Virus and Spyware Removal

Geekmobile - Trained to Remove Computer Viruses and SpywhereComputer Virus Removal can be quite tricky, as virus writers do their best to try to prevent you from removing them.  They are very annoying and at times you may not even know you have a virus infecting your computer.

They can cause nasty damage, and they may perform many harmful things with your data.  They can explore your personal information that is stored on your computer, send rude messages to your email contact list, be used by un-ethical people, corrupt your hard drive, delete your Family Photos and so much more.
Geekmobile Employs Technicians who are experts in removing viruses. Many of our Bookings involve removing viruses, and often when you book us in, it will be a computer virus that we have removed before.
You can be sure when you hire our services you are in good hands.

Recent spyware, viruses, trojans and malware removals

Onsite : Setup pc moved from office, configure with printers as required. General service x 4, malware removed. HP printer - jammed, not serviced. Leeming
Power cycle Windows PC. Check hard drive health - OK. Install malware scanner and remove malware. Sanctuary Cove
PC checked and no suspicious item detected. Password of Optus changed and updated on all devices. Send and receive tested successfully. Two steps verification configured on Facebook.Mount Cotton
Removed malware General clean up Reinstalled anti virusRingwood
Remove malware St Marys
Avast Free version removed from system. Malwarebytes installed and activated Full scan performed and computer cleaned Shailer Park
A lot virus cleaned. Uninstalled some unwanted software. Leave some program running. Let customer know to follow rest process.Heathcote
Perform minor virus scan. Fixed issue.Woolooware
- Have run Malware Byte, Anti Spyware, Anti Adware and anti ransomware programs. - Have run Ccleaner to clear the Cookies and Cache. - Have removed suspecious Programs. - Have disabled running unnecessary programs from startup. West Lakes
Windows updated Virus scanned Passwords changed No suspected hacks, just a cute email from scammersMoorooka
Checked for malware Uninstalled TeamViewer Run antivirus to check for threats quick diagnosis for any suspicious event Spearwood
- Have ran few cleaning programs like Ccleaner. - Have run Anti malware, Spyware, Adware. Glenelg South
Since computer is slow ( Core 2 Duo with Windows 10 OS) and scan might take hours, started the scan and customer will remove the threats it finds.Woodlands
Onsite - ADW removed 41 items. Malware Quick scan - 6 items. Long scan - 3+. Ccleaner - 1.5GB, Reg clean. MSconfig startup items disabled. Leeming
Removed malware, fixed email issueEast Maitland
Setup desktop Setup email Install printer Remove default antivirus Install new antivirus Install Adobe Setup Google drive Facebook All tested working Seven Hills
Completed virus and malware scan. Downloaded and installed printer using Canon driver.Flagstaff Hill
Arrived on site Inspected computer Installed and ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Rogue Killer Removed minor infections Rebooted successfully Set date and time correctly All working as expected Closing Woodville
Uninstalled unwanted programs. Ran adware/malware scan, found many items, removed all detected items. Checked antivirus, windows defender in OK. Ran antivirus scan, no items found. Checked windows update, it is up to date, several optional update available. Restarted computer. Tested web sites OK. Started a full antivirus scan.Canadian
General cleanup of Windows. Remove unneeded software and start up items. Malware scan and removal. Supply and install 16GB upgrade of DDR4 RAM. Test boot - OK. Test drives health - OK. Wongawallan
Check iMac for viruses and malware infections. Malware and virus removal. System clean. Check hard drive health - Ok. Advise on software upgrade in future. Currently running Mac OSX 10.9. Main Beach
Turn on power button for PC speakers. Modify bookmarks bar on Google Chrome. Install malware scanner and remove malware. Uninstall unwanted software. Mount Tamborine
Examined system: Witnessed fault with Windows Live Mail - Downloaded newest version of Live Mail This took about 12 - 15 mins k - Reinstalled Live Mail - problem still occurs Downloaded, Installed & Activated eMclient - Configured with email accounts & confirmed both email accounts are working correctly. Assisted with resetting MS Account password as John could not login after a virus scan & reset.Eleebana
Checked the PC Removed the driver optimising software scanned with notron started a scan with malwarebytes confiogured email Mount Pleasant
General cleanup on Windows 10 Desktop. Disable unneeded startup items. Check hard drive health - OK. Remove malware. Advise on future SSD upgrade. Tamborine
Fix driver. Malware scan. Wannanup
Remove Kaspersky antivirus. Install Avira antivirus software. Mount Warren Park
Boot PC, run eset online scanner, run System File Checker, install Malwarebytes and scan, update Trend, clear cache in Chrome, install Mozilla, reset Facebook password, login to Facebook.Southport Park
Fixed Internet connection by enabling wired adapter, was disabled. AdwCleaner found 281 threats, cleaned and rebooted, now boots much faster. Gave PC general check, all good.Coromandel Valley
After many attempts was able to get connection Restarted system in safemode with networking. Removed 50+ threats using adwcleaner Disabled all non essential apps & services from startup. Restarted in normal mode & machine now is working correctly. Checked how Netflix is functioning and everything appears ok now.Randwick
Diagnosed pc, removed Go to Opener (scammer tool used), disabled startup programs, did a disk cleanup and cleaned the task bar of unused programs. Scanned pc with Malwarebytes and found no trace of any virus.Morayfield
- General PC cleaning using Ccleaner - Deleted unnecessary applications that was using memory and resources - Windows and all drivers updated - Malware Removal - Checked the Outlook email client and settings to make sure its running as it should - updated chrome browser to be able to watch ABC iView Niddrie
Windows tuned. AVG free removed. Malwarebytes installed. Linkt password reset. Browser configured and tested. Murarrie
Onsite: general service and remove malware from 3 pc's. Adobe issues - use old version, upgrade win7 to 10. Sound plugged in ok. Como
Issues: Setup Modem, 1 Computer, monitor, Keyboard and mouse and 1 Printer Test: Speaker Internet Printer Install: AVAST Antivirus Padstow Heights
Ran Malwarebytes on 2 computers. Both clean. Remove old McAfee. Bouvard
Machine is running windows vista - Very slow in performance in general The problem with the Email is NOT AVG But instead a settings "connect via SPA" was selected and when not selected the email are working correctly. Performed a good clean up and optimisation. - Turned off many unneeded applications and services Performed scan for virus and cleaned up the found threats.Port Adelaide
Run virus scan on all 3 machines, run malwarebytes, run ESET online scanner. Check email advising of phishing attack, test website - website has been attacked. Contact webhost. Test sending email from each account. can send/receive from gmail/icloud account, can receive from maxscaffolding but cannot send. Will need to retest once webhost has removed threat. Install power supply unit in 1 PC.Southport
Installed Malwarebytes and cleaned PC (215 malicious objects). Configured Brother Printer on WiFi. Installed Print Driver.Yippin Creek
removed expired trend antivirus enabled windows defender performed basic cleanup on system installed ublock on chromePacific Pines
Cleaned up computer. Removed remote access program. Cleaned up temporary files. Reset all browsers to default condition. Reset homepages. Ran virus, adware and spyware scan. Client tested computer and confirmed everything is working as they expect. Client confirmed issue is resolved and has no further questions. Holmview
Antivirus updates / adblockPlumpton
Remove unwanted startup programs. Uninstall unwanted software. Remove malware using malware scanner. Install antivirus software. Check browsers and applications list. Windaroo
Arrived on site Inspected hardware Recreated error Changed printer and scanner setting and preferences Tested successfully Installed Malwarebytes All working as expected Closing Thebarton
Remote DEsktop connection to resolve issues with - Sound Anti Virus Explorer Options / Settings St Ives
Windows is fine. Customer got scammed by pops up. Show customer how to close pops up in the future Scanned computer for virus ( no virus). Deleted unnecessary utilities/ files installed by the scammerPreston
sugar sync is being flagged as a threat by clients antivirus sugar sync is a legitimate company its a false positive ran scans on system and only sugar sync executable was flagged suspect sugar sync has updated and now flags av systemsSurfers Paradise
Witnessed the fault The problem seems to occur less when the touchpad is used not the plugin mouse. I got Ted to remove the plugin mouse & tried a different mouse & the problem did not happen again. Scanned system with AdwCleaner & removed the items detected Restarted the system - Installed MalwareBytes & commenced a full scan with rootkit scan.Nowra
Scanned and cleanup computer for viruses. Cleanup browser history, saved password, cache, etcCoburg
Reset Windows Virus scan Hdd health testing Reinstall appsKedron
Computer needed a general servoce. Updated Windows, applied updates to Java and all web browsers. Turned off unused start up programs. Cleaned up temporary files. Reset browser settings Ran a virus, malware and adware scan. Had issue logging in with Facebook. Corrected the issue via a password reset. Client confirmed they are satisfied their issue is resolved and have no further questions. Waterford
Customer used old password. Reset Gmail password and email started to work. Windows is not activated, update not working. Fixed as many issues as possible, installed some updates. Run virus scans and removed any infections found.Springfield Lakes
-Made the system boot -Repaired broken environment variables links -Repaired Reparse Point links -Made sure no Virus were found Chevron Island
Installed Office 365 & Activated with Marcus's Microsoft Account Installed Avast AntiVirus Free Checked that the printer is installed alsoBli Bli
Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Disable startup items. Check Windows Update. Run System File Checker.Surfers Paradise
Set taskbar to not auto hide. Enable keyboard button. Remove malware. Remove unwanted software. Southport
Cleaned computer of remote access programs used by scammers. Done a cautionary virus scan, no major issuesCarseldine
Work done. Cleaned virus from computer. Also changed the wireless card as the old one is faulty. Tested internet working fine.Earlwood
Reset email password, update shortcuts. Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Run System File Checker. Check hard disk health - 83%. Update Ccleaner. Setup email on phone. Oxenford
Refresh the computer without losing files Scanned the pc for malware and virus Re-installed the basic programs Reinstalled ms office requesting client to activate the software Configured printer Burns Beach
Removed start up programs Removed malwareCroydon
Reset Facebook password and logged in to check all is well. Installed Malwarebytes and scanned. All clearPort Macquarie
Repaired excell. Perform minor virus as well as system scan. Fix issue related windows updates. Marrickville
Removed problematic USB, cleaned PC and set up antivirus software.Quorrobolong
Almost all services found to be disabled. Ran Malware scan and re-enabled essential services. Ravenswood
Checked computer, noticed mindspark was in URL (that bar) and changed the bookmark to another. No longer there. Checked pc with malwarebytes, updated and scanned. No real threats. Checked browser and no longer there, mindspark. Beachmere
Test printing and scanning - OK. Windows 10 Mail program causing issues with printer, disabled program and set up Outlook as default mail program. Remove malware. Ashmore
Onsite - general service. Move videos to Ext. USB drive, free up 60GB. MSCONFIG - disable startup items. ADWCleaner - removed Slimware Cleaner. CCleaner clean. Malware bytes installed. 50GB free on C: 500GB free on D: Further 70GB+ can be moved from C:\Users\user\Pictures. Setup email account.Waterford
Arrived on site Inspected computer Installed printer Installed Malwarebytes update Changed resolution to suit Sorted emails All working as expected Closing Sefton Park
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Set time and date correctly Installed software as required Installed and ran Malwarebytes Installed and ran Macrium Reflect All working as expected Closing North Haven
Found that computer was connected to internet and browser was not able to locate home page. Un installed unwanted programs. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Un installed out dated anti virus program. Checked that windows defender is now default anti virus program and that it has updated OK. Ran windows update, Found many updates ready to install, started installing windows updates. Golden Point
- Ran Superantispyware and removed infections - Installed a trial of ESET antivirus and ran scan - Ran Cleaner to clean unwanted files. - PC is running wellTeralba
1) Malwarebytes on All-In-one PC so ran and no threats found. 2) Downloaded and ran Adwcleaner and 4 threats found and removed. 3) In advanced options of Utorrent removed the advertising content which was not required 4) Removed Malwarebytes as requested by customer due to it blocking Piratebay 5) Tested Utorrent and downloads are happening againBelmont
Removed malware infections on PC and performed system cleanup.Bexley
Upgraded router firmware. Fixed windows update issues. Got rid of some malwares, extensions and dodge softwares.Balgowlah Heights
removed 5 found virus's optimized startup applications and services uninstalled things unnecessary assisted with MYOB and some settings in MYOB. Morayfield
Check hard disk health - 100%. Run disk cleanup, Remove software, install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections, run System File Checker, fix Windows Update, install Norton. Fix error popup. Check for battery replacement.Robina
Scanned and removed virusesNorthcote
Arrived on site Inspected hardware Installed and tested printer Uninstalled unwanted programs Installed AVG, Malwarebytes, and Opera browser All working as expected Closing Hampstead Gardens
Onsite - Malware infection, scanned with ADW 69 items removed. Malware bytes 46 items. CCleaner. Msconfig. Updates installed. Speedtest : Telstra 44MbRiverton
Customer visited, device inspected; device taken overnight for scans due to length of time required per scan. Multiple scans and commands quarantined over 2000 cases of Malware, viruses or PUP/s, which were then subsequently removed. Once the device had been cleaned it was returned to the customer.Vincent
Helped setup new computer and printer. Installed Office, Email, Anti Virus etc.Noosaville
malware bytes install corrupted use malware bytes cleanup to remove and reinstall program update payment details for malware bytes subscriptionLabrador
Removed malware infections on PC and performed system cleanup. Working OK. Menai
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Installed Opera and Firefox Confirmed all working as expected Installed and ran Malwarebytes Removed some minor infections and unwanted programs All working as expected Closing Pasadena
Need to reset power switch and perform minor system as well as virus scan. Tested ok. Mascot
Removed malware infections and turned off windows file system indexing and disabled windows search service.Newtown
Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Un installed unwanted programs. Un installed out of subscription Nortons anti virus. Checked that windows defender is working OK. Stopped unwanted items from starting at startup. Computer now working much better.Sebastopol
Uninstall Kaspersky antivirus, run Windows Update. Update Windows Defender. Remove Office 365, associate excel, word, powerpoint files with Office 2007.Mermaid Waters
Issue: Not loading Windows. ==========================// Disk loaded offline and repaired. Windows started successfully. Browser refreshed and configured. No suspicious item detected on Malwarebytes Scan. Everton Hills
Malwarebytes anti malware installed and full scan performed. Startup services checked. Registry checked. No suspicious item detected on the system. Un necessary applications removed. Windows updates installed. Browser refreshed and reconfigured. System is safe to use for Internet Banking. Nundah
Setup printer Setup wifi on iPad Renewed anti-virusSwansea
1) Installed new WD Blue 2.5" HDD and installed Windows 7 again. 2) Tested on Internet ok. 3) Installed Chrome and Foxit Reader and Malwarebytes. 4) Installed all HP hardware drivers that were available for this model of computer. 5) HP pavilion dv7-6011TXGreenslopes
Check hard disk health - 100%. Update antivirus and check subscription. Install Malwarebytes and scan, run System File Checker, disable startup items, check installed software, apply Windows Update and restart. Upper Coomera
Apply antivirus license. Run cleanup.Labrador
No virus found. Processor is very slow. Only 4GB Ram. Suggested time for a new computer. Disabled IPV6. Fixed VSS. Fix DNS. Erskine
Not able to connect through Ethernet due to network adapter being disabled. Enabled the network adapter and started to work. Started SFC scan and Malwarebytes scan. Customer will close the applications once its finished.Balga
Examine system & ran virus scnners. Found and removed program that gave unlimited access to system without clients knowledge. Virus / Malware scan found & removed adware from browsers.Fremantle
took system away for fresh start determined antivirus malfunctioning causing issueClear Island Waters
Avast Free antivirus was blocking link. Disable AV and open link. Uninstall Avast. Install Malwarebytes and scan. Check hard disk health - 100%.Surfers Paradise