Virus and Spyware Removal

Geekmobile - Trained to Remove Computer Viruses and SpywhereComputer Virus Removal can be quite tricky, as virus writers do their best to try to prevent you from removing them.  They are very annoying and at times you may not even know you have a virus infecting your computer.

They can cause nasty damage, and they may perform many harmful things with your data.  They can explore your personal information that is stored on your computer, send rude messages to your email contact list, be used by un-ethical people, corrupt your hard drive, delete your Family Photos and so much more.
Geekmobile Employs Technicians who are experts in removing viruses. Many of our Bookings involve removing viruses, and often when you book us in, it will be a computer virus that we have removed before.
You can be sure when you hire our services you are in good hands.

Recent spyware, viruses, trojans and malware removals

Onsite - internet slow. No phone line. Tried other sockets, reset devices no change. Called Iinet and reported line fault 313279683. Ran Malware scan, removed several items. Hilton
Arrived on site Inspected equipment Recreated error Checked System Logs Found no indication of hardware failure Installed and ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Removed multiple infections and unwanted programs Rebooted successfully All working as expected Closing Woodville Park
Install Antivirus and register. Setup printer.Tested and working fine.Connolly
Scan and remove virus,update win 10 to 1709,reinstall Ms office 2016 home and business.Croydon Hills
Fresh install windows too mamy viruses and programs to uninstall General clean ,checked internetWorongary
Cleaned up two PCs - disk, malware. Reset email password, changed iPhone email setup for o/s access.Glen Huntly
Cleaned pc junk files registry Scanned for viruses removed 1 installed malwarebytes premium. Attempted to change pw for Microsoft account but warning sais wait untill 7/2/2018 Customer to call. Broadbeach
Reinstalled printer using HP software Unlocked Gmail account as google had flagged suspicious activity on the account when Ross was in China. Unlocking the account is performed by logging into the Google account and reviewing the suspicious activity alerts & confirming they were Ross attempting to log inBellevue Hill
Arrived on site Inspected computer Recreated error Checked System Logs Found no indication of hardware failure Installed and ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Removed multiple infections and unwanted programs Rebooted successfully All working as expected Closing West Lakes Shore
Check BIOS settings Virus Scan Windows settings : Superfetch and Windows Search -same issues Disable the Antivirus -same issues Hardware Check -issues with the HDD Replace the HDD Reinstall Windows and all the Update Reinstall all the driver Reinstall: FireFox Trend Micro iTunes Media Player KLite and ALV Office 2013 Bankstown
Issue: System check after receiving scam call. ======================================// Startup services checked. Browser settings checked. Malware full scan performed. No suspicious item found. System is clean to use.Springwood
Setting new MS password. Virus clean.Regents Park
Performed HP DIAGNOSTICS quick test CPU HDD RAM all passed Installed Malwarebytes free version; RogueKiller free version Removed 26 malware items Updated 5 HP software via HP Support Assistant app including BIOS updatePascoe Vale South
I investigated Mcafee antivirus issue and tried to install it, but it was not successful. Finally, I installed Sophos AV on computer.Hornsby Heights
Checked over the system cleaned and perform minor virus scan. Deleted team viewer.Bangor
Issue: System keeps showing warning message while using Google Chrome. ======================================// Google Chrome fresh installed and configured. Malwarebytes full scan performed and 331 suspicious items removed. Unnecessary applications removed. Shailer Park
General cleanup Malware removal Clean start up items Chkdsk files Outlook is faster nowHelensvale
Send a email to reset Facebook password Install antivirus Install move makerKingswood
- Uninstalled Win zip repair - Uninstalled McAfee - Performed a PC clean up - installed and Ran Malware-bytes to check for viruses - Restarted the PC and confirmed no more pop ups - No further action required.Bayswater
Remove malware from systemBerkeley Vale
Uninstalled software installed by scammers. Run System File Checker, update Malwarebytes and scan, update Trend Micro and scan. Run McAfee removal tool. Disabled items from startup.Labrador
computer had crashed, wouldnt boot up noticed computer was doing hard drive sector read bypassed that, computer had a few viruses cleared them out, removed there 3 antivirus installed kaspersky antivirus and updated it. put on windows essentials computer is working fineRuse
Computer infected with viruses after installing key generator. They will update to new machine. Manly West
Cleaned malware from system and reconfigured email programBuddina
Ran Malware bytes Cleaned up temp files Changed performance settings Updated system drivers Installed Windows 1709 Supplied and Installed McAfee AVAltona
Removed quarantined items from Malwarebytes, uninstall Driver Support software, uninstall Teamviewer. Removed usb wifi adapter. Connected internal wifi adapter to network. Run System File Checker, run DISM tool. Reset Apple ID password, download Suncorp app.Helensvale
Advise on internet. Remove spyware. Install Office 365.Lakelands
Update drivers, check hard disk health, install Malwarebytes and scan, run System File Checker.Upper Coomera
Helped check 1 X printer - all connected and working. Did a malware check and removal process - no malware found. Helped with Optus outgoing mail server issue. Sunrise Beach
Removed software, installed Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Setup Chrome bookmark, test printing work schedule. Changed system settings. Disable startup items. Run System File Checker. Talli
Clean up. Scan. No virus found.Safety Bay
System testored pc to earlier working time Cleaned junk temp reistry start up programs and removed unwantes programs. Removed anti virus as wasnt working and slowed pc Installed new anti virus and removed spyware Turned off windows updates.Burleigh Heads
-removed teamviewer -cleanup computer (scanned and removed spywares)Viewbank
Onsite - run ADW and malware removed, Malware bytes removed more items. Windows updates - 1700MB to do. Checked battery recall - not required. Fan no longer running all the time. Nortons updated and scanned ok. MSconfig - disabled startup items. Junk software removed.Booragoon
Checked keyboard working missing l key broken off cradle also broken which hold key on place Cleaned junk temp registry files. Removed start up programs and unused old programs Scanned for and removed 327 spyware / viruses. Imstalled windows updates and java update. Imstalled malwarebytes premium tial for 13 days recomend to purchase full premium program after expirey 14 days.Burleigh Waters
Corrupt os, virus infected, removed viruses, computer os still damaged, suggested reinstall or new computer due to client computer age of 4 years, live mail not supported anymore Suggest client use thunderbird email client, also contact optus to find out if her email account is imap or pop and id suggest forwarding emails from optus to her gmsil account.Buderim
malware removal performed, system tests fineVerrierdale
Cleaned junk and temp files. Cleaned browsers unwanted programs and registry Removed 129 virsus and installed malwarebytes. Set up email client.Burleigh Waters
Remove virus.Halls Head
Reset bios boot order Cleaned pc junk and registry Scanned and cleaned viruses Burleigh Waters
Source was McAfee antivirus default installation, removed and installed avg free with optional subscription. Ran sfc slow analysis. Installed Firefox update 2018Pascoe Vale
- Replaced network card - Installed antispyware and checked for infection sDudley
- Opened Outlook - Checked PST error - PST (archive file) is corrupt. - OS is malfunctioning errors are appearing - Suspect a virus - Unable to run virus scan withing OS - Logged into Safe mode - Ran Malwarebytes - Viruses found and cleaned - Windows 7 OS needs repairs - Attempted repairs but failed. - Mentioned to Anne I will need to take PC offsite for further repairs. Wembley
AVG VPN was blocking content from Netflix and Youtube. Some sites were blocked. And not able to download anything. Machine was virus scanned as well.Tweed Heads West
Remove some program and speed up computer,block face email,set up background picture,scan and remove virusDoncaster
was a malware add did antivirus check and installed malwarebytes. Cleared all catches and web browsers catches. Cleaned up plugins and unwanted programs. Rebooted no sign of the virus so far. Wodonga
Removed software, installed Malwarebytes and scan, removed infections. Update Defender. Modem is faulty, configured new modem, tested internet connectivity.Southport
Run malware bytes Removed unwanted software Eun adw cleaner Removed mcafee Removed avg Installed sophos Set search engine to google from bing Toowong
Tested computer, works fine. Did software cleanup and remove malware. Modem/router from Telstra is faulty. Wifi function works but Ethernet connections are faulty. Customer believes the unit is under a year old so will pursue a warranty claim with Telstra. Tamborine
Avg installed ran disk utility found no issues, ran hardware scan found no issues. Ram memory could potentially slow the device. Avg found multiple threats all quarantee Thornbury
Powered on 4G modem. Connected to wifi. Tested internet connectivity. Installed modem software to connect via usb cable. Installed Malwarebytes and scan. Removed software.Highland Park
Remove McAfee AV, subscription had expired. Run Malwarebytes, remove infections. Run System File Checker. Run DISM tool. Update network driver. Test wifi network, wifi network card appears faulty. Advise client to purchase a usb wifi adapter.Robina
Checked wifi Cleaned pc junk files and registry Reset browsers Installed malwarebytes Installed ccleaner Uninstalled unwanted programs Need to stop subscription to norton as it isnt even installed.Currumbin Waters
Found & removed several virus / adware programs installed and runningYorkeys Knob
Remove mandatory profile. Remove sleep option on 2nd computer and remove old antivirus programs.Golden Bay
Installed Microsoft2016 and checked it has registered OK. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Uninstalled unwanted programs. Installed printer and tested. Removed unwanted tiles from start menu. Ballarat East
Run AVG remover tool. Remove unused mail account from Outlook. Run Malwarebytes. Run System File Checker.Merrimac
No speakers plugged in, front speaker ports are not working, plugged speakers into the back and sound is working. Run virus scan and removed all infections found. Game requires graphic card with 1GB RAM, not compatible. Started a new install, just in case. Still running at the time I left.Brookwater
Checking out hardware. Run check disk on both drives, only minor errors found. Run virus scans on both drives, no major infections present. Checked video card - overheating and causing issues. Card needs to be replaced. Customer wants to replace the video card himself.Calamvale
Scan and remove virus.Reset internet browser.Templestowe Lower
Found that viper antivirus software was not working correctly, blocking access to internet. Tried to uninstall vipre, fails to uninstall. Stopped vipre from starting. Ran adware/malware scan, removed detected items. Uninstalled unwanted programs. Restarted computer. Reinstalled vipre. Tested OK. Alfredton
Logged onto and reset password. Logged into windows OK. Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Uninstalled unwanted programs. Sebastopol
Remote session: MS Office 2016 Home and Business version installed and activated. MS Outlook configured and tested successfully. Scan to Email and Scan from Reccon tested successfully. Thurderbird removed and Email default app changed to Outlook. Malwarebytes Antimalware upgraded to premium and activated. Yatala
Fixed DVD Drive connection to the motherboard, installed new graphics card that customer had for him, installed MalwareByte and Ccleaner. General PC cleanup North Melbourne
Remove crud software and malware entries.South Yunderup
Install Malwarebytes and scan - removed infections. Removed software. Enabled audio device and test. Run System File Scanner.Mermaid Waters
Install tested printer, scanning. Install office 2013, configured outlook. Installed Norton antivirus. Installed carbonite.Frankston
General PC Cleanup, Malware removal, uninstalled unwanted programs and setup printer again Oak Park
Scan and remove virus ,fix the window update ,speed up the computer.fresh start computer.Fairfield
Ran adware/malware scan, removed all detected items. Checked antivirus software is OK. Uninstalled unwanted programs. Stopped unwanted items from starting at startup. Outlook not work correctly. Found that same email address had been added 2 times. Created a new outlook profile and added email address. Email was successfully added and is syncing up OK. Tested sending and receiving emails OK. Black Hill
Checked emails if they were receiving and sending Noticed and .com were the same with bigpond. Resolved some minor pc problems (that affected speed) Installed anti virus software on the machineBellmere
Virus svanned and cleaned onsite. Ran Diskcheck and found few explorer.exe issues that were corrected System seems much more responsive.Hastings Point
New system setup, two bigpond emails setup on new computer, printer setup on three computers, Gmail setup and antivirus and office setupKeilor Downs
Repaired network connection, sfc scan ran to repair system removed old antivirus loads new antivirus, all functioningPeregian Beach
Scanned and removed virus on PCHeidelberg West
Got rid of viruses and also reset router and set it up again incase of it being infectedMayfield
Install Hard Disk Sentinel and check hard drive on both PCs, Install Malwarebytes and scan, removed infections. Removed bundled software. Changed Windows and Office settings. Disabled items from startup. Check pdf files in email. Nerang
Disabled amazon assistant add on, no malware or virus found, this issue is a bug with the plugin. Job complete. Warilla
Re set up adsl Cleaned temp files and registr Removed 4 spywareRobina
Cleaned pc junk amd revistry Scanned removed spyware Set up usb printing and tested working. Baked up files to usb Hard drive showing disk errors at start up may need replacing Southport
Error: Google Chrome not loading websites properly. Logged onto his computer, tried to load website into Google Chrome (Failed), Downloaded and installed Super Anti-Spyware, Scan full computer and removed more than 1400 Threats, Tested and verified computer operational with Thomas, Working fine.Landsdale
Install AVG ant virus, register the product and run full scan. Download and reinstall iTunesOxenford
Removed McAfee and AVG, installed Malwarebytes and scan, update Windows Defender. Run TCP Optimiser, test internet connectivity. Downloaded PokerStars. Changed Windows and Office settings. Upper Coomera
Scanned Sony all in one PC Removed 40 spywares Setup outlook with hotmail in outlook 2010 Dianella
Scanned and removed 23 Viruses. 323 Potentially Unwanted Programs. Computer was severely infected. Cleaned and checked, ready to use again. Carindale
Removed printer software, installed printer software and printer, tested printing and scanning. Removed other software, install Malwarebytes and scan.Main Beach
Tested keyboard, couldn't reproduce issue. Install Malwarebytes and scan - removed 95 infections.Southport
Customer visited, device inspected. Over 600 cases of viruses, malware, or other PUPs were removed from the device. Upon completion the device was returned to the customer.Vincent
Anti Virus poping with virus threats information. Deleted them and no more pops. Watermans Bay
- Installed Superantispyware, Ccleaner & AVG AntiSpyware - Cleaned system files - Scanned for viruses & Malware, removed infections - Repaired Avast Antivirus - Windows completed update before i could complete testing Tested internet browsing Woodberry
Reinstalled modem and USB wifi receiver tested ok Updated all system drivers sound ok Updated AMD Radeon software Updated Malwarebytes Wyndham Vale
Wireless USB adapter provided Malware removal Moonee Ponds
Printer trouble shooting and install Office 365 install Antivirus installVermont
Windows updates and antivirus issues Delahey
Unable to access interne, wifi connects OK, but unable to access internet. Connected to internet using cable. Removed unwanted programs. Ran adware malware scan, removed all detected items. Restarted computer. Can now access internet OK. Tested can access different web sites OK. Smythesdale
HP desktop running Windows 10 approx 5 years old Removed over 4600 spywares Connected HP Officejet and printed and scanned using Windows 10 scan app ok Gnangara
Virus deleted Rockbank
Remove malware and configure Hamlyn Terrace
Browser settings fixed. Startup services fixed. Unnecessary programs removed. Malware found and removed. Malwarebytes trial version installed. System tested successfully. Daisy Hill
Found battery need to be replaced for better result. Also perform system scan as well as hard drive scan no result yet. No viruses found in short test. Greenacre