Virus and Spyware Removal

Geekmobile - Trained to Remove Computer Viruses and SpywhereComputer Virus Removal can be quite tricky, as virus writers do their best to try to prevent you from removing them.  They are very annoying and at times you may not even know you have a virus infecting your computer.

They can cause nasty damage, and they may perform many harmful things with your data.  They can explore your personal information that is stored on your computer, send rude messages to your email contact list, be used by un-ethical people, corrupt your hard drive, delete your Family Photos and so much more.
Geekmobile Employs Technicians who are experts in removing viruses. Many of our Bookings involve removing viruses, and often when you book us in, it will be a computer virus that we have removed before.
You can be sure when you hire our services you are in good hands.

Recent spyware, viruses, trojans and malware removals

Check system run diagnostics and anti malware scanKillarney Vale
Free space done. It was found two viruses Adware other Pop, Both deleted.Boondall
Checked computer finding virus, Adwarecrossrider. Computer clean up, its done.West End
Reset password on Microsoft account. Remove old AV. Update Skype. Set up Skype account and contacts. Install Malwarebytes on MAC and remove malware.Meadow Springs
Install required applications like, MS Office, printer Antivirus and add email address to Windows live mail. Maylands
Changed password for emailScanned computer for malware none foundEpping
Discuss blackmailing email, run Malware scan, check hard disk health , check Windows Updates, discuss internet speed and NBN transition.Carrara
Pentium CoreDuo.Not used applications were removed.It was malware scanned.Bulimba
Outlook is opening in Safe Mode, close and reopen Outlook, send test email. Allow exception in Trend, remove Driver Support. Install Malwarebytes and scan.Clear Island Waters
Computer not booting correctly, reset bios boot order settings and cleaned malware and misc programs using malwarbytes, adwcleaner, ccleaner. Ran virus scan and removed McAfee True Key, Teamviewer and Trend Password Manager. Setup Kaspersky to run virus scan weekly. Windows Pro isnt activated but has updated to latest Windows vEight Mile Plains