Kings Creek
GeekMobile minimum fee charged Web-browsers were all coming up with the Hotspot Shield site, Steam also not connecting. Found Hotspot Shield in the Apps & Programs list - Uninstalled Hotspot Shield Browsing is now working ok. Ran Adwcleaner & removed multiple threats After restarting the computer confirmed that the internet is working correctly Mount Eliza
Cleaned serviced pc and removed spyware viruses Reset browser Checked net speed adsl 2 fine 8mpsRobina
Test hard disk health - 96%. Dismantle external hard disk drive and test - hard drive has failed. Install Malwarebytes and scan, update drivers, run System File Checker, check Windows Update - needs a reboot to apply updates. Share Outlook calendar.Biggera Waters
1. Remove virus and spyware. 2. Clean start up and tune up. 3. Setup MS word file menu. Stafford
Troubleshoot issue, check hard disk health - 100% uninstall McAfee AV. Open Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections. Run System File Checker. Change pdf settings to open in Adobe instead of Chrome.Ashmore
Windows troubleshooting Multiple antivirus removed Malware removedWheelers Hill
Desktop Computer Stuck on the post Reset all the hardware Cpu Temp 45 Scan for Virus and Ransomed For 2 HDD Clean Uninstall progame dont need HDD scan no bad sector detectedCroydon Park
Running virus checks and removed any infections found. Run check disk, system file checker and removed any temporary files and cleaned out registry. Updated windows 8.1 to the latest updates and service packs. Updated and activated McAfee. Springfield
Moved PC as requested. Tested connection to internet is OK. PC slow. Un installed unwanted programs. Ran adware/malware scan, removed detected items. Checked anti virus software is OK. Eureka
Removed malware General clean up Ringwood North
General check up Removed malware Converted email from live mail to outlookKilsyth
Removed malware General clean up Installed malwarebytesWonga Park
Cleaned up computer, disabled programs, removed programs and installed Malwarebytes to remove any malicious programs (anything affecting the performance of the pc). Changed password on gmail account.Chermside
AdwCleaner scan found 59 threats, removed and rebooted Installed Chrome Installed Classic Shell start menu Fin tuned startup via MSCONFIG Removed a number of unwanted programs Fixed Edge browser popups by resetting Edge installation Checked TrendMicro operation (had been disabled), 178 days remaining Brooklyn Park
removed virus and refresh systemBox Hill South
Removed malware causing startup issues black screen Reinstalled office 2016 as install corruptedCroydon
Email issue fixed Antivirus installedFerntree Gully
Install malwarebytes and sophos. Clean computer.Lakelands
Removed virus.Midland
Installed anti virus, cleaned and removed unwanted software Mayfield
Hard drive failure. Will need to replace or purchase a new computer. Ran a malware check and removal process.Tewantin
issue is with multiple antivirus installed installed in pc removed all and updated the defenderBallajura
Booted into safe mode Removed unwanted start up programs Removed malware Ran windows updatesRingwood
Onsite - printer not printing from various apps. Removed drivers, issues with HP website. Malware scan removed items, CCleaner removed 1900 reg and 7GB, ADW removed 3. Msconfig - disabled junk software. Restarted and test printed all ok. Test scanned ok. Tested email from app to me ok.Waterford
Removed unwanted programs. Stopped unwanted items from starting at startup. Checked anti virus in OK. Ran adware/malware scan, removed detected items. Ran virus scan, no items detected. Black Hill
Adware has been bringing up ads into the browser The popus I saw were Dating sites & Snapchat Performed clean with ADWcleaner & MAlwarebytes but these did not rectify the [problem Uninsatlled Google Chrome & reinstalled Browsed several websites & everything appears ok now Also installed adblock genesis.Mount Eliza
Fixed office amd removed viruss and clean upTallebudgera
Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, check hard disk health - 100%, run System File Checker, update drivers, disable startup items, change to local PC account from MS Account. Create shortcut to email in internet browser. Advise on battery replacement under warranty.Hope Island
- Disabled the touch screen device in device manager. - Disabled tablet mode. - Scanned for viruses and spyware & removed infections.Fletcher
I investigated the boot issue and performed the system cleanup. finally I installed antivirus software on computer.Hornsby
Got pc started amd che ked restarts ok. Cleaned pc temp files and registry Installed malwarebytes again and run scan. Deleted 6000 odd deleted emails from deleted box in outlook email clientPalm Beach
Saw the problem myself by playing a video on the computer and it is playing in a way that seemed it was on slow motion Found & removed adware & malware Updated system drivers Installed VLC player Checked videos on youtube & on the computer & they are playing well now Woolgoolga
Reset user password, login to Windows. Boot to Safe Mode, remove 3 x Antivirus software, boot to Windows. Install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections, check hard disk health - 100%, run System File Checker.Clear Island Waters
Troubleshoot issue, remove all devices and boot - continuous beep codes, looked up code - memory error or CPU cache memory malfunction. Reset Memory modules, connect hard drives, boot PC - PC boots to Windows - check memory dump in event log - error relates to memory issues or driver issues. Run memtest, update drivers. Uninstall multiple AV software, run System File Checker, update Malwarebytes and scan, check Windows Updates. Disable startup items.Surfers Paradise
I investigated the internet issue and performed system cleanup. Finally internet connection was working fine.Also, I installed Sophos antivirus on customer's computer.Epping
address webmail issue scanned system removed malware.Burwood
Reset Telstra email password, update email account in Windows Live Mail, test sending/receiving email. Removed software, install Malwarebytes and scan - remove infections. Setup email account on phone, test sending/receiving email.Carrara
Heat issues detected hardware test under bios carried out installed anti malware on system detected possible threats. Repaired print head dry state. Running check disk to verify hard drive errors Moonee Ponds
Installed Malwarebytes and scanned PC - 1071 Items found and cleaned. Installed AVG Free and performed a scan. All good.Lake Cathie
Startup services fixed. Firefox browser fresh installed and configured. Unnecessary services removed. No suspicious item detected by Malwarebytes. System started successfully. System is safe top use for Internet Banking. The Gap
Partially job has done. Looks like HDD issue. Perform minor virus scan. Caringbah
Fixed broken file asociations Fixed issues with scanner Removed malwareRingwood North
Microsoft surface pro: Wireless driver reinstalled. System connected to WLAN and tested. Malwarebytes installed and 840 items detected. (2 Malwares included) Browser configured. Startup services fixed. Suspicious items removed. System restarted successfully. Fall creators update started to install. (It takes several minutes to finish) Issues with Windows update and changing display brightness should be resolved after finishing Windows update. (Otherwise Fresh install required)Bardon
Uninstalled Norton Antivirus. TomTom started updating the maps.Gungahlin
Ran windows updates Removed start up programs Removed spywareLaunching Place
System had virus. Removed unwanted applications and started scan with Malwarebytes. Customer will remove the threats once the scan is finished.Duncraig
HP All-in-One PC, Windows 7 - Wireless internet wouldn't connect although seeing the wireless network - Removed Avast, still won't connect - De-installed wireless network adapter in Device Manager and re-installed, now connects ok - Removed McAfee, CCCleaner. - AdwCleaner found 50 threats, removed - Installed TrendMicro with 12-month complimentary subscriptionHawthorn
Neutralise the threat using kaspersky anti virus removed team viewer app that was causing system 32 error scanned for virus using kaspersky checked the system event requested client to perform system back up Landsdale
Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Un installed unwanted programs. Checked anti virus software is OK. Restarted computer. Email now works OK. MYOB now works OK. Black Hill
Virus removal Ms office 2013 home version removed Unnecessary applications removed Ms office 2016 business version installed Two email accounts configured on outlook and tested Old emails exported Finding: WLM kept crashing while exporting emails. Messages exported with Aid4Mail applicationSpringfield